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Common multi-word phrases that nearly rhyme with meritor:

3 syllables:
aaron burr,
air cover,
air duster,
air hunger,
air scrubber,
air under,
bear hunter,
beckoned her,
belgians were,
bell number,
bench under,
bent under,
ben butler,
ben hunter,
blessed mother,
cell culture,
cell number,
cell structure,
centum per,
chemists were,
cheryl praeger,
clair obscur,
dead brother,
dead color,
dead mother,
dead rubber,
deaf culture,
deaths occur,
death under,
dense cover,
dresses were,
ec number,
edge cover,
edge runner,
ed lover,
egg cluster,
ended her,
engines were,
entstehung der,
era were,
fair number,
fell under,
fences were,
flesh color,
flesh colour,
french cruller,
french culture,
french sculptor,
fresh butter,
get other,
get under,
grenzen der,
hair color,
hair colour,
head buster,
head crusher,
head humper,
head hunter,
head under,
held under,
helmets were,
help other,
hex number,
jeff zucker,
jet cutter,
kept under,
knödel number,
lead color,
leben der,
left under,
left upper,
leg cutter,
leg ulcer,
leg upper,
lehrbuch der,
lends color,
lends colour,
lend color,
lend colour,
lent color,
lessons were,
let other,
levels were,
level were,
lex luthor,
medals were,
mell supper,
melt butter,
mel hunter,
memoire sur,
mentioned her,
mentioned were,
mention her,
men prefer,
men under,
metals were,
methods were,
method were,
m number,
neben der,
net culture,
next number,
next summer,
para ser,
parents were,
peasants were,
pellets were,
pell number,
pensions were,
present her,
present were,
quellen zur,
questioned her,
questions were,
question her,
question were,
rebels were,
red color,
red colour,
red duster,
red rubber,
red runner,
red thunder,
reg butler,
rested her,
rhett butler,
said monsieur,
said mother,
said under,
seconds per,
second per,
sections were,
section were,
segments were,
self color,
self colour,
self cover,
self culture,
self number,
self sucker,
sessions per,
sessions were,
set number,
seven per,
seven were,
several were,
sexes were,
shared culture,
shell structure,
slept under,
spectra were,
square number,
stellung der,
step brother,
step mother,
stress buster,
stretch runner,
swept under,
s number,
tariffs were,
temples were,
tenants were,
tensions were,
ten other,
texans were,
text color,
their brother,
their color,
their colour,
their culture,
their hunger,
their mother,
their number,
their other,
their plunder,
their structure,
their summer,
their supper,
their upper,
their younger,
them other,
them under,
then cover,
then other,
then under,
there other,
there under,
threaded her,
thread cutter,
threatened her,
vessels were,
weapons were,
wear rubber,
wegen der,
welcomed her,
welcome her,
welles sumner,
well under,
went under,
when mother,
when other,
when under,
where other,
wreck cover,
yet other,
breakfast for,
breakfast or,
careless or,
census for,
central core,
central or,
chairman for,
chairman or,
credit for,
credit or,
credit score,
della torre,
dresses for,
edges or,
edit war,
edit your,
endless war,
engines for,
engine for,
engine or,
entrance door,
era for,
errands for,
essence or,
extra for,
ferrit core,
get ashore,
headed for,
heavens door,
heaven for,
heaven nor,
heaven or,
helen torr,
helpful for,
helpful or,
hexa core,
lessons for,
lesson for,
lesson or,
levels for,
levels or,
level for,
level or,
mecca for,
medal for,
mega store,
mental or,
mentioned for,
merits or,
merit for,
merit or,
message for,
message or,
metals or,
metal door,
metal for,
metal or,
methods for,
methods or,
method for,
method or,
parents for,
parents or,
parent for,
parent or,
peasants war,
peasant war,
pebbles or,
penance for,
penchant for,
pencils or,
pencil or,
pensions for,
pension for,
pension or,
pleasant for,
pleasant or,
pregnant or,
presence for,
presence or,
presents for,
present for,
present more,
present or,
present war,
present your,
questions for,
questions or,
question for,
question or,
redness or,
rented for,
rested for,
seconds for,
seconds or,
second corps,
second floor,
second for,
second or,
second war,
sections for,
sections or,
section for,
section four,
section or,
segments or,
segment or,
seldom more,
seldom or,
senate floor,
senate for,
senate or,
sentenced for,
sentence for,
sentence or,
sent ashore,
sessile or,
sessions for,
session for,
session or,
settled for,
settle for,
setup for,
seventh floor,
seven more,
seven or,
several more,
sketches for,
special for,
special or,
spectra for,
spectrum for,
stepped ashore,
strengthen your,
template for,
temple for,
temple or,
tenant for,
tenant or,
tension for,
tension or,
tested for,
texas for,
their valour,
them ashore,
threatened or,
vengeance for,
vessels for,
vessels or,
vessel for,
vessel or,
weapons for,
weapons or,
weapon for,
weapon or,
welcome for,
went ashore,
zealous for

4 syllables:
affected her,
affect other,
against hunger,
against other,
again under,
amendments were,
amen brother,
appellants were,
assessed under,
assessments were,
attendants were,
attentions were,
collections were,
commenced under,
concessions were,
confessions were,
connections were,
contestants were,
conventions were,
convention were,
corrections were,
correct number,
credentials were,
defendants were,
defenses were,
develop her,
dimensions were,
directed her,
directions were,
direction were,
effects occur,
effect under,
elections were,
election were,
eleven per,
embarrass her,
enveloped her,
events occur,
event cover,
exceptions were,
except under,
exempt under,
expected her,
expenses per,
expenses were,
expresses her,
expressions were,
express color,
extended her,
himself under,
immense number,
impressions were,
infect other,
injections were,
inspections were,
intentions were,
inventions were,
investments were,
investment per,
itself under,
lieutenants were,
objections were,
offended her,
offense under,
perfect number,
possessions were,
prepared under,
presented her,
processions were,
protected her,
rebellions were,
refreshments were,
regressions were,
resembled her,
resented her,
subject under,
successes were,
suggestions were,
suspensions were,
themselves under,
tibetans were,
unless other,
unwed mother,
utensils were,
acceptance for,
acceptance or,
affected more,
affected or,
affection for,
affection or,
agenda for,
aggression or,
amended or,
amendment or,
apparent for,
arrested for,
arrested or,
assembled for,
assemble your,
assessments for,
assessment for,
assessment or,
attendance for,
attention for,
attention or,
attention whore,
awareness or,
collected for,
collections for,
collection for,
collection or,
compression or,
concessions for,
connections for,
connections or,
connection for,
connection or,
consensus for,
conventions for,
conventions or,
convention floor,
convention for,
convention or,
corrected for,
corrections for,
correction for,
correction or,
defendant for,
defendant or,
depended for,
dependence for,
dependent for,
dependent or,
depression or,
detection for,
detention for,
developed for,
developed more,
developed or,
develop for,
develop more,
develop or,
develop your,
dilemma for,
dimensions for,
dimensions or,
dimension for,
directed more,
directions for,
directions or,
direction for,
direction or,
elected for,
elected or,
elections for,
election for,
election or,
eleven or,
erected for,
essentials for,
essential core,
essential for,
essential or,
exceptions for,
exception for,
exemptions for,
exemption for,
expected for,
expected more,
expected or,
expenses for,
expenses or,
expressions for,
expression for,
expression or,
extended for,
extended or,
extension for,
extension or,
gazella euchore,
gazella mohr,
impairment or,
indebted for,
infections or,
infection or,
inflected for,
injection or,
inspection for,
inspection or,
intended for,
intended or,
intentions for,
intentions or,
intention or,
invented for,
invention or,
investments for,
investments or,
investment for,
investment or,
miscarriage or,
momentum for,
neglected for,
neglected or,
orchestral score,
percentage for,
perception or,
possession for,
possession or,
potentials for,
potential for,
potential or,
presented for,
presentment for,
presentment or,
prevention or,
profession for,
profession or,
projected for,
projections for,
projection for,
prospectus for,
prospectus or,
protections for,
protection for,
protection or,
rebellion or,
reception for,
reflection or,
regressions for,
rejection or,
resection for,
secession war,
selected for,
selected or,
selection for,
selection or,
successful for,
successful or,
suggested for,
suggestions for,
suggestions or,
suggestion for,
suspected or,
suspended for,
suspended or,
suspension or,
unpleasant for

5 syllables:
apprehensions were,
gabriele munter,
independence were,
independents were,
interventions were,
martorells ulcer,
romanesque sculpture,
accidental or,
albigensian war,
departmental store,
fundamental for,
hypertension or,
hypotension or,
incidental or,
independence for,
independence or,
independent or,
insurrection or,
intercession for,
interventions for,
intervention for,
intervention or,
predilection for,
recommended for,
represented for,
represented more

6 syllables:
jeremy wariner,
superintendents were,
environmental or,
experimental or

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