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The RhymeZone 2003 Valentine Slam

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The submission deadline for the 2003 Valentine Slam has passed.

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What's the most romantic thing you could say to your beloved on Valentine's Day? And what would be the least romantic follow-up? Can you make a funny rhymed couplet out of it? For example:

My love for you is like a rose
One that's dead and never grows

Here are a few more examples from the submissions we received in 2002 and 2001:

You are my sun, my moon, my star
I wish to see you... from afar

You turn me on like Britney Spears
With even less between the ears

Kind, intelligent, loving and hot
This describes everything you're not

Got an original idea of your own? Submit it below! You can submit as many couplets as you want. We'll publish the best ones to this site starting February 1, and they'll appear in a randomized voting booth for our users. If your couplet is judged to be one of the twelve best entries submitted by midnight EST on February 14, you'll win a free package of nifty RhymeZone motivational message magnets for your refrigerator and to give out to your friends.

If you don't feel like writing, please visit our voting booth to help us choose the winners.

RhymeZone 2003 Valentine Slam Entry form

(Please note: Because this joke is getting a little tired, our standards will be much higher this year as far as what we're willing to post on the site. Originality, wit, and meter are key. If the editors don't like your submission, don't take it personally; we're just flooded with submissions and can only post the ones that we feel are truly unique.)

Write a romantic opening line.
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Write an unromantic follow-up line.
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Please note:

  • Entries will be judged and summarized by Valentine's Day, February 14, 2003, and the results of the contest will be viewable on RhymeZone thereafter.
  • Users may vote on which of two randomly chosen entries they like better. The decision of the judges for the Valentine's Day contest will be based on -- but might override -- the data collected from this voting booth.
  • Finalists will be contacted by email to get permission to put their names on the site.
  • Be creative! But avoid profanity, as profane entries will be automatically rejected. Same goes for plagiarism.
  • Per COPPA, we do not collect personal information from children under age 13. If you're under 13, ask your parent or guardian to enter this contest with you.

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