Words and phrases that rhyme with mclean:   (3728 results)

1 syllable:
-caine, -cene, -gene, -phane, -teen, aine, ane, ayn, bain, baine, bane, bayne, bean, beane, been, beene, bein, beine, biehn, bien, biene, blain, blaine, blane, blayne, blouin, brain, braine, brane, brean, breann, breanne, breen, cain, caine, cane, cayne, ceann, chain, chaine, chane, cheane, chene, cheyne, chine, chrain, cian, clean, cleen, clene, crain, craine, crane, crayne, crean, creen, ctene, ctrain, d-brane, dain, daine, dane, dayne, dean, deane, deen, deign, deine, diene, drain, draine, drane, drouin, duan, duane, dwain, dwayne, fain, faine, fainne, fane, fayne, feign, fein, feyne, fiene, flain, flaine, fleen, frain, fraine, frane, frayn, frayne, frean, freen, frein, freyne, gain, gayne, gean, gene, ghayn, gheen, gieen, glane, glean, gleen, gouin, grain, graine, grainne, grane, grean, green, greene, grein, grene, haen, hahne, hain, haine, hane, hayn, hayne, heyn, heyne, hsien, jain, jane, jayne, jean, jeane, jeanne, kain, kaine, kane, kayne, kean, keane, keehn, keen, keene, keine, khene, kiehn, kiehne, kiene, kleen, krain, krane, krein, l'rain, lain, laine, lane, layne, lean, leanne, leen, lein, leine, lene, lien, ln, main, maine, mane, mayne, mean, mein, meine, meyn, mien, miene, nein, nene, neyne, pagne, paign, pain, paine, pane, payne, peine, phane, phen-, phene, plain, plane, plein, plene, prane, preen, prien, priene, puisne, quain, quean, queen, queene, raign, rain, raine, rainn, rayne, reen, reign, rein, reine, s-plane, s-train, sain, saine, sane, scene, scheen, schene, schien, schiene, screen, sdain, sdeign, seen, shain, shaine, shane, shayne, shean, sheen, sheene, skain, skane, skean, skeen, skein, skeine, skene, skreen, slain, slaine, slane, slean, snai1, spain, spean, sphene, splain, splaine, spleen, sprain, spreen, stain, stean, steen, stene, sthene, strain, strane, streen, strein, strene, svane, svein, swain, swaine, swayne, sween, szene, taine, teen, teine, teyne, thain, thaine, thane, thayne, thien, thiene, threne, train, trane, treen, triene, tshwane, tsine, twain, tween, vain, vane, veen, vein, veine, veyne, vien, vrain, wain, wane, wayne, wean, wein, wheein, wheen, wien, xene, zain, zane

2 syllables:
-amine, 1-butene, 6teen, a-teen, a-train, abrin, abstain, adren-, adriene, again, agene, agin, ahane, ahlen, aileen, airain, airplane, air lane, ajwain, akane, alain, alaine, alane, alayne, alcmene, aldin, aleen, alene, aliene, alkane, alkene, alkmene, allain, alleen, allein, alleine, allene, alleyne, alzene, ambrein, amebean, ameen, amin, amine, ammeen, ammine, andain, andreen, arain, arcane, ardeen, ardene, arene, arguin, arleen, arlene, arraign, artane, asain, atene, athene, attain, atwain, atween, aubain, aubaine, aven, avine, azane, azine, babouin, backplane, bahrain, bahrein, baksteen, baleen, baleine, bardane, bardeen, bassein, batplane, bazaine, bealtaine, beauchaine, beauchene, bedaine, beeline, beet green, beidane, beltane, benzene, berean, bergstein, bescreen, beseen, bestain, betaine, beth-shean, between, bi-plane, bimane, biplane, bird-brain, birdbrain, biscayne, black bean, blancpain, blazin, blockchain, block plane, bloodrayne, bloodstain, blot-sweyn, blue-green, blue-jean, blue jean, boat train, bogbean, boreen, bornstein, brackeen, bradeen, brain-drain, brain drain, branched chain, brattain, braunstein, brillstein, brisbane, broadbean, broad bean, bromine, bronstein, brorphine, brownstein, bruce payne, buccin, buckbean, buckstein, bugbane, buntain, burdine, burkeen, burnstein, butane, butene, by-lane, cacaine, cadene, cafeine, caffein, caffeine, caffiene, cairene, calf's brain, calgene, calpain, caltrain, camin, campagne, campaign, campane, camphene, camphine, campin, cancrine, canteen, cantin, careen, carene, carleen, carlene, carvene, car train, casein, caseine, casgrain, cashion, casteen, cat-train, catain, catchdrain, catene, cathine, cathleen, celgene, celine, centaine, cetane, cetene, chagreen, chamfrain, champagne, champaign, champaigne, champain, champlain, chanfrein, charlayne, charleen, charlene, charline, charmain, charmaine, chastain, chasteen, checkrein, chemmeen, chesteyn, chest pain, chicane, chimene, chlordane, cholane, chow mein, christain, christeen, christine, chromene, chrome green, cinquain, citrine, clarain, claudine, clephane, closed-chain, closed chain, clymene, cobain, cobaine, cocain, cocaine, cockayne, cockswain, code vein, coffeen, coffeine, coldrain, coleen, colene, coleraine, colleen, coltrain, compagne, complain, coneine, constrain, contain, convene, conyrine, copain, coquin, coreen, corine, corinne, cortine, corvine, costain, cotquean, courchaine, cowbane, coxswain, crackbrain, cress green, crimean, crimplene, cristine, cross-grain, cross-train, crossplane, crumrine, cuckquean, cuisine, culhane, cumene, cunneen, curtein, cutscene, cymene, cynane, cyrene, cysteine, d'alene, dafne keen, dagswain, dahrain, dalene, dalmane, damin, dark-green, darleen, darlene, darraign, darrain, darrein, dasein, dasheen, dauphine, dean cain, decane, decene, decrane, defrain, degrain, dejean, delain, delaine, demain, demaine, demean, deneen, deplane, dequeen, deraign, derain, dereyne, derouin, deschaine, despain, destain, detain, detrain, devane, devein, dewayne, dextrine, digene, diketene, dimetane, dineen, dingane, dinneen, disdain, disdeign, distain, disthene, distrain, dogbane, dogvane, domain, domaine, doorplane, doreen, doucine, draisine, draw rein, drisheen, drivein, dry-clean, dryclean, dry clean, duchaine, dufrane, dufrene, dumaine, dumb-cane, dumbcane, dumb cane, dunblane, duquesne, durain, dushane, duwayne, eccrine, eckstein, ed skrein, efrain, eighteen, eileen, eirene, elain, elaine, elane, elayne, ellene, emane, emplane, endbrain, engrain, enplane, entain, entrain, epstein, espagne, etain, ethane, ethene, ethine, ethrane, eucaine, eugene, explain, eyestrain, fanzine, farheen, farine, fast-lane, fast lane, feed grain, feinstein, feldene, ficain, field bean, fierstein, fifteen, filene, fine-grain, fishbaine, flatscreen, fleabane, flixtrain, floatplane, floodplain, flourine, fluorine, flybane, foltene, fontaine, fonteyn, foodchain, food chain, food grain, forain, forebrain, forein, foreseen, fore plane, forpine, fort wayne, fountaine, four-lane, fourteen, francene, francine, freeplane, free rein, freight train, french bean, fresh bean, friese-greene, fromstein, fullscreen, funbrain, furane, fuscine, g-protein, gainpain, gairsain, galane, galien, gallien, gamin, gangreen, gardein, garkain, gas main, gautrain, gawayn, geartrain, geneen, georgene, georgine, germain, germaine, germane, ghislain, ghislaine, ghosteen, gladstein, glasheen, glaucine, glavine, glickstein, glycine, godine, goethean, goheen, gold-green, goldstein, gombeen, goodstein, grabstein, grandjean, graphene, grass-green, grassgreen, great dane, greenscreen, greenstein, green bean, grey-green, grinstein, grosgrain, grosjean, grubstein, guanin, guanine, guerlain, guertin, gustine, gyrene, haldane, haleine, haptene, hardouin, hartstein, hautain, helaine, helane, helene, hellene, helxine, henbane, heptene, higiene, hind-brain, hindbrain, hircine, holstein, hoogeveen, hopane, hornstein, horsebean, horse bean, horse grain, hosein, hossain, hossein, house-train, houseclean, housetrain, houssain, huitain, humaine, humane, humean, hunchine, husein, hussain, hussein, hygeine, hygene, hygiene, hygrine, hyoscine, iain, ifrane, igene, igraine, ileen, inane, indene, ingrain, inkstain, insane, in vain, ireene, irene, ismene, jackeen, jack bean, jack plane, jade-green, jade green, jahrein, james deen, janeen, janene, janine, jeanine, jermaine, jettrain, jet plane, joaquin, joleen, jolene, jonwayne, josphine, josquin, jourdain, justine, jyishane, kabine, kahane, kalkstein, kamseen, kangwane, kapteyn, kareen, karine, karlene, kathleen, kathlene, kathrine, katrine, katyn, ketene, ketine, khamseen, khomeyn, killeen, kokain, kristeen, kristine, kuchean, l-cysteine, lachine, lacin, lackbrain, lactean, lalaine, lamebrain, lamine, laraine, larraine, lateen, latrine, laureen, laurene, leaf-green, ledeen, leek-green, left-brain, left brain, lehane, lennane, lesbain, leucine, levain, levine, light-green, lightplane, lime-green, limine, lindane, lipstein, lithane, lockean, lointain, long-chain, long plane, lophine, lorain, loraine, loreen, lorene, lorrain, lorraine, louvain, lucene, lurdane, lurleen, lutrine, lycine, machain, machine, maclaine, maclean, macqueen, madbrain, magrane, mail train, maintain, make clean, malene, malsain, maltine, malvine, mansplain, marchpane, marcin, marean, marine, marleen, marleene, marlene, martain, martine, match plane, maureen, maxin, maxine, max payne, may queen, mcbain, mcbane, mcbean, mcbreen, mccain, mccane, mcclain, mcclaine, mcclane, mcclean, mcgrain, mcgrane, mcguane, mckain, mckane, mckean, mckeen, mclain, mclane, mcmeen, mcquain, mcqueen, mcshane, mcswain, mcsween, mcwain, mdantsane, medin, melain, melaine, membrane, menthane, mesquin, methane, meyhane, mfecane, mid-brain, midbrain, midplane, midvein, migraine, migrane, millstein, milstein, mirbane, misfeign, mistrain, misween, mmr vaccine, modine, moiraine, moline, mondain, mondaine, moneen, mopane, moquin, morain, moraine, moreen, morein, moss green, moth bean, mudvayne, mud stain, mulqueen, mundane, mungbean, muntean, murein, murine, murrain, mustain, myrcene, myrlene, myrrhine, myrsine, myteen, na-dene, nadeen, nadine, nalgene, namkeen, naphthene, nathene, navin, nazneen, neck-rein, neil breen, neurine, newfane, nextstrain, nierstein, nighean, nightrain, nigrine, nineteen, nithiin, nonane, nonplane, nonsane, nordeen, noreen, northlane, nothstein, nubain, nunchion, nuveen, o'kane, o'steen, o-train, obscene, obtain, octene, off-screen, offscreen, oil stain, okane, olean, oline, ol reign, on-screen, on-the-scene, onscreen, oquin, oquinn, ordain, orlene, orpine, ossein, osteen, ouabain, ouarine, outbrain, outgain, owain, oxbane, p-cymene, p-xylene, pacane, pain & gain, pangene, pantene, papain, papin, parkesine, parrain, partain, parveen, pasion, pasquin, pauline, pavane, pea-brain, pea-green, pearlstein, pearmain, pea bean, pea green, pebrine, pentane, pentene, pertain, petain, petrine, pfundstein, philene, phocine, phosphane, phosphene, phosphine, phytane, picene, pilgreen, pinene, pingouin, plain-jane, plaintain, plant-cane, poitrine, pontine, popscene, portpane, poteen, potteen, poulain, poulaine, poutine, powertrain, ppcocaine, pre-teen, prejean, prescreen, preteen, pristane, pro-pain, procain, procaine, profane, prolene, propane, prophane, protein, prunskiene, prydain, pteridine, pull chain, punane, purine, purslain, purslane, pusheen, quartane, quartene, quartine, quatrain, quercine, quintain, rabin, rabine, racine, raelene, rainscreen, rake-vein, rammstein, ramstein, rankbrain, rateen, ratsbane, ratteen, ravine, refrain, regain, reggane, remain, rereign, restrain, retain, retene, retrain, right-brain, right brain, rogaine, romain, romaine, romane, ronayne, rood-screen, rood screen, rouen, rouquin, routine, rowaine, ruane, rutstein, sabine, sage-green, sage green, sailplane, saint-jean, sajene, saleen, salin, saline, salt-green, saltine, salween, sarbane, sarcin, sardine, sarene, sartain, sartrain, sat.1, sateen, savine, scaphion, scorpene, screw bean, scrub plane, sea-green, sea-lane, sean bean, seaplane, seatrain, sea green, sea lane, seed grain, seguin, seldane, seldseen, selene, semaine, sengreen, septane, serbaine, serene, seth green, sexteyn, shagreen, shaheen, sharleen, sharlene, sharmaine, shasteen, shell bean, shereen, shirleen, shoneen, side-chain, sightscreen, sightseen, silane, silene, silk-screen, silkscreen, sinn fein, sistine, sixteen, ski-plane, skiplane, skytrain, sleeveen, slovene, slow lane, small cane, smaltine, smoke-screen, smokescreen, smoke screen, smooth plane, snail bean, snapphane, snap bean, soudain, soutane, soutine, sowbane, soybean, spaceplane, spaldeen, spalpeen, split-brain, split-screen, spring-clean, springsteen, stanchion, stanine, stan lane, steam clean, stephine, stovaine, straight chain, stringbean, string bean, strobane, styrene, st jean, subteen, subvene, sulphane, sulphion, sunscreen, survene, susswein, sustain, sweetgreen, switch cane, sword bean, sword cane, syene, sylvain, t-pain, t-wayne, tailplane, taksin, tamine, tareen, tarquin, tartine, tearstain, technion, tercine, terrain, terreen, textrine, thallene, thebaine, thirteen, thomean, three-lane, thretteen, thymene, tigrean, tile-drain, tiphaine, tirane, titane, tolkein, tompane, toolchain, top-chain, top-drain, torain, torstein, touch-screen, touchscreen, tram-train, transgene, tremaine, trephine, trichion, triphane, triplane, tropane, tulane, turdine, two-lane, tyshane, tzaneen, tzigane, ugreen, ukrain, ukraine, uline, umpteen, umteen, unclean, undine, ungain, ungreen, unqueen, unsane, unseen, unseen', unslain, unstrain, untwain, up-train, uplean, uptain, uptrain, urbain, urbane, usine, vaccin, vaccine, vactrain, vaguine, valene, valvetrain, vanveen, varin, vendean, venene, verlaine, vervain, vidrine, viewscreen, vilain, vilaine, visqueen, vitrain, voisine, volplane, walgreen, warplane, watain, watch chain, wave train, wax bean, weight-train, weinstein, well-seen, welldrain, wetstein, white bean, whole-grain, wholegrain, wide-screen, widescreen, wide screen, wikindx, wildbrain, wild bean, wileen, willene, windscreen, wind vane, winged bean, wolf's bane, wolfbane, wolfsbane, wolf bean, woodgrain, xylene, yam bean, yeargain, yestreen, yvain, z-machine, zebrine, zidane, zincane, zumstein

3 syllables:
19-nineteen, 2-butene, aberdeen, abilene, acacine, acauline, accutane, acid rain, acquitaine, acrolein, acrosin, addle-brain, adenine, ad campaign, aeroplane, aerotrain, afterbrain, afterpain, agravain, aircalin, ajmaline, aladeen, alamin, alateen, albertine, alekhine, algemeen, algemene, alipin, alkadiene, allemagne, allophane, allylene, alpigene, al amein, amacrine, amarine, amber-green, ambrosin, ametrine, amidine, amphigene, amstelveen, amylene, anchor chain, andarine, androstane, androstene, anglomane, anilin, aniline, annotine, annulene, antaheen, ante-nicene, anthracene, antifebrine, antigene, antipain, antiseen, apennine, apfelsine, aporphine, appertain, apple-green, aquaplane, aquilin, aquiline, aquitaine, argentin, argentine, armozeen, arnicine, aronstein, arrasene, arreguin, articaine, ascertain, asiain, asphaltene, atlantean, atrazine, augustin, augustine, autodin, avellane, avenin, ayegreen, azotine, azurine, azur lane, badelain, balanchine, baldaquin, ballotine, ball and chain, balsamine, bandoline, baragouin, barbotine, barentine, bartlestein, basaltine, basal vein, bearing rein, beaverteen, behenein, belizean, bencyclane, bengaline, bengal bean, benyamin, benzamine, benzidrine, benzocaine, benzoline, benzpyrene, berain, berbamine, bernadine, betalain, betweenbrain, bewusstsein, bilastine, binyamin, biocine, bioclean, bismuthine, bivoltine, black henbane, bluescreen, bluish-green, bluish green, bodenstein, boeschenstein, bombazine, bombycine, bonvillain, borazine, borenstein, borophene, bottle-green, bottle green, boumediene, bowling-green, bowling green, brandenstein, brett goldstein, briksdalsbreen, bromantane, bromelain, bubaline, bucladesine, buformin, butacaine, butadiene, butterbean, butter bean, butylene, byzantine, by machine, caballine, cadinene, caesarean, calycine, calymene, canadine, candareen, candy cane, cannabene, capitaine, capotain, capsicine, carabine, caragheen, caratlane, carborane, carmustine, carnosine, carob bean, carol kane, carotene, carradine, carrageen, carragheen, carticaine, cash machine, cassandane, cassegrain, castlemaine, castor bean, catarrhine, catenane, ceelo green, celimene, cellophane, cell membrane, cerberean, cerotene, chamberlayne, characene, charlemagne, charles's wain, chatelain, chatelaine, chemobrain, chevaline, chevrotain, chimerine, chinoline, chioppine, chlormethane, chlorophane, chloroprene, christian kane, christmas green, christophene, chromophane, chrysophane, cinchocaine, cinnamene, cinnoline, circumvene, ciryl gane, cispadane, civet bean, clementine, clomifene, clomiphene, clonidine, closet queen, cluster bean, co-routine, coastal plain, cobaltine, cocoa bean, codomain, coffee bean, coin machine, colbertine, collophane, colophane, colophene, colubrine, commagene, common bean, compass plane, compazine, conchinine, conimene, constantine, contravene, conylene, cooperstein, coordain, copaline, copatain, copper-green, coral bean, coroutine, corticine, coryphene, cosmoline, cotinine, cotton strain, coumarine, counterion, counterpane, counterstain, coup de main, creolean, crinoline, crotaphion, cryptidine, cuchulain, culicine, cullinane, cumidine, cumulene, curarine, cycloalkane, cyclodiene, cymarine, cymidine, cymogene, cymophane, cynarine, cystic vein, cytisine, cytovene, dado plane, daisy-chain, daisy chain, dalemain, damascene, damaskeen, damoclean, dantrolene, delphinine, deltaplane, demonbane, demoscene, depakene, derek drouin, dewoitine, dhul-qarnayn, diamine, diazine, diborane, dibucaine, dicophane, dicysteine, dindymene, diolamine, dipentene, diplotene, discount chain, dispoline, ditrochean, dobberstein, docosane, dodecane, dopamine, doralin, dovetail plane, dramamine, draymond green, dreamachine, drivetrain, dual-lane, duberstein, dump routine, dunsinane, duodene, earnestine, eburnine, echobrain, ecophene, ectocrine, ecumene, edelstein, egbertine, eicosane, eikosane, elaphine, elatine, elbertine, eleusine, emachine, emerald-green, emerine, empyrean, engadine, english bean, enterbrain, entertain, eocene, eogene, epicene, epigene, ergoline, ergotine, ernestine, ertholmene, erythrean, esmerine, esquiline, esurine, etamine, ethamine, etheljean, ethidene, ethocaine, ethylene, etorphine, euflavine, europeenne, evaleen, eveleen, evergreen, everlane, express train, facet plane, facial vein, falkenhayn, falloween, farm machine, farnesene, fava bean, featherbrain, fellaheen, ferrocene, fescennine, festennine, festucine, fettucine, feuerstein, field soybean, figurine, filigrain, filigrane, filipin, fillipeen, finkelstein, finklestein, fiorin, fire screen, flag of spain, fleckenstein, florentin, florentine, floricane, flower chain, formazine, francoist spain, frangipane, frankenstein, fullerene, fulvicin, fumarine, furfurine, gabardine, gadarene, gallamine, garancin, gasogene, gasolene, gasoline, gastric vein, gaudygreen, gavin green, gazogene, gelatine, gentianine, gephyrean, geraldine, geranine, germacrene, germolene, gethsemane, ghibelline, ghostemane, giant cane, gingalain, glaucophane, glutazine, gmane, go-between, goa bean, goberstein, goldenstein, golden chain, golden mean, golden rain, golden spleen, grabenstein, gravensteen, gravy train, green soybean, grenadine, grudenstein, guanfacine, guanidine, guanosine, guaranine, guillotine, gutturine, gwendoline, gyroplane, hagarene, halloveen, hallowe'en, halloween, halothane, haloween, hammerstein, hangar queen, harmaline, harperteen, hartenstein, hecdecane, hedyphane, heerenveen, helicine, helloween, hendecane, heptylene, heraclean, heseltine, hexazine, hexylene, high-protein, hippomane, histamine, histidin, histidine, holloween, holocaine, holocene, holocrine, holophane, homogene, honorine, hooker's green, hordenine, hornotine, hovertrain, huguenin, huimin, hurricane, hyacine, hyadain, hyaline, hydrazine, hydrophane, hydroplane, hypercane, hyperplane, hypersthene, hypogene, icariin, ice machine, icterine, iedereen, imogene, in-between, inbetween, inclined plane, indamine, indanthrene, indigene, inhambane, inhumane, inosine, inquiline, interbrain, interchain, intervene, intracrine, inurbane, in the main, iodin, ipotane, isoline, isoprene, jack-in-the-green, jalen green, janasheen, jasmuheen, jayewardene, jean racine, jeff tremaine, jelly bean, joan fontaine, josephine, jumping bean, k.a.a.n., kallikrein, kalsomine, karitane, kathalene, keelivine, kendal green, keohane, kerosene, ketamine, kidney bean, kinesin, konstantin, kriegsmarine, kurt cobain, l-glutamine, lactarene, lacustrine, lafontaine, lafountain, lafountaine, lamartine, lamontagne, landgravine, laudanine, laurustine, lawyer cane, leading rein, lemurine, lendemain, leopardbane, lepidine, leptotene, leucomaine, leucophane, leukotriene, liam payne, libertin, libertine, lichtenstein, lidocaine, lignocaine, limacine, lima bean, limonene, limousin, limousine, liner train, listerine, lithophane, locust bean, london plane, lopatin, lowenstein, loxitane, lumbar vein, luthfudeen, lutidine, lycopene, madalene, madelene, madrilene, madvillain, magazin, magazine, magdalene, majeerteen, mandarine, mangosteen, marasquin, margerine, margravine, marjolaine, mark of cain, marocain, maroquin, marroquin, mary-jane, maryjane, mary jane, mascarene, matabane, matutine, mavourneen, maybellene, maybelline, mazarine, mazikeen, mcelvain, mcelvaine, mcelveen, mcelwain, mcelwaine, mcilvain, mcilvaine, mcilveen, mcilwain, megasthene, meiocene, melamine, melanzane, meleagrine, melitene, melongene, melpomene, mental strain, merbromine, mescaline, messaline, messiaen, metagene, metformin, methazine, methoprene, methylene, metric grain, metycaine, mezzanine, michael biehn, michael sheen, microgreen, microsthene, microtine, mimetene, miocene, miscellane, misdemean, mise-en-scene, mitylene, mokume-gane, monagene, monamine, mondegreen, monoline, monomane, monoplane, moriaen, mountain chain, mr. bean, mr. queen, mr inbetween, multigrain, multilane, multiplane, multiscreen, muscadin, muscatine, mutaween, mycenaen, mydaleine, myprotein, myrmicine, mysoline, mythomane, mytilene, nalbuphine, nalmefene, nalorphine, naphthacene, naphthalene, naphthaline, napthalene, nathan lane, navy bean, nazarene, nectarine, nektarine, nemaline, neocene, neogene, neoprene, nervous strain, neuridine, neutercane, nicotene, nicotin, nicotine, nigel green, nigrosin, nitrazine, noble cane, nondecane, nonprotein, nonylene, norbertine, norma-jean, novacain, novocaine, nutriclean, nyctimene, ocain, octalene, octylene, olamine, olive-green, olive green, olivin, olivine, omphacine, oncogene, opalin, opaline, open-chain, open chain, orange-green, ordeal bean, organzine, ornithine, orphaline, osmogene, ostholstein, otocrane, outvillain, overlain, overseen, overstrain, overtrain, overween, oxaline, oxazine, oxiclean, oxidane, oxirane, oyster-green, pachytene, palankeen, palanquin, palsgravine, palustrine, pantethine, paper-train, papyrean, paravane, paris green, parvoline, parylene, pathogene, patrick wayne, payndemain, peachy-keen, pedimane, pelegrine, pellicane, peloquin, pemoline, peneplain, peneplane, perazine, percaline, peregrin, peregrine, periclean, perylene, petitgrain, petrolane, petroline, phenacaine, phenanthrene, phenazine, phenylene, philhellene, philippine, philistine, phillipine, phillippine, philomene, photogene, phrenosin, picotine, pictureplane, picture plane, pinto bean, piperazine, pirouline, plasmagene, plasticene, plasticine, pleiocene, pleistocene, pliocene, poliquin, polverine, polyene, polygene, polytene, pomarine, pontchartrain, pontoon plane, port-of-spain, portal vein, postmundane, potty-train, power train, pramocaine, premundane, preobtain, preordain, preprotein, prilocaine, prolamine, prolintane, promazine, promethean, properdin, proprotein, propylene, protamine, pseudogene, pulicene, pulicine, pulverine, purple-green, putrescene, putting green, pyrazine, pyrophane, pyroxene, pyrrhotine, quadragene, quadruplane, quarantaine, quaranteen, quarantine, quelimane, quiche lorraine, quinicine, quinidine, quinizine, rachel green, railroad train, rattan cane, rattlebrain, rauwolscine, re-explain, reattain, reconvene, rectal vein, reichsmarine, renal vein, reobtain, reordain, retail chain, retinene, retistene, rhigolene, rhizoplane, rhodamine, rhodophane, rhombogene, rhythmeen, ricain, riverain, rna vaccine, rosaleen, rosenstein, rosmarine, rubinstein, runner bean, rutylene, sadequain, safferstein, saffranine, safranine, saint-germain, salad green, sales campaign, salk vaccine, sanidine, sarazin, sassoline, saussurean, savarin, scaloppine, scatter-brain, scatterbrain, schizophrene, schottenstein, sciurine, scopolamine, scopoline, sepaline, sequoiene, seraphin, serophene, serotine, servaline, seventeen, sewer main, shades of green, shadowbane, shalateen, silberstein, silicene, silvermane, silverstein, silver screen, silylene, simazine, simultan, sinamine, single-lane, skibbereen, slot machine, smithereen, smoothing plane, socotrine, sodagreen, soja bean, solanine, solutrean, sopsavine, sorbothane, soricine, soumaintrain, souterrain, souverain, soya bean, spermidine, spinal vein, splenic vein, spodumene, squalamine, squeaky-clean, staurosporine, stearoptene, stelazine, strand-on-the-green, stubroutine, stufflebean, styrolene, st germain, st germaine, subdomain, submachine, submarine, subroutine, subsaline, subterrene, subway train, succedane, sugar-cane, sugarcane, sugar cane, sulfalene, sulfolane, supergene, superstrain, supertrain, supervene, suzerain, synephrine, taborine, take in vain, tamborine, tambourin, tambourine, tamerlane, tanagrine, tangent plane, tangerine, tape machine, tartarine, tartrazine, taxiplane, ted levine, telescreen, temugin, tendergreen, tercellene, terpilene, terpinene, terrapene, terraplane, terreplein, terylene, tetracaine, tetracene, tetrazene, tetrazine, tetrylene, texstyrene, thermodin, thermopane, thiazine, thiophene, thiophthene, thomasine, thomas jane, thorazine, thylacine, thymidine, thyroid vein, tichorrhine, tigerine, tilidine, timaline, timberlane, time machine, toilet-train, tolidine, tolmetin, tolylene, tonka bean, torrentine, tourmaline, toxaphene, traffic lane, trampoline, transferrin, transmarine, transmembrane, transmundane, transpontine, transrhenane, trappistine, trasimene, triazine, tricosane, tricotine, tridecane, trikosane, trilostane, trimecaine, tripoline, triticin, tritylene, trolamine, tryptamine, tryptophane, tubal-cain, turbotrain, turmaline, turtle bean, ultraclean, undecane, underdrain, underlain, understain, underween, unforeseen, urethane, uridine, usain, vacuum-clean, valentin, valvoline, valylene, vandersteen, vanderveen, vaseline, vasoline, vaticine, veloutine, velveteen, velvet bean, ventotene, veratrine, viagene, village green, virogene, vitarine, vogelstein, volksmarine, voltairean, volucrine, vomerine, vortex vein, vulturine, wagon train, wallenstein, wallerstein, warmachine, wasserstein, waterbrain, water main, weathervane, weather vane, wettergreen, whakatane, when first seen, whooping crane, windowpane, windsor green, wintergreen, wintersteen, winterstein, wolverine, wonder bean, xanthophane, xylazine, xylocaine, xylylene, yellow-green, yellow bean, yellow green, zabbaleen, zakopane, zatarain, zegapain, zibelline, zigadene, zygosphene, zygotene, zymogene

4 syllables:
1-bromopropane, 6ix9ine, abietene, acalycine, accipitrine, acenaphthene, acetorphine, acetylene, acriflavine, actinidain, activecampaign, adapalene, adding machine, adelaide kane, adenosine, aerographene, africain, aigue-marine, alanosine, alkylamine, alkylbenzene, allylamine, allylglycine, alpha-pinene, alsace-lorraine, altretamine, amaranthine, americain, americaine, amphetamine, anadyomene, anatabine, angular vein, antemundane, antenicene, anthropocene, anti-vaccine, apocodeine, apoprotein, aposelene, apparel chain, apresoline, aquamarine, argentamine, arketamine, arnold machin, arsphenamine, asparagine, atropatene, azaguanine, azaserine, aziridine, azobenzene, balletomane, baltimorean, bananadine, bathing-machine, bathing machine, beanie feldstein, bedaquiline, bendamustine, benfotiamine, benzanthracene, benzopyrene, benzphetamine, benzydamine, benzylamine, beta-pinene, betahistine, bethanidine, bexarotene, bibliomane, big jim mclain, biomembrane, biphetamine, bonapartean, brimonidine, bromobenzene, bromodomain, bromomethane, bronchial vein, bucinnazine, buprenorphine, butoxamine, butylamine, cabergoline, cahersiveen, cajuputene, calcipotriene, capital gain, carbamidine, carbylamine, cardinal vein, cariprazine, carpenter's plane, cassandra cain, castle in spain, catecholamine, cerebral vein, cervical vein, chemical chain, chlorobenzene, chloroethane, chloroethene, chloromethane, chlorphenamine, chlorpromazine, cholesterine, chromoprotein, chrysaniline, chymopapain, cimetidine, cinchonidine, cinnabarine, circular plane, clavioline, cobalamine, cocaethylene, comethazine, common dogbane, commuter train, compound protein, computer screen, contemporain, convertaplane, convertiplane, convexo-plane, covid 19, cross of lorraine, crotonylene, cyanazine, cyclazocine, cyclobutane, cyclopamine, cyclopentane, cyclopropane, cyclopropene, cycloserine, cyclosporine, cysteamine, cytomembrane, dacarbazine, damian wayne, debrisoquin, decapition, decitabine, deferoxamine, delawarean, deniliquin, deserpidine, diablotin, diamylene, didanosine, diffusing screen, digital vein, dimethocaine, diminazene, diophantine, dobutamine, doxylamine, drotaverine, dual-touchscreen, eddie redmayne, edible bean, eflornithine, egyptian bean, eikosylene, elaeoptene, elaoptene, elecampane, electrelane, electric main, eleoptene, elephantine, eleventeen, enclomifene, engineer's chain, enkephaline, epictetain, epinephrine, ergocornine, ergotamine, erika jayne, esketamine, esthiomene, estramustine, ethionine, ethylamine, ethylbenzene, etilefrine, euryhaline, evander kane, exemestane, extramundane, femoral vein, fetal membrane, fetoprotein, financial gain, firefly lane, flavaniline, flavoprotein, florida bean, floxuridine, fludarabine, fluorescamine, fluoromethane, fluphenazine, fluspirilene, fluvoxamine, foetoprotein, foreordain, franking machine, fructosamine, galantamine, gemcitabine, gentamicin, genus glycine, genus selene, geomembrane, giant stock bean, glucoprotein, glucosamine, glycoprotein, glyoxaline, habsburg-lorraine, haemoprotein, haloalkane, halomethane, hamletmachine, harmonic mean, harry kane, harshvardhan rane, helleborein, hemiprotein, hemoprotein, hepatic vein, heptadecane, heterogene, hexacosane, hexadecane, hexetidine, hexosamine, higenamine, homocysteine, hospital train, hyacinthine, hyacinth bean, hyalophane, hydralazine, hydrobiplane, hyoscyamine, hypoxanthine, ian mcshane, igasurine, incarnadine, indian bean, indigotine, inframundane, input routine, intermundane, internecine, intramundane, iridoline, isobutene, isochimene, isohaline, isopentane, isotamine, jayawardene, jeffrey epstein, jennifer lien, jessica raine, john carradine, jonathan cain, jostedalsbreen, jugular vein, kevin van veen, knitting machine, knowledge domain, labyrinthine, lactoprotein, left gastric vein, legerdemain, leucaniline, longifolene, lucinda green, m.u.g.e.n, magentalane, malacca cane, malamethane, mandelamine, mangiapane, manila bean, marty grabstein, mauvaniline, mebeverine, mechlorethamine, meconidine, melaniline, mental hygiene, mepivacaine, merchant marine, mesalamine, mesitylene, metacrolein, metallocene, metanephrine, metaprotein, metaxylene, metergoline, methenamine, methylamine, methylbenzene, methylxanthine, michael mckean, micromachine, milking machine, milling machine, miltefosine, mincing machine, mineral vein, mobile canteen, monoamine, mucoprotein, mucous membrane, mujahadeen, mujahedeen, mujahedin, mujahideen, multidomain, multimachine, multivoltine, musculamine, museumplein, mycoprotein, nanomachine, naphthylamine, nautical chain, naval campaign, nematogene, neopentane, newsmagazine, nicergoline, nigericin, nigraniline, nitraniline, nitromethane, nitrosamine, nitrosomine, nizatidine, nonadecane, norleucine, nornicotine, novocain, nymphetamine, ocean's thirteen, octocrylene, octonaphthene, octopamine, oleoptene, oleuropein, oleylamine, oligocene, oligogene, oncoprotein, ophthalmic vein, opianine, orbital plane, orthoxylene, oultrejordain, output routine, oxamethane, oxamidine, oxybenzene, oxycymene, p-glycoprotein, palaeocene, palaeogene, palatine vein, paleocene, paleogene, paracasein, paranthracene, paraprotein, paraselene, paraxanthine, paraxylene, paroxetine, passenger train, paving machine, pectoral vein, pentadecane, pentamidine, pentazocine, perhexiline, periselene, perphenazine, phalangistine, phenazocine, phenetidine, phenmetrazine, phentolamine, phenylamine, phenylephrine, phosphoprotein, phosphoserine, pinball machine, piperocaine, piperylene, plasma membrane, poloxalene, polyethene, polylysine, polyprotein, polystyrene, postpliocene, potato bean, powerdomain, prekallikrein, prenylamine, printing machine, procarbazine, prochlorperazine, projection screen, promethazine, propeller plane, propoxyphene, pseudo-cumene, pseudocumene, pseudomembrane, public-domain, public domain, pulp magazine, pyrilamine, pyrimidine, quadrivoltine, quinoidine, quinoxaline, ractopamine, radial vein, rangiferine, ranolazine, reredemain, restaurant chain, rhadamanthine, rhaponticine, right gastric vein, rimantadine, robenidine, romain grosjean, rosaniline, sabin vaccine, saint augustine, sapphirine, sawing machine, schleswig-holstein, scleroprotein, scolopacine, selegiline, senate campaign, service routine, sewing machine, shadowmachine, silvery-green, silver protein, simple machine, simple protein, sinapoline, sisomicin, slick magazine, solanicine, solanidine, spinning machine, spreading dogbane, stenohaline, studio deen, subapennine, sulbutiamine, sulforaphane, sulfurophane, supermarine, supermundane, supervillain, supramundane, tagliacotain, tazarotene, telex machine, temporal vein, terebinthine, terfenadine, tetradecane, tetrakosane, textile machine, theobromine, the argentine, thiethylperazine, things heard & seen, thioguanine, thionaphthene, thiotolene, thoracic vein, thyroprotein, tiletamine, tizanidine, toluylene, toremifene, tracheal vein, tracing routine, trichothecene, trifluridine, trimethylene, triune brain, tromethamine, tropacocaine, tympanic vein, tyrocidine, uday hussein, ultramontane, ultramundane, univoltine, uterine vein, valbenazine, valeridine, valeritrine, valerylene, vanilla bean, vending machine, vertebral vein, viloxazine, vinpocetine, vinylbenzene, visceral brain, vitellogene, voting machine, washing machine, wayback machine, weighing machine, woodworking plane, x-ray machine, xanthoprotein, xanthoxylene, xerox machine, yellowish green, yellow henbane, yngwie malmsteen, zalcitabine

5 syllables:
10 cloverfield lane, 2-methylpentane, 8-oxoguanine, acepromazine, acetylcysteine, actinomycine, active matrix screen, addressing machine, agomelatine, alexander payne, allithiamine, alpine golden chain, american plane, aminoalkane, aminobenzene, aminobutene, aminomethane, anileridine, anthony bourdain, anti-oncogene, anti-submarine, antileukotriene, antioncogene, antisubmarine, aristolochine, arithmetic mean, asparagus bean, attack submarine, audiomachine, azacitidine, azoxymethane, b.a.t.m.a.n., benzylpiperazine, beta-alanine, beta-carotene, betacarotene, brian austin green, brigette lundy-paine, c.l.e.a.n., cannabichromene, capillary vein, capital of maine, capital of spain, cardiolipin, carpatho-ukraine, caryophyllene, cephaloridine, charles ii of spain, chinese evergreen, chloroethylene, chryselephantine, combination plane, common facial vein, count of st. germain, cyclohexatriene, cycloleucine, cyclopentadiene, dandelion green, dave mustaine, deep cervical vein, deep temporal vein, dexamphetamine, dexmedetomidine, dhul-suwayqatayn, diazoalkane, diazomethane, dichlorobenzene, dichloroethane, dichloromethane, dicycloverine, diethanolamine, diethylamine, difluoroethane, difluoromethane, dihydralazine, dihydrocodeine, diiodomethane, dimethoxyethane, dimethoxymethane, dimethylamine, dimethylbenzene, dimethylglycine, dinitrobenzene, diphenylamine, dishwashing machine, divinylbenzene, dodecylbenzene, egyptian henbane, eluxadoline, eminent domain, emissary vein, emtricitabine, english runner bean, epibatidine, ethanolamine, ethmovomerine, ethoxyethane, european bean, fexofenadine, finite-state machine, fluvio-marine, fluviomarine, frances bean cobain, frankfurt on the main, galactosamine, gamma-carotene, geometric mean, glycocyamine, great cerebral vein, hawker hurricane, heteroarene, hexachloraphene, hexachlorethane, hexachlorophane, hexachlorophene, hexamethylene, homeodomain, hubie halloween, hydro-aeroplane, hydroxybenzene, hydroxylamine, idoxuridine, ille-et-vilaine, indian cuisine, indoaniline, indoleamine, infernal machine, infinity train, innominate vein, interlacustrine, iodomethane, iodoprotein, isobutylene, isoleucine, isometheptene, isonicotine, isonipecaine, isoprinosine, japanese cuisine, jessica springsteen, l-methamphetamine, labyrinthine vein, laryngeal vein, lecithoprotein, levomepromazine, library routine, lipofectamine, lithograph machine, logan marshall-green, marjorie taylor greene, mary magdalene, mecamylamine, mephistophelean, mercaptopurine, mesenteric vein, mesoridazine, metacarpal vein, metalloprotein, methapyrilene, methoxetamine, methoxpropamine, methoxybenzene, methoxyethane, methylcholanthrene, methylnaphthalene, middle thyroid vein, mild silver protein, minisubmarine, molenbeek-saint-jean, n-butylamine, narco-submarine, neo-synephrine, neoarsphenamine, nicotianine, nitroguanidine, norepinephrine, normetanephrine, nouvelle-aquitaine, nucleoprotein, occipital vein, oradour-sur-glane, oriental plane, ovarian vein, oxamethylane, oxidopamine, oxotremorine, oxymethylene, pacific sardine, pancreatic vein, paranaphthalene, penetanguishene, penicillamine, pentamethylene, perchlorethylene, perchloromethane, perfluorobutane, petersburg campaign, phendimetrazine, phenethylamine, pheno-safranine, phenothiazine, phenylalanine, phenylethylene, phenylhydrazine, phenylpiperazine, phosphocreatine, plio-pleistocene, poinsettia strain, polyaniline, polybutadiene, polybutylene, polychloroprene, polyethylene, polyisoprene, polymethylene, polypropylene, polythiophene, polyurethane, powder magazine, proto-oncogene, protooncogene, pulmonary vein, pyribenzamine, pyridoxamine, pyrimethamine, recording machine, riveting machine, sayn-wittgenstein-sayn, scarlet runner bean, selenocysteine, selenoprotein, semi-evergreen, semievergreen, singin' in the rain, something in the rain, stapling machine, styrene-butadiene, sulfadiazine, sulfadimidine, sulfaguanidine, sulfamerazine, sulfamethazine, sulfamezathine, sulphadiazine, sulphadimidine, teletype machine, testicular vein, tetrabenazine, tetramethylene, thioridazine, thiosinamine, thiotimoline, top-level domain, trichlorethylene, trichloroethane, trichloromethane, tridecatylene, triethylamine, triethylborane, trifluoperazine, trifluoromethane, trihalomethane, trimetazidine, trimethylamine, trimethylglycine, trimethylxanthine, trinitrobenzene, tripelennamine, triphenylmethane, triphenylphosphine, tubocurarine, twin-propeller-plane, tympanic membrane, typesetting machine, umbilical vein, vaison-la-romaine, violaniline, von neumann machine, wanimagazine, whispering campaign, wilderness campaign

6 syllables:
accompanying vein, acycloguanosine, advertising campaign, al-anon/alateen, alpha-fetoprotein, alpha-lipoprotein, alphafetoprotein, apolipoprotein, astute-class submarine, azidothymidine, beta-lipoprotein, bromochloromethane, calculating machine, capital of bahrain, chlorofluoromethane, coelenterazine, common cardinal vein, conjugated protein, covid-19 vaccine, cyanoethylene, cyclohexylamine, deoxyguanosine, deoxythymidine, deoxyuridine, dextroamphetamine, dextropropoxyphene, dialysis machine, diathermy machine, dibenzothiazine, dicyclopentadiene, diethylaniline, diethyltryptamine, dihydroergotamine, diketopiperazine, dimethylaniline, dimethylhydrazine, dimethyltryptamine, diphenylhexatriene, dipropyltryptamine, embryonic membrane, ethylenediamine, etilamfetamine, executive routine, external nasal vein, facsimile machine, florence and the machine, guadalcanal campaign, hepatic portal vein, hexachlorobenzene, hexachloroethane, hydroxytryptamine, isoalloxazine, kentucky wonder bean, levoamphetamine, lisdexamfetamine, mariya lasitskene, metallothionein, methylhexaneamine, mexican jumping bean, middle cerebral vein, middle temporal vein, military campaign, mimeograph machine, n-acetylcysteine, nitrochloromethane, north african campaign, octaazacubane, octanitrocubane, okinawa campaign, oxyacetylene, oxyphencyclimine, p-phenylenediamine, pararosaniline, pellitory-of-spain, perchloroethylene, phenoxybenzamine, phenylenediamine, phenylethylamine, phenyltoloxamine, phosphatidylserine, political campaign, political machine, polyacetylene, polychlorocamphene, polyisobutene, rage against the machine, reinaldo marcus green, reusable routine, rocky mountain dogbane, seawolf-class submarine, sonequa martin-green, sulfaquinoxaline, support-vector machine, tetrachlorethylene, tetrachloroethane, tetrachloroethene, tetrachloromethane, tetramethylsilane, the edge of seventeen, tri-iodomethane, trichloroethylene, triethanolamine, triiodomethane, trisaminomethane, tuaminoheptane, typhoon-class submarine, utility routine, vinylacetylene, viral vector vaccine, yasen-class submarine

7 syllables:
3-fluorophenmetrazine, acetylglucosamine, alpha-methyltryptamine, aminoazobenzene, anterior facial vein, bromotrifluoromethane, capital of the ukraine, chlorodifluoromethane, cyanoacetylene, cyanocobalamine, decahydronaphthalene, deep middle cerebral vein, dehydronorketamine, deoxyadenosine, dibromochloropropane, dideoxyinosine, diethylcarbamazine, diethylenetriamine, diethylnitrosamine, dimethylnitrosamine, dinitrochlorobenzene, dinitrofluorobenzene, electrostatic machine, external jugular vein, flavigny-sur-ozerain, gamma-l-glutamyl-l-cysteine, harkat-ul-mujahideen, hydroxyamphetamine, inferior thyroid vein, internal cerebral vein, internal jugular vein, isorenieratene, levomethamphetamine, list of cities in ukraine, methylsulfonylmethane, minneapolis-moline, monoethanolamine, monomethylhydrazine, n-formylmethionine, ohio-class submarine, p-aminoazobenzene, para-dichlorobenzene, paradichlorobenzene, phenyl-2-nitropropene, phenylpropanolamine, polyisobutylene, polyoxymethylene, posterior facial vein, regression toward the mean, ribonucleoprotein, selenomethionine, serial experiments lain, suicide of kurt cobain, sulfachlorpyridazine, superior thyroid vein, supervisory routine, tetrachloroethylene, tetrafluoroethylene, tetrahydrothiophene, thiodiphenylamine, trichlorofluoromethane, virginia-class submarine

8 syllables:
2-fluoromethamphetamine, 4-fluoroamphetamine, accessory vertebral vein, al pacino on stage and screen, anterior cardinal vein, anterior cerebral vein, anterior jugular vein, anterior vertebral vein, arylcyclohexylamine, aspirin/paracetamol/caffeine, automated teller machine, automatic teller machine, bromodeoxyuridine, columbia-class submarine, country code top-level domain, dichlorodifluoromethane, dicyanoacetylene, dimethyldichlorosilane, dimethylethanolamine, hexamethylenediamine, inferior cerebral vein, inferior ophthalmic vein, inform-educate-entertain, internal auditory vein, isopropylbenzylamine, janssen covid-19 vaccine, lidocaine/prilocaine, los angeles-class submarine, mean deviation from the mean, n-acetylglucosamine, n-methylphenethylamine, n6-methyladenosine, posterior cardinal vein, pyridoxine/doxylamine, shortwave diathermy machine, sulfamethoxydiazine, superficial temporal vein, superior cerebral vein, superior ophthalmic vein, triethylenemelamine

9 syllables:
2-fluorodeschloroketamine, 4-fluoromethamphetamine, auxiliary research submarine, bromochlorodifluoromethane, diazooxonorleucine, dihydroxyphenylalanine, execution of saddam hussein, fleet ballistic missile submarine, ghum hai kisikey pyaar meiin, inferior pulmonary vein, meta-chlorophenylpiperazine, microwave diathermy machine, moderna covid-19 vaccine, monochlorodifluoromethane, n-nitrosodimethylamine, novavax covid-19 vaccine, para-methoxyamphetamine, phosphatidylethanolamine, polytetrafluoroethylene, sputnik v covid-19 vaccine, superior pulmonary vein

10 syllables:
8-oxo-2'-deoxyguanosine, beta-methylamino-l-alanine, deoxyribonucleoprotein, dimethylaminopropylamine, p-dimethylaminoazobenzene, superficial middle cerebral vein, tetraacetylethylenediamine, tetramethylethylenediamine, valentina allegra de fontaine

11 syllables:
5-ethynyl-2'-deoxyuridine, methylenedioxymethamphetamine

12 syllables:

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