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Words and phrases whose definition contains years:   (464 results)

., 366 days, aboard, absolute magnitude, abu ali al-husain ibn abdallah ibn sina, acceptance, adapid, adapid group, adar sheni, aegyptopithecus, agave americana, age, aged, age of fishes, age of mammals, age of man, age of reptiles, ago, ahuehuete, alexander selcraig, alexander selkirk, algeripithecus minutus, all-rounder, altair, amazingly, american agave, amortisation, amortization, ancient pine, annals, apart, appanage, appear, archaeozoic, archaeozoic aeon, archean, archean aeon, archean eon, archeozoic, archeozoic eon, arcturus, armenia, assess, augeas, australia, australopithecine, australopithecus afarensis, australopithecus africanus, australopithecus boisei, australopithecus robustus, avicenna, a level, babinski, babinski reflex, babinski sign, barbarize, baroness karen blixen, bartle frere, behindhand, bicentenary, bicentennial, biennially, big-bang theory, big bang theory, bimillenary, bimillennium, bissextile year, biyearly, blixen, bosin's disease, brainchild, brew, bristlecone pine, calypso, cambrian, cambrian period, canopus, carbon-14 dating, carboniferous, carboniferous period, carbon dating, cenozoic, cenozoic era, centenarian, centenary, centennial, centennially, century, chair, change, chebab, christendom, chronological age, chronological record, chronoperates paradoxus, class, clean, clifford trust, commonwealth of australia, communicate, complacent, condemn, construct, correspond, court, create, cretaceous, cretaceous period, custom, dawson's encephalitis, deactivate, dead metaphor, decade, decennary, decennium, deep freeze, demandingly, denebola, development, devonian, devonian period, dhu'l-hijja, dhu al-hijja, diamond jubilee, dinesen, disavow, dissolve, distal muscular dystrophy, double, drift, dry, dump, duster, dysthymia, edit, eiffel tower, elapse, eld, elderly, el nino southern oscillation, enthrone, eocene, eocene epoch, epipaleolithic, etiolation, extend, faithful, feud, fish eagle, fish hawk, foe, formative, fourfold, french sudan, frozen metaphor, futile, gay, genus bartle-frere, genus protoavis, glacial epoch, good, grantor trust, great year, green dinosaur, gregorian calendar, groundwork, gurkha, hadean, hadean aeon, hadean eon, hadean time, half-century, half-time, hall, harmonic law, hashmark, hash mark, have, hayastan, hear, hebrew calendar, hibernation, hindu calendar, holocene, holocene epoch, holy year, honorably, hoover, howard hughes, howard robard hughes, hughes, ibn-sina, idiotic, imbecile, imbecilic, inclusion body encephalitis, inform, injudiciously, intercalary year, intervening, isak dinesen, islamic calendar, isthmian games, j. edgar hoover, jewish calendar, joe louis, john edgar hoover, joseph louis barrow, junior college, jurassic, jurassic period, karen blixen, kepler's third law, knightly, kwanza, kwanzaa, languish, lapse, leakey, leap year, leiden, leyden, lippizan, little league, little leaguer, lockstep, long-dated, louis, loved, lower carboniferous, lower carboniferous period, lower paleolithic, ludi saeculares, lustrum, mag, magazine, magicicada septendecim, maitreya, mali, marguerite radclyffe hall, mary douglas leakey, mary leakey, master, mellow, menorrhea, menstrual blood, menstrual flow, mentor, mesolithic, mesolithic age, mesozoic, mesozoic era, methuselah, middle, middle-aged, middle-aged man, middle age, middle paleolithic, millennial, millennian, millennium, minyan, miocene, miocene epoch, missippian period, mississippian, modification, mohammedan calendar, moralization, moronic, moslem calendar, mount pinatubo, mount saint helens, mount st. helens, movable feast, moveable feast, mt. st. helens, muhammadan calendar, municipal note, musical chairs, muslim calendar, myxinikela siroka, nemean games, new style calendar, nonaddictive, nonagenarian, noticeably, novillada, novillero, obscurity, octogenarian, older, oligocene, oligocene epoch, olympiad, olympian games, olympics, olympic games, omomyid, omomyid group, oppression, ordovician, ordovician period, organization expense, osprey, outlive, oversea, overseas, painting, palaeolithic, paleocene, paleocene epoch, paleolithic, paleolithic age, paleozoic, paleozoic era, palermo, pandion haliaetus, parole, parr, parsec, parthenon, parts, pay dirt, penelope, pennsylvanian, pennsylvanian period, perambulate, perennation, period, periodical cicada, permian, permian period, perpetual calendar, phanerozoic, phanerozoic aeon, phanerozoic eon, phd, phoenix, pinatubo, pinus aristata, pinus longaeva, plantar reflex, plato's academy, platonic year, plea-bargain, pleistocene, pleistocene epoch, pliocene, pliocene epoch, polemicize, precambrian, precambrian aeon, precambrian eon, precambrian period, prepuberty, presentably, president, preteen, preteenager, priscoan, priscoan aeon, priscoan eon, productively, promote, proterozoic, proterozoic aeon, proterozoic eon, proxima, proxima centauri, pythian games, quarter-century, quaternary, quaternary period, quixotically, radclyffe hall, radiocarbon dating, reappraise, recent epoch, reconstruct, red oak, relief, renew, reportable, reportedly, republic of armenia, republic of mali, reverberation, revisit, rocky mountain bristlecone pine, round out, row, rubidium-strontium dating, sclerosing leukoencephalitis, sea eagle, secpar, secular games, selcraig, selkirk, senior, sentence, separate, serve, service, service stripe, settle, sevenfold, seventeen-year locust, sexagenarian, short-dated, sigeh, silly, silurian, silurian period, silver jubilee, sixth form, smooth-faced, speculate, splitsville, sspe, striper, struggle, subacute inclusion body encephalitis, subacute sclerosing leukoencephalitis, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, subject, supernormal, suspense, tertiary, tertiary period, theater, there, threefold, throne, time period, title, treasury bond, treasury note, triassic, triassic period, tricentenary, tricentennial, triennial, trojan war, tug, tule tree, tumultuous, turning, undomesticated, uninterruptedly, upbringing, upper carboniferous, upper carboniferous period, upper paleolithic, urge incontinence, van bogaert encephalitis, veadar, vet, vicennial, welwitschia, welwitschia mirabilis, world cup, wrestle, year

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