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taxa, subfamilies, lineages, phyla, asteraceae, species, clade, subgenus, fabaceae, faunas, angiosperm, rosaceae, floras, placentals, brassicaceae, mammalia, eukaryote, hominoids, archosaur, bryozoans, phylogenies, cucumis, bryophytes, cucurbitaceae, paleocene, subspecies, suborder, felis, solanaceae, liverworts, metazoan, coleoptera, chordate, subsp, canadensis, habilis, opuntia, monotremes, ecotype, monocots, homologues, cucurbita, dawn redwood, catfishes, pongo pygmaeus, loaches, cinnamomum, diptera, trilobites, teosinte, arthropods, coevolution, neotropical, lagomorphs, protozoans, amphioxus, genotypes, flatfishes, brachiopods, lupinus, brassica oleracea, caecilians, compositae, introgression, lutea, mya, australis, placental mammal, typha, theropod, lathyrus, genus homo, orfs, symbioses, hawaiian honeycreeper, vertebrates, flaviviridae, middle paleolithic, saccharomyces, nobilis, alleles, ratite, pan troglodytes, echinoderms, archaea, permian period, theropod dinosaur, plastids, odorata, varieties, senecio, robustus, schlumbergera, reticulata, systematics, pummelo, biogeography, siluriformes, apis mellifera, superfamily, sativum, polyploidy, genus, clades, kinds, types, taxon, amphibians, breeds, fauna, biomes, centres, collieries, crafts, denominations, underside, 5-7, alike, andamanese, anticoagulant, apostle, apotropaic, august, barbiturate, bird, campy, coast, cochlea, competi, con, conferred, copy, corny, data, direc

Appears in the definition of:
acinos, adiantaceae, arborvitae, asparagaceae, asphodel, aspleniaceae, basket fish, basket star, bean-caper family, beech family, betulaceae, bigeneric, bindweed, birch family, bladderwort family, blechnaceae, bloodwort family, broom, buckler fern, bunchgrass, bunch grass, cabombaceae, caesalpiniaceae, cannabidaceae, caoutchouc, caper family, capparidaceae, carpinaceae, ceterach, chrysanthemum, cladorhyncus, cornaceae, cyrilla family, cyrilliaceae, deparia, descurainia, dicksoniaceae, dilleniaceae, dimocarpus longan, dogwood family, dolichos, elm family, euphoria litchi, everlasting, everlasting flower, fagaceae, family, family adiantaceae, family asparagaceae, family aspleniaceae, family betulaceae, family blechnaceae, family caesalpiniaceae, family cannabidaceae, family capparidaceae, family carpinaceae, family cornaceae, family cyrilliaceae, family dicksoniaceae, family dilleniaceae, family fagaceae, family gnetaceae, family haemodoraceae, family hamamelidaceae, family lentibulariaceae, family magnoliaceae, family monotropaceae, family phytolaccaceae, family pyrolaceae, family salicaceae, family saururaceae, family saxifragaceae, family solanaceae, family thelypteridaceae, family tiliaceae, family ulmaceae, family usneaceae, family violaceae, family winteraceae, family zannichelliaceae, family zygophyllaceae, fern genus, foxtail, foxtail grass, fungus genus, gentian, gentiana, genus acinos, genus ceterach, genus chrysanthemum, genus cladorhyncus, genus coleus, genus cymbidium, genus deparia, genus descurainia, genus dolichos, genus gentiana, genus gerardia, genus gymnosporangium, genus haplopappus, genus helipterum, genus himantopus, genus iliamna, genus magnolia, genus malvastrum, genus masdevallia, genus matricaria, genus matteuccia, genus monilia, genus odontoglossum, genus piptadenia, genus pseudotsuga, genus pteretis, genus rhizoctinia, genus tanacetum, genus tussilago, gloxinia, gnetaceae, gum, gum elastic, gum tree, gymnosporangium, haemodoraceae, hamamelidaceae, haplopappus, helipterum, hemp family, himantopus, iliamna, india rubber, lentibulariaceae, linden family, lizard's-tail family, longan, longanberry, lungen, magnoliaceae, magnolia family, malvastrum, matricaria, matteuccia, millet, monotropaceae, nephelium longana, ox, phytolaccaceae, piptadenia, pokeweed family, potato family, pseudotsuga, pteretis, puffin, pyrolaceae, quassia, rattan, rattan cane, reed, rubber, sagebrush, sage brush, salicaceae, saururaceae, saxifragaceae, saxifrage family, shield fern, solanaceae, solanaceous vegetable, subfamily cabombaceae, subfamily carpinaceae, tanacetum, thelypteridaceae, thistle, tiliaceae, titi family, tussilago, ulmaceae, usneaceae, violaceae, violet family, water-shield family, wild ox, willow family, winter's bark family, winteraceae, wintergreen family, witch-hazel family, wormwood, zannichelliaceae, zygophyllaceae

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