Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

brys, chrisp, chrissie, chrissy, crace, crass, crear, crease, creer, cress, crib, cribb, crick, crill, crim, crimm, crip, cripps, crips, crisci, crisp, crissey, crist, critz, cros, cross, crosse, crouse, cruce, kis, kiss, kras, krass, kraus, krause, krauss, krausse, kreiss, kress, kresse, krick, krill, krim, kring, krisch, krist, kritz, kriz, kroese, kross, krouse, krus, krych, pris, riss, risse, rys, chris', chriss, cris, criss, kris, kriss, b'rith, bleez, bleise, bleve, blish, bliss, bliss', blyth, bre-z, breas, breathe, breece, brees, breese, breeze, breve, brief, briefe, briese, brish, briss, brith, brys, chris', chriss, chrys, chrys-, cleave, cleese, cleeve, cleve, clif, cliff, cliffe, creaf, crease, creaze, crees, creese, crieff, cris, crish, criss, crith, dlive, drees, dreese, dreis, driesch, driev, drish, driss, druif, gleave, glees, gleys, gliff, glish, gliss, glyph, glyphe, graef, graefe, graeff, grease, greave, grece, greece, grees, greeve, greeze, grefe, greif, greiff, greis, greith, greiz, grese, greve, grief, griese, griess, grieve, griff, griffe, grith, griz, klee's, kleef, klees, kleve, klish, kreis, kriese, kris, krisch, kriss, kriz, krrish, pleas, please, plese, pliss, plisse, preace, preas, prease, prece, preece, preef, prees, preis, prese, preve, prief, priess, prieve, pris, priss, treas, trease, trece, treece, trees, treese, treesh, treif, trish, triss

Book See chris used in context: 48 rhymes, several books and articles.

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