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., abdominal delivery, ablate, aborning, abreact, absolutism, absorbable, absorbed, absorptance, absorption, absorption band, absorption coefficient, absorption spectrum, accession, accessory vertebral vein, acoustic impedance, acoustic reactance, acoustic resistance, acquire, acquired, acquired immune deficiency syndrome, acquired immunity, acquirer, actinide, actinoid, actinomorphic, actinomorphous, actinomycosis, actinon, act of terrorism, adhere, adolesce, adolescent, aerated, aeronautics, affirmative action, afspc, agelong, agnation, aids, airborne, airborne transmission, aire, aire river, air cleaner, air filter, air force space command, air reconnaissance, alertly, alfred krupp, allegheny, allegheny river, allow, allure, allurement, amastia, american organ, ampere-turn, amplifier, anaerobic exercise, anaglyphy, antirrhinum filipes, aphonic, aras, araxes, arc, arkansas, arkansas river, armature, armhole, arno, arnold-chiari deformity, arno river, arrogator, arteria alveolaris inferior, artesian well, arthroscopy, artocarpus, asceticism, ascidian, ascus, aspirator, assembly line, astatic coils, astronautics, atrioventricular valve, atrophy, attractive, audaciously, augean stables, avon, axis, backscatter, back door, badger, bagpipe, ballistocardiograph, banal, bangalore torpedo, barf, barrel, basket, basketball, basketball game, basketball hoop, bather, battlemented, battle of ypres, bead, beam, beat, beatrice, beholder, belch, belching, bereave, bereaved, bereft, bessemer process, beyond, be born, be sick, bilaterally symmetrical, bilateral descent, biometric identification, birth canal, bitt pin, blackjack, blackmail, blast wave, blind flying, blind landing, blitz, block, blockade-runner, block off, bloodstream, blow, blowgun, blowpipe, blowtube, blow tube, bock, bock beer, bodkin, bodybuilding, bog candles, bog rein orchid, bolt-hole, boom, bootstrap, bornp, botched, bottleneck, box, boy scouts of america, brainwash, branchial cleft, breached, breach of trust, breaking wind, break through, break wind, breathe, broadway, bubbler, buddhism, bull, bullet hole, bungled, burn, burn off, burp, burping, burrow, bushing, bushwhack, button, buttonhole, buttonhook, button hole, buzzword, by chance, by mouth, by nature, c-section, cabal, caesarean, caesarean delivery, caesarean section, calean, calendar method, calendar method of birth control, calender, calloused, camarilla, camera obscura, canalisation, canalis inguinalis, canalis vertebralis, canalization, cancer, cant, cardiac cycle, cardiac massage, cardiograph, cardiovascular system, carnalise, carnalize, carpal tunnel syndrome, carpathians, carpathian mountains, cascades, cascade mountains, cascade range, cassegrainian telescope, cast, cat, catalog buying, catechise, catechize, cathode-ray tube, celestial horizon, celestial longitude, celioscopy, central heating, centroidal, certain, cesarean, cesarean delivery, cesarean section, cesarian, cesarian section, change of location, channel, channelisation, channelization, channels, charge, charm, charter school, cheat, check-out procedure, chicane, chicha, chimney, chine, chinese checkers, chinese chequers, choanocyte, chokepoint, cholelithotomy, chouse, chromatography column, chuck, church of scientology, chute, chyme, circulate, circulation, circulatory system, circumvent, clank, clear, clevis, clipping, close off, close up, cloud chamber, cloy, clyster, co-opt, cockcroft-walton accelerator, cockcroft-walton voltage multiplier, cockcroft and walton accelerator, cockcroft and walton voltage multiplier, coefficient of absorption, coefficient of correlation, coefficient of drag, coerce, cognation, coin slot, cold, collar cell, collateral, collector, colorado, colorado river, colpocystocele, colter, column, comb, combing, commonplace, community, comprehend, compromising, concave lens, concertina, conduit, congo, congo river, connecticut, connecticut river, conserve, constriction, consumption, contour map, control grid, convalescence, convection, converging lens, convert, convex lens, conveyed, coosa, coosa river, copied, corallorhiza trifida, core, corrections, correlation, correlation coefficient, corticospinal tract, cottar, cotter, cotter pin, coulter, counter, course, cozy, crack, craft, craniotomy, crash, crochet stitch, croquet, cross, crt, crystalline, crystal clear, culdoscopy, cultivated parsnip, cultivation, cumberland, cumberland gap, cumberland river, cumulatively, cupping, current, cursorily, cut, cutting, cycle, cystocele, cytophotometer, dante, dante alighieri, daunting, daylong, deal, deathwatch, deathwatch beetle, debrief, defecation, defenestrate, defibrillator, deflagration, deflated, defloration, delimited, dendroctonus rufipennis, dense, dentition, desolate, despotism, develop, developing, diachronic, diagnose, dialectics, dialysis, dialysis machine, dialyzer, diam, diameter, diapedesis, diaphragmatic hernia, diapir, diffraction, diffuse, diffused, diffuseness, diffusing screen, dimmer, dingy, direct, discharge, discharge pipe, discount rate, disgorge, disgorgement, dissent, distill, diverging lens, diverticulum, divine, dnieper, dnieper river, doctor, doctor of the church, dodder, dodge, doggerel, dominion, door, doorsill, doorstep, doorway, double glazing, downcast, dracunculiasis, drag, dragnet, drag coefficient, drain, drainpipe, draw, drawing string, drawstring, drenched, drip, drip coffee, drive, driven, duct gland, dully, early coral root, earned, earring, earth-closet, ease, ect, effortless, ejaculatory duct, elbe, elbe river, electrical conduction, electrical energy, electrical relay, electrical shock, electricity, electric arc, electric current, electric discharge, electric shock, electroconvulsive therapy, electrolysis, electron volt, electroshock, electroshock therapy, electrosleep, elementary geometry, ellipse, ellis island, embrangle, embrasure, emesis, enation, encephalocele, endaemonism, endermatic, endermic, endotracheal tube, enema, entangled, enteric-coated aspirin, enterostomy, enterotomy, entice, erasable, eructation, eruption, escape, escapism, espresso, espresso maker, etd, euclidean geometry, eudemonism, ev, eventration, evolve, excavate, exhaust, exhaust pipe, exhaust system, exhaust valve, exocrine gland, exorcise, exorcize, experience, explosive trace detection, express, expressionism, external orifice, extort, extrude, extrusive, exudation, exude, eye, faction, fag, fag out, fairway, faith cure, faith healing, fake, famine, fan belt, fart, farting, fatigue, fearsomely, fellate, ferret, ferret out, fetal circulation, field, field goal, field of view, figure eight, figure of eight, filter, filter out, filtrate, filtration, fin, find, fire, firewall, first battle of ypres, first trimester, fish, flatus, flick, flight, flight path, flip, floodgate, floor plan, flowing, flume, flush toilet, fly, flying, foetal circulation, fogged, foil, follow-through, foot-pound, foot-poundal, footslog, foramen, foramen magnum, force, forced feeding, forceps delivery, forlorn, fortune hunter, foul line, franking machine, freedom rider, fricative, frisk, frisson, fuck off, funnel, fuqra, furtively, gain, game, gametogenesis, gas-discharge tube, gasometer, gastrogavage, gastroscopy, gastrostomy, gas line, gas meter, gas oil, gas ring, gas turbine, gavage, genus artocarpus, genus salvadora, gesticulate, gesture, get down, get the best, ghost word, gig, gila, gila river, gill cleft, gill slit, gland, glycolysis, gmt, go, godforsaken, godiva, gold digger, gorge, gossamer, go across, go down on, go through, gray fox, great circle, great depression, great plains, great plains of north america, great white way, green, greenhouse effect, greenwich, greenwich mean time, greenwich time, green river, gregorian telescope, grey fox, grid, grief-stricken, grieving, grille, guide, guinea worm, guinea worm disease, gulch, gulf stream, gun barrel, habenaria dilatata, habit, hack, hackneyed, hale, half, half-term, hallel, hampton roads, harmonium, have the best, hawse, hawsehole, hawsepipe, hazily, headlong, head gate, healthcare, health care, heard, hearsay, heart, heart-lung machine, heart massage, heavy, hernia, herniation, heteroecious, hiatal hernia, hiatus, hiatus hernia, high, highschool, high school, hinayana, historical, hole, homeward, honk, hookah, hookworm, hookworm disease, hoop, hoops, hopscotch, horizon, horizontal section, horn, hot-air balloon, hour circle, housatonic, housatonic river, hub, hubble-bubble, hubbly-bubbly, humanism, humanist, humanistic, hydraulic press, hydraulic system, hydrofoil, hyperalimentation, hyperbolic geometry, hysteroscopy, ileostomy, ilmen, imbue, impede, impelled, impenetrable, impermeable, impudently, inconspicuous, indecisive, index, indian trail, indirect, indirection, inferior alveolar artery, infiltrate, infiltration, informal, information, information age, infuse, ingesta, ingestion, inguinal canal, innatep, insurgence, insurgency, intake, intake valve, interfere, intergalactic space, interpenetrate, interpenetration, interpose, intervene, intimate, intimate with, intimidating, intrauterine device, intravenous feeding, intuitive, in flight, ionizing radiation, irrawaddy, irrawaddy river, islamic calendar, iud, iv, jack off, jade, jakes, jam, jamaat ul-fuqra, jazz, jerk off, jockey, john tyndall, joseph john thomson, joule, judgement on the merits, judgment on the merits, jump, junto, kalian, kasai, kasai river, kattegatt, kidney, kilogram-meter, kingmaker, klamath, klamath river, klein bottle, knowledgeable, knowledgeable aboutp, krupp, label, labyrinthodonta, labyrinthodontia, lace, lace up, lacing, ladoga, lady godiva, lake ilmen, lake ladoga, languish, lanthanide, lanthanide series, lanthanoid, lanthanon, laparocele, laparoscope, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, lap choly, latchstring, lattice, lavatory, law of moses, laxation, leaf, leak, lens, let, liebig condenser, lifelong, life cycle, ligamentum teres uteri, light, light filter, limpid, linchpin, line, linebacker blitzing, line of flight, line of longitude, little missouri, little missouri river, live, lm, lock, lockage, lock chamber, loft, log, longitude, loop, lore, lorn, lose, lubber's hole, lubricate, lucid, lumen, lungless salamander, lure, lurid, lynchpin, machicolation, magnetic meridian, mahayana, mahayana buddhism, mail-order buying, mail slot, majestically, major axis, make it, make pure, malaria, malignant neoplastic disease, mandate, manhole, march, maria tallchief, masculinise, masculinize, mastodon, mastodont, masturbate, matriarchate, matriarchic, matriarchy, matrilineage, matrilineal, matrilineally, matrilinear, matted, maxwell's demon, meander, meanderingly, mediate, mediated, medium, medulla spinalis, mekong, mekong river, mellow, mellowed, mercury-vapor lamp, meridian, merrimack, merrimack river, metacenter, metacentre, micropyle, microscopic field, microwave, microwave oven, mimeo, mimeograph, mimeograph machine, minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery, mirabilis oblongifolia, mittelschmerz, mohammedan calendar, monthlong, mosaic law, moslem calendar, motion, mountain four o'clock, mountain trail, mourninga, mousetrap, mouth, mucous secretion, mucus, muhammadan calendar, musclebuilding, muscle building, muslim calendar, muzzle-loading, muzzle loader, myelomeningocele, myiasis, name, narghile, nargileh, naris, nasal, nasalise, nasalize, nasal consonant, nasogastric feeding, nasotracheal tube, natator, natural, naturally, navigable, needle biopsy, negociate, nerve agent, nerve gas, nerve pathway, nerve tract, netball, neutron flux, newtonian reflector, newtonian telescope, nightlong, nile, nile river, nod, nonextant, nonrational, north platte, north platte river, nose cone, nose flute, nosy, noumenon, observer, observer's meridian, obstruct, obturate, occlude, odontiasis, ogive, old-hat, old-timer, oldtimer, old hand, old stager, omphalocele, one-night stand, oneiromancer, oneiromancy, on the wing, ooze, open-heart surgery, ophthalmia neonatorum, optic axis, orally, oral cavity, oral fissure, organ, origen, oscitance, oscitancy, osmosis, ostiole, outfox, outhouse, outsmart, outwear, outwit, oval, overcome, overnight, overreach, pace car, pad, padlock, pale coral root, pall, parabolic geometry, parenteral, pascal, pass, passage, passageway, passive immunity, pass through, pathfinder, pathway, patriarchate, patriarchic, patriarchy, patrilineage, patrilineal, patrilineally, patrilinear, patrol, pay, pea shooter, pecos, pecos river, peep, peephole, peepshow, peep sight, pee dee, pee dee river, pellucid, penetrable, penetrate, penetration, penetrator, penstemon whippleanus, penstock, pentoxifylline, perceivable, perceive, perceiver, perchance, percolate, percolation, percolator, percutaneous, peregrinate, perennation, perforate, perforated, perfuse, permeable, permeate, permeation, permit, perspire, pervade, pervaporate, pervaporation, phenomenon, photojournalism, photojournalist, piece of work, pierce, pierced, pilot, pine away, pipes, pipe in, pitch-black, plane section, plethodont, plod, plough, plow, pneumonic plague, polar coordinate, pore, pork-barreling, port, port-access coronary bypass surgery, porte-cochere, porthole, pouch, pox, preconceived, pressure, prestige, prestigiousness, primary, primary coil, principal axis, prismatic, privy, process, processing, production line, propagate, propagation, propanediol, prophesy, propylene glycol, protest, provincially, psychosexual development, puff, puke, puking, pull, pull-through, pump, punch, punctured, pupil, puree, purge, purification, purify, purposeful, pyramidal motor system, pyramidal tract, quilting, ra, race, rack, radiator, radiator cap, raggedly, railroad tunnel, rake, rapid, rare-earth element, raree-show, rare earth, recovery, recuperation, red, red cloud, red river, reed organ, reeve, refracting telescope, regenerate, regorge, regurgitate, regurgitation, relay, relief map, renaissance, renal colic, representative, republican, republican river, research effort, resist, resoluteness, respiratory tract, retarding force, retch, reveal, reversible process, rhinoscope, rhinoscopy, rhonchus, rhythm, rhythm method, rhythm method of birth control, ricer, ride, riff, riffle, rifle, rift, right ascension, rima oris, river aire, river arno, river avon, river kasai, river thames, rivet, robert's rules of order, roneo, roneograph, room access, root canal, rose-colored, round ligament of the uterus, royal society, rule, rummage, run, run through, saber-toothed tiger, sabertooth, safari park, safe-conduct, safeguard, safety blitz, sail, saint francis, saint francis river, saint john, saint john river, salivary duct, salvadora, sanction, sandglass, sap, saturated, scalper, school-age child, schoolchild, school system, scientology, scout, scream, screen, screen door, screw, scroll, search and destroy mission, seasoned, seat, secondary, secondary coil, secondary winding, secreter, secretor, secretory organ, section, sectional, secular humanism, see, seep, see through, seine, seine river, self-expression, semipermeable membrane, semitransparent, senior high, senior high school, sensation, sense, sensory faculty, sensualise, sensualize, sentience, sentiency, separate out, series, serigraph, sewing needle, shackle, shadowbox, shaft, shame, shape, she-bop, shear, sheesha, shisha, shock, shock wave, shopworn, shot tower, shut off, sibilant, sick, side-slip, sieve, sieve tube, sift, silkscreen, silk screen print, sinking, sink in, siphon, sir joseph john thomson, skewer, skim, skimming, skitter, ski jumper, slenderness, slice, slice into, slice through, slide, slideway, slinger ring, slip, slip ring, slit, slog, slop, sloping trough, slosh, sluice, sluicegate, sluice valve, smash, smokestack, smooth, smothering, snake, snarl, snarl up, sneer, sniff, sniffle, sniffler, snivel, sniveler, snort, snorting, snow blower, snow thrower, snuff, snuffle, snuffler, soaked, soaking, sodden, sodium-vapor lamp, sodium-vapour lamp, soft-soap, solenoid, solid, sophistication, sopping, soppy, sorrowinga, sound, soundlessly, soundly, spaced-out, space shuttle, spark, speechlessly, spew, spike mike, spinal canal, spinal cord, spinner, spirant, spit, splash, splintered, splosh, spoken, spray, spray-dry, spraying, sprinkler system, sprocket, spruce bark beetle, spue, spyhole, squeeze, squeeze out, squelch, squish, st. francis, st. francis river, st. john, st. john river, stack, stager, stalk, state, stencil, step in, stereo, stereophonic, stir, stitch, stock, stocka, stoma, stomate, stomp, stopper knot, strain, strainer, streaker, stream, string, struggle, stump, sublimate, subsidise, subsidize, subsister, sucker, sudate, suffocating, suffocative, suffuse, suffused, suffusive, superior ophthalmic vein, superorder labyrinthodonta, superorder labyrinthodontia, survivor, susquehanna, susquehanna river, swallow, sweat, swim, swimmer, swoop, symbolism, synapse, syph, syphilis, syphon, take a hit, talk down, tallapoosa, tallapoosa river, tallchief, tangle, tanzimul fuqra, teen, teenage, teenaged, teething, tempt, temptingness, tenuity, terminal velocity, terrorism, terrorist act, test pilot, tevere, thames, thames river, theravada, theravada buddhism, thick, thickened, thickness, thing-in-itself, think, thinness, third rail, thomson, thread, threadbare, threader, three-figure, threshold, throughput, through and through, throw, thrower, throw up, thrust, thumb, tiber, ticker, ticket window, time, timeworn, time constant, tire, tired, tire out, tombigbee, tombigbee river, tomograph, torpedo tube, total parenteral nutrition, touchy-feely, town, tpn, traced, tract, tradecraft, traditional knowledge, trail, trajectory, tramp, transcultural, transcutaneous, transdermal, transdermic, transit, translucent, transmission, transmittance, transparent, transparently, transpirate, transpiration, transpire, transpiring, transplacental, transudation, trap play, travel, traveled, trawl, trawl net, trekker, trental, trite, troll, trolling, trudge, tunnel, tweedle, two-channel, tyndall, tyranny, u.s. mint, u. s. air force, umbilical hernia, unaltered, under, undergo, unearth, unfold, unhappy, unilateral descent, united states air force, united states mint, universal time, unlatched, unlighted, unlit, unmethodical, unmolested, unnavigable, unread, unseeing, unstrained, unswervingly, untraveled, untravelled, untraversed, upcast, upchuck, upper avon, upper avon river, uptake, urethra, urethral orifice, urocyon cinereoargenteus, usaf, use, us air force, us mint, ut, ut1, vague, valve, vandalise, vandalize, vascular system, vascular tissue, vaticinate, vena vertebralis, vena vertebralis accessoria, venipuncture, vent, ventilate, verse, versed, vertebral canal, vertebral vein, vertical circle, vertical section, very low density lipoprotein, veteran, veterana, vicariously, virilise, virilize, visceral, vldl, vocational rehabilitation program, voiceless, volcano, volt, voltage drop, vomit, vomiting, vomit up, wade, waft, walk-through, wander, wank, warhorse, waste, waste pipe, watercourse, waterspout, waterway, water gap, water gate, water meter, water pipe, watt second, wavefront, wave equation, wave front, weakly interacting massive particle, wear, weary, wear down, wear off, wear out, wear thin, wear upon, web, weekend, weeklong, welfare state, well, well-read, well-worn, wend, whale, whereby, whiff, whipple's penstemon, whip through, white, whiteout, whitewash, white river, whiz, wicket, wide, wiesenboden, wilson cloud chamber, wimp, win, wind, window, window screen, wind gap, wing, witch doctor, withering, womb-to-tomb, wont, work, work off, work through, worldliness, world wide web, www, xestobium rufovillosum, yawn, yawning, yearlong, yellowstone, yellowstone river, yellow twining snapdragon, yoga, ypres, zen, zen buddhism, zigzag, zygomorphic, zygomorphous

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