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empty, thin, wane

Often used in the same context:
complete, partial, limited, entire, the, maximum, greater, unrivaled, this, wider, its, ample, first, plus, additional, unparalleled, fully fledged, extra, unlimited, extended, only, real, sheer, requisite, all, considerable, minimal, equal, optimum, undiminished, detailed, for, utmost, minimum, obligatory, same, blown, enhanced, half, larger, unmatched, incredible, undiluted, decent, fulsome, next, hefty, quick, uninterrupted, continuous, scant, infinite, initial, out, ful, dizzying, final, commensurate, whole, brimful, total, per, automatic, unequaled, pre, unedited, every, your, provisionary, free, condensed, reduced, comprehensive, absolute, unparallel, terrific, new, exact, own, second, much, pro forma, available, dual, little, actual, equivalent, unreduced, ready, exceptional, expansive, right, enormous, robust, unsurpassed, unimpeded, long, starting, panoramic, ungrudging, shorter, latest, can, warm, apple, bunch, doth, inland, spring, upstairs, black, cherry, ere, hank, outdoors, summer, troop, behind, bottle, bows, burnt, butt, fullest, fuller, ampler, considerahle, plete, amplest, less, more, siderable, suff1cient, sufficient

Appears in the definition of:
., acatalectic, active, air-filled, alivep, all, altogether, al jolson, amain, ambitious, anfractuous, appreciate, asa yoelson, associate professor, bag, ball cartridge, banner, basso continuo, beardowna, bear down, beaver, bermuda plan, black body, blooded, boisterous, bosomed, breathe, bright, brilliant, brim, broadloom, broadside, brokenhearted, bubbly, bulge, bustling, buxomness, caftan, careful, challenging, charitable, chatty, cheerful, cheval glass, chock, chock-a-block, chock-full, chockablockp, chockful, choke-full, chuck-full, clip, cloudy, collected, color television tube, color tube, color tv tube, colour television tube, colour tube, colour tv tube, complement, completely, conditional sale, confirmation, contemplate, continuo, cram full, crinoline, curler, curmudgeon, cursive, cursive script, curtail, curvaceous, cut short, determined, dirndl, double-space, do justice, dress, dress rehearsal, dress suit, drum printer, easter, elated, elements, elliptic, entire, entirely, equanimous, error, etcetera, even, eventful, excess, expect, extend, eyeful, feature, feature film, fibrous, fight, figured bass, fill, fill up, fire and brimstone, flat, flavorful, flavorous, flavorsome, flavourful, flavourous, flavoursome, fluff, flying boat, flying start, follow-through, forceful, forcefully, frail, frankincense pine, french door, fulgurant, full-blood, full-blooded, full-blown, full-bodied, full-clad, full-dress, full-fashioned, full-fledged, full-length, full-page, full-scale, full-term, full-time, fully fledged, full complement, full dress, full gainer, full of life, full page, full point, full radiator, full stop, full term, full treatment, gabby, gainer, gallop, garrulous, gay, genome, genomics, germy, gibbose, gibbous, glare, gleeful, goinga, granuliferous, greenwood, grumbling, halal, half-pay, hard, hard-hitting, harsh, harvest moon, haymaking, head, heartbroken, heartsick, hear out, heavy, high-tail, honeycomb, hope, hopefulness, house, humorous, humourous, hungry, hydraulically, impatientp, inactive, incompletely, insubstantially, in full, in full action, in full swing, in full view, jauntily, jocund, john maynard keynes, jollity, jolly, jolson, jovial, joviality, joyful, joyous, jubilant, juicy, kaftan, kaunda, kenneth david kaunda, kenneth kaunda, keynes, knockabout, knowingly, laudatory, lawfully-begotten, lieutenant general, light, light-haired, livelong, lively, live steam, loblolly pine, loft, longhand, loose, loquacious, lunar day, lush, major, make full, many-sided, marbles, marching order, maturation, mature, maturement, matureness, maturity, mellow, mellowed, merry, mirthful, miserable, mobcap, mock-up, morning coat, newsy, nibble, noisy, nuclear winter, object, open, orbit period, orotund, overabundance, overblown, overflow incontinence, pale, panoramic sight, parenthetical, patronized, pear-shaped, period, perplexed, phase, pinus taeda, pithy, plate, play, playful, pleasurable, plenary, plenitude, plenteousness, plentifulness, plentitude, plenty, point, poised, poriferous, porous, praiseful, praising, pro-life, pro-lifer, promising, prosperity, prostrate, proteome, proteomics, punchboard, purple passage, purposefully, racy, raringp, reefy, regular, repletion, reproductive cloning, resentful, respectful, rich, ripening, rocky, rotund, rough, round, rumbling, running hand, running start, rutted, rutty, sack, sacque, saint emilion, sapid, saporous, satiation, satiety, scantp, scrappy, seedy, self-collected, self-contained, self-possessed, sententious, shelfy, shelvy, shoaly, short, silty, sinewy, slang, snot-nosed, solicitous, sonorous, soulful, spoilt, sprightly, springtide, stop, strain, streamer, stretch, stretched, stretched out, stretching, stretch out, stringy, stuff, stunt, succulent, suety, suffering, supermom, surfeit, swallow-tailed coat, swallowtail, tailcoat, tails, tail coat, talkative, talky, teary, teary-eyed, tease, term, tet, thorough bass, thrillful, tidal basin, toccata, toned, total, totally, to the hilt, to the limit, trap, treasuries, treasury obligations, trenchant, tribulation, tricolor television tube, tricolor tube, tricolour television tube, tricolour tube, troublous, trustful, trusting, ullage, unabated, unchewable, underemployed, unfold, unfulfilled, unlooked-for, unrealised, unrealized, untasted, untouched, unwashed, upgrade, useless, venomed, vesiculate, vice admiral, vim, vital, vocal, volume, wakinga, waning, wannabe, war paint, watery-eyed, waxing, weighed down, well-appointed, well-found, well-lined, white tie, white tie and tails, whole, wholly, winding, wistful, wittingly, woebegone, woeful, wraparound, wretched, yearning

More general:
alter, change, increase

abounding in, abounding with, afloat, alive with, ample, awash, booming, brimful, brimful of, brimfull, brimfull of, brimming, broad, chock-full, chockablock, chockful, choke-full, chuck-full, complete, congested, cram full, crawling with, engorged, entire, filled, flooded, fraught, fully, glutted, good, grumbling, heavy, high, imbued, instinct, inundated, laden, ladened, loaded, nourished, orotund, overflowing, overflowing with, overfull, overladen, overloaded, overrun with, plangent, pregnant, replete, rich, rich in, riddled, rife with, rotund, round, rumbling, sonorous, sounding, stentorian, stuffed, swarming, swarming with, teeming with, thick with, to the full, total, undivided, untasted, untouched, wax, weighed down, well-lined, whole, wide, wide-cut

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