The following was submitted to the RhymeZone 2021 poetry contest:

The adults are growing tense with worry,

traveling everywhere in a quick hurry;

most are content with being a “lab rat”

while my parents prefer being the cat.

They all promise to fear for my well being

yet are still and stagnant for the time being.

As a child, I am ambivalent,

yet my feelings aren’t equivalent.

The unrefined shots now sweep our nation,

with nothing left for each new location,

“It will worsen before it gets better...”

these words that hold truth with every letter.

And with every shot, something may await

but there are many who still take the bait.

In this situation, I am hopeful,

letting my hope shine, much like an opal.

Now prepping for for another long winter,

what should I do now? Sell a new printer?

America is sodden with sickness

though shots are distributed with quickness;

virulent spring transitions to summer

hanging out is no longer a bummer-

I now know the vaccines are effective,

and how everyone isn’t defective,

each decision makes a new incision

and it’s as though they can’t cause collisions!

New threats arise, with schools and subtle lies

and knowing that obtaining the right answer will take many tries,

now we may finally rest and revise...