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Words and phrases whose definition contains upper:   (382 results)

., abocclusion, actifed, adaxial, adenovirus, aerology, aether, alidad, alidade, aloft, alveolar arch, alveolar process, alveolar ridge, ambloplites rupestris, anshar, antitrades, appendicular skeleton, armband, arteria alveolaris superior, arteria brachialis, arteria infraorbitalis, arteria labialis superior, arteria lacrimalis, arteria uterina, articulatio cubiti, atrial, atrial auricle, atrium, atrium cordis, atrium dextrum, atrium of the heart, atrium sinistrum, auricle, auricula atrii, axil, backsaw, balcony, baleen, baleen whale, beaked whale, bend, bend dexter, bent, billfish, bitthead, boat deck, bourgeoisie, bow, bowed, brachial artery, bridge, bridge deck, british house of lords, buck-toothed, burkina faso, calvatia, cancer of the liver, canthus, cap, capital, capitulum, caput, carnassial tooth, carriage trade, cauline, ceiling, chamber, chapiter, chatterbox, cheiloschisis, chelone glabra, cleft lip, clientele, clipped, corruption, cough, coughing, counterbore, countersink, countersink bit, cowl muscle, cro-magnon, crookback, cross of lorraine, crown, cubital joint, cubitus, cupid's bow, cypripedium montanum, deck-house, diagonal, discina macrospora, domino, dorsal, dorsum, drixoral, elbow, elbow joint, epipactis gigantea, epispadias, espadrille, eye mask, falsetto, false vocal cord, false vocal fold, family hadrosauridae, family mniaceae, firmamental, flame-flower, flameflower, flame flower, flat-top, flat-topped, flatfish, flight deck, flyover, flypast, forehead, foreshank, frankincense pine, frontal bone, gallery, genus calvatia, genus lycaena, genus mus, genus rattus, genus xenosaurus, genus xylaria, giant helleborine, gilles de la tourette syndrome, gnathostomata, gnawing mammal, gum ridge, habenaria hookeri, hadrosauridae, half-length, half mask, hanging wall, hare, harelip, haunch, head, head gate, heterocercal, heuchera cylindrica, hindshank, hooded ladies' tresses, hooker's orchid, hooray henry, houghton, house of lords, huarache, huaraches, humpback, hunchback, hypochondrium, ilium, incline, inclined, infraorbital artery, intermaxillary suture, inversion, jacques marquette, jaded, joliet, jolliet, kip, lacrimal artery, lagomorph, landing deck, lap, lean back, leer, left atrium, left atrium of the heart, leveraged buyout, limb, liver, liver cancer, loblolly pine, loggia, lorraine cross, louis joliet, louis jolliet, lowland burrowing treefrog, lycaena, mackinac bridge, mackinaw, mackinaw boat, main diagonal, mangabey, mansard, manubrium, marquette, maxilla, maxillary, maxillodental, maxillofacial, maxillomandibular, medulla spinalis, middle class, mniaceae, mountain lady's slipper, moustache, mus, musculophrenic vein, musculus trapezius, mustache, nag hammadi, nasal decongestant, nasopharynx, new york strip, non-u, north-central, northern casque-headed frog, now, nowadays, off-putting, old money, openbill, os frontale, overbite, overpass, overshot, overthrust fault, oxbow, paddle-box, paddle box, palate, parainfluenza virus, penetration, penstemon whippleanus, pere jacques marquette, phocomelia, pinus taeda, placenta previa, placoderm, poker alumroot, poker heuchera, precipitous, principal diagonal, pternohyla fodiens, ptosis, pyloric vein, pyxidium, pyxis, quarterdeck, rattus, recline, rectosigmoid, rerebrace, reverse fault, rhinovirus, rhomboid, rhomboid muscle, ridge, ridgepole, right atrium, right atrium of the heart, right gastric vein, rings, rock bass, rock sunfish, rooftree, roof of the mouth, rule, saber-toothed tiger, sabertooth, sachsen, sailfish, sarcoscypha coccinea, saxe, saxony, scapulohumeral, scarlet cup, scleroderma flavidium, seal limbs, seanad, seanad eireann, secondary diagonal, second joint, senate, serratus posterior superior, shank, shell-flower, shellflower, shelter deck, shirt, shoe, shoulder, silver spoon, singlet, sirloin tip, small cap, small capital, snake-head, snakehead, sneer, spinal cord, spiranthes romanzoffiana, splasher, spoiler, star earthball, stiff upper lip, stoop, stream orchid, strengthen, strip steak, superclass gnathostomata, superior alveolar artery, superior labial artery, superior labial vein, superior mesenteric artery, superior thyroid vein, superior vocal cord, superscribe, sutura intermaxillaris, sweater, swordfish, talinum aurantiacum, talking head, tasse, tasset, tenuity, thigh, thrush, thrust fault, timberline, timber line, top, tourette's syndrome, trapezius, trapezius muscle, treetop, tree line, trochanter, turtlehead, underhung, undershirt, undershot, underslung, union, united states senate, universal veil, unwarrantably, upper-case letter, upper-level, upper-lower-class, upper-middle-class, upper cannon, upper jaw, upper jawbone, upper limit, upper mantle, upper respiratory infection, upper volta, upstair, upstairs, upstart, uptown, us senate, uterine artery, uterine contraction, vamp, velum, vena gastrica-dextra, vena labialis superior, vena musculophrenica, ventricular fold, vest, vestibular fold, viper, weather deck, wellborn, westside, whalebone, whalebone whale, whipple's penstemon, wisdom tooth, xenosaurus, xiphias gladius, xylaria

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