Words and phrases that rhyme with years:   (387 results)

1 syllable:
.gears, arres, beer's, beers, beers', beerse, beres, beurs, biers, blars, blears, blurs, briers, burres, burrs, cheers, chirrs, chors, churrs, cires, clears, corrs, dears, deere's, deers, durres, ears, ers, fears, fiers, firs, fleers, fleurs, flirs, fnars, fors, frears, freres, friers, furr's, furrs, furs, furze, gear's, gears, geres, grier's, hears, her's, here's, heres, hers, herz, heures, hiers, jeers, jours, jurs, kerze, khmers, khors, kurz, lear's, lears, leers, lurz, meares, mears, meres, mers, merz, mieres, mir's, murres, myrrhs, nears, peers, perz, piers, psers, purrs, queers, rears, scherz, schmerz, schreurs, schurz, schweers, sears, sears', sears's, seers, seres, shear's, shears, sheers, shirrs, shors, siers, slurs, smears, sneers, spears, speers, speirs, spheres, spors, spurs, stears, steers, stirs, sturz, sweers, tears, thiers, thors, three rs, thurs, tiers, tsars, tzars, veers, veres, viers, weir's, weirs, whirrs, whirs, wiers, wirz, wurz, xeres, year's, years', yours

2 syllables:
absturz, adheres, alferes, algiers, ameers, amir's, amirs, amperes, appears, arrears, asnieres, auteurs, baleares, barbiers, bassir's, besmears, careers, cashier's, cashiers, chauffeur's, chauffeurs, claqueurs, cockspurs, coheirs, coheres, coiffeurs, compeers, comperes, concurs, confers, danseurs, debeers, defers, demurs, destriers, deters, discours, diseurs, dog-ears, endears, enspheres, fahlerz, farceurs, foreseers, frondeurs, frontier's, frontiers, frotteurs, gepurs, gottscheers, greenbriers, guinier's, hotspurs, hyeres, incurs, infers, inheres, john peers, jongleurs, kaffirs, kafirs, killdeers, koncerz, lanciers, larkspurs, lightyears, liqueurs, longspurs, longueurs, menhirs, messieurs, mezieres, miears, minquiers, misereres, mishears, moeurs, monsieurs, new year's, occurs, oospheres, osiers, outwears, pamirs, pig's ears, plusieurs, poseurs, prefers, premier's, premieres, premiers, primeurs, proceres, recurs, refers, rentiers, reveres, seigneurs, shakespeare's, shakespeares, shamir's, sightseers, stupefiers, tangiers, tarsiers, transfers, tuyeres, unspheres, uprears, valkyrs, veneers, viziers, wazir's, weltschmerz, wheatears, zaire's, zaires

3 syllables:
accoucheurs, amateurs, auctioneers, balladeers, bandoleers, bandoliers, bathyspheres, belvederes, bioneers, bombardiers, brachypteres, brigadiers, buccaneers, budgeteers, cameleers, cannoneers, carbineers, cavaliers, chanticleers, chevaliers, chocolatiers, colporteurs, comandeers, commandeers, connoisseurs, desrosiers, diapirs, disappears, domineers, eisenerz, engineer's, engineers, engineers', etageres, financiers, fusileers, gadgeteers, gazetteers, gondoliers, grenadiers, halberdiers, headhunterz, helicteres, interferes, in arrears, in both ears, junketeers, loveppears, macropteres, marketeers, megaherz, messeigneurs, microspheres, millefleurs, mittelschmerz, montgolfiers, muleteers, musketeers, mutineers, overhears, pamphleteers, pasticheurs, perseveres, photospheres, pinnotheres, pioneer's, pioneers, pistoleers, planispheres, pleuroderes, pluroderes, presbyters, privateers, profiteers, pruning shears, puppeteers, quinquevirs, rabbitears, rabbit ears, racketeers, rapporteurs, reappears, reoccurs, restauranteurs, restaurateurs, rhizospheres, richard briers, rocketeers, ronald speirs, ruby-spears, saboteurs, scrutineers, sloganeers, sonneteers, souvenirs, stratospheres, summiteers, tears for fears, timnath-heres, to both ears, volunteers, voyageurs, wagoneers, whisperer's, whisperers, xenogears, zelooperz

4 syllables:
amesoeurs, arbitrageurs, boulevardiers, carabineers, carillonneurs, charioteers, conventioneers, electioneers, entrepreneur's, entrepreneurs, francs-tireurs, intrapreneurs, james parnell spears, lammergeiers, litterateurs, magnetospheres, milliamperes, provocateurs

5 syllables:
bioengineers, charleville-mezieres, elegant cat's ears, list of ethnic slurs, music of the spheres, tessarakonteres, wet behind the ears

6 syllables:
march of the volunteers, san antonio spurs, tampa bay buccaneers

Words and phrases that almost rhyme :   (85 results)

1 syllable:
airs, ares, bars, bears, bores, cares, cars, chairs, cores, corps, cures, doors, drawers, fires, hairs, heirs, hires, hours, jars, lares, lars, mares, mars, moors, nares, oars, ours, pairs, pares, pars, pears, pores, sars, scores, shares, shears, shires, sires, sirs, sores, sours, spars, spires, spores, squares, stairs, stars, stores, theirs, tours, wares, wars, wires

2 syllables:
affairs, all fours, azores, downstairs, job's tears, least squares, outdoors, repairs, upstairs, vapours, velours

3 syllables:
charge d'affaires, chest of drawers, common shares, intra vires, kick upstairs, messeigneurs, out-of-doors, out of doors, preferred shares, pruning shears, stars and bars, ultra vires, unawares

4 syllables:
authorized shares, musical chairs, parallel bars, preference shares, state of affairs, treasury shares

5 syllables:
ordinary shares

9 syllables:
department of veterans affairs

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