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Words and phrases that have a meaning related to duck:   (301 results)

Often used in the same context:
goose, bird, bluebill, mallard, quackers, rabbit, pigeon, quail, fox, swan, chicken, muskrat, quacker, turtle, gosling, frog, ducky, duckling, merganser, greenhead, heron, seagull, bufflehead, canvasback duck, fowl, broody hen, spatchcock, great blue heron, pheasant, widgeon, pelican, waterfowl, squirrel, sea gull, longbeard, possum, turtle soup, buzzard, crab, turkey, critter, galah, sparrow hawk, snowy egret, loon, shelduck, fish, june bug, wabbit, gray catbird, cygnet, guinea hen, honey buzzard, kookaburra, hooded merganser, redshank, fantails, ringneck, goldeneyes, waterfowler, purple gallinule, ruddy duck, quacking, otter, gull, guinea fowl, mynah, porpoise, deer, mudfish, poussin, woodcock snipe, buffalo, terrapin, shrimp, bullfrog, parrot, sharptail, egret, crow, willet, kangaroo, pied wagtail, snapping turtle, flamingo, anhinga, pig, cat, coot, beaver, alligator, wildfowl, avocets, belted kingfisher, tundra swan, marsh harrier, falcon, turtledove, patin, gadwall, cattle egret, turkey buzzard, ducks, goat, partridge, pigeons, snipe, bear, donkey, hare, bat, dog, crocodile, ostrich, woodcock, elected, hog

More specific:
aix galericulata, aix sponsa, anas acuta, anas clypeata, anas penelope, anas platyrhynchos, anas rubripes, aythya americana, aythya ferina, aythya valisineria, black duck, bluebill, broadbill, bucephela albeola, bucephela clangula, bufflehead, butterball, cairina moschata, canvasback, canvasback duck, dabbler, dabbling duck, dipper, diving duck, drake, duckling, goldeneye, mallard, mandarin duck, muscovy duck, musk duck, oxyura jamaicensis, pin-tailed duck, pintail, pochard, quack-quack, redhead, ruddy duck, scaup, scaup duck, sea duck, sheldrake, shoveler, summer duck, teal, whistler, widgeon, wigeon, wild duck, wood duck, wood widgeon

Appears in the definition of:
., aix, aix galericulata, aix sponsa, american merganser, anas acuta, anas clypeata, anas penelope, anas platyrhynchos, anas rubripes, anatotitan, aythya americana, aythya ferina, aythya valisineria, barrow's goldeneye, black duck, blind, broadbill, bucephala islandica, bucephela albeola, bucephela clangula, bufflehead, butterball, cairina moschata, canvasback, canvasback duck, clangula hyemalis, corythosaur, corythosaurus, dead duck, dipper, disney, donald duck, drake, duck-billed, duck-billed dinosaur, duckbill, duckling, duck down, duck pate, edmontosaurus, eider, eiderdown, eider duck, euronithopod, euronithopoda, family hadrosauridae, fish duck, flathead, genus aix, genus anatotitan, genus corythosaurus, genus edmontosaurus, genus oxyura, goldeneye, hadrosaur, hadrosauridae, hadrosaurus, hooded merganser, hooded sheldrake, lophodytes cucullatus, mallard, mandarin duck, merganser, mergus merganser americanus, muscovy duck, musk duck, oldwife, old squaw, order ornithischia, ornithischia, ornithopoda, oxyura, oxyura jamaicensis, pin-tailed duck, pintail, pochard, quack, quack-quack, quaint, redhead, ruddy duck, sawbill, scooter, scoter, sheldrake, shoofly, shoveler, shoveller, suborder euronithopoda, suborder ornithopoda, summer duck, trachodon, trachodont, tufted, walter elias disney, walt disney, whistler, widgeon, wigeon, wild duck, wood drake, wood duck, wood widgeon

More general:
anseriform bird, avoid, cloth, dip, dive, douse, dunk, fabric, material, move, plunge, plunk, poultry, score, souse, textile

circumvent, dip, dodge, douse, duck's egg, elude, evade, fudge, hedge, parry, put off, sidestep, skirt

Also try:
— Nouns for duck: shooting, bill, hunting, pond, soup, rabbit, session, president, boards, congress, eggs, more...

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