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., aggregate fruit, alliance, allowance, anacoluthia, anacoluthon, anaplasia, anglo-catholicism, annual, antipathetic, aqueous humor, aqueous humour, area, ascospore, astronomical unit, atomic spectrum, at handp, au, auscultation, autogenic, autogenous, automotive, bacca, balance, ball-and-socket joint, barea, batholite, batholith, batter's box, bear, beaujolais, biochemistry, biosystematics, biosystematy, bivalve, bodily cavity, bosin's disease, bracket, brain, breed, buccal, cabotage, campaign, cancerous, canyon treefrog, carry, cartilage bone, case study, cavity, cavum, cellular inclusion, center, center of gravity, centre, centre of gravity, check, chinese puzzle, city of london, civil, civil censorship, class structure, clathrate, clear, close, closer, closest, close at handp, coast, coconut milk, coconut water, coign, coigne, comma, compartment, compass, conceivable, conceivably, concretion, concurrent operation, confine, consultancy, contain, conterminous, contiguous, control, controlled, convection, county, court, cover, covered, cricify, crosshead, crossheading, crotalaria, curb, cursive, cursive script, customs union, cyclosis, cylinder, cytosol, data system, dawson's encephalitis, dealing, dealings, dentate nucleus, dependent, dependent clause, diffuse nebula, dimorphism, distension, distention, donjon, double, drop arch, dungeon, earreach, earshot, ecclesiastical province, ecological niche, embryo, encephalon, encircled, enclosed, endogamic, endogamous, endogamy, endosperm, endovenous, endozoic, entoproct, entozoan, entozoic, enwrapped, epizootic, eventually, exenteration, expanse, extracurricular activity, extralinguistic, eye, fabianism, fabian society, face, face-to-face, familiar, fetal movement, field, field of force, fiji, flag smut fungus, foetal movement, font, force field, foreseeable, form, fount, franchise tax, frequence, frequency, gaseous nebula, gdp, graphic, grenada, gross domestic product, hard, hearing, heart, hierarchy, high anglicanism, hold, hold in, hollowed, hollowness, hooke's law, hyla arenicolor, icing, icing the puck, immanence, immanency, immanent, immoderate, inboard, inclusion, inclusion body, inclusion body encephalitis, incorporation, indoor, indoora, indoors, information system, inherence, inmarriage, inmarry, inmost, innera, innermost, inscribe, inset, inside, intercom, intercommunication system, interior, interiorise, interiorize, interior door, intermarriage, intermarry, internal, internalisation, internalise, internalization, internalize, internecine, interplanetary space, intracellular, intracerebral, intracranial, intradepartmental, intragroup, intralinguistic, intramolecular, intramural, intramuscular, intrapulmonary, intrasentential, intraspecies, intraspecific, intrastate, intrauterine, intravenous, intraventricular, intra vires, intrinsic, introjection, in sight, in time, in view, in vivo, jurisdiction, jury box, keep, kuru, lake michigan, lamellibranch, leeway, lifelike, likely, living, load, local call, locule, loculus, lode, logic, logistic assistance, logistic support, longhand, magnitude, map, margin, marginal, marginalisation, marginalization, materials handling, matrix, membrane bone, membranous labyrinth, metathesis, michigan, middle, migration, military campaign, mode, moderate, morning-after pill, mortify, multiple fruit, musical mode, musical scale, nearer, nearest, neonatal death, network, new zealand, niche, nigher, nighest, nonstandard, normal, normalcy, normality, northern rhodesia, oftenness, one-year, one of these days, onside, on camera, order of magnitude, output, ovoviviparous, oyster crab, paradigm, parathyroid, parathyroid gland, parietal placentation, pearl-fish, pearlfish, pelecypod, pictorial, pinnotheres ostreum, piston chamber, plausible, play, pluton, plutonic rock, polar, polaroid camera, polaroid land camera, polymorphism, polypore, pore fungus, pore mushroom, pound, pound up, precipitation, precocial, predicative, predicatively, pregnant, production, profound, proportion, public service, quoin, race, radiation, radiation sickness, radiation syndrome, radius, rana tarahumarae, range, rattlebox, reach, republic of fiji, republic of zambia, restrain, restriction, retain, room, run, running hand, scale, schizothymia, scid, sclerosing leukoencephalitis, scope, scotoma, scrotal, see, self-propelled, self-propelling, sentence stress, severe combined immunodeficiency, severe combined immunodeficiency disease, shadow, shortened, shunt, side, simple fruit, social science, social stratification, solomons, solomon islands, sooner or later, spermatic cord, spirit, spree killer, sspe, stock, stock option, stock warrant, storm center, storm centre, strain, strand, stratification, streaming, structural formula, subacute inclusion body encephalitis, subacute sclerosing leukoencephalitis, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, subatomic, subculture, subdue, subgroup, subjective, subordinate, subordinate clause, subset, subspace, subspecies, surface area, syncarp, tammany, tammany hall, tammany society, tantrism, tarahumara frog, telescoped, telescopic, tetraspore, the city, thrombus, time limit, tolerance, transaction, transamination, translocation, tumefaction, typeface, u.s. waters, unbound, uncompleted, undercover operation, union shop, united states waters, untouchable, vacuolate, vacuolated, van bogaert encephalitis, variant, venezia, venice, virus, vivid, whistle-blower, whistleblower, whistle blower, white, withholding, within reason, word accent, word stress, yet, yield, yon, yonder, zambia

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