Words and phrases that rhyme with american plane:   (566 results)

1 syllable:
-caine, aine, ane, ayn, bain, baine, bane, bayne, beigne, beinn, blain, blaine, blane, blayne, brain, braine, brane, brein, cain, caine, cane, cayne, chain, chaine, chane, cheyne, crain, craine, crane, crayne, dain, daine, dane, dayne, deign, drain, draine, drane, drein, duan, duane, dwain, dwayne, fain, faine, fainne, fane, fayne, feign, fein, feyne, flain, flaine, frain, fraine, frane, frayn, frayne, frein, freyne, gain, gayne, ghain, glane, grain, graine, grainne, grane, grein, hahne, hain, haine, hane, hayn, hayne, heyn, heyne, jain, jane, jayne, kain, kaine, kane, kaneh, kayne, krain, krane, krein, lain, laine, lane, layne, ln, main, maine, mane, maneh, mayne, meyn, neyne, paign, pain, paine, pane, payne, phane, plain, prane, quain, quoin, rain, raine, rainn, rayne, reign, rein, reine, sain, saine, sane, sdain, sdeign, shain, shaine, shane, shayne, skain, skane, skein, slain, slaine, slane, spain, spane, splain, splaine, sprain, stain, stane, strain, strane, strein, svane, swain, swaine, swayne, sweyn, taine, teyne, thain, thaine, thane, thayne, train, trane, tshwane, twain, uaine, vain, vane, vein, veine, veyne, vrain, wain, wane, wayne, zain, zane

2 syllables:
a-train, abhainn, abstain, again, ahane, ahlen, airplane, ajwain, akane, alain, alaine, alane, alayne, allain, allein, alleyne, almain, almayne, amain, arcane, arraign, artane, asain, attain, atwain, augean, aven, awane, azane, bahrain, baleine, balmain, beauchaine, beauchene, berain, bestain, bi-plane, biplane, birdbrain, biscayne, bloodstain, boudain, brattain, brisbane, buntain, butane, cabane, cacaine, cafeine, campaign, casgrain, catain, certaine, chamfrain, champagne, champaign, champaigne, champain, champlain, chanfrein, charlayne, charmain, charmaine, chastain, chicane, chlordane, cholane, christain, clephane, cobain, cobaine, cocaine, codeine, coffeine, coltrain, complain, constrain, contain, costain, courchaine, culhane, dahrain, decane, decrane, defrain, degrain, delaine, demain, demaine, denain, deplane, deraign, derain, dereyne, deschaine, despain, destain, detain, detrain, devane, devein, dewayne, disdain, disdeign, disjoin, distain, distrain, dizain, dizaine, dogbane, domain, domaine, douzaine, duchaine, dufrane, dumaine, dumbcane, dunblane, duquesne, durain, dushane, duwayne, efrain, elain, elaine, elane, elayne, emane, emplane, enchain, engrain, enplane, espagne, essoin, ethane, explain, eyestrain, fishbaine, floodplain, fontaine, forebrain, fountaine, furane, galane, gallein, germain, germaine, germane, gitane, haleine, helane, henbane, hossain, hossein, huitain, humaine, humane, hussain, hussein, iain, igraine, immane, inane, insane, intein, jermaine, jourdain, jyishane, kahane, l-cysteine, laraine, larraine, lehane, lennane, lesbain, lindane, lithane, lorain, loraine, lorrain, lorraine, louvain, lurdane, lutein, machain, maclaine, maclean, magrane, maintain, mallein, mansplain, martain, matane, mauveine, mcbain, mcbane, mccain, mccane, mcclain, mcclaine, mcclane, mcgrain, mcgrane, mcguane, mckain, mckane, mclain, mclane, mclean, mcquain, mcshane, mcswain, mcwain, membrane, methane, migraine, migrane, misfeign, mistrain, mondain, mondaine, montaigne, montane, morain, moraine, morane, morgane, mullein, mundane, murein, murrain, mustain, narceine, navane, nonsane, o'kane, obtain, okane, orcein, ordain, ossein, outgain, papain, parrain, partain, pentane, pertain, petain, poleyn, pottain, poulaine, powertrain, procaine, prochain, prochein, profane, propane, prophane, punane, quatrain, quintain, quinzaine, refrain, regain, remain, restrain, retain, retrain, ricain, rifain, rogaine, romain, romaine, romane, romeine, ronayne, roseine, roumain, rowaine, ruane, sahelian, samain, samhain, sarbane, sartain, sartrain, seatrain, sejein, seldane, serbaine, serein, silane, sixain, surrein, sustain, sylvain, terrain, terrane, tirane, tolane, tompane, torain, touraine, tremaine, tromethamine, tulane, ukrain, ukraine, unchain, ungain, unsane, unslain, unstrain, untwain, uptain, urbain, urbane, verlaine, vervain, verveine, vilaine, warplane, yeargain, yvain

3 syllables:
accutane, acquitaine, appertain, aquitaine, ascertain, asiain, badelain, bonvillain, cellophane, cestoidean, chamberlayne, charlemagne, cullinane, enflurane, entertain, fluoresceine, g-protein, hurricane, inhumane, interchain, interreign, keohane, kwajalein, lafontaine, lafountain, lafountaine, lamontagne, matabane, mcelvain, mcelvaine, mcelwain, mcelwaine, mcilvain, mcilvaine, mcilwain, messiaen, monoplane, nondecane, otocrane, ouabain, overlain, overtrain, pellicane, petrolane, piperocaine, preordain, quarantaine, reattain, reobtain, rotaxane, submontane, sugarcane, tramontane, transpadane, transrhenane, undecane, urethane, windowpane

4 syllables:
chymopapain, hexacosane, hexeikosane, isopentane, legerdemain, mangiapane, mujahadein, mycoprotein, stilpnomelane, sulfurophane

5 syllables:
hypocarpogean, methoxyflurane, polyurethane

6 syllables:
alphafetoprotein, chlorofluoromethane

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (1 result)

5 syllables:
american fame

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