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Often used in the same context:
turf, pavement, soil, terra firma, dirt, footing, field, hillside, pitch, grass, underfoot, floor, earth, hardpan, base, mud, knees, topsoil, slit trench, battlefield, hands, ball, surface, tarmac, slope, legs, bedrock, altitude, shovels, liquifaction, spadeful, debris, airborne, handhold, treeline, ledge, sand, posthole digger, earthwards, roof, stolons, clods, eggshells, portakabin, air, retaining wall, undersoil, ropes, bones, trench, wall, hemlock tree, inside, toes, keisters, infield, limbs, boggy, territory, momentum, seracs, terrain, gun emplacement, gluepot, ruts, ballcarrier, fence, toehold, sod, crouch, perimeters, upfield, edge, ankles, foundations, runway, nose, creek bed, backside, riverbed, quicksand, playfield, heels, hill, zone, knuckle, ice, snow, stob, bounds, riverbank, postholes, overbalancing, hindenburg line, ridge, kneecap, rotor blade, seam, overarm, forelegs, scree, chopper, outside, bottoms, road, foundation, places, arid, bottom, laud, mould, tomorrow, tonight, grounds, tack, indoors, land, transparent, aboveground, hierarchal, kernel, basement, hierarchial, overground, board, command, logical, opaque, personalised, smoother, unbalanced, collegial, consistent, durable, hierarchic, impersonal, informal

More specific:
account, america, archipelago, badlands, bottom, bottomland, build, cape, champaign, coastal plain, coastland, common ground, couch, cultivated land, diatomaceous earth, diatomite, dirt, earth, field, floor, foreland, forest, greensward, hills, island, isthmus, kieselguhr, landmass, mainland, moraine, neck, ness, occasion, overburden, oxbow, peninsula, permafrost, plain, rangeland, saprolite, score, slash, sod, soil, sward, the americas, tillage, tilled land, tilth, timber, timberland, turf, wetland, wherefore, why, wonderland, woodland

Appears in the definition of:
., 1st viscount montgomery of alamein, aboveground, acaulescent, acreage, afisr, aground, air, air-to-ground, air-to-ground missile, air-to-surface, air-to-surface missile, air cover, air cushion, air force intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance, air force isr, allionia incarnata, allspice, almond cookie, almond crescent, altimeter, andrenidae, angleworm, antelope chipmunk, antelope squirrel, apterygiformes, aquifer, arctic ground squirrel, armeria maritima, asperula odorata, astilbe chinensis pumila, astronium fraxinifolium, avicennia marina, away, banded rattlesnake, bare, barley grass, barrenwort, basement, bed, beef patty, belowground, bergenia, bernard law montgomery, big blue, bishop's hat, bitok, bitterroot, black-headed snake, black mangrove, black pepper, blu-82, bog, boggy, bog candles, bog rein orchid, bonemeal, bottom, bottom out, bowiea volubilis, breadfruit, break dance, break dancing, break up, bring down, bryanthus taxifolius, buckwheat, bugle, bugleweed, build, bulldozer, bunker, burial, burrow, burying, butt, cacao bean, camp, cannibal mound, canyon treefrog, carabidae, carob, carob powder, caterpillar track, caterpillar tread, caulescent, cauline, cave, cavity, cayenne, cayenne pepper, celery salt, cellar, center, center field, checkered daffodil, chemical reaction, chicory, chicory root, chili, chili con carne, chili powder, chlorophyllum molybdites, chocolate, chocolate liquor, chopped steak, chopsteak, chop steak, cigaret, cigarette, cinnamon, citellus, citellus citellus, citellus lateralis, citellus leucurus, citellus parryi, citellus variegatus, cliff rose, climbing onion, clop, clove, clump, clunk, coalpit, coal mine, cocoa, cocoa bean, coffee, coffee bean, coffee berry, coffee can, coffin nail, collapsible shelter, command guidance, commence, convergence, copaline, copalite, copper mine, coriander, coriander seed, corn, cornmeal, cotoneaster dammeri, cotoneaster horizontalis, cotula, coucal, counterattack, countermove, cracked-wheat bread, crawl, crawler, creep, creeper, creeping st john's wort, crotalus horridus horridus, crouched, crouching, crown fire, crown gall, crutch, cuban spinach, curry powder, curvet, cutworm, daisy cutter, damp-proof course, damp course, day lily, debouch, dew worm, dibber, dibble, dicranopteris, digitigrade mammal, dig up, dirt bike, dismantle, divot, dozer, draw, drip coffee, drive, drop, drop-kick, dropkick, dropkicker, dropping zone, drop zone, duckboard, dugout, dwarf astilbe, dwarf phlox, earthworm, eat at, elevated, emanate, embark on, epimedium grandiflorum, erode, esplanade, espresso, excavate, excavation, exceedance, fag, fagopyrum esculentum, fairway, fallen arch, fallout, family andrenidae, family carabidae, family megatheriidae, family sciuridae, farce, february 2, feel, ficus sycomorus, fielder's choice, figure, finger grass, first floor, fishing worm, fishworm, fish ball, fish meal, flat, flat-footed, flat-hat, flight control, flight simulator, floor, flower stalk, flyover, flypast, fog, football tee, force, forcemeat, forward passer, fossil copal, fountain, foxtail grass, fragrant bedstraw, friar's lantern, fritillaria meleagris, frost-bound, frost heave, frost heaving, furrow, gain, galium odoratum, gallinacean, gallinaceous bird, gallop, garden, garlic salt, gastrocybe lateritia, gca, gefilte fish, genus calosoma, genus citellus, genus cotula, genus dicranopteris, genus glechoma, genus haldea, genus pholiota, genus physalis, genus potamophis, genus sonora, genus spermophilus, get off the ground, ginger, glechoma, gnaw, gnaw at, golf tee, goncalo alves, gopher hole, grade, grade-constructed, grading, grappler, grave, grazing fire, greensward, grist, grits, ground-controlled approach, ground-floor, ground-service crew, groundball, groundbreaking, groundbreaking ceremony, grounder, groundhog day, groundsheet, groundspeed, groundwater level, ground attack, ground ball, ground beef, ground cloth, ground control, ground crew, ground effect, ground floor, ground level, ground loop, ground out, ground plan, ground swell, guinea-hen flower, gutter, habenaria dilatata, habenaria orbiculata, haldea, hamburger, hamburger steak, hedgehop, heel, hernaria glabra, heronry, high stepper, high wire, hole in the ground, homea, hominy grits, homogenate, hopper, hopscotch, hordeum murinum, horseradish, horseradish root, horseshoes, huddled, hunkered, hunkered down, hunting spider, hush, hyla arenicolor, hypericum calycinum, idf, ignis fatuus, implantation, inaugurally, indian meal, inseminate, insemination, intersection, israeli defense force, jack-o'-lantern, japanese spurge, java, jump, jumping, juncus bufonius, justify, kibble, kick up, knuckle, kotow, kowtow, land, landing gear, land area, leach, left, left field, lens culinaris, lentil, lentil plant, leper lily, level, leveling, levitation, lewisia rediviva, lichen, lift, lift off, lightning conductor, lightning rod, light bread, lilyturf, lily turf, linstock, liriope muscari, litter, liverwurst, liver pudding, liver sausage, low, low-lying, lowest, lycopodium alopecuroides, mantled ground squirrel, march out, mash, mast, mastiff bat, matman, matricaria tchihatchewii, matzah meal, matzoh meal, matzo meal, mausoleum, meal, meatball, meatloaf, meat loaf, megatherian, megatherian mammal, megatheriid, megatheriidae, mezzanine, mezzanine floor, miasma, midair, middling, miner's lettuce, miraculously, mist, montgomery, montia perfoliata, mortar, moss phlox, moss pink, mountain heath, mountain phlox, moussaka, mulberry fig, mumble-the-peg, mumblety-peg, mustard, mustard seed, natural spring, nightcrawler, nightwalker, nutmeg, nut butter, oatmeal, oil meal, onion salt, operation desert storm, order apterygiformes, order arms, outcrop, outflow, outpouring, ovenbird, overlap, pacer, pachysandra, pachysandra terminalis, palisade, parka squirrel, passer, passeriform bird, passerine, patch, pate, peanut butter, pearl barley, pearl sago, peat bog, pepper, peppercorn, pepper box, pepper pot, pepper shaker, percolator, permafrost, pesthole, phlox subulata, pholiota, pholiota flavida, phreatic, phyllodoce caerulea, physalis, pick, pigmy talinum, pile, pile driver, piling, pit, place-kicking, place kick, plant, plantain lily, planter, plantigrade mammal, planting, plot, plot of ground, plunk, polygonum fagopyrum, poppy seed, post, posthole, post hole, potamophis, potent, potential unit, pot farm, powdered ginger, procumbent, prop root, prostrate, pull, pull down, punt, punter, punting, put down, quartz crystal, quickset, quickseta, quoits, rabbit burrow, rabbit hole, rack, radioactive dust, raft foundation, rase, raze, reaction, red pepper, red worm, remain firm, right, right field, rise, rock squirrel, rolled oats, roller, roman pace, rookery, root, ropedancer, ropewalker, rosette, round-leaved rein orchid, rugged, run, run aground, rupturewort, rusher, sagebrush lizard, saint-john's-bread, salisbury steak, sandpit, sarcodes sanguinea, scape, scapose, sceloporus graciosus, sciuridae, sclaff, scrambler, screw bean, scythe, sea pink, sedum acre, seed, seeder, seismograph, seiurus aurocapillus, set, settle, settle down, sgraffito, sherwood forest, shoestring catch, sidearm, sidelong, silex, single-foot, sink, sinkhole, sir bernard law montgomery, sloppy joe, snake's head fritillary, snow, snow plant, sod, soil profile, solid, sonora, sough, souslik, sow, sow in, spermophilus, spile, spring, spring onion, sprouted, squat, stamper, stand, start, start up, steak tartare, stemless, stemmed, stepper, stilt, stomper, stony, strappado, strew, sulfur mine, sulphur mine, sumo, sunken arch, sunken garden, surface-to-air, surface lift, surveying, suslik, swallow hole, sward, sweet woodruff, sycamore, sycamore fig, table mustard, tackle, tahini, take down, take off, talinum brevifolium, tanbark, tartar steak, tear down, tee, teeoff, tee off, tent, tent peg, terrain, testing ground, thawed, three-point landing, threshing floor, thrown, tightrope, timber rattlesnake, toad rush, tomb, tornado, track, trail, trailing four o'clock, trailing windmills, trail bike, train, trainer, tramper, trampler, tread, trench, tripleurospermum tchihatchewii, trip wire, trojan war, trot, truncocolumella citrina, tumbler, tumbler pigeon, tunnel, turf, turfing daisy, turmeric, turn up, twister, ultimate frisbee, umbrella, underground, underslung, unfrozen, ungrasped, unseeded, unsown, vaulting, vespula maculifrons, virga, volley, waldmeister, walk, walk-through, wall-less, wall barley, wall pepper, warrant, water level, water table, wear away, wellpoint, well point, wheat, wheat berry, whitetail antelope squirrel, white bread, white pepper, wiggler, will-o'-the-wisp, winter purslane, wolf spider, woodruff, wood pulp, wrestler, yellow hornet, yellow jacket

Part of:
earth, globe, world

More general:
arrive at, aspect, attain, coat of paint, confine, connect, connecter, connection, connective, connector, connexion, fasten, fix, foundation, gain, hit, hold, instruct, lay, learn, link, make, material, military position, object, paint, panorama, percept, perception, perceptual experience, physical object, place, pose, position, prospect, put, rational motive, reach, restrain, scene, secure, set, stuff, surface, teach, tie, view, vista

anchor, background, base, basis, broken, crushed, dry land, earth, establish, flat coat, footing, found, land, prime, primer, priming coat, reason, run aground, soil, solid ground, terra firma, undercoat

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