Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

aris, cease, cece, cleese, dease, elise, fleece, gees, geese, giese, haese, kiess, kneece, kniess, lace, las, lass, leach, leaf, leafs, league, leah, leak, leake, leaks, leal, lean, leap, leaps, leas, leased, leaser, leash, leask, least, leath, leath's, leave, lecy, lee's, leeb, leech, leed, leek, leeks, leen, leep, lees, leeser, leet, leetch, leete, leeth, lege, leib, leick, leif, lein, leisey, leiss, leisy, leitch, leite, leith, leitz, lene, leo, lepe, les, lesa, less, leve, li's, lia, lice, lieb, liebe, lief, liege, liem, lien, liesch, liese, lieser, lietz, lis, lisa, lisi, liss, lohse, loose, los, loss, louse, loyce, luce, luis, maese, meece, meese, meise, miesse, neace, neece, neice, neiss, niece, niess, peace, piece, rease, reece, reese, reise, riess, schiess, seis, siess, tese, weise, wiess, leece, leese, leise, -lith, leaf, leas, leash, leath, leave, lee's, leece, lees, leese, leeth, leif, leise, leith, lethe, leve, li's, lief, liesch, liese, liess, lieve, liff, liffe, lis, lish, liss, lisse, liv, live, liz, reais, reas, rease, reave, reece, reef, rees, reese, reeve, reif, reiff, reis, reise, reith, reive, rheas, rhys, rief, riese, riesh, riess, riff, riffe, riise, risch, rish, riss, risse, riz, rys, wreath

See lease used in context: 80 rhymes, 9 Shakespeare works, several books and articles.

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