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odd, uneven

Often used in the same context:
though, actually, anyway, perhaps, probably, nonetheless, indeed, infinitely, maybe, surely, certainly, never, hardly, nevertheless, not, however, only, ever, much, simply, anyhow, albeit, sometimes, scarcely, somehow, still, too, presumably, because, considerably, infinitesimally, admittedly, rarely, conversely, theoretically, just, once, less, especially, barely, occasionally, nowadays, yet, often, noticeably, that, either, anymore, quite, technically, seldom, frankly, enough, then, paradoxically, possibly, any, really, slightly, somewhat, conceivably, evidently, appreciably, toothier, thankfully, terribly, darned, consequently, eventually, lousier, likewise, merely, generally, marginally, far, easily, vice versa, moreover, ironically, nosier, similarly, undeniably, honestly, longer, importantly, always, otherwise, suddenly, definitely, readily, cockier, sooner, altogether, damn, surprisingly, necessarily, invariably, already, obviously, oddly enough, undoubtedly, grudgingly, ready, attained, away, dozen, early, he, let, lost, more, numbers, paid, penny, there, 2s, about, advanced, again, all, ancient, are, equable, steadier, normal, odd, uneven, measured, predetermined, indicated, same, extrapolated, low, middle, nary, samo, seme, smoothest, uncertain, unnaturally, zero, adjust

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Appears in the definition of:
., apostle of the gentiles, apostle paul, araucaria cunninghamii, arctic moss, artiodactyl, artiodactyla, artiodactyl mammal, assorted, assume, assumption, atomic number 16, at close range, average, avionics, awful, ballpark, bandwagon effect, befuddle, begin, boson, broad-minded, bugged, called for, caragana, carnal abuse, chapter, check bit, cheerful, chinese, chiropractic, civil, cladonia rangiferina, clueless, come back, comfortable, compromising, confuse, contentious, contractility, craven, delicate, detached, dingbat, disputatious, disputative, divisible, downside, drumbeater, e'en, earlier, earnest, edifying, effrontery, elliptical, embitter, equalizer, eschatologically, european lemming, even-toed ungulate, even as, even out, even up, exasperation, excitingly, expurgated, faustian, fib, fifty-fifty, fix, fixate, fluorescein, fluoresceine, fluorescent dye, flushp, freewheeler, free agent, free spirit, fuddle, functional, fuqra, get, get back, get even, gimbals, glow, gracious, gyromitra infula, harridan, haymaker, hay conditioner, head-to-head, heteroploid, history, hoop pine, horrifying, hot, indelicate, independence, indulgence, in orderp, jamaat ul-fuqra, jape, jog, joke, justified, lapidation, leisured, lemmus lemmus, level, level off, litigious, lodgement, lodging, lodgment, lumpy, mag, magazine, maniraptora, map, masochistically, mediana, meek, mental state, mild, minicar, miscellaneous, mixed, modest, moreton bay pine, motley, nasty, neck and neck, nip and tuck, nonresistance, obdurate, odds-on, off-color, off-colour, offhanded, offhandedly, operational, order artiodactyla, order tremellales, original sin, out-of-the-way, pandemic, parenchyma, parity, parity bit, partisan, patient, patronage, paul, paul the apostle, pay back, pay off, pea tree, plane, pollyannaish, powerfully, preconception, presumption, presumptuousness, probabilism, procure, program, progressive vaccinia, psychological state, pucker, quaint, reconciled, recreant, reindeer lichen, reindeer moss, resorcinolphthalein, rough fish, ruck, running stitch, saddled-shaped false morel, sag, saint paul, sanely, saul, saul of tarsus, screed, scruple, season, sensible, shipshape, sightsing, singularly, sod, somber, sombre, sound, square up, st. paul, statutory rape, still, stipple, stoning, strange, suborder maniraptora, subtropic, subtropical, sulfur, sulphur, sundrya, tanzimul fuqra, though, touch, tremellales, undomestic, undreamed, undreamed of, undreamt, undreamt of, undue, uneven, ungulata, uniformity, uniformness, unimaginative, unimagined, unpretentiously, unusual, upbeat, urbane, vaccinia gangrenosa, waterline, water level, water line, weakness, weatherliness, white, withstand, zealot, zeroth

More general:
alter, change, change surface

equal, even out, fifty-fifty, flat, flush, justified, level, plane, regular, steady, still, straight, symmetric, symmetrical, tied, true, yet

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— Nouns for even: number, point, distribution, keel, numbers, tenor, chance, analysis, temperature balance, flow, more...

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