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Words and phrases whose definition contains two:   (2416 results)

., .22 caliber, .22 calibre, 1 chronicles, 1 kings, 1 samuel, 200th, 22, 23, 2 chronicles, 2 kings, 2 samuel, 300, 32, 32nd, 42, 42nd, 52, 62, 72, 82, 92, aba transit number, abutment, accessory nerve, accord, acocanthera oblongifolia, acocanthera spectabilis, acquisition agreement, add, addition, adopt, affaire d'honneur, affiliate, afford, aged, ago, agree, agreement, air division, albigensianism, alchemy, aldehyde-alcohol, aldol, alembic, alignment, alla breve, allegiant, allele, allelomorph, alligator, allotropism, allotropy, alloy, alternate, alternation of generations, alula, amalgamation, amalgamator, ambiguous, american football, american football game, amphiuma, amphora, ampulla, analysis of variance, analytic, anapaestic, anapestic, anastomotic vein, ane, anestrum, anestrus, angle, angle bracket, angle of refraction, angular distance, aniseikonia, anisogamy, anisometropia, anisometropic, annual parallax, anoestrum, anoestrus, anova, anterior cerebral artery, anterior naris, antinomy, antiphony, antipodes, antistrophe, antonym, antonymy, aphasmidia, apiece, aplysia punctata, araucaria bidwillii, arbitrage, archaeozoic, archeozoic, arc lamp, arc light, ark, ark of the covenant, armed combat, arteria carotis, arteria laryngea, arteria maxillaris, arteria mesenterica, arteria pulmonalis, arteria subclavia, articulatio, articulation, artificial skin, arytaenoid, arytenoid, arytenoid cartilage, asaph hall, associate, associate degree, association football, astronomical year, atrioventricular valve, atrium, attachable, at least, auditory tube, augean stables, auricular vein, autonomous, autosomal recessive defect, autosomal recessive disease, average, avulsion, azo group, azo radical, a level, babble, babinski, babinski reflex, babinski sign, baccarat, backgammon, bactrian camel, bag, balancing, balkan wars, ball, ballock, band, bandsaw, bank identification number, barouche, barrel knot, bars, bartholin's gland, barycenter, base, baseball, baseball game, base pair, basketball, basketball game, basket rummy, basket weave, bass drum, battle, battle of bull run, beam balance, beat, beggar-my-neighbor, beggar-my-neighbour, belt, bench vise, better, better-known, between, bevel, bevel square, bezique, bhumi devi, biaural, biauricular, biauriculate heart, biaxal, biaxate, biaxial, bicameral, bicapsular, bicentric, bicephalous, biceps, bichloride, bichrome, bicipital, bicolor, bicolored, bicolour, bicoloured, bicorn, bicornate, bicorne, bicorned, bicornuate, bicornuous, bicuspid, bicuspidate, bicuspid valve, bicycle, bicycle-built-for-two, bicyclic, bicylindrical, bidirectional, biennial, biennially, biface, bifacial, bifid, bifilar, biflagellate, bifocal, bifold, bifoliate, biform, bifurcate, bifurcated, bifurcation, bigamy, bigram, bijugate leaf, bijugous leaf, bike, bikini, bilabiate, bilateral, bilges, bilge keel, bilinear, bilingual, bilingual dictionary, bilobate, bilobated, bilobed, bilocation, bilocular, bilocular capsule, biloculate, bimanual, bimestrial, bimetal, bimetallic, bimetallic strip, bimetallism, bimetallistic, bimodal, bimolecular, bimonthly, bimorphemic, bimotored, bin, binary, binary arithmetic operation, binary compound, binary operation, binary star, binate, binaural, binomial, binuclear, binucleate, binucleated, biovular, biparous, bipartite, biped, bipedal, bipedalism, biplane, bipolar, biracial, biramous, birefringence, bisect, bisection, bit, biting midge, bitmap, bivalent, bivalve, bivalved, bivariate, biweekly, biyearly, bizonal, blend, blended whiskey, blended whisky, blind eel, blood cell, blood corpuscle, blood knot, blur, bobsled, bobsleigh, boer war, bog asphodel, bokmal, bollock, boob, boolean operation, booth, bose-einstein statistics, bosin's disease, bosom, botha, bow, bowknot, boxcars, brace, brachial vein, bracket, branch, branched, break, breast, bridecake, bridge, bridged-t, bridge circuit, bridge over, brig, brigantine, broad, broad-leaved twayblade, broadsword, brokerage, bronchial tube, bronchus, brush, buckboard, buckle, buddy system, buffer country, buffer state, bulbourethral gland, bulk, bull run, bunya bunya, bunya bunya tree, burro deer, bus, busbar, buttock, cab, cabriolet, caddice-fly, caddice fly, caddis-fly, caddis fly, caesium clock, caisson, calf bone, caliper, calipers, call, calliper, callipers, calypter, camelus bactrianus, canadian red pine, canasta, canine, canine tooth, cant, cantilever bridge, carabiner, carotid, carotid artery, carport, carriage, carriageway, carrick bend, cart, cartesian coordinate, cartesian product, car port, case, castle, cat's-paw, catamaran, catch crop, catenary, catharism, cavity wall, ccc, celestial pole, center bit, central gyrus, centre bit, centriole, ceratotherium simum, cerebellar hemisphere, cerebrum, chad, chadic, chadic language, chaise, chalaza, chamfer, chance-half correlation, channel, chariot, checkerboard, checkers, cheek, cheekpiece, chelate, chelate compound, chemical compound, chemical group, chemin de fer, chemistry, chess, chess game, chiasm, chiasma, chiasma opticum, chiasmus, chickpea, chickpea plant, chincapin, chinkapin, chinquapin, chishona, chord, choreograph, choroid vein, chromatid, chrysolepis, cicer arietinum, circle, circumflex femoral vein, circumscribe, clack, cladorhyncus, clap, clash, clasp, class, class aphasmidia, class diplopoda, class myriapoda, class phasmidia, class tiliomycetes, cleat, cleavage, clerihew, close, closer, cloven foot, cloven hoof, club, co-occurrence, co-star, cockfight, coconspire, coefficient of correlation, coefficient of mutual induction, coherent, coincide, coincidence, coinsurance, collared lizard, collider, collision, colostrum, colubridae, combat, combat pilot, combined, combined operation, comforter, commensal, commensalism, commercial treaty, common, common denominator, common divisor, common factor, common fraction, common measure, common multiple, compact, company, comparison, competition, complement, complementarity, complementary, complementary angles, complementary color, compound, compound lens, compound microscope, compound number, compound pistil, compound sentence, compromise, concentrated fire, concerted, concordat, concurrence, concurrent execution, concurrent negligence, concurrent operation, condensation, confederacy, conference call, confine, conflict, congo eel, congo snake, conjoined, conjoint, conjugate, conjugated, conjugate solution, conjunct, conjunction, conjunctive, connect, connection, connexion, consent decree, consolidation, conspiracy, conspire, constant of proportionality, constituent, consultation, contact, contest, continue, contract, contraction, contradiction, contradictory, contrapuntal, contrary, convallaria majalis, convergence, convex polygon, cooperative, coordinatinga, coordinating conjunction, coordination, coordinative, copolymer, copolymerize, coreference, corgi, corner, cornerstone, corps, corpuscle, corpus callosum, corpus mamillare, correlate, correlation, correlational statistics, correlation coefficient, correlation table, correlative, correlativity, correspondence, cosignatory, cosigner, cotenant, cottar, cotter, coulomb's law, counterpoint, county line, count lev nikolayevitch tolstoy, coupe, couple, couplet, coupling, covariance, covenant, cowl muscle, cowper's gland, cox, crapette, craps, crapshoot, crap game, crap shooting, crenel, crenelle, creole, crib, cribbage, cricket, cricket frog, cricket match, cromlech, cross-cultural, cross-link, cross-linkage, cross-stitch, crossbar, crossbones, crossbred, crossed, crossfire, crossing, crossruff, cross hair, cross of lorraine, cross product, cross wire, cryptogamia, cuculus canorus, cup, curb roof, curie, cusp, cuspid, cut, cyanine dye, cycle, cyclooxygenase, cydippea, cydippida, cydippidea, cylinder, cylix, cymbal, cytokinesis, dacryocyst, dah, daily double, dalton's law, dano-norwegian, darling pea, dash, data link, data multiplexer, daughter cell, dawson's encephalitis, day, dayfly, deadlocked, dead nettle, death, debut, decapod, decomposition, decomposition reaction, decussation, deimos, democratic party, department of commerce and labor, descartes, deservedly, deuce, development, deviated septum, di-iodotyrosine, diaeresis, diagonal, dialog, dialogue, diam, diameter, diametrically, diamine, diapason, diapason stop, diaphone, diapsida, diarchy, diastole, diatomic, diatonic, diatonic scale, dibasic acid, dibasic salt, dibranch, dibranchiate, dibranchiate mollusk, dicarboxylic, diceros simus, dichloride, dichotomisation, dichotomise, dichotomization, dichotomize, dichotomous, dichotomy, dichroism, dichromacy, dichromasy, dichromatic, dichromatism, dichromatopsia, dichromia, dickey, dickey-seat, dickie, dickie-seat, dicky, dicky-seat, dicot, dicotyledon, dicotyledonous, dicot family, dicot genus, dieresis, differ, differential, differential gear, digraph, dihybrid, dihybrid cross, dimer, dimorphic, dimorphism, dimorphous, dinoflagellate, diode, dioxide, diploid, diplopia, diplopoda, dipole, dipole antenna, dipterocarpaceae, diptych, directly, direct sum, disaccharide, discharge lamp, discrimination, displaced fracture, dissimilate, dissimilation, dissociate, dissolve, dissyllable, distance, distich, distinct, distortion, district line, disyllabic, disyllable, dit, diurnal parallax, divalent, diverge, divergence, divide, divisible, division, divisional, divisor, dizygotic, dizygotic twin, dizygous, do-si-do, dogtooth, dogwatch, dolmen, dominican republic, domino, donkey cart, dot, dot product, double, double-barreled, double-barrelled, double-bogey, double-edged, double-glaze, double-hung window, double-prop, double-propeller plane, double-team, doubled, doubleheader, doubles, doublethink, doubletree, double agent, double bar, double bed, double birdie, double bogey, double boiler, double bond, double clinch, double date, double decomposition, double decomposition reaction, double digit, double dipper, double dipping, double door, double dutch, double fault, double feature, double first, double flat, double glazing, double knit, double negative, double play, double refraction, double replacement reaction, double rhyme, double salt, double saucepan, double sharp, double star, double stopping, double vision, doubling, dowel, dowel pin, dracaenaceae, dracenaceae, drag, draughts, dressing, drop arch, dry battery, dry season, duad, dual, dualism, duality, duel, duet, duette, dugout, dumbbell, duo, duologue, duple, duplex, duplex apartment, duplex house, duple time, duplicate, dutch door, dwarf mountain pine, dyad, dyadic, dyadic operation, dyarchy, each, eagle, earflap, earlap, edda, edge, egg, egyptian pea, eighty-two, eland, elbow bone, elder, elderly, electric-discharge lamp, electric potential, electrodynamometer, electrolytic, electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic condenser, electronic image, electroscope, elephant seal, eleventh cranial nerve, elgar, eliminate, elimination reaction, elision, embroidery frame, embroidery hoop, eminently, end, english walnut, entitled, entr'acte, epi, epicardium, epiphora, epistrophe, equation, equator, equinoctial point, equinoctial year, equinox, equipage, equivalent, equivalent word, equivocal, era, escaped, ether, eubacteriales, european cuckoo, eustachian tube, even, exclusion principle, exogen, extend, extract, eyecup, eyelid, eyetooth, eye contact, eye tooth, eysenck personality inventory, face, face-off, face-to-face, face angle, facilitation, facing pages, factor, factor of proportionality, fae, fairy cup, false dragonhead, false dragon head, false lily of the valley, false vocal cord, false vocal fold, family colubridae, family dipterocarpaceae, family megalonychidae, family muscidae, family psychodidae, family salicaceae, family trichodontidae, faucial tonsil, fennic, fen orchid, fen orchis, fermi-dirac statistics, festoon, feud, fibonacci sequence, fibula, field, field hockey, fifty-two, find, finisher, finnic, first half, fisherman's knot, fishplate, fish joint, fission, fives, fixed-combination drug, flageolet, flash butt welding, flash welding, flat, flatness, flat file, flemish, flemish dialect, flexible joint, flip-flop, flotilla, flowering glume, fluke, fly, flying jib, flyover, flypast, folie a deux, folio, football, football game, foremast, foremilk, forficate, fork, forked, former, formera, fortnightly, forty-second, forty-two, for each one, foully, four-lane, four-tailed bandage, fourfold, fourfold point correlation, fourth cranial nerve, fraction, fraternal, fraternal twin, from each one, front, frontal suture, fuel-air explosive, functionally, funnel, funnel shape, furcate, fusion, g. r. kirchhoff, gallop, gambrel, gambrel roof, gantlet, gap, gas-discharge lamp, gastroepiploic vein, gastrolobium, gastroomental vein, gatepost, gator, gauge boson, gauntlet, gemini program, genlisea, genus chrysolepis, genus cladorhyncus, genus himantopus, genus lophophora, genus marattia, genus proboscidea, genus ulva, geocentric parallax, geodesic, geodesic line, geological era, germanic, germanic language, giant foxtail, gig, gipsywort, give, glacial epoch, glottis vera, gnarl, gnawing mammal, go, go-cart, golden mean, golden section, good, gop, go fish, go game, gram's solution, gran casa, grapple, grass snake, gravitation, gravitational theory, great cerebral vein, green snake, gresham's law, grimm, grip, groined vault, gros point, grotesquely, group, guilloche, guillotine, gustav robert kirchhoff, gypsywort, habenaria orbiculata, half, half-time, halfa, halfway, half door, half rest, hall, halve, hame, hammock, hand, handball, handbarrow, handcart, hand truck, hansom, hansom cab, harding, hare's-foot fern, hastinapura, hatted, haunting, have, hawser bend, head, head-to-head, hedge, hedging, heliocentric parallax, henbit, hendiadys, hermaphrodite brig, herod, herod the great, heroic couplet, heroic stanza, heterodyne, heterogenesis, heteronym, heterozygosity, hexagram, highboy, himantopus, hindu calendar, hinge, hire, hit, hockey, hockey game, hold down, homogeneity, homogenize, homograph, homonym, homophone, homozygosity, homozygous, hoops, hopeful, horse, horse latitude, horst, hot line, house, hurling, hydra, hydrogen bond, hymenopter, hymenopteran, hymenopteron, hymenopterous insect, hypallage, hyperbolic geometry, hyperfine, hysteron proteron, ice hockey, idealisation, idealization, identical twin, iii, ii chronicles, ii kings, ii samuel, impinging, incense wood, inclusion body encephalitis, incorporation, indecision, indecisiveness, indistinguishable, inferior pulmonary vein, inferior vena cava, inferior vocal cord, inferior vocal fold, inner product, inseparably, inshore, interactive, interconnection, interdisciplinary, interface, interfacial surface tension, interfacial tension, interior angle, intermaxillary suture, intermediate, intermural, internal angle, internal cerebral vein, internasal suture, international, internode, interparietal suture, interpenetrate, interpersonal chemistry, interreflection, interregnum, interrelate, intersection, intertrigo, interval, intervene, intervening, intervertebral, intervertebral disc, intervertebral disk, intimately, inventory, iron disulfide, irrational, irresolution, isometropia, isosceles, isosceles triangle, isotonic, isotope, isthmus, i chronicles, i kings, i samuel, jakob grimm, jakob ludwig karl grimm, james alfred van allen, janus, janus-faced, jaunting car, jaunty car, jekyll and hyde, jinrikisha, jnd, joggle, join, joined, joining, joint, joint hinge, joint probability, joust, joystick, jump, jump ball, junction, junior, junior college, just-noticeable difference, karabiner, keep going, kendall's tau, kendall rank correlation, kerr cell, ketch, ketone, key, kidney, kill, king lear, kirchhoff, kirchhoff's laws, kleenex, knight, knocker, koodoo, koplik's spots, koudou, kronecker delta, kudu, kylix, labia majora, labia minora, lace, lacewing, lacewing fly, lacing, lacrimal sac, lacrosse, ladder, lagomorph, lamellibranch, laminate, laminated glass, lamium amplexicaule, landau, landsmal, laocoon, lap joint, large magellanic cloud, laryngeal artery, laryngeal vein, last half, lateral ventricle, latter, lattera, lawn tennis, law of equivalent proportions, law of gravitation, law of multiple proportions, law of parsimony, law of reciprocal proportions, layer, lead, lear, learn, left atrioventricular valve, legume, lemma, length, leo tolstoy, leptomeninges, lesser twayblade, lexical ambiguity, lid, ligature, lii, lilies of the valley, lily of the valley, limb, limber, limit, line, ling, ling ko, link, link up, liparis loeselii, listera convallarioides, listera cordata, litter, lizard, lobata, lobe of the lung, longer, longest, longways, longways dance, long whist, lophophora, lorentz force, lorraine cross, louis ix, love, lovemaking, love affair, love life, love seat, loving cup, lower, lower berth, lower egypt, luge, lunar time period, lung, lxii, lxxii, lxxxii, lycopus europaeus, macao, macau, machine stitch, machinist's vise, macrospore, mad, madame curie, magellanic cloud, magen david, magnetic monopole, magnetic pole, magnitude, magnoliopsid, magnoliopsid family, magnoliopsid genus, mahabharata, mahabharatam, mahabharatum, mahayana, mahayana buddhism, maianthemum canadense, mainmast, maisonette, maisonnette, majorip, majority, major axis, making love, male plug, mamillary body, mammillary body, mandara, mangle, mangosteen, manifold, mansard, mansard roof, man and wife, marattia, marie curie, marriage, married couple, marya sklodowska, massed fire, master, match, matching, mate, maxillary artery, maxwell's demon, mayfly, may lily, mediana, mediate, mediety, medusa, megalonychidae, megaspore, meld, melodramatic, mendel's law, merger, merger agreement, merging, merlon, mesenteric artery, mesenteric vein, metacenter, metacentre, metacentric, metacentric chromosome, metal, metalworking vise, metathesis, metric, metric function, microspore, middle cerebral artery, middle cerebral vein, midge, millepede, milliped, millipede, minisub, minisubmarine, minorip, minority, minus, minute, mismatch, mitella diphylla, mitral valve, mixed-blood, mixed drink, mixed marriage, mixed metaphor, mixer, mixture, modulus, mogen david, moiety, monohybrid, monohybrid cross, monophysitism, monozygotic twin, monozygous twin, morning coat, morphologically, morristown, mosaicism, mosquito, most-favored-nation, motorcycle, mountain pine, mugho pine, mugo pine, mule deer, mullet, multichannel recorder, multiengine airplane, multiengine plane, multilane, multinucleate, multipartite, multiphase, multiplex, multiplexer, multiplex operation, multiple correlation, multiple correlation coefficient, multiple personality, multiple regression, multiplication, multiprocessing, multiprocessor, multiprogramming, multivariate, muscidae, muscle-bound, muscoidea, musculus pectoralis, musculus sternocleidomastoideus, musculus trapezius, musical interval, mutual, mutualism, mutual inductance, mutual induction, mutual opposition, myriapoda, myristica fragrans, nandu, naphthol, narrow, nasal cavity, nearer, nervus accessorius, nervus spinalis, newton's law of gravitation, newton's theory of gravitation, new norwegian, ninety-two, no-see-um, non-ugric, nook, norm, normal school, north island, nosepiece, nostril, noughts and crosses, novaya zemlya, nova zembla, no man's land, nuclear deterrence, nut, nutmeg, nutmeg tree, nynorsk, obedient plant, observe, obverse, occam's razor, ockham's razor, odd, odds, odocoileus hemionus, odonate, ohm, older, olfactory bulb, on-off switch, on/off switch, one, one-half, one-on-one, oocyte, ophthalmic vein, opposed, opposite, opposite word, optical fusion, optic chiasm, optic chiasma, optic cup, orchis, order cydippea, order cydippida, order cydippidea, order eubacteriales, order lobata, order of magnitude, order pseudomonadales, oscines, osculate, osculation, ostrich, os palatinum, os pubis, ovary, overhand, overpass, oversew, oversewn, pact, pair, pair of pliers, pair of scissors, pair of tongs, paiute, palatine, palatine bone, palatine tonsil, pallium, palpebra, para, parallax, parallel bars, parallel circuit, parallel operation, parallel processing, parasitism, parenthesis, parietal bone, partial, partial correlation, partial derivative, partnership, partsong, party line, party wall, pass, passeres, pas de deux, patriarchal cross, pauli exclusion principle, pecs, pectoral, pectoralis, pectoral muscle, pelecypod, pentastomid, penuchle, person-to-person, phanerogamae, phasmidia, phenotype, phi coefficient, phi correlation, phobos, phrenic vein, phylactery, physostegia virginiana, pier, pier glass, pier mirror, piggishly, pillars of hercules, pin, pinner, pinochle, pinocle, pint, pinus mugo, pinus resinosa, pipe wrench, piquet, pisha paysha, pitsaw, piute, planar, plane, planeness, plane angle, plane figure, platoon, platysma, play, pleistocene, pleistocene epoch, pleomorphism, plexus pulmonalis, plica vocalis, pliers, plug, plural, plus, plyers, poison arrow plant, poison bush, poison pea, polarise, polarity, polarize, polar coordinate, polar opposition, pole, polemicize, polyandrist, polyatomic, polygamist, polygynist, polymorphemic, polymorphic, polymorphism, polymorphous, polyp, polyphase, polyphone, polyphonic, polyphonic letter, polysemy, polytonalism, polytonality, pommel horse, ponycart, pony cart, portmanteau, portmanteau word, position, postcava, posterior naris, potential, potential difference, potential drop, potentiation, prawn, predicate, premolar, prepuberty, president harding, press, presuppose, principle of parsimony, prism, prismatoid, prisoner's base, privately, proboscidea, product, productively, program, pronged, prongy, property line, propose, proterozoic, pseudomonadales, psoas, psocopterous insect, psychodidae, pterocnemia pennata, pterygoid process, pubic bone, pubis, public square, pueblo, puff, puffin, pulmonary artery, pulmonary plexis, punkey, punkie, punky, purse seine, pushball, pushcart, pyrrhic, pyrrhus, quadrant, quantal, quantized, quarterly, quilt, quixotically, quotient, rabbet, rabbet joint, racing gig, radical, radio interferometer, radio link, radius, railway junction, rainy season, ramayana, ramify, rana tarahumarae, range, rank-difference correlation, rank-difference correlation coefficient, rank-order correlation, rank-order correlation coefficient, raphe, rapier, ratbite fever, rather, ratio, rebate, reciprocal, reconciliation, rectifying tube, rectifying valve, reducer, redwood, red oak, red pine, reel, refectory table, region, relate, relation, render-set, renegociate, rene descartes, republican party, resting potential, resultant, retinal, retinene, retrovirus, reversible, rhaphe, rhea, rhea americana, rhetorical, rhino, rhinoceros, rhyme, ricksha, rickshaw, riffle, rig, right angle, riksmal, rima, rima glottidis, rima vocalis, rime, romance, rondeau, rondel, rouge et noir, round-leaved rein orchid, run, run-on sentence, running, running mate, russian bank, sack, saddle, saddleback, safety bicycle, safety bike, safety glass, sagittal suture, saint louis, salad dressing, salicaceae, salsify, saltbox, salyut, same-sex marriage, sampan, sandfish, sandwich, sandwich board, saphenous vein, sash window, savory, savoury, sawpit, scalar product, scalene triangle, scapula, scarf, scarf joint, scatter pin, schizocarp, scid, scissors, sclerosing leukoencephalitis, scooter, scrum, scrummage, scull, scyphus, seahorse, seam, sea chub, sea cow, sea elephant, sea hare, sea horse, secant, secernment, second half, second power, secretary of commerce and labor, secretary of health education and welfare, sector, sedan, seizing, semester, semi, semidetached house, semifinal, senega, senior, separably, separate, septum, sequoia, serial processing, serosa, serous membrane, serving, set, settle, set shot, seventy-two, severe combined immunodeficiency, severe combined immunodeficiency disease, sewing-machine stitch, sex, sex-limited, sexual love, sex chromosome, shabbily, shadfly, shared, shatterproof glass, shay, sheet, shepherd's pipe, sherman, shia, shiah, shiah islam, shield of david, shin, shinbone, shoofly, short, short circuit, short whist, shoulder blade, shoulder bone, shunt circuit, shuttle, shuttle bus, siamese, side, side drum, side horse, sigmoid, sign, significantly, sill, simple fraction, simultaneous equations, simultaneous operation, singlea, sirenian, sirenian mammal, sir edward elgar, sir edward william elgar, sister ship, situation, sixth form, sixty-nine, sixty-two, slam, slapstick, sleepily, slide fastener, slip-joint pliers, slip stitch, small magellanic cloud, snake eyes, snap ring, snare, snare drum, soccer, soixante-neuf, solar year, solder, solomon's seal, solstice, solution, sound, source, south island, space, span, spandrel, spandril, spare, spark gap, spectrophotometer, spend, spherical angle, spinal accessory, spinal fusion, spinal nerve, spindle, splice, splicer, splicing, split, split-half correlation, split personality, split shift, spoon, sports car, sport car, sport kite, spread, spreadhead, spread head, spurious correlation, squadron, square, square bracket, square knot, squash, squash rackets, squash racquets, squinch, sspe, st. louis, staff, stage, stair-rod, stakeholder, stalemated, star of david, state boundary, state line, staysail, step, step stool, stereo, stereophonic, stereophonic system, stereoscopic photograph, stereoscopic picture, stereoscopic vision, stereoscopy, stereo system, sternocleidomastoid, sternocleidomastoid muscle, sternocleido mastoideus, stilt, straight line, strait, strangle, strap hinge, stream, street corner, stretcher, striking, strip-jack-naked, stroke, struggle, struthio camelus, stunt kite, subacute inclusion body encephalitis, subacute sclerosing leukoencephalitis, subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, subclass diapsida, subclavian artery, subfamily dracaenaceae, subfamily dracenaceae, subject, suborder oscines, suborder passeres, subtraction, suicide pact, sulky, sum, summation, sunder, sunni, superfamily muscoidea, superfecundation, superfetation, superimpose, superior pulmonary vein, superior vocal cord, superordinate, superposition, suppose, sure, surface, surrey, sutura frontalis, sutura intermaxillaris, sutura internasalis, sutura sagittalis, suturing, swallow-tailed coat, swallowtail, swedish, swimming meet, swim meet, swinging chad, swiss mountain pine, switch, syllable, syllepsis, syllogism, symbiosis, sympathy, symphysis, synaeresis, synapse, synchroniser, synchronizer, synchronoscope, synchronously, synchroscope, syndactylism, syndactyly, syneresis, synergism, synergistic, synergy, synonym, synonymity, synonymously, synonymousness, synonymy, t-junction, t-network, takedown, tallboy, tambour, tandem, tandem bicycle, tandem trailer, tangency, tarahumara frog, tarantella, tarantelle, tasse, tasset, tau coefficient of correlation, teachers college, team, tear sac, tee, tefillin, teg, telescopically, tennessee, tennessee river, tennis, teres, teres muscle, tertium quid, testament, testicle, testis, tete-a-tete, tetherball, tetrachoric correlation, tetrachoric correlation coefficient, theory of gravitation, theory of gravity, theravada, theravada buddhism, thermionic current, thermocouple, thermocouple junction, thermojunction, the shiites, the sunnites, thill, thirdhand, third dimension, third party, thirty-second, thirty-two, three, three-point switch, three-way switch, three hundred, tibia, tic-tac-toe, tick, tick-tack-toe, ticktacktoe, ticktacktoo, tide, tide over, tie, tier, tie beam, tie rod, tiliomycetes, tilt, time-delay measuring instrument, time-delay measuring system, time-out, times, time interval, tit-tat-toe, title, toggle, toggle joint, toggle switch, tolstoy, tone, tongs, tongue worm, tonsil, tonsilla, touch, touching, to each one, trace, track meet, tragopan, train, trammel, trammel net, translation, transverse process, trap, trapa bicornis, trapezius, trapezius muscle, trapezoid, treaty, treble recorder, tremolo, trente-et-quarante, triangle, triangulation, trichodontidae, triple-space, triple-spacing, trochlear, trochlearis, trochlear nerve, trophoblast, tropic, tropical year, truck, truelove knot, true glottis, true lover's knot, true vocal cord, true vocal fold, trunk line, trust, tub-cart, tubal ligation, tube wrench, tuck, tuning fork, tuppence, turning point, twain, tweedledee and tweedledum, tweedledum and tweedledee, twenty-three, twenty-two, twice, twilight zone, twin, twin-aisle airplane, twin-prop, twin-propeller-plane, twina, twinjet, twinned, twinning, twins, twin bill, two-chambered, two-channel, two-dimensional, two-dimensionality, two-dimensional figure, two-eared, two-faced, two-footed, two-handed, two-handed saw, two-hundredth, two-man tent, two-party, two-piece, two-ply, two-sided, two-thirds, two-time, two-way, two-way street, two-wheel, two-wheeled, two-year, twofer, twofold, twopence, twosome, two times, ugrian, ugric, ulna, ultimate frisbee, ulva, umlaut, unalike, unexceptionable, ungroomed, unify, uninflected, union, unison, united, uniting, universal, universal joint, unreconciled, unusual, upper, upper berth, upper egypt, upset, uterine vein, vacation, van allen, van bogaert encephalitis, vector product, vector sum, vena anastomotica, vena auricularis, vena brachialis, vena cava, vena cerebri magna, vena cerebri media, vena cerebrum internus, vena choroidea, vena circumflexus femoris, vena gastroomentalis, vena laryngea, vena mesenterica, vena ophthalmica, vena phrenica, vena pulmanalis inferior, vena pulmonalis superior, vena saphena, venomous lizard, ventricular fold, verb phrase, vermis, vermis cerebelli, vertical angle, vest, vestibular fold, via media, vicksburg, victoria sandwich, victoria sponge, virginia reel, vis-a-vis, visceral pericardium, vise, vocal band, vocal cord, vocal fold, volleyball, volleyball game, volleyball net, volt, voltage, voltmeter, vowelize, walk, walnut, walrus, wandala, warren gamaliel harding, warren harding, watershed, water parting, water polo, water spaniel, wavelength, wedding cake, wedge, weight, welding, welsh corgi, welwitschia, welwitschia mirabilis, wheel, whipsaw, whist, white rhinoceros, whole step, whole tone, wide-body, wide-body aircraft, widebody aircraft, wilhelm grimm, wilhelm karl grimm, william tecumseh sherman, willow family, winter sweet, wivern, word, working group, wringer, wyvern, xcii, xenogenesis, xlii, xxii, xxiii, xxxii, xyy, x chromosome, yawl, yellowlegs, yoke, younger, zeroth law of thermodynamics, zeugma, zip, zip-fastener, zipper, zygospore

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