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genus doliolum, informal

Often used in the same context:
informal, substantive, definitive, preliminary, proper, perfunctory, preparatory, semiformal, elaborate, customary, initiatory, lengthy, definite, appropriate, requisite, initial, provisionary, voluntary, fully fledged, tentative, ceremonious, collegial, reviewal, brief, joint, detailed, explicit, nonbinding, cursory, meaningful, verbal, thorough, consultative, inquorate, mandatory, substantiative, commendatory, terse, official, overt, satisfactory, businesslike, tacit, cordial, belated, clear, discreet, curt, specific, frills, consultive, fait accompli, quadripartite, reciprocal, decorous, casual, conceptual, exploratory, constructive, fulsome, rudimentary, binding, muted, separate, conditional, royal assent, earnest, synodical, adversarial, conciliatory, vaguer, practical, declarative, prior, trilateral, planned, ambassadorial, stuffy, rigorous, obligatory, unilateral, forthright, flowery, nonlegal, ceremonial, foregone conclusion, confrontational, ritualistic, symbolic, hasty, precatory, ad hoc, public, rubber stamp, tripartite, surrebuttal, traditional, solemn, frosty, unusual, necessary, subcabinet, privatisation, belligerency, nationalisation, nationalization, committal, communal, feudal, platonic, privatization, productiveness, analytic, animate, aristotelian, associations, athletic, audition, barter, bayes, briefing, briefings, formalized, nonformal, algorithmic, axiomatic, mathematical, routinized, probabilistic, hierarchial, hierarchic, level, noncoercive, sophisticated, tional, cooperative, formalistic

Appears in the definition of:
., abdication, absolution, academic costume, account, accusal, accusation, addiction, address, adult education, agnes de mille, agnes george de mille, allegation, alliance, allocution, amnesty, anathema, anathematisation, anathematization, andre le notre, annexation, announcement, annulment, annunciation, apologia, apology, apostolic delegate, appearance, appearing, approval, approving, artificial, association, attire, authorisation, authorization, awakened, balanchine, ball, balldress, ball gown, banausic, bid, bill of indictment, black-tie, blessing, bookworm, buckram, bull, bun-fight, bunfight, business relationship, buzz, caveat, ceremonial, ceremonial occasion, ceremonious, ceremony, certificate, challenge, character, character reference, charge, circumstance, citation, civility, club, cocktail dress, colloquy, coming into court, commendation, commission, complain, conference, conge, congee, contrived, convention, conventional, countenance, covenant, cummerbund, debate, declaration, demur, demurral, demurrer, devoir, de mille, dialectic, dinner dress, dinner gown, direction, discharge, discussant, disputation, dolled up, drawing room, dress, dressed-up, dressedp, dressed to killp, dressed to the ninesp, dress blues, dress uniform, dress whites, edict, education, emcee, empowerment, encomium, endorsement, epistle, eulogy, eveningwear, evening clothes, evening dress, evening gown, examination, existential, file, fixings, formalisation, formalise, formalised, formalism, formality, formalization, formalize, formalized, formally, formalwear, free pardon, full-dress, function, gavotte, george balanchine, gild, gown, guild, herald, hereby, herewith, hieratic, hokey, host, icebreaker, impeachment, imprimatur, inaugural, incentive program, incentive scheme, indenture, indictment, indorsement, induction, informal, information, initiation, injunction, inscribe, inspection, installation, interrogation, interrogatory, invalidation, investiture, investment, in that, in this, le notre, license, loan approval, lodge, logical diagram, logicism, logic diagram, loosen up, manumission, master of ceremonies, match, mess jacket, military ceremony, military greeting, miter, mitre, modal logic, monkey jacket, morning dress, motion, mover, nicene creed, noticer, nurse's aide, nursing aide, observance, officialese, open university, oral contract, order, paean, panegyric, papal bull, pardon, pean, pedant, permission, permit, perorate, person of color, person of colour, petition, phase iii, phase iii clinical trial, pleasure, postulation, preamble, primitive, proclamation, prom, promenade, promulgate, promulgation, proof, proposer, prospectus, protest, protestation, prove, public debate, quakerism, question, quodlibet, reception, recognition, reference, relax, release, remission, remission of sin, remittal, repair, reported, represent, request, requisition, reserved, resignation, resolution, resolve, respects, restrained, reticent, review, sacrament, salute, sanction, scholastic, scottish, secession, security, self-educated, semi-formal, semiformal, send in, sentential function, sheath, shell jacket, shinto, shintoism, slain, slang, slough of despond, society, speech, spiffed up, spruced up, square, square toes, starchy, stepping down, stiff, stilted, structuralism, structural linguistics, take exception, talk, tea gown, tender, therefor, therein, tiara, title, togged up, treatise, trumpeter, tuileries, tuileries gardens, tuileries palace, unemotional, unorganized, waiver, warrant, white tie, withdrawal, withdrawing room, with formality, work-study program

black-tie, buckram, ceremonial, ceremonious, conventional, courtly, dignified, dress, elegant, form-only, full-dress, literary, logical, nominal, nonrepresentational, official, perfunctory, positive, prescribed, pro forma, schematic, semi-formal, semiformal, solemn, starchy, stately, stiff, titular, white-tie

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