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Often used in the same context:
corner, clockwise, semicircle, coterie, timer, angle, wrister, slapper, backhander, slapshot, looping, ellipse, rectangle, triangle, horseshoe, slap shot, parabola, equilateral triangle, crease, straightaway, diagonal, saucer, lane, counterclockwise, dot, hashmark, deke, streaking, deked, inner circle, circumference, swivels, twine, conga line, crosspiece, sphere, longways, carom, trapezoid, deflection, backhand, wraparound, distance, curbstone, gloved, cage, cocoon, puck, slot, umbra, knuckler, radius, celestial sphere, teardrop, line, goalpost, orb, lofting, sideboards, wing, slingshotting, lamplighter, hexagram, vortex, crescent, rows, stick, poke, dangler, lob, arching, throng, hoop, peals, stalk, hexagon, backbend, counterclockwise rotation, acute angle, outwards, dimple, net, snowfield, jibber, zone, headpin, maze, faerie, floater, fletching, calmy, sundog, tidal basin, marker, embroidery hoop, rhombus, right, isosceles triangle, wrist, backstretch, bend, ribbon, square, cube, oval, ring, ovals, parallelogram, swath, band, box, dial, inclosure, scroll, tent, circlet, centre, v, var, =, a, j, midpoint, section, 14000000, -1, curve, difference, exponent, question, relation, superscript, <, >, a., answer

More specific:
begird, camp, circle around, circle of curvature, circle round, circumambulate, circumnavigate, clique, cloister, cohort, company, compass, confederacy, conspiracy, coterie, epicycle, equator, four hundred, gird, girt, girth, horsey set, horsy set, ingroup, inner circle, jet set, loop, orbit, osculating circle, pace lap, pack, party, revolve, revolve around, troll, walk around, wreath, wreathe

Appears in the definition of:
., annulet, antarctica, antarctic continent, aptenodytes patagonica, arc, arctic, arctic archipelago, arctic zone, around, arteria communicans, bloomsbury group, camp, cardioid, cat and mouse, cat and rat, cavetto, celestial equator, celestial horizon, celestial longitude, center of curvature, centre of curvature, cinquefoil, circlet, circle of curvature, circular, circumference, clique, clockwise, clock golf, closed curve, color circle, color wheel, communicating artery, cone, cone shape, conoid, coterie, counterclockwise, curate cycloid, cycloid, cycloidal, decent, degree, diam, diameter, do-si-do, double leg circle, dress circle, dumbfounded, eccentricity, ecliptic, elect, elliptic geometry, embodiment, encircle, encircled, epicycle, epicycloid, equator, equinoctial, equinoctial circle, equinoctial line, esoteric, geodesic, geodesic line, gyration, halo, hemicycle, horizon, hour angle, hour circle, hypocycloid, iceland, ingroup, inner circle, king penguin, kitchen cabinet, line of longitude, locus, longitude, loop, loop-the-loop, meridian, mock sun, murmansk, north frigid zone, north temperate zone, oblong, osculating circle, ovolo, pack, panoramic sight, parhelion, parquet, perfect, pi, plod, prolate cycloid, promenade, quadrant, quarter-circle, quarter round, quoit, ra, rad, radian, radius, radius of curvature, revolved, riemannian geometry, right angle, right ascension, ring-a-rosy, ring-around-a-rosy, ring-around-the-rosy, ring dance, rotary, rotated, roundel, round dance, sashay, sector, semicircle, semicircular, seward peninsula, south temperate zone, square, stick figure, subarctic, sundog, temperate zone, thumb, toroid, torus, trefoil, vertical circle, whirling

Part of:
house, road, route, theater, theatre

More general:
bear, carry, conic, conic section, contain, form, go, hold, junction, locomote, locomotion, move, rotating mechanism, seating, seating area, seating room, seats, shape, social group, travel

band, circuit, circulate, dress circle, encircle, environ, lap, lot, ring, rotary, round, roundabout, set, surround, traffic circle

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