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Often used in the same context:
dissolution, creation, alignments, coalescence, disbandment, solidification, gastrulation, accumulation, metamorphism, structure, resorption, atherogenesis, disintegration, establishment, emplacement, mesoderm, paleogene, planetesimal, nucleate, ectodermal, ossification, stilbene, dolomites, emergence, electroweak, crystallization, concretion, crystallisation, precession, mammillary, paleozoic, hematopoiesis, morphogen, silicates, conformations, quasicrystal, metaphase, composition, cytokinesis, form, morphogenesis, interflow, rifting, bilayer, interphase, isomerization, placental mammal, trifurcation, myelination, dimers, chondrules, supramolecular, recrystallization, lapilli, multicellularity, solute, masers, morphologies, buckminsterfullerene, metazoans, hyperfine, evolution, calcite, laurasia, vorticity, centrosome, biogenesis, cellular respiration, abscission, graben, convening, hydroxyl, shallowing, flagellar, cuticular, acinar, meshwork, groupings, gravitational attraction, interconversion, arrowhead, nucleons, somites, pericardial sac, incorporation, organogenesis, cretaceous, aeolian, nebular, ciliary body, ribonucleoprotein, maturation, vasa, carbene, condensations, abscission layer, prominences, crystallites, osteoclast, photoemission, polyhedra, synovial, aggregation, production, consequent, formations, proceeds, operation, construction, amalgamation, genesis, product, con, i.e., installation, appropriation, exchange, investment, mobilisation, 1918, 1968, arrival, at, body, characteristic, comfort, constant, cycled, degree, drainage, fitness, from, grief, how, introduction, knowledge, lnitial, luke

More specific:
aquifer, backfield, beach, center, chain, chain of mountains, cliff, colonisation, colonization, delta, depression, drop-off, elevation, flank, flight, folium, foreshore, forging, fountain, grooving, groundwater level, head, ice mass, incline, lakefront, line, massif, metalwork, metalworking, military formation, mineral vein, mountain chain, mountain range, mouth, natural depression, natural elevation, natural spring, oceanfront, outflow, outpouring, range, range of mountains, raster, rear, relict, ridge, rifling, rig, rigging, scree, secondary, settlement, shore, side, slope, split, spring, talus, unionisation, unionization, vein, water level, water table, wing

Appears in the definition of:
., about-face, about turn, abscise, abscission, acceptor, accretion, ace inhibitor, affixation, alluvion, amitosis, anatoxin, angiogenesis, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor, annual ring, antidiuretic, antidiuretic drug, apparatus urogenitalis, atherogenesis, auxin, bend, bending, blistering, bubonic plague, capoten, captopril, carminative, cartilaginification, cassirer, catoptrics, center, character, charge, class sarcodina, close order, conceptual, concretion, conjecture, continental drift, cosmic time, crystallisation, crystallization, crystallizing, crystallography, deploy, depression, diapir, diphtheria, draw up, dribble, drip, drop back, electronegativity, elevation, embryology, emulsifier, enalapril, encrustation, enfilade, enfilade fire, ernst cassirer, erythropoietic, extended order, fall in, fall out, female bonding, festering, flank, flanker, flight, formative, frost, future, garibaldi, genitourinary apparatus, genitourinary system, geological time, geologic time, giuseppe garibaldi, glomerulus, glycogenesis, goitrogen, grammar, growth ring, haematogenesis, haematogenic, haematopoiesis, haematopoietic, haemogenesis, haemopoiesis, haemopoietic, hard water, head, heat of formation, hematogenesis, hematogenic, hematopoiesis, hematopoietic, hemogenesis, hemopoiesis, hemopoietic, hippocampus, humification, hyaline membrane disease, hypothrombinemia, icing, imagination, imaginativeness, incline, incrustation, incumbent, indentation, introjection, intrusion, ionisation, ionization, jet stream, laager, lager, law of segregation, line, lithiasis, lymphopoiesis, macroevolution, male bonding, maturation, membrane-forming, membrane bone, membranous, military formation, monocline, morphologic, morphological, morphological rule, mountain pass, natural depression, natural elevation, negativity, neoplasia, nephology, neutralisation, neutralisation reaction, neutralization, neutralization reaction, notch, ootid, open order, organification, ornithine, orogeny, ossification, outcrop, outcropping, pass, peel off, percept, perception, perceptual experience, pericementoclasia, petrology, pitting, placentation, polymerase, prefixation, president wilson, procession, progestational, ras, raster, reaction formation, rear, red bone marrow, red marrow, regenerate, related to, relict, renin, respiratory distress syndrome, respiratory distress syndrome of the newborn, reticular activating system, reticulation, reverse transcriptase, rig, rigging, rock outcrop, roughness, rule of morphology, rust, rusting, rust inhibitor, sanguification, sarcodina, sarcoidosis, sick call, sick parade, side, slope, social process, sodium nitrite, soft water, split, square dance, staphylococcal infection, suffixation, suppuration, syllabicity, systema urogenitale, thomas woodrow wilson, thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, tight, toxoid, trachoma, translation, trickle, ulceration, umbrella, urinary apparatus, urinary system, urogenital apparatus, urogenital system, vasotec, vesication, vesiculation, vision, wilson, wing, wingman, woodrow wilson, word game, ylem

More general:
arrangement, beginning, commencement, fabrication, manufacture, natural object, start

constitution, establishment, geological formation, geology, organisation, organization, shaping

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— Adjectives for formation: reticular, new, complex, social, hippocampal, geological, gross, subsequent, cyst, crystal, rapid, more...

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