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Similar-sounding words in the dictionary:

benak, benecke, beneke, benet, bennett, ben hit, ben hut, ben it, ben up, bernabe, bernat, bum it, bum up, bung up, burma it, burn-up, burnap, burnup, burn it, burn up, came up, cane it, canid, chemic, come it, come up, cum up, curnutt, curnutte, den hut, den it, den up, dermot, dermott, done hit, done it, done up, dumb hick, dumb it, dumb mick, dumb mutt, dumb up, dunnock, dun it, durn it, gain it, gum it, gum up, gun hit, gun it, gun nut, gun up, kainit, kennett, ken it, ken up, painted, pain hit, pain it, pennate, pennock, penock, pen it, pen nib, pen up, permut, tenet, ten hit, ten it, ten up, term it, ton it, ton up, turn-up, turnip, turnup, turn hit, turn it, turn up

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