The following was submitted to the RhymeZone 2021 poetry contest:

Johnson & Johnson, 1 dose.

Return to normal, they say.

With the vaccine in my blood -

Will I still feel this way?

The needle enters my skin -

The injection site swells.

I sleep better vaccinated -

While this feeling swims in my cells.

When the vials are empty -

When everyone has their shot -

Will we disregard the dead?

Will their absence be an afterthought?

Herd immunity reached -

Arenas overflow anew.

I can remove my mask now -

I can’t remove what we’ve been through.

When the pandemic ends -

When we’ve all been exposed -

Will it all be forgotten?

Will we keep our eyes closed?

Johnson & Johnson, 1 dose.

The United States of catastrophe.

Our nation must learn something from this;

A vaccine can’t wipe my memory.

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