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Words and phrases whose definition contains water:   (1864 results)

., abrasion, absolute alcohol, absolute scale, absorb, absorbed, abundant, acapulco, acapulco de juarez, acceptable, accra, accretion, acetaldehyde, ace inhibitor, acid, acid anhydrides, acid precipitation, acid rain, acre-foot, acyl anhydrides, adh, admiralty brass, admiralty metal, adriftp, affusion, afloatp, air cushion, alaskan king crab, alaska crab, alaska king crab, albumen, albumin, aldosterone, aldrovanda vesiculosa, alimentary paste, alka-seltzer, alkali, allow, alluvial soil, alluvion, amberfish, amberjack, amebic dysentery, american lobster, american lotus, american water ouzel, american water shrew, ammonia, ammonia water, ammonium hydroxide, amoebic dysentery, amphibian, amphibious, amphibious aircraft, amphibious vehicle, anadromous, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor, anguillidae, anhydride, anhydrous, antidiuretic hormone, antifreeze, aplacophoran, aqua-lung, aqualung, aquaphobic, aquaplane, aquarium, aquatic, aquatics, aquatic bird, aquatic fern, aquatic plant, aquatic vertebrate, aquatint, aqueduct, aqueous, aqueous solution, aquiculture, aquifer, archerfish, archipelago, arctic, argyle, argyll, arid, armpit, arrhenius theory of dissociation, arrow grass, artesian, artesian well, artificial lake, ascidian, asdic, ashore, asiatic cholera, aspergill, aspersion, as needed, atherinidae, atmometer, atomic number 11, atomic number 17, atomic number 19, atomic number 35, atomic number 37, atomic number 53, attrition, avicennia officinalis, awashp, babbling, backwater, baffin bay, bail, bail out, bain-marie, baleen whale, bale out, ballcock, ball cock, banded water snake, bank, baptismal font, baptistery, baptistry, barge, barium hydroxide, base, basin, basinful, bath, bathe, bather, bathing, bathing tub, bathtub, bath oil, bath water, bay scallop, beach, beachlike, beachy, bead, beat, bed, beer maker, bella sombra, belly-flop, belly flop, belly flopper, belly whop, belly whopper, belostomatidae, benthal, benthic, benthonic, be adrift, bilge, bilge water, bilgy, billabong, billfish, biogenic, birling, bister, bistre, blacktip shark, blade, blow, blowfish, bluefish, boat, boating, bob under, body of water, bogbean, bog myrtle, boil, boiled, boiled egg, boiler, boiling water reactor, bombay, boric acid, boston brown bread, bottle, bottled water, bottom, bottom feeder, br, brackishness, branchia, branchial cleft, branchiopoda, branch water, bravura, break, breakwater, break water, breast-high, brew, brewer, brine, bring, briny, british thermal unit, bromine, brook, brookweed, brown bread, btu, bubalus, bubbler, bubble bath, buckbean, buffalo, bulwark, bunyan, buoy, burning, butterfly, butterfly stroke, bwr, cabombaceae, caisson, calcimine, calcium bicarbonate, calcium nitrate, calcium octadecanoate, calcium stearate, calean, calla, callitriche, calorie, cambric tea, canal, cancer borealis, canteen, canton, canyon treefrog, cape, capital of ghana, capital of iceland, capsizing, carabao, carafe, carbonation, carbonic acid, carbon dioxide acidosis, carcharhinus limbatus, carcharias taurus, carcharinus longimanus, carex, cascades frog, casein, casein paint, caspian, caspian sea, cast, casting, catadromous, catalase, catalytic converter, cataract, catchment, causeway, cavendish, celsius scale, cement, centigrade scale, central heating, ceratopteris, cesspit, cesspool, channel, charales, check, chelydra serpentina, chemical reaction, chemosynthesis, chicha, chlamydomonas, chlorinate, chlorination, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, chlorinity, chlorophyte, choanocyte, chocolate sauce, chocolate syrup, cholera, chondrin, chytridiales, cicuta, cinclidae, cinclus aquaticus, cinclus mexicanus, circulation, cisco, cistern, citric acid, cl, clarity, class crustacea, class cyanobacteria, class cyanophyceae, class tardigrada, clay, clean, clear, clearness, cleave, clepsydra, cliff diving, cloaca, cloud, clouding, clouding up, clover fern, coaming, cockle, coddle, coddled egg, cofferdam, collar cell, collembolan, colorado, colorado river, color wash, colour wash, come hell or high water, common dolphin, common eel, common pond-skater, common snapping turtle, common watercress, common water snake, concentrate, concrete, condensation trail, condense, conduit, conferva, conn's syndrome, consumptive, contain, contaminate, contaminated, contrail, cooling tower, copepod, copepod crustacean, corixidae, cornmeal mush, corrode, corticosterone, costiasis, countercurrent, course, cow lily, crab, cracker, cradle, craft, crayfish, creek, critical, crosscurrent, crossing, cruse, crustacea, cryptocoryne, cryptomonad, cryptophyte, crystalline, crystal violet, cubic decimeter, cubic decimetre, cucking stool, curly-coated retriever, current, cut, cutting, cyanophyceae, cyperus alternifolius, dabble, dabbler, dabbling duck, daggerboard, dam, dashboard, deaden, decanter, decoct, decoction, deep-water, deficiency, deflector, dehydrate, dehydrated, dehydration, delphinus delphis, delta, deluge, demineralisation, demineralization, demineralize, depress, depth, depth bomb, depth charge, depth finder, derivation, desalinate, desalination, desalinisation, desalinization, desert plant, desiccant, desiccate, desiccation, detect, detrition, deuterium oxide, development, dew, dew point, dike, dilution, dip, dishwater, dissolubility, dissolve, dissolving, distemper, distilled water, distributively, ditch, dive, diver, divine, diving, diving event, divining rod, dock, dockage, docking facility, douche, downfall, dowse, dowser, dowsing, dowsing rod, dracunculiasis, drag, dragnet, drain, drainage ditch, drainage system, drained, drainplug, drain basket, drawing, dredge, dried-up, drier, drift, driftinga, drilling fluid, drilling mud, drink, drinking fountain, drinking water, drip, drippage, dripping, drip coffee, drip loop, driven well, dropped egg, drown, dry, drydock, drying agent, dryness, dry cleaning, dry dock, dry fly, dry mustard, dry out, dry up, ducking stool, ducks and drakes, dyke, dytiscidae, earth's surface, eat, ebbtide, echo sounder, eel, effluent, egg cream, egg white, egyptian water lily, eichhornia, electrolytic cell, element, el nino southern oscillation, emanate, embankment, emission, empedocles, empty, emulate, emulsified, emulsion, emydidae, engineer, enki, enteric fever, epidemic cholera, eroded, erosion, escallop, espresso, ester, estuary, ethanal, ether, europa, european water ouzel, european water shrew, european white lily, evaporate, evaporometer, exploitation, extract, extraneous, fahrenheit scale, fail, falls, family anguillidae, family atherinidae, family belostomatidae, family cinclidae, family corixidae, family dytiscidae, family emydidae, family gerridae, family gerrididae, family nepidae, family plumbaginaceae, family salviniaceae, family sciaenidae, family spirochaetaceae, family squillidae, fathom, fathometer, feather, feathering, fen, fender, fenland, ferry, ferryboat, field capacity, fighting chair, filefish, fill, filter bed, fin, fireplug, fire hose, fire hydrant, fish house punch, fish tank, flat-coated retriever, flip, float, floater, floating, floatplane, flood, flooded, floodgate, floodhead, flooding, flood tide, flow, flowage, flowing, flume, fluoridation, fluoridisation, fluoridization, fluorosis, flush, flushless toilet, flush toilet, fog, foil, foment, font, foreshore, formalin, formol, fosse, foucault, foul, fount, fountain, fountainhead, fragrant water lily, freeze, freezing mixture, fresh, freshet, freshwater, freshwater eel, freshwater fish, fresh water, friction tape, frigate bird, frugally, fruit punch, fthm, full-strength, full gainer, fulvic acid, gainer, galeocerdo cuvieri, galosh, gaseous, gastric lavage, gelatin, gelatine, gelatinize, gelatin dessert, gentian violet, genus amoeba, genus bubalus, genus calla, genus callitriche, genus carex, genus ceratopteris, genus chlamydomonas, genus cicuta, genus cryptocoryne, genus cyclops, genus daphnia, genus eichhornia, genus hydromys, genus hyemoschus, genus lemna, genus morone, genus natrix, genus nepa, genus nerodia, genus nymphaea, genus oenanthe, genus pistia, genus potamogeton, genus ranatra, genus salvinia, genus samolus, genus seiurus, genus sium, genus sphagnum, genus spirodela, genus trapa, genus wolffia, genus wolffiella, genus xanthomonas, germy, gerridae, gerrididae, gerris lacustris, get, geyser, ghat, giant crab, giant water bug, giardiasis, gill, gill cleft, gill net, gill slit, gin and tonic, girdle, globefish, glycerinated gelatin, golosh, gram's method, gram's procedure, gram's solution, gram's stain, gram calorie, gram method, gram stain, graving dock, greater water parsnip, great salt lake, green algae, grinding, grog, groin, ground-effect machine, groundwater level, ground bait, ground water, groyne, gruiformes, guangzhou, guinea worm, guinea worm disease, gully, gum, gumbo, gumbo soil, gumshoe, gunite, gunmetal, gurgle, gush, half gainer, hard water, hasty pudding, hatless, head, headrace, headspring, head gate, heater, heavy water, henry, henry's law, henry cavendish, hexachlorophene, hiccup, highball, highwater, high tide, high water, hold, hold water, holy water, hookah, horned pondweed, horsemint, hose, hose down, hot-water bag, hot-water bottle, hot-water heater, hot-water tank, hot spring, hot toddy, hot tub, hot water, hovercraft, howl, hubble-bubble, hubbly-bubbly, humic acid, humid, humin, hurling, hush, hydathode, hydrant, hydrate, hydrated, hydrated oxide, hydration, hydraulic, hydraulic cement, hydraulic engineering, hydraulic press, hydraulic pump, hydraulic ram, hydrocolloid, hydrocyanic acid, hydroelectricity, hydroelectric turbine, hydrofluoric acid, hydrofoil, hydrogel, hydrogen bromide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrolise, hydrolize, hydrology, hydrolyse, hydrolysis, hydrolyze, hydromancy, hydromel, hydromyinae, hydromys, hydropathy, hydrophilic, hydrophobia, hydrophobic, hydrophobicity, hydrophyte, hydrophytic, hydrophytic plant, hydroplane, hydroponics, hydrosphere, hydrotherapy, hydrous, hydroxide, hyemoschus, hyla arenicolor, hypsometer, ice, ice lolly, ice water, icicle, immerse, immersion, immersion heater, impervious, indian buffalo, indian cholera, inflation therapy, infrared therapy, infusion, injector, ink, inlet, insulating tape, international scale, intumescence, intumescency, inundate, inundated, inundation, invigorate, in floodp, iodin, iodine, iridesce, irrigate, irrigation, irrigation ditch, island, issue, isthmus, jackknife, jean bernard leon foucault, jesuits' nut, jet, jetty, jonah crab, kalian, keel, kelpie, kelpy, kelvin scale, kidney, killifish, kilocalorie, kilogram calorie, king crab, king of the herring, knee-deep, kuangchou, kwangchow, ladle, lagoon, laguna, laguncularia racemosa, lagune, lahar, lake, lake herring, lake michigan, lake victoria, landfall, landing net, langouste, large calorie, lateral line, lateral line organ, latex, latex paint, launching, launder, lavage, lavation, lavatory, lave, leadwort family, leak, ledge, lemna, lemon shark, levee, level, library paste, lido, liebig condenser, lifeblood, lift, light, lily pad, limbers, limeade, limewater, limnology, ling, ling ko, liparis liparis, lipid, lipide, lipoid, liquid, liter, lithia water, litre, load line, lobelia dortmanna, loch ness, lock, lock chamber, log, logrolling, lollipop, lolly, lota, lotic, lotus, lungless salamander, maar, macerate, machicolation, macrocheira kaempferi, maelstrom, magnesium bicarbonate, main, maine lobster, make, malt, mal de mer, man-of-war bird, mare clausum, mare liberum, marine glue, marine museum, marsh, marshland, marsh gas, marsh trefoil, marsilea quadrifolia, mary ludwig hays mccauley, mary mccauley, mash, maxim gun, may wine, mccauley, mead, mean, meditatively, mediterranean water shrew, mentha longifolia, menyanthes trifoliata, mere, mesa, mesophyte, mesophytic plant, meter, michigan, microwave, microwave oven, mid-water, midge, milldam, millpond, millrace, millrun, millwheel, mineralized, mineral water, mitrula elegans, mix, mixing faucet, moat, moated, moisture, mole, molly pitcher, monohydrate, morone, mouth, moving ridge, mud, muddy, mudguard, mullet, mumbai, mush, na, naiad, narghile, nargileh, narrow, narrow-leaved water plantain, nasturtium officinale, natator, natrix, natrix sipedon, natural, natural spring, naupathia, naval brass, neat, negaprion brevirostris, negus, nekton, nelumbonaceae, nelumbo lutea, neomys anomalus, neomys fodiens, nepa, nepidae, neritic, nerodia, nerodia sipedon, ness, neutralisation, neutralisation reaction, neutralization, neutralization reaction, night-line, nitrobenzene, noria, northern lobster, northern snakehead, northwest passage, nullarbor plain, nuphar advena, nuphar lutea, nutritionist's calorie, nymph, nymphaea, nymphaea alba, nymphaea lotus, nymphaea odorata, oarfish, oasis, ocean, oceanic whitetip shark, ocean current, ocean trip, odontaspis taurus, oenanthe, oil, oil-water interface, oilfish, oil slick, old world buffalo, oleophilic, ombu, onto land, on land, open, order charales, order chytridiales, order gruiformes, order perciformes, order percomorphi, orthoboric acid, orthoscope, outfall, outflow, outport, outpouring, ovalbumin, overboard, overflow, overflowing, overshoe, overspill, ozone, pad, paddle, paintball, palmate, pasta, paste, pastry, pastry dough, paul bunyan, peat, pectin, pelican, peninsula, penstock, pepperwort, peptone, perciformes, percolator, percomorphi, permanganate, permanganate of potash, permeate, permit, petrifaction, petrification, pheno-safranine, phreatic, phycobilin, phytolacca dioica, pickerelweed, pickerel weed, pier, pigswill, pigwash, pillwort, pilularia globulifera, pipage, pipe, piping, pitressin, plain, plane, plankton, plash, plaster, plaster of paris, plastination, play, plethodont, plimsoll, plimsoll line, plimsoll mark, plop, plow, plug, plughole, plumbaginaceae, plumbed, plumbery, plumbing, plumbing fixture, plumbing system, plunge, plunger, pneumatic caisson, poached, poached egg, point, polenta, pollutant, polyfoam, polyurethane foam, pomatomus saltatrix, pompano, pond-skater, pond lily, pontederia cordata, pontoon plane, pool, pop, popsicle, pore, porridge, portland cement, possum oak, poster color, poster colour, poster paint, potamogeton, potassium, potassium permanganate, pound, pour, powdered mustard, precipitation, preferably, pressure cooker, pressurized water reactor, pretend, proof, propeller, propellor, prussic acid, pseudomonad, puddle, puffer, pump priming, pure, purge, purify, purl, push, pwr, quench, quenched steel, quercus nigra, quinine water, quintessence, race, raceway, radiant heating, radiator, raft, rain, rainbow trout, raincoat, rainfall, rainproof, rainwater, raja radiata, ranatra, rana cascadae, rana tarahumarae, rankine scale, ravenala, ravenala madagascariensis, ravine, rb, reach, reaction, reaumur scale, recess, redeposit, reef, refresh, regalecus glesne, related to, relative humidity, repellant, repellent, requisite, reservoir, resistant, respiratory acidosis, retain, reticulate, retriever, reykjavik, rhabdomancer, rhabdomancy, ribbon-leaved water plantain, ribbonfish, rickey, riffle, rinse, rinsing, rip, riparian right, ripple, ripple mark, riptide, rise, rising tide, river, roar, rocker, rock lobster, roll, root, rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum, rose water, rubber, rubber-base paint, rubberised, rubberized, rubidium, ruffle, runoff, run dry, rust, rusting, ruvettus pretiosus, sail, salamander, saline, saline solution, salmon, salmon trout, salt, saltwater, salty, salt cod, salt flat, salt plain, salubrious, salvinia, salviniaceae, sal volatile, samolus, samolus floribundus, samolus parviflorus, samolus valerandii, samovar, sandbar shark, sand shark, sand tiger, sangaree, sangria, saponin, saprobe, sapwood, sauna, scald, scallop, sciaenidae, scollop, scorpaenid, scorpaenid fish, scour, scoured, scouring, screw, screw propeller, scrub, scrubbing, scuba, scupper, sea, sea-lavender family, seafaring, sealing, seaplane, seasickness, seasnail, seawall, seawater, sea nymph, sea pen, sea scallop, sea scout, sea snail, sea squirt, sea trout, sea urchin, seiurus, seltzer, semiaquatic, serratia marcescens, sewer, sewerage, sewer water, shad, shallow, sheer, sheesha, shelf, shellac, shingle, shipway, shisha, shoal, shoeful, shore, shoreline, shot tower, shower, showerhead, shower bath, shower curtain, shrimp-fish, shrimpfish, shrink, sicative, sink, sinker, sinking, sium, sium latifolium, sium suave, skilly, skim, skimmer, skitter, slack, slack tide, slack water, slake, sleeper, sleeper goby, slick, sling, slipway, slop, slops, slop jar, slop pail, sluice, sluicegate, sluiceway, sluice valve, slurry, small calorie, smelt, smooth softshell, snailfish, snapper, snorkel, snow, soak, soakage, soaking, soda, soda fountain, soda pop, soda water, sodium, sodium fluoride, soft water, soil erosion, solenogaster, solid, soluble, solution, sonar, sonic depth finder, sophisticate, sorex palustris, sound, sounded, sounding, souse, soya milk, soybean milk, soymilk, spackle, spackling compound, sparge, sparge pipe, spate, spatterdock, specific gravity, sphenisciform seabird, spigot, spill, spillway, spinner, spiny lobster, spiny softshell, spirillum, spirits of ammonia, spirochaetaceae, spirodela, splash, splash-guard, splashboard, splashed, splasher, splashing, splash around, splash guard, splatter, sponge, spotted cowbane, spotted hemlock, spotted water hemlock, spray, spread, spring, springtail, spring water, sprinkle, sprinkler system, sprinkling, spritz, spritzer, squeegee, squillidae, squirt, squirter, squirt gun, stagnant, stand, state, steam, steam boiler, steeplechase, stepping stone, stewed, still, still-fish, stoma, stomate, stoop, stoup, straight, strait, stranded, stream, subaquatic, subaqueous, subartesian, subclass branchiopoda, subfamily cabombaceae, subfamily hydromyinae, subfamily nelumbonaceae, submerge, submerged, submergence, submergible, submerging, submerse, submersed, submersible, submersible warship, submersion, succulent, suction, sugar syrup, sugar water, sump, sunken, surface, surface ship, surffish, surfperch, surf fish, sustain, swallow dive, swamped, swan dive, swash, swatter, sweat bag, sweat room, sweet, swell, swelling, swill, swim, swimmer, swimming hole, swimming stroke, swollen, system, tailrace, tail gate, take in water, take water, tank engine, tank farming, tank locomotive, tantalus, tap, tap water, tarahumara frog, tardigrada, tea, teakettle, tempera, tench, tender, tepid, terrapin, thales, thales of miletus, theory of dissociation, theory of electrolytic dissociation, thermal, thermal spring, thermotherapy, thinned, thorny skate, thrash, tidal basin, tidal current, tidal flow, tidemark, tide rip, tiger shark, tinca tinca, tobin bronze, toddy, toilet bowl, tonic, tonic water, torrent, toward land, toxotes jaculatrix, tranquil, transpiration, transpire, trapa, trapa bicornis, trapa natans, traveler's tree, traveller's tree, trawl, trawl net, treading water, treat, treatment, treenail, tremella foliacea, trenail, tribe bubalus, trickle, triglochin maritima, trionyx muticus, trionyx spiniferus, trip, tripper, troll, trolling, tropical prawn, trunnel, tub, tube well, tumble, tumbling, tuna, tuna fish, tunny, tupelo, turkish delight, turn, turncock, typhoid, typhoid fever, umbrella plant, umbrella sedge, unacceptably, unblessed, uncloudedness, uncolored, underground, underwater, undine, undulate, unleavened, unruffled, unwashed, urceole, utility, vane, vascular tissue, vasopressin, venus's flower basket, verdigris, verrazano narrows, vessel, vichy water, victoria nyanza, violent stream, volume, vortex, voyage, wade, wader, wading, wading bird, waist-high, wakeboard, wake board, wall, wallow, wampee, wand, warmer, wash, wash-hand stand, washbasin, washboard, washbowl, washed, washing, washout, washstand, wash away, wash off, wash out, wash up, waste, wastewater, wasteweir, water-base paint, water-cooled, water-cooled reactor, water-rate, water-repellent, water-resistant, water-shield family, water-skiing, water-soluble, water-soluble vitamin, water-wash, water-washed, waterborne, watercannon, watercolor, watercolour, watercourse, watercraft, watercress, waterer, waterfall, waterfinder, waterfront, wateriness, watering, watering can, watering cart, watering pot, waterless, waterlessness, waterline, watermark, waterpower, waterproof, waterproofed, waterproofing, waterside, waterskin, waterspout, watertight, waterway, waterwheel, waterwheel plant, waterworks, waterworn, watery, water back, water bed, water biscuit, water bottle, water boy, water bug, water butt, water caltrop, water cannon, water cart, water chinquapin, water chute, water clock, water clover, water company, water conservation, water cooler, water development, water dog, water down, water faucet, water fern, water filter, water finder, water fountain, water gage, water gate, water gauge, water glass, water gun, water hazard, water heater, water hole, water ice, water jacket, water jug, water level, water line, water lobelia, water main, water meter, water mill, water moccasin, water mold, water nymph, water oak, water of crystallisation, water of crystallization, water of hydration, water parsnip, water pipe, water pistol, water plant, water pollution, water pore, water program, water project, water pump, water rat, water right, water shamrock, water skater, water ski, water skin, water snake, water softener, water sport, water sprite, water stoma, water strider, water supply, water system, water table, water tank, water tap, water tower, water travel, water trumpet, water vapor, water vapour, water waggon, water wagon, water wheel, water witch, wave, wax, ways, weakened, well, wellhead, wellpoint, wellspring, well point, well water, wet, wetland, wetness, wet bar, wet fly, wet suit, whalebone whale, wharf, wharfage, whirligig beetle, whirlpool, white-tipped shark, whitebait, whitefish, whitetip shark, whitewash, white lily, white lotus, white mangrove, white vitriol, white water, william henry, windsurf, wing, wolffia, wolffiella, worm fish, xanthomonad, xanthomonas, xerophile, xerophilous plant, xerophyte, xerophytic plant, xerotes, xylem, yachting, yanquapin, yellow pond lily, yellow water lily, zannichellia palustris, zinc sulfate, zinc sulphate, zinc vitriol

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