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2003 Valentine Slam Winners

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Judges's choice awards

1. The Michael Myers Award for Best Casting

Your face belongs up on a screen
Behind a mask, in Halloween

Submitted by Eugene Beckes from St. Ignatius, MT.

2. The Winona Ryder Award for Kleptomania

My darling, my love, you've stolen my heart,
My wallet and my car, you thieving tart!

3. The Colin Powell Award for Diplomacy

I need you please, forevermore
To stop showing up at my door

4. The Donald Rumsfeld Award for Doublespeak

My love for you is neverending
until you get this note I'm sending

Submitted by Michele Elswick from Yoe, PA.

5. The Jim Bakker Award for Divine Inspiration

You're my life's treasure blessed to me
by some horrible, evil deity

Submitted by Tonya Kloek from Louisville, Kentucky

6. The Kevin Mitnick Award for Security by Obscurity

?4U eye'd h4x0r th3 CIA 0n just 4 wh1(V) <3
3(\/ter th3 t0p 10 m0st w4nt3d, and add U N. <3

(Judge's note: This woefully underappreciated hacker-style entry finished *last* in our voting booth!)
Submitted by Mike T. from Orlanda, Florida.

People's choice awards

Because our opinion's not the only one that counts, we developed a randomized voting booth to collect data on which couplets our users like best. We used this data to continually rerank the submissions by popularity. Based on the voting data received as of 12:00pm EST on Valentine's Day, the following six poems are the People's Choice winners of the 2003 Valentine Slam:

I long for you both night and day
To pack your bags and go away!

(2003-01-28 09:39:23) 124 wins, 54 losses.
Submitted by Andrea Calabrese from Cheektowaga, New York.
My feelings for you did never wane,
The hate, the spite, they still remain.

(2003-02-11 15:21:45) 110 wins, 50 losses.
Submitted by Dan from Edmonton, Alberta.

Your perfect body, smile and walk
faded when I heard you talk

(2003-01-27 16:41:39) 109 wins, 50 losses.
Submitted by Kathleen Seligmann from Fort Collins, Colorado
In matters of both the mind and heart
I think it's best we stay apart

(2003-02-13 17:17:37) 102 wins, 47 losses.
Submitted by Stephanie Crissey from Houston, Texas

I felt the earth move 'neath my feet
Perhaps you should have less to eat

(2003-02-10 22:14:38) 121 wins, 58 losses.
Submitted by Paul Morton
Darling I'd take you anywhere
As long as I can leave you there

(2003-02-12 20:24:21) 151 wins, 76 losses.
Submitted by Jarrod

All of this year's winners will receive packages of RhymeZone motivational refrigerator magnets, and their names will be posted here if they so desire.

See you in 2004 for a brand new contest!

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