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Often used in the same context:
phrase, connotation, word, denotation, chronos, cognates, transitive verb, strictly speaking, noun, whereas, infinitive, intransitive verb, verb, abstractness, prepositional phrase, adverbial, referent, but, vocabulary, metonymy, blessedness, past participle, alef, although, unless, definitions, auxiliary verb, signification, nominative, etymologies, equals, significance, phonemes, intendment, loanwords, meaningfulness, genitive, communicability, repugnancy, shorthand, context, dictionary definition, split infinitive, immanence, daimon, descriptor, essence, caritas, boolean, synonyms, signifier, mitzvoth, diphthong, shalom, than, idioms, res publica, neologism, koinonia, chiasmus, parashah, homonym, disutility, forevermore, simpliciter, surplusage, infinitum, monad, phrasal verb, implication, gibberish, knower, colloquialism, endearment, jouissance, limitlessness, subjunctive, threescore, tangibility, dangling participle, delict, numerals, antonyms, equivalent, appositive, artes, conditionals, participle, pentameter, plurals, interpretation, generis, ipso facto, conjugations, euphony, exceptionality, albeit, phonology, gobbledygook, meaninglessness, declension, meanings, sense, purport, significations, purpose, reality, truth, connection, motivation, signif1cance, significances, differentia, viz, antithesis, aspect, wellmeaning, intentioned, wellintentioned, minded, concerned, elderly, gullible, kindhearted, needy, disposed, fearing, likeminded, misguided, demented, estimable, harassed, hearted, welleducated, angered, deaf

More specific:
burden, connotation, core, denotation, effect, essence, extension, gist, grammatical meaning, implication, import, intension, intent, lesson, lexical meaning, moral, nicety, nuance, overtone, point, purport, reference, referent, refinement, sense, shade, significance, spirit, strain, subtlety, symbolization, tenor, undercurrent, undertone

Appears in the definition of:
., acceptation, adjunct, agglutination, agglutinative, agrostis, ahead, alpha and omega, ambiguity, ambiguous, anagram, anagrammatise, anagrammatize, analyse, analyze, answer, appreciate, appreciation, apprehend, auditory agnosia, black, bunk, burden, cabalistic, canvas, canvass, characterised, characterized, closed-class word, clouded, come across, come over, compass, comprehend, comprehension, confusing, construal, construe, content word, continual, convolute, cool, core, cryptic, cryptical, data mining, dead metaphor, deconstruction, deconstructionism, define, definition, denotation, denotative, denote, descriptive clause, dig, dilate, disambiguator, discernible, distortable, distorted, double, dramatic irony, draw out, drift, educe, effect, either, elaborate, elicit, empyreal, enigmatic, enlarge, equivocalness, essence, evoke, examine, expand, expatiate, expletive, explication, explication de texte, explicit, exposit, exposition, expound, extension, extract, fathomable, fewer, fewesta, figure out, fine, firth, flesh out, follow, formalism, forsooth, frame of reference, frozen metaphor, function word, futurism, genus agrostis, get the picture, gist, glimpse, grammatical meaning, grasp, hapax legomenon, higher criticism, hokum, hold, homograph, homophone, iconology, implication, import, important, importantly, inanity, indecipherable, inescapably, intensifier, intensive, intent, interlingual rendition, interpret, interpretation, ironic, j. r. firth, jacob, john rupert firth, kabbalistic, latent content, latterly, layer, leasta, lessa, lexical meaning, lexis, lick, limiting, literal, lucubrate, meaningful, meaningless, meaninglessness, melioration, millennium, mindlessness, misguided, misrepresented, mistaking, modification, modifier, monosemous, monosemy, moralise, moralize, morea, more than, mosta, mystique, nee, newcastle, newcastle-upon-tyne, nicety, nonce word, noninterchangeable, nonmeaningful, nonrestrictive clause, nonsense, nonsensea, nonsensical, nonsensicality, nuance, opacity, opaqueness, open-class word, operationalism, overtone, perplexing, pertainym, pervert, perverted, pithy, plain, ploce, point, pointed, pointlessness, polysemant, polysemantic word, polysemous word, polysynthetic, pragmatism, pregnant, punctuation, punctuation mark, purport, purposeful, puzzle out, puzzling, qabalistic, qualified, qualifier, qualifying, radical, read, reading, refer, reference, refinement, reinterpret, reinterpretation, religious ceremony, religious ritual, rendering, rendition, resolve, restricted, restrictiveness, restrictive clause, savvy, see, semantic, semantically, semanticist, semantics, semiotician, sense, senselessness, sententious, shade, sibylline, significance, significant, signified, signify, solve, sophisticate, spirit, spiritualise, spiritualize, stretch, study, subtlety, sursum corda, symbolisation, symbolism, symbolization, synonymity, synonymous, synonymousness, synonymy, take, touch, to that effect, transitive, translation, treble, twist, twisted, twist around, unambiguous, undercurrent, underlying, understand, understood, undertone, unequivocal, univocal, unrestricted, vacuity, version, well-meaning, wordmonger, word meaning, word sense, work, work out, you're welcome

More general:
content, idea, message, subject matter, substance, thought

import, meaningful, pregnant, sense, significance, significant, signification, substance

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