The following was submitted to the RhymeZone 2021 poetry contest:

Vaccine Vendetta

I know your fear, it’s been over a year, all the while we hid our faces.

Some of us alone, all on our own, the suffering not measured by cases.

It might give you pause, to join the cause, moving to where we’re all cured.
Though I have to ask why you would deny after so much we have endured?

No matter how you feel the situation is real if you don’t want last year to repeat.

We’re all in danger when the truth is a stranger, with no common ground to meet.

In all the disgust, there’s so much mistrust, but that shouldn’t be why you choose.
With so little harm, two shots in the arm, how much more do we want to lose?

We need to act if only on the fact, time isn’t something you can borrow.

I literally mean, without the vaccine, one day there won’t be a tomorrow.