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arcuate artery, arteria arcuata, arteria digitalis, arteria metatarsea, big toe, calcaneus, digital arteries, great toe, heel, heelbone, in, inch, instep, intercapitular vein, little toe, metatarsal artery, metatarsal vein, os tarsi fibulare, sole, toe, vena intercapitalis, vena metatarsus

Often used in the same context:
pound, inch, pounder, centimeter, footers, wingspan, towering, hulking, stringbean, fireplug, wingspread, ankle, meter, shin, leaper, leg, cuboid bone, toe, knee, sponson, kneecap, beanpole, tailbone, spearlike, metatarsals, shoulder, arch, outleap, heel, sesamoid bone, guard, backside, forearm, gunnel, instep, plantar wart, windlass, pes planus, height, sidehill, snowshed, strapping, anklebone, crossbeam, fibula, bascule, diamondback rattlesnake, hemlock tree, wrist, skywalker, berm, tibia, gunwale, plantar, lbs, heave, thigh, rangier, grapnel, hip, quickness, cowcatcher, mainmast, waist, ledge, cuboid, elbow, fiberglass, hoof, bruiser, prow, eversion, scaphoid bone, occipital bone, crosspieces, chainlink fence, rib cage, dorsiflexion, athleticism, swingman, pund, bicycler, crutches, vertebrae, brachiosaurus, blacktip shark, perimeter, strider, bandy legs, carpus, cleat, inchworm, boulder, jaw, yard, rat snake, monterey cypress, reticulated python, collarbone, supination, haunches, fleeter, feet, arm, bench, pier, door, gate, rail, second, teat, tire, toes, window, metre, ft, cm, fathom, kilometer, km, m, kilometre, centre, dizzy, mile, clad, short, yonder, block, circular, craggy

More specific:
amphibrach, anapaest, anapest, bed, bird's foot, dactyl, dibrach, flatfoot, forefoot, fossorial foot, hindfoot, hoof, iamb, iambus, paratroops, paw, pyrrhic, raft foundation, splayfoot, spondee, trochee, trotter, tube foot, webfoot

Appears in the definition of:
., acatalectic, acre-foot, acre inch, acromyotonia, afoot, afootp, anapaestic, anapestic, animal foot, aquanaut, arch support, arcuate artery, armstrong, arteria arcuata, arteria digitalis, arteria metatarsea, artfully, arthropoda, artiodactyl, artiodactyl mammal, australian hare's foot, babinski, babinski reflex, babinski sign, ball, band, beat, bend, bicycle, bike, bird's foot, blida, board foot, board measure, boggy, boom, boot, brake pedal, british imperial system, british system, cadence, callosity, callus, cap-a-pie, catalectic, catalexis, chasse, claw, clawfoot, cleft foot, climber, clioquinol, close, clubfoot, clubfooted, cobbler's last, coltsfoot, comb-footed spider, crural, crus, cubic foot, cu ft, cycle, dabble, dance step, davallia pyxidata, deinonychus, dextral, digital arteries, digital plethysmograph, digitigrade, dorsum, english system, even-toed ungulate, eversion, flagpole, flatfoot, fleet, fleetness, flip-flop, foot-lambert, foot-pound, foot-poundal, foot-ton, footage, footboard, footcandle, footedness, footer, foothold, footing, footlocker, footmark, footpad, footprint, footrace, footslogger, foot brake, foot lever, foot pedal, foot race, foot rule, foot soldier, foot traffic, fore-and-aft topsail, forefoot, foremost, fossorial foot, founder, from head to toe, ft-l, gaff topsail, gall of the earth, gammy, gastrocnemius, gastrocnemius muscle, gastropod, goliath frog, gout, gouty arthritis, great saphenous vein, green lizard, ham hock, hand and foot, harvestfish, heel, heterodactyl foot, high-hat cymbal, high hat, hiker, hindfoot, hoof, hook, hooker, hop, hospital bed, hottentot's bread, hottentot bread, human foot, hypercatalectic, in, inch, infantry, infantryman, instep, intercapitular vein, iodochlorhydroxyquin, iron boot, iron heel, kick, kicking, kick start, kick starter, lacerta viridis, laminitis, last, leon, linear, lion's foot, lobate foot, locker, long-clawed prawn, long pants, long saphenous vein, long trousers, lounger, lux, lx, malformed, marcher, measure, mennonitism, metatarsal, metatarsal artery, metatarsal vein, metatarsus, meter, metre, mountain everlasting, mounter, musculus tibialis, musketeer, nabalus serpentarius, neil armstrong, nervus saphenus, noiseless, odd-toed ungulate, pad, padder, palaemon australis, palmar, paprilus alepidotus, paw, pdl, pedal, pedate, pedestrian, pedestrian traffic, perambulate, peregrinate, peregrination, peripatetic, perissodactyl, perissodactyl mammal, peroneus, pes, pes cavus, pes planus, phylum arthropoda, pivot shot, plantar, plantar reflex, plantar wart, plantigrade, plantigrade mammal, podalgia, pogo stick, poundal, prenanthes serpentaria, punter, pusher, pyrrhic, quick, rack, rana goliath, range pole, ranging pole, recliner, reclining chair, reno, ride, ring, river prawn, roman pace, run, runner, running, runninga, sabaton, sabin, sandal, saphenous nerve, saphenous vein, sashay, scooter, scrape, scraping, scuff, sesquipedalia, sesquipedalian, shag, shoe, shoehorn, shoemaker's last, short saphenous vein, single-foot, sinistral, size stick, skin-diver, slipper plant, slipper spurge, snowshoe, sock, sole, solleret, spade, spadefoot, spadefoot toad, spinning wheel, splayfoot, square foot, sq ft, stair, stamp, step, step on, stilt, stocking, stressed, superslasher, talipes, talipes calcaneus, talipes valgus, tape, tarsal, tarsus, theridiid, tibialis, tibialis muscle, tingling, toe, tooth shell, touch, tramp, tramper, tread, treadle, tread on, trek, tricycle, trike, trotter, tusk shell, tussilago farfara, united states customary system, univalve, urarthritis, utahraptor, velocipede, vena intercapitalis, vena metatarsus, vena saphena, volar, vouge, waddle, walk, walker, walking, wayfaring, webbed foot, webfoot, wheel, zori, zygodactyl foot

Part of:
chain, construction, homo, human, human being, invertebrate, leg, man, pace, structure, yard

More general:
army unit, beat, bottom, cadence, linear unit, measure, meter, organ, pay, pedal extremity, support, vertebrate foot, walk

animal foot, base, foundation, ft, fundament, groundwork, hoof, hoof it, human foot, infantry, invertebrate foot, leg it, metrical foot, metrical unit, pick, substructure, understructure

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