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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

'course, boers, bores, bors, call's, calls, car's, care's, cares, carr's, cars, cars', chord, chords, chores, clore's, coar, coarse, cohr, coors, cor, cord, cordes, cords, core, cork, corl, corn, corne, corns, corp, corp., corps, corr, corse, cort, corte, course, court, ct, door's, doors, four's, fours, gore's, gores, hors, kahr's, kahrs, kaus, kehres, kohr, kong's, koors, korb, korf, korff, korn, korns, kort, korte, korth, mor's, morze, oars, ores, pores, pours, roars, roehrs, rohrs, schorr's, scores, shore's, shores, soars, sores, war's, wars, wars', whores, zorz, cohrs, cores, corps'

cora, cora's, corey, corrao, corrie, corrow, corry, cory, corzo, coury, kaori, kora, korey, korry, korry's, kory

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