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Words and phrases that rhyme with kidnap:   (436 results)

1 syllable:
app, bglap, cap, capp, cappe, chap, chapp, chappe, clap, clapp, crap, cw qapp, dapp, flap, frap, frapp, frappe, g-rap, gap, gapp, giap, grappe, hap, happ, happe, kapp, kappe, klapp, klappe, knapp, knappe, krapp, lap, lappe, map, mapp, mappe, nap, napp, nappe, nsdap, p-trap, pap, papp, pappe, phrap, rap, rapp, rappe, sap, sapp, schapp, schappe, schlapp, schnapp, scrap, shap, shapp, shrap, slap, slapp, snap, snapp, stapp, strap, strapp, tap, tapp, tappe, thrap, trap, trapp, trappe, wrap, yap, yapp, zap, zapp

2 syllables:
aacap, adcap, aercap, affrap, ancap, arcmap, asap, ascap, aslap, astap, atrap, attap, attrap, attrappe, baaskap, baasskap, backslap, backstrap, backwrap, bandgap, barcap, beartrap, beclap, belnap, betrap, bewrap, bit-map, bitch-slap, bitmap, blackcap, blackstrap, bluecap, bootstrap, bullcrap, burlap, c-cap, caltrap, canap, cantrap, catnap, chinstrap, chin strap, choke-strap, claptrap, click-wrap, clickwrap, climap, cloth-cap, cloth cap, cohmap, cold snap, comnap, conap, corcap, cscap, deathtrap, death cap, decap, dewlap, dirtnap, dognap, dolap, doolap, dovap, draintrap, dropcap, dulap, earcap, earflap, earlap, echappe, encap, entrap, enwrap, etappe, eyeflap, flat-cap, flat cap, flip-flap, flytrap, fodmap, fool's cap, foolscap, forwrap, gelcap, genappe, gift-wrap, giftwrap, gift wrap, glooscap, goldfrapp, golf cap, gukbap, handclap, heightmap, hicap, holap, hoodcap, housewrap, hubcap, huffcap, hwangap, icecap, intap, intrap, inwrap, irlap, ismap, itk-snap, janap, jockstrap, ketchapp, keycap, kitsap, knee-cap, kneecap, kylchap, lagnappe, laplap, large-cap, lens cap, libpcap, lightcap, lightmap, livetrap, lovemap, madcap, man-trap, mantrap, mbappe, mcmap, medcap, mencap, micap, mid-cap, midcap, milap, milk-cap, milkcap, millsap, milsap, mipmap, mishap, mob-cap, mobcap, mocap, molap, moontrap, mousetrap, ms-chap, mudcap, mudflap, nachtkrapp, nadcap, nearmap, neshap, nicap, night-cap, nightcap, nocap, nofap, nordkapp, pacap, pace lap, peaked cap, pixmap, podsnap, pop-rap, pop-trap, potap, pregap, priestcap, rat-trap, rattrap, realcap, recap, redcap, redmap, remap, rescap, rewrap, rip-rap, riprap, roadcap, roadmap, rocap, rolap, rootcap, root cap, sand trap, satrap, scott stapp, screencap, scullcap, secap, setapp, shiplap, shrink-wrap, shrinkwrap, sinap, sitemap, sketch map, ski cap, skull-cap, skullcap, skycap, small-cap, smallcap, small cap, snip-snap, snipsnap, snowcap, soundtrap, spamtrap, spark gap, specmap, speed trap, steel-trap, steel trap, stop-gap, stopgap, suntrap, t-strap, tap-tap, tarnkappe, tefap, tencap, tent flap, thewrap, toecap, toxmap, trade gap, tube map, tun/tap, uncap, unhap, unsnap, unstrap, unwrap, varicap, vicap, vishap, waldrapp, watchstrap, watch cap, wentletrap, westcap, whatsapp, whitecap, wind gap, wolap, wordwrap, yonhap

3 syllables:
after-clap, afterclap, alu-cap, automap, baseball cap, bathing cap, bersiap, bishop's cap, blasting cap, bokkeum-bap, booby-trap, boobytrap, booby trap, bottlecap, brandysnap, bubble wrap, contour map, cornercap, cradle cap, dimetapp, ettercap, firetrap, gametap, genapap, gingersnap, guttatrap, handicap, honeytrap, ianap, inky cap, interlap, iron trap, isomap, jockey cap, lagniappe, landing flap, mau5trap, micro-cap, microcap, mini-map, mobile app, multimap, multitap, niacap, noah schnapp, nukemap, overlap, photomap, plastic wrap, pocket flap, rastacap, rattletrap, rawoop-snap, relief map, sailor cap, saran wrap, semarnap, service cap, shoulder strap, shower cap, shufflecap, slip-slop-slap, solar trap, sparadrap, spinal tap, stocking cap, superzap, swimming cap, take a crap, thinking cap, thunder-clap, thunderclap, underlap, unicap, unisap, vibraslap, water gap, water tap, waxycap, weather map, widegap, wiretap, wishing cap, wrestlecrap, yachting cap

4 syllables:
cervical cap, cumberland gap, garrison cap, ginnungagap, hukbalahap, imagemap, liberty cap, openstreetmap, overseas cap, percussion cap, santhosh prathap, semordnilap, toboggan cap

5 syllables:
corona-warn-app, distributor cap, maria von trapp, novochlorocap, openweathermap, radiator cap

7 syllables:
nba salary cap

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Adjectives for kidnap: own, first, possible, successful, spectacular, political, illegal, fake, actual, detailed

— People also search for: abduct, assassinate, murdered, blackmail, extort, carjack, raping, behead, slaying, molest, sodomise, more...

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