Words and phrases whose definition contains structure:   (663 results)

., ablate, accompanying vein, account, acculturation, achondritic, acicula, acorn cup, acyclic, affinity, airdock, altar, alula, amorphous, amphiprostylar, amphiprostyle, amphistylar, amygdala, amygdaloid nucleus, anacoluthia, anacoluthon, analysis, anatomic, anatomical, anatomical structure, anatomy, anderson, antagonism, arboreal, arboreous, arborescent, arboresque, arboriform, arc-boutant, arcade, arch, architectural plan, architecture, area, arena, armory, armoury, arrangement, arsenal, arteria maxillaris, ascus, assimilation, aster, atomic, atomic physics, atomic theory, auricle, bacitracin, barbacan, barbican, barrier, baryon number, bascule, base, basement, basidium, beehive, benzenoid, big-boned, bioscience, bird's-nest fungus, boarding, bodily structure, body, body structure, bohr, bohr theory, bowl, breakwater, bridge, building, building complex, bulb, bulwark, bulwarks, byzantine, caenogenesis, cainogenesis, caliculus, calycle, calyculus, calypter, calyx tube, camillo golgi, cancellate, cancellated, cancellous, cap, capsule, caput, caracolito, cardiologist, cartilaginous structure, case, caste system, catchment, cauda, cellar, cenogenesis, changed, chela, chemical action, chemical change, chemical process, cheval-de-frise, chevaux-de-frise, chondritic, chromosomal aberration, chromosomal anomaly, chromosomal mutation, chromosonal disorder, chrosomal abnormality, cingulate gyrus, cingulum, clathrate, clausal, claw, cleistocarp, cleistothecium, close-grained, coil, colonnade, columbarium, columella, column, columniation, comma, complex, complex body part, computer architecture, concha, consistent, constituenta, constitutional, constitutivea, contour, corm, cornu, corona, corpus, corpus amygdaloideum, corpus geniculatum laterale, corpus geniculatum mediale, cortex, cosmogenic, cosmogenical, cosmogeny, cosmogonic, cosmogonical, cosmogony, cosmologic, cosmological, cosmology, counterstain, crick, cross, crystal, crystalised, crystallization, crystallized, crystallography, ctenidium, cupule, cyclic, cyst, cytoarchitectonics, cytoarchitecture, cytologist, cytology, dead load, dealignment, deathtrap, decalescence, defective, defence, defense, defensive structure, dendriform, dendroid, dendroidal, descriptive, dictyosome, divider, door, dorothy hodgkin, dorothy mary crowfoot hodgkin, double helix, dysplasia, ear, echocardiography, edifice, eiffel tower, elaidic acid, elevation, endoskeleton, end organ, entablature, erection, establishment, eugene paul wigner, eugene wigner, eviscerate, exoskeleton, explanation, explication de texte, fabric, facilitative, factor of safety, far-reaching, fastness, feather, field-emission microscope, figure, filament, filum, fine-grained, fine structure, floor, floral cup, flying buttress, foot, foramen, forelimb, form, formalism, fornix, fort, fortification, fortress, foundation, fountain, frame, framework, framing, francis crick, francis henry compton crick, freeze-drying, friedrich august kekule, friedrich august kekule von stradonitz, functional, fundament, funiculus, ganglion, gemma, general anatomy, genetic mutation, geological phenomenon, geomorphologic, geomorphological, gerhard herzberg, germ, girder, girdle, glans, glass, golgi, golgi apparatus, golgi body, golgi complex, governmental, grammatic, granular, groin, groove, gross, gross anatomy, groundwork, groyne, gyrus cinguli, haemal arch, hangar, harmony, heart specialist, heart surgeon, helix, hemal arch, hernia, herniation, herzberg, heterologic, heterological, heterologous, hiatus, hierarchical classification system, hierarchical data structure, hierarchical structure, hill, hind limb, hip, hippocampus, histology, hive, hodgkin, homogeneity, homologous, homology, hooke, horny structure, hypanthium, hyperfine, impediment, impedimenta, inelastic, infrastructure, internal maxillary artery, interrelation, interrelationship, interstitial tissue, intimate, isogamete, isogamy, isomorphism, isomorphy, isthmus, james dewey watson, james watson, jetty, jungle gym, kainogenesis, karyotype, kekule, kendrew, kenogenesis, lamination, landing, landing place, landmark, larynx, lateral geniculate body, layer, leg, lepidobotrys, level, life science, limbus, line of defence, line of defense, line organisation, line organization, lipscomb, live load, load, lobe, lookout, lookout station, loose, lyophilisation, lyophilization, macroscopic anatomy, macrosporangium, malayan, manhole, marie goeppert mayer, masonry, maurice hugh frederick wilkins, maurice wilkins, maxillary artery, max ferdinand perutz, max perutz, mayer, mechanic's lien, mechanism, medial geniculate body, medulla, medulla spinalis, megalith, megalithic structure, megasporangium, memorial, mental, metamorphism, metamorphose, microsporangium, mineralogy, mole, molecular, molecular biologist, molecular biology, molecular genetics, monoclinal, monument, morphogenesis, morphologic, morphological, morphology, mound, munition, musical harmony, mutation, naked mole rat, national monument, nerve end, nerve ending, nest, neural arch, neural structure, neurolinguistics, neutron, niels bohr, niels henrik david bohr, nipper, nitrogen mustard, node, nog, nonrigid, notochord, nuclear physics, nuclear reaction, nucleonics, object-oriented programing language, object-oriented programming language, observation tower, observatory, obstructer, obstruction, obstructor, offset, open-chain, organic, organic brain syndrome, organic structure, organisation, organism, organization, organizational, outrigged, outwork, ovipositor, palaeobiology, paleobiology, paries, parse, particle, partition, pattern, pearl, pelvic arch, pelvic girdle, pelvis, periodontist, peristylar, perutz, philip anderson, philip warren anderson, phil anderson, phylogenetic relation, physical structure, piecemeal, pier, pile, pileus, piling, pillar, pilus, pincer, pineal eye, pinna, piriform area, piriform lobe, placenta, plan, plate, platform, plumage, plume, pocket, polygonal, pontoon, porch, porticoed, post and lintel, pouch, prefab, prefabricated, prefrontal, projection, prophyll, prostyle, pseudoperipteral, pseudoprostyle, pycnidium, pyramid scheme, pyriform area, pyriform lobe, radicle, radiology, radioscopy, ramon y cajal, rationalise, rationalize, razing, reabsorption, receptor, reconstitute, reformer, regulation, renal pelvis, reorganization, repair shed, resect, resection, resorption, restructure, retrofit, rhizome, rhizomorph, rigid, robert hooke, rootstalk, rootstock, rotator cuff, ruptiliocarpon caracolito, rutherford atom, sac, safety factor, santiago ramon y cajal, schwann, seawall, semirigid, set-back, setoff, shape, sheath, shelter, shield, shipway, shoebox, shore, shoring, sidewall, sign, signboard, sill, silo, sir alexander robertus todd, sir john cowdery kendrew, skeletal frame, skeletal structure, skeletal system, skeleton, slipway, socket, soliton, soliton wave, sonogram, sorus, sovietise, sovietize, span, spermatic cord, spicule, spiculum, spile, spinal cord, spiral, spiral galaxy, spiral nebula, sports stadium, squama, stadium, staff, stalk, stand, stands, star sapphire, stem, stilt, stipe, storage space, storey, story, stronghold, structural, structurally, structural member, structured, substructure, superload, superstructure, support, supporting structure, surbase, synthetic resin, system, systematist, systema skeletale, tailfin, tail fin, taxonomer, taxonomist, taxonomy, tectonic, tendril, tensor, theodor schwann, third eye, tissue, todd, tooth, tower, trabecula, transept, transform, transformation, transmute, tree-shaped, treelike, trestlework, truss, tube, tube-shaped structure, umbilical vesicle, underframe, understructure, unguis, uniform, unit, unstructured, unwieldy, utility, vallecula, valve, valvelet, valvula, valvule, vane, vascular structure, vaulting, vena comitans, vertebral arch, vertical fin, vertical stabiliser, vertical stabilizer, vesicle, vesicula umbilicus, vitelline sac, voice box, volute, volva, wall, watson, ways, weapons platform, weathervane, weather vane, weave, wellhead, whorl, wigner, wilkins, wind tunnel, wind vane, wrecking, x-ray diffraction, yolk sac, zona, zonal, zone

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