Words and phrases that rhyme with berry:   (715 results)

2 syllables:
aeri-, aerie, airear, airee, airey, airy, arie, ary, barey, barie, barre, barrie, barry, barye, berrey, berri, berrie, buerry, bury, carey, care he, carie, carrey, carrie, carry, cary, cerri, cerrie, chair he, cheri, cherie, cherri, cherrie, cherry, chery, clary, cleri, dairi, dairy, darry, derry, dery, ere he, eyrie, faerie, faery, fairey, fairie, fairy, ferae, ferie, ferri, ferri-, ferrie, ferry, fery, frary, garry, gary, gehry, gerri, gerrie, gerry, gery, glairy, glary, hairy, harry, herry, jarry, jere, jeri, jerri, jerrie, jerry, kairey, karee, karey, kari, karrie, karry, kary, kerrey, kerri, kerrie, kerry, knarry, lairy, larry, lary, lehri, mairi, mairie, marae, marry, mary, merri, merrie, merry, mhairi, nary, neri, paree, parry, perrie, perry, pherae, prairie, prarie, querry, sarie, scarey, scary, serri, serry, serye, sharie, sheri, sherie, sherri, sherrie, sherry, skerry, snary, spary, sperry, stary, sterry, tairi, tarry, teri, terrae, terri, terrie, terry, there he, vairy, varie, vary, verri, verry, very, wary, warye, werrey, werry, wery, where he, wherry, xquery, yeiri

3 syllables:
adere, akureyri, alarie, alteri, amaury, ameri, annmarie, aperi, ariary, arteri, asare, asbury, assary, auberry, auxerre, avary, avere, averi, azeri, a very, bacteri, bad fairy, bagheri, banbury, barberi, bing cherry, bird cherry, blackberry, black cherry, blueberry, boveri, bradberry, bradbury, breweri, brimberry, buccheri, cabeiri, cadbury, calare, calcaire, calcare, canary, carberry, cecere, cercariae, cerveteri, conferree, contrarry, contrary, cranberry, curreri, daguerre, delleri, denary, dewberry, dismarry, dogberry, doonesbury, dubarry, eleri, elsberry, elsbury, embury, facere, ferreri, firmare, gadberry, galere, galleri, gasperi, glengarry, goldsberry, gooseberry, granberry, grandberry, ground cherry, guarneri, hackberry, hail mary, hanberry, hanbury, hansberry, heart cherry, histeri, humeri, inmarry, kabeiri, kaveri, kayseri, kilbury, kingsbury, lactaire, laguerre, lansberry, laprairie, lasserre, lateri, liberi, librairie, library, lineberry, macquarie, macquarrie, macsharry, make merry, marberry, marbury, marksberry, maseri, mauceri, maugeri, mayberry, maybury, mcclary, mccrary, mcgarry, mcgary, mcnairy, mcnary, mcquerry, mcsherry, metairie, mismarry, moceri, mooberry, mulberry, nageoire, nanterre, narrare, nazaire, newberry, newbery, newbury, numeri, o'berry, oberry, omary, oteri, owerri, palmeri, parare, passeri, pecary, picariae, pierie, pillsbury, pin cherry, plumeri, primary, prosperi, pryderi, queensberry, raineri, raneri, raspberry, recarey, remarry, retiary, roseberry, rosemary, roxbury, ruairi, ruggeri, rum cherry, saberi, sancerre, sand cherry, saulsberry, scarberry, scuderi, seaberry, seabury, sedberry, selleri, severi, shikaree, shrewsberry, shrewsbury, silveri, simsbury, soleri, sperare, spiteri, sprayberry, stanberry, stanbury, stansberry, strawberry, st mary, sudberry, sudbury, sunseri, superi, sweet cherry, tacere, teleri, tepary, thornberry, thornbury, throneberry, tiberi, tilbury, tornariae, triarii, tuyere, unary, unbury, unchary, unmarry, unmerry, unwary, uteri, valere, valeri, viary, viguerie, vineri, viteri, volere, westberry, westbury, wild cherry, wild clary, winberry, woodberry, woodbury, yarberry

4 syllables:
abampere, adversary, ancillary, appleberry, arbitrary, arterberry, atterbury, aviary, bacillariae, balistreri, barillari, beach strawberry, beriberi, black mulberry, black raspberry, bladder cherry, bloody mary, bog rosemary, brackenbury, budgetary, burgdorferi, cacciare, camilleri, canterbury, canzoneri, cape gooseberry, capillary, carattere, casselberry, cassowary, castleberry, cautionary, cemetery, centenary, christenberry, christenbury, closed primary, cometary, commentary, commissary, corollary, coronary, culinary, customary, dermopteri, derryberry, dictionary, dietary, dignitary, dispensary, dromedary, dwarf blueberry, dwarf mulberry, dysentery, echeverri, eckelberry, emissary, estuary, faulkenberry, february, formulary, fragmentary, francesmary, frankenberry, fuji cherry, functionary, funerary, guinevere, hockenberry, hockenbury, hog cranberry, honorary, honourary, huckleberry, ikenberry, intervary, january, lapidary, large cranberry, laurel cherry, leatherberry, leatherbury, legendary, literary, locataire, londonderry, low blueberry, luminary, marsh rosemary, meadow clary, mercenary, mickelberry, middlebury, military, missionary, momentary, monastery, monetary, montazeri, montgomerie, mortuary, necessary, norfolk wherry, novenary, ocellary, oliveri, onerary, ordinary, palmieri, palminteri, pervadere, piacere, planetary, proletaire, pulmonary, pusateri, quaternary, ranieri, red mulberry, red raspberry, rhinoceri, rosebud cherry, rosenberry, rotenberry, rupellary, sagittarii, salutary, sanctuary, sand blackberry, sanitary, savagery, sea gooseberry, secondary, secretary, sedentary, seminary, small cranberry, solitary, sour cherry, stationary, stationery, statuary, swamp blackberry, swamp blueberry, swamp dewberry, tagliaferri, temporary, tertiary, tipperary, tom and jerry, topiary, tributary, true blackberry, unguentary, unitary, urinary, veterinary, virgin mary, visionary, waterbury, white mulberry, wild cranberry, wild raspberry, wild rosemary, wild strawberry, winter cherry, wood strawberry

5 syllables:
admaxillary, alighieri, allodiary, apothecary, barbados cherry, bicentenary, bimaxillary, bird sanctuary, black huckleberry, bollettieri, box huckleberry, caponiere, ceylon gooseberry, chief secretary, chinese gooseberry, common bird cherry, common canary, concessionary, confectionary, confectionery, constabulary, contemporary, deflationary, depositary, desk dictionary, direct primary, disciplinary, discretionary, diversionary, downy ground cherry, dwarf cape gooseberry, epistolary, evergreen cherry, exclusionary, expansionary, extraordinary, fiduciary, flowering cherry, fool's huckleberry, garden strawberry, hereditary, home secretary, illusionary, imaginary, indian cherry, inflationary, intercalary, involuntary, irish strawberry, itinerary, jamaican cherry, japanese cherry, judiciaire, judiciary, lending library, mountain cranberry, native cranberry, non-military, nonmilitary, northern dewberry, obituary, octogenary, open primary, paper mulberry, pecuniary, pedicellariae, pituitary, preliminary, probationary, program library, proprietary, public library, purple ground cherry, reactionary, recessionary, running blackberry, scarlet strawberry, school dictionary, southern dewberry, subaxillary, subsidiary, surinam cherry, unnecessary, unsanitary, vocabulary, war secretary, western blackberry, western dewberry, western sand cherry

6 syllables:
assumption of mary, barbados gooseberry, beneficiary, catalina cherry, chilean strawberry, commerce secretary, common bog rosemary, defense secretary, disinflationary, evergreen blueberry, evolutionary, expeditionary, flowering raspberry, frontomaxillary, garden huckleberry, interplanetary, jerusalem cherry, labor secretary, little dictionary, make unnecessary, maraschino cherry, mexican black cherry, navy secretary, non-inflationary, noninflationary, oriental cherry, paramilitary, pocket dictionary, revolutionary, rocky mountains cherry, semilegendary, septomaxillary, social secretary, stylomaxillary, temporomaxillary, undersecretary, virginia strawberry, west indian cherry

7 syllables:
american cranberry, american dewberry, american hackberry, american raspberry, amoebic dysentery, bilingual dictionary, cardiopulmonary, circulating library, collegiate dictionary, cultivated strawberry, energy secretary, envoy extraordinary, european bird cherry, european blueberry, european cranberry, european dewberry, european hackberry, european raspberry, evergreen huckleberry, interdisciplinary, madeira winter cherry, official emissary, oriental bush cherry, palatomaxillary, solemnity of mary, treasury secretary, unabridged dictionary, winter flowering cherry

8 syllables:
agriculture secretary, counterrevolutionary, depository library, education secretary, electronic dictionary, executive secretary, interior secretary, japanese flowering cherry, transportation secretary

9 syllables:
anterior pituitary, apalachicola rosemary, machine readable dictionary, mediterranean hackberry, posterior pituitary

10 syllables:
etymological dictionary

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (207 results)

2 syllables:
any, ari, aries, barely, bari, beary, becky, beery, belly, berried, berries, betty, bleary, blurry, buried, burry, chari, chary, cheery, cherries, chevy, cirri, corrie, cowrie, cowry, curie, currie, curry, dearie, deary, deli, diary, dory, dowry, dreary, eerie, emmy, erie, eury, fairies, fairly, ferries, fleury, floury, flurry, furry, fury, gari, gharry, glory, gory, gurry, heavy, henry, hoary, houri, hurry, jelly, jenny, jewry, jury, karri, kauri, kelly, kyrie, leary, leery, lori, lorry, lory, lowry, many, maori, mari, married, messy, mori, murray, murrey, murry, nelly, ory, penny, peri-, pluri, pluri-, puri, quarry, query, rarely, ready, remy, rory, sari, saury, scurry, semi, shari, slurry, smeary, smelly, sorry, sparry, spiry, spurry, starry, steady, storey, story, surrey, sweaty, teary, teddy, theory, tori, torii, tory, uri, vari, varied, veery, weary, wiry, worry

3 syllables:
acari, already, aweary, bihari, blackberries, blueberries, blue berries, bohr theory, cranberries, enquiry, expiry, filaree, furore, game theory, germ theory, grand jury, group theory, harare, inquiry, john dory, kashmiri, lake erie, miscarry, missouri, muscari, old glory, parure, pylori, raspberries, rebury, safari, satori, savoury, set theory, shikari, short story, sob story, spaghetti, strawberries, succory, tamari, tandoori, towery, venturi, wave theory

4 syllables:
actuary, adversaries, cacciatore, calamari, carbonari, charivari, dhaulagiri, diaspore, hara-kiri, harakiri, harikari, interiority, intermarry, inventory, kalahari, lavaliere, mata hari, montessori, morning glory, overweary, petit jury, petty jury, quantum theory, special jury, uakari, unsavoury, yakitori

5 syllables:
atomic theory, blue ribbon jury, detective story, devanagari, kinetic theory, memento mori, shaggy dog story

6 syllables:
economic theory, information theory

7 syllables:
articulated lorry, probability theory

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