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Words and phrases whose definition contains toward:   (549 results)

., abaft, abatis, abattis, abusively, acroscopic, adaxial, adducent, adducting, adduction, adductive, adductor, adductor muscle, advance, advancement, advancing, aft, afta, ahead, aim, al-asifa, al-fatah, al-gama'a al-islamiyya, alee, alkalotic, alley, aloneness, amalgamative, amative, amidship, amidships, amorous, anaphase, anarchistic, anger, antagonistically, antarctic peninsula, anterior, anteriority, apex, apex of the sun's way, aptp, arrivinga, arrogance, artfully, arthur neville chamberlain, askew, astern, asymptotically, attract, attracter, attractor, auction, auction bridge, awryp, axially, back, backflow, backflowing, backward, backwards, barreled, barrelled, basiscopic, basketball shot, bearberry willow, beastly, beatification, behavior, behaviour, behind, benighted, bigoted, black gum, black mallee, black sally, blasphemous, bleeding heart, boletus pulverulentus, boreal, bow, bowling alley, broadside, brotherly love, buccal, cacuminal, campaign, castle, caudal, caudally, cause, ceaselessly, centralised, centralized, centrally, centripetal, centripetal acceleration, chamberlain, charge, charity, choler, cityscape, class feeling, clemency, clitocybe clavipes, cloudy, cockeyed, collaborator, collusive, come, come up, conduct, conniving, contract, contract bridge, convergent strabismus, cooperator, corticipetal, corticoafferent, costa, cross-eye, crossed eye, crusade, cuneate, curling, cut, dealignment, decline, demeanor, demeanour, dendrite, deportment, devil's milk, dextrocardia, dictatorially, diminution, diphthong, directional, directness, disaffected, disinclination, disposedp, dive-bombing, dive bomber, do-nothinga, domestic violence, doppler effect, doppler shift, downfield, downhill, downstage, downtown, downwardip, draw, draw in, draw play, drive, east, eastbound, easterly, eastern, eastward, eastwards, edgeways, edgewise, effort, ego ideal, endways, endwise, end on, esotropia, eucalytus stellulata, euphorbia helioscopia, externality, family history, fatah, flare, flare pass, flyspeck, focus, follow-through, fore, forea, forrad, forrard, forward, forwards, forward motion, frontally, frontward, frontwards, fundamentalist, fundamentalistic, future, genus lycoperdon, give-and-go, givenp, goal, going, gradually, gravitate, gravitation, great-leaved macrophylla, greater rhomboid muscle, gutter, harmattan, haughtiness, hauteur, head, head over heels, heartlessly, heat-seeking missile, heavenward, heavenwardly, heavenwards, here, high, high-handedly, highhandedness, hither, homeward, homeward-bound, homewards, homing device, hygrophorus borealis, ill-affected, impious, improve, in, inbound, inclination, indirectness, individual retirement account, ingratiatingly, initial, initiatory, inshore, insular, insultingly, interior, inward, inward-developing, inward-moving, inwards, ira, ire, irreversible, jet propulsion, kirkia wilmsii, lacrosse, landward, landwards, large-leaved cucumber tree, large-leaved magnolia, late, latera, leaning, leccinum fibrillosum, leeward, left, left-handa, leftish, lesser rhomboid muscle, limit, limit point, logroll, loneliness, lonesomeness, look, looking, looking at, lopsided, lordliness, lycoperdon, magnanimous, magnolia macrophylla, malcontent, maltese cross, maternalism, measure, medial, median, mediatory, medieval, mercifulness, mercy, mesial, midships, mihrab, minded, mindedp, moralization, motivation, motive, motor nerve, movement, musculus rhomboideus major, musculus rhomboideus minor, need, negative magnetic pole, negative pole, neuromotor, neville chamberlain, nighted, no-goal, noble, nor'-east, nor'-nor'-east, nor'-nor'-west, nor'-west, north, north-east, north-northeast, north-northwest, north-seeking pole, north-west, northbound, northeast, northeasterly, northeastern, northeastward, northerly, northern, northland, northward, northwest, northwesterly, northwestern, northwestward, north star, notched, obliquely, obsequiously, off-white, oncoming, onshore, onward, onward motion, oort cloud, opisthotonos, orad, organicistic, oriented, outer, outreach, outside, outstroke, outward, outwardness, outwards, overbearing, palmer peninsula, pardner, particularised, particularized, partner, paternally, pavage, pepper tree, point of accumulation, point of view, polaris, polar star, polestar, pole star, positive chemotaxis, positive magnetic pole, positive pole, posterior, posteriority, procession, profane, progress, progression, progressiveness, progressivism, progressivity, prom, promenade, prompter's box, prompt box, pull, pulled, puller, pulling, pull in, push, qibla, radial velocity, rear, reara, rearward, rearwarda, rearwards, rebellious, receding, receptive, red shift, religious orientation, repair, resort, retiring, retral, retroflex, reverse, rhomboideus major muscle, rhomboid minor muscle, rib, ridge, right, right-handa, right-minded, rightish, runcinate, runcinate leaf, sacrilegious, salaah, salaat, salah, salat, salix uva-ursi, santa ana, saw-toothed, screwball, seaward, seeker, sensorya, sensory nerve, separatism, septentrion, serrate, serrated, serrate leaf, set in, sexist, sexual harassment, shove-ha'penny, shove-halfpenny, shovel board, sidelong, sideward, sidewards, sideway, sideways, sidewise, skew-whiff, skittle alley, skyward, skywards, sledding, slink, soberly, solar apex, solitude, sou'-east, sou'-sou'-east, sou'-sou'-west, sou'west, south, south-east, south-seeking pole, south-southeast, south-southwest, south-west, southbound, southeast, southeasterly, southeastern, southeastward, southerly, southern, southland, southward, southwards, southwest, southwesterly, southwestern, southwestward, step, straightness, sun spurge, surfboarding, surfing, surfriding, sympathetic, synclinal, taper, tapered, tapering, target-hunting, taxis, telophase, tendency, tendingp, tension, there, thither, tilt, toehold, tolerantly, toothed, tornado, to windward, transference, turn, twister, unbitter, undercut, unitary, universalist, universalistic, unsteadily, unsympathetic, unwilling, upa, upriver, upstage, upstate, upstream, uptown, upwarda, upwind, urceolate, uterine contraction, varus, vein, vena, venous blood vessel, ventral, wartweed, wartwort, waxlike, weatherboard, weather side, wedge-shaped, west, westbound, westerly, western, westward, westwards, whereat, whitish, willing, windward side, wing tip, wonky, work, zero-tolerance policy

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