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An overview of RhymeZone

What is RhymeZone?

RhymeZone is an online tool that aspires to be the best and fastest way for writers to find words.

What can I do with RhymeZone?

You can use it to help write poetry, song lyrics, greeting cards, term papers, and more. You can use it to explore relationships between words. You can use it to find the correct spelling of a word you're not quite sure of. You can use it as a springboard for finding pictures, documents, and other multimedia items related to a particular concept that you're writing about. Finally, you can use it to see how your word is used in the context of famous quotes, poems, and plays.

To use RhymeZone, type a word into the box above, select a function in the dropdown list next to the box, and then hit "Go get it!" to view the results. Here are the different functions that you can select from that dropdown list:
  • Find rhymes: This function will return words that rhyme with the word you typed in.
  • Find synonyms: This function will return words that are the same or similar in meaning to the word you typed in.
  • Find anonyms: This function will return words that can mean the opposite of what you typed in.
  • Find definition: This function will search for definitions of the word you typed in. It will also allow you to submit your query to other online dictionaries on the Web.
  • Find homophones: This function will return words that have exactly the same pronunciation as what you typed in but are spelled differently.
  • Find similar sounding words: This function will return words that have a pronunciation that's similar, but not necessarily the same, as what you typed in.
  • Match consonants: This option will return words that have the same pattern of consonant sounds. Phonetic, for example, will return fanatic.
  • Find related words: This option will return words that are related in some important way to what you typed in.
  • Find similar spellings: This option will return words in the dictionary that are spelled similarly to what you typed in. Use this feature to spell-check a word that you aren't sure of.
  • Match these letters: This option will return words and phrases that contain the letters you type in.
  • Search for pictures: This function will search for kids-friendly pictures on the Web related to the word you typed in.
  • Search in Shakespeare: This function will search all of Shakespeare's plays and poems for your word.

The RhymeZone Newsletter

  • There's a RhymeZone email newsletter that is sent out occasionally to subscribers with brief site updates and trivia. Want to join? Just fill out this feedback form and be sure to check the button that says "Join the RhymeZone mailing list".
  • Back issues of the newsletter are online! Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3.

Linking to RhymeZone and accessing it from your browser's toolbar

  • You can install this magical link in your browser -- Search RhymeZone -- to make it easier for you to access RhymeZone. To install the link, simply click and hold the hyperlinked phrase "Search RhymeZone", above, and drag it up to your browser's bar of links. Alternatively you can right-click on the link and select "Add to Favorites". To use it on your own Web page, view the source of this Web page and copy the link to your own page. (Note: When you drag the link to your toolbar on recent versions of Internet Explorer, you may get the message "Warning: You are adding a link that may not be safe." This is only because the link contains JavaScript, which allows you to enter a word into a dialog box without changing pages. We can assure you that the link is safer than a warm, cuddly rabbit.)
  • Want to try something even cooler? If you use Internet Explorer under Windows, click on this link to install "right click" access to RhymeZone definitions. (Select "Open this file from its current location" when the dialog box pops up.) Next time you come across a word on the Web you'd like to define, simply highlight the word, click your right mouse button, and choose "Find Definition..." from the menu. You'll need to open a new browser window after opening the above link in order for this feature to take effect.
  • You can link to this site, or include the forms on your own Web site, for any reason whatsoever. Read what others have said about RhymeZone, and feel free to include the graphic on that page on your own Web pages.

Where can I find a rhyming dictionary that I can use while not connected to the Internet?

What words end in "GRY" other than angry and hungry?

Richard Lederer has a column that eloquently summarizes his opinion on the matter.

What are some good links for kids interested in language?

What information is logged?

Each query you submit, including your hostname and the options you select, is logged in a file. This file is used solely to collect aggregate access statistics to enhance the service, and no individually identifying information is collected or exposed. The aggregated data is never shared with any party other than those affiliated with the development of RhymeZone.

Who contributed to RhymeZone?

How can I find out more?

You can submit comments or questions through this feedback form.

RhymeZone proudly supports the Dictionary Project of South Carolina.

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