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Often used in the same context:
bill, legislation, gauge, amendment, proposal, indicator, metric, provision, yardstick, resolution, joint resolution, measurement, barometer, repeal, initiative, passage, gage, ordinance, compromise, calculation, fillibuster, plan, reauthorization, proposition, guage, test, concurrent resolution, package, lawmakers, earmark, ballistic fingerprinting, repealer, supplemental, hydrometer, increases, hope chest, engrossment, stopgap, requirement, litmus test, criterion, accrual accounting, evat, method, levy, predictor, omnibus, vote, index, poison pill, benchmarks, surtax, elastic modulus, parameter, threshold, muster, indictor, curbs, pact, enactment, equation, reform, tradeoff, cagit, restriction, ratio, appropriation, tool, volstead act, moratorium, stimulus, referendum, risker, overhaul, component, subcategory, calorimeter, formula, multiplier, tactic, hubble constant, chronological age, measuring stick, spet, quantification, null hypothesis, amendatory, sphygmomanometer, spirometer, rollback, tax, confidence interval, methodology, legislative, ban, statistic, chambers, sphericity, law, guarantee, legislators, analysis, safeguard, benchmark, indication, mea, recommendation, inducement, measures, multiple, pre, preventive, countermeasure, limitation, meas, comparable, curing, observational, oxidation, reduction, sensitive, specified, activation, adamite, adequate, advertised, aggregative, alkali, antediluvian, astronomic, atomic, augustan, beat, bubble, calculable

More specific:
acidimetry, actinometry, algometry, alkalimetry, amount of time, anemography, anemometry, angulation, anthropometry, appropriation bill, arterial blood gases, audiometry, baseline, bathymetry, benchmark, bill of attainder, board rule, bottle bill, caliper, calliper, calorimetry, censor, chance, clock, common measure, common meter, concentration, cordage, countermeasure, definite quantity, densitometry, dimension, distance, endure, entropy, farm bill, fathom, foot, grade, graduated table, gravimetry, hydrometry, indefinite quantity, information, intensity, interval, isometry, last, length, linear measure, long measure, magnetic flux, mark, mental measurement, meter, meter reading, metrical foot, metrical unit, norm, observation, octane number, octane rating, ordered series, pace, period, period of play, period of time, play, playing period, plumb, plumbing, porcupine provision, praise, probability, proof, quantification, rate, reading, reassess, reevaluate, relative quantity, rule, ruler, scale, scale of measurement, scaling, scansion, selective information, shark repellent, size, size stick, sound, sounding, sound ranging, stand, standard of measurement, strength, survey, surveying, system of measurement, telemetry, thermometry, time, time interval, time period, time unit, titrate, trade bill, triangulate, unit of time, value, viscometry, volume, weigh, yardstick

Appears in the definition of:
., 16 pf, abney level, absolute viscosity, absorptance, absorption coefficient, accuracy, acidimetry, agate line, alkalimetry, alla breve, arcdegree, ardeb, area unit, arroba, astreus pteridis, audiometer, ballistic pendulum, bath, begin, bevel, bevel square, beyond measure, bits per inch, blockade, board rule, bpi, brinell number, british capacity unit, bushel, calibrate, caliper, calliper, candlepower unit, capacitance unit, cattie, catty, chaldron, chance, charge unit, chlorinity, clinical thermometer, clinometer, clock, coefficient, coefficient of absorption, coefficient of mutual induction, coefficient of viscosity, compete, conductance unit, congius, contend, correction, covariance, cripple, cryometer, cubic millimeter, cubic millimetre, current unit, definite quantity, degree, depth finder, developmental age, digit, digital plethysmograph, discountenance, dissolubility, doggerel, doggerel verse, dollop, downbeat, drachm, dry-bulb thermometer, duple, dynamic viscosity, dynamometer, electric eye, electric thermometer, electrodynamometer, electrometer, encirclement, entropy, epha, ephah, ephemeris time, equal, equality, equivalent, ergometer, excogitate, fathom, finger, finger's breadth, fingerbreadth, fluidram, fluid drachm, fluid dram, flux density unit, flux unit, for good measure, fudge factor, full, gallon, garment cutter, gauge, gdp, gnp, good, gpa, grade point average, gross domestic product, gross national product, guard, hin, illumination unit, immeasurable, immensurable, imperial capacity unit, imperial gallon, inclinometer, incommensurable, incomputable, indeterminacy principle, inductance unit, inestimable, information, injudicious, intelligence quotient, iq, isometry, jingle, kendall's tau, kendall partial rank correlation, kendall rank correlation, kiloton, kundt's tube, last, less, li, light unit, ligne, line, linear measure, log, long measure, luminance unit, luminous flux unit, luminous intensity unit, m1, m2, m3, magic eye, magnetic flux, magnetic flux unit, meat thermometer, medium of exchange, megaton, mensural, mercury-in-glass clinical thermometer, meter, milline, millivoltmeter, minim, modulation, monetary system, morgen, muchness, musical time signature, mutchkin, mutual inductance, octane number, octane rating, pace, patent log, peck, perch, perpendicular, ph, photocell, photoconductive cell, photoelectric cell, ph scale, pint, pipet, pipette, pitot-static tube, pitot tube, plumb, pluviometer, point, polarimeter, polariscope, pole, porcupine provision, potential unit, power unit, precaution, probability, proof, protractor, proud, proxy fight, punnet, pyrometer, quadruple, quantify, quantity unit, quart, radioactivity unit, radiometer, rain gage, rain gauge, rayleigh disk, resolution, resolving power, rig up, rod, safeguard, scale, screw log, selective information, shark repellent, shoot, sixteen personality factor questionnaire, size stick, sonometer, sound, sounding, spirometery, spring balance, spring scale, square measure, standard, static tube, step, stone, strickle, taffrail log, tape, tape measure, tau coefficient of correlation, tdt, tea bag, terrestrial dynamical time, terrestrial time, thermel, thermoelectric thermometer, time, time scale, time signature, titrate, torsion balance, triangulate, tripping, tt, udometer, unadvised, uncertainty principle, unequal, unmeasurable, upbeat, utility, venturi tube, vie, volumeter, vote, weight, weight unit, wet-bulb thermometer, wheatstone bridge, yardstick

More general:
abstraction, activity, be, carry, convey, decide, determine, express, instrument, judge, legal document, legal instrument, magnitude, make up one's mind, maneuver, maneuvering, manoeuvering, manoeuvre, measuring instrument, measuring system, musical notation, official document, poetic rhythm, point of reference, prosody, reference, reference point, rhythmic pattern, tactical maneuver, tactical manoeuver

amount, appraise, assess, bar, beat, bill, cadence, criterion, evaluate, measure out, measurement, measuring, measuring rod, measuring stick, mensuration, meter, quantify, quantity, quantum, standard, step, touchstone, value

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— Adjectives for measure: large, great, good, full, small, important, certain, greater, temporary, common, equal, more...

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