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Words that rhyme with machines:   (397 results)

1 syllable:
bean's, beans, biens, brenes, brienz, cheane's, chines, cines, cleans, dean's, deanes, deans, deens, deines, denes, eanes, gene's, genes, gleans, green's, greene's, greens, greens', henes, jean's, jeanes, jeans, kean's, keens, leans, leins, lenes, liens, lienz, means, means', menes, miens, nenes, peans, peens, peins, penes, preens, queans, queen's, queens, saenz, scenes, screens, seans, sheen's, sheens, skeens, skenes, spleens, steens, stiens, teens, tiens, tweens, viens, weans, weens, weins, wiens, yeans

2 syllables:
a-teens, achenes, aeschines, alkenes, amines, appleans, arenes, arlene's, athenes, atliens, azines, beelines, bereans, bernstein's, betweens, bogbeans, buckbeans, burdine's, burdines, bylines, calgene's, camoens, canteens, cardines, careens, caseins, christine's, citrines, cleisthenes, colleens, comines, commines, convenes, cortines, cosines, cremeens, cuisines, d'alene's, dasheens, demeans, dextrines, dickstein's, e-zines, eighteen's, eighteens, engines', ermines, estrenes, eumenes, fanzines, feinstein's, feldstein's, fifteens, filene's, flamines, fluorenes, fourteens, francine's, francines, gamines, goldstein's, gradines, hellenes, indenes, irene's, kathleen's, lamine's, lateens, latrines, levine's, longines, lorean's, lupines, machine's, machines', marine's, marines, marines', martines, mclean's, mcmeans, mulleins, murines, nankeens, netbeans, nineteens, orpines, patines, pennines, phosphenes, pre-teens, preteens, protein's, proteins, pteridines, purines, rabin's, rathmines, ravines, refenes, repines, routines, sabine's, sabines, salines, saltines, sardines, sateens, silkscreens, sixteen's, sixteens, slovenes, smokescreens, sosthenes, soybeans, springsteen's, squireens, stilbenes, styrenes, sunscreens, tajines, telchines, thirteen's, thirteens, tontines, totsiens, trephines, tureens, undines, unseens, usines, vaccine's, vaccines, vitrines, walgreens, weinstein's, windscreens, xylenes

3 syllables:
achaemenes, achimenes, acridines, alcamenes, alkadienes, allogenes, almandines, androstenes, anthracenes, antisthenes, apennines, arameans, argentines, asphaltenes, assideans, atlanteans, augustines, azulenes, balanchine's, behind-the-scenes, belizeans, benzidines, bridgettines, brigantines, butadienes, caesareans, calcimines, calixtines, callisthenes, carotenes, celestines, cleomenes, constantines, contravenes, crinolines, culicines, damascenes, demosthenes, dessalines, diamines, duberstein's, ecardines, effizienz, emachines, eritreans, ethylenes, evergreens, figurines, finkelstein's, florentines, fluoresceins, foramines, frankenstein's, fullerenes, gabardines, gaberdines, gadarenes, gargareans, gasolines, gergesenes, ghibellines, go-betweens, grenadines, guanidines, guillotines, halloweens, hammerstein's, hanselines, hermogenes, hippomenes, histamines, histidines, intervenes, isolines, jellybeans, josephine's, langoustines, leukotrienes, levantines, libertines, limousines, listerines, magazine's, magazines, magazines', magdalens, mamertines, mangosteens, mascarenes, megasthenes, mezzanines, microgreens, mondegreens, muscadines, naphthacenes, naphthalenes, nazarenes, nectarines, nemerteans, nicotine's, olivines, opalines, origenes, passerines, peregrines, phenanthrenes, phenazines, philippines, philippines', philistines, phillipines, picolines, polygenes, prolamines, prometheans, protogenes, pyrazines, pyridines, quarantines, reconvenes, replevines, s.e.n.s., secundines, seventeens, smithereens, sosigenes, submarine's, submarines, subroutines, supervenes, tambourines, tangerines, telmarines, teredines, testudines, theatines, theramenes, thiazines, tourmalines, trampolines, travertines, triazines, tryptamines, velveteens, vertigines, vitarine's, wintergreens, wolverine's, wolverines

4 syllables:
acetylenes, alcaligenes, amphetamines, anaximenes, androstadienes, aquamarines, aristomenes, baltimoreans, benzylamines, catecholamines, chlorobenzenes, delawareans, eratosthenes, glucosamines, hypoxanthines, incarnadines, mangaloreans, methylxanthines, monoamines, nanomachines, newsmagazines, nitrosamines, nitrosomines, pantestudines, paramarines, pyrimidines, testicardines, toluidines, ultramarines

5 syllables:
afro-argentines, ethanolamines, galactosamines, hydroxylamines, methamphetamines, phenethylamines, phenothiazines, polyethylenes, polyisoprenes, polymethylenes, proto-oncogenes

6 syllables:
cyclohexylamines, dihydroxybenzenes, oleomargarines

Words that almost rhyme :   (12 results)

1 syllable:
dreams, streams, seams, teams, beams, schemes, screams, seems, team's, themes

2 syllables:
extremes, regimes

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