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Words and phrases whose definition contains state:   (2349 results)

., 1st earl attlee, abasement, aberrance, aberrancy, aberration, abjection, aboriginal, abound, absence, absorb, absorption, abu sayyaf, acapnia, acceptance, achievability, achille ratti, acknowledgement, acknowledgment, act, action, active, activeness, activity, actuality, act as, act out, add, adelaide, adirondacks, adirondack mountains, admission day, admixture, adolescence, adolescent, adopted, adulthood, adversity, affinity, affliction, afghan monetary unit, agency, agitated depression, agitation, agony, ak, al, al-asifa, al-fatah, al-iraq, al-jihad, al-ma'unah, alabama, alarm, alaska, alaskan, albany, albuminuric, aleksandr feodorovich kerensky, alert, alerting, alertness, aliveness, alliance, alloy, aloha state, along, alteration, alternation, ambrogio damiano achille ratti, amity, anabaptism, anabiotic, anarchy, andhra pradesh, anestrous, anestrum, anestrus, anger, angriness, animation, annam, annapolis, annoyance, annulment, anoestrum, anoestrus, anomie, anomy, anonymity, antagonism, antisepsis, anxiety, anxiousness, apostasy, appanage, append, apportionment, ar, arizona, arkansas, armed islamic group, armistice, arms, army, arousal, aroused, arrears, arrest, arrested development, articles of incorporation, articulate, ascendance, ascendancy, ascendant, ascendence, ascendency, ascendent, asceticism, asepsis, asleep, asleepp, asphyxiated, assam, assamese, assay, assert, asseverate, assimilation, associated state, association, asynergic, as it is, at-largeip, ataturk, atlanta, atomic number, attain, attainability, attainableness, attitude, attlee, attorney general, atypicality, at resta, audience, augusta, austin, automatic pilot, autopilot, autoregulation, averageness, awakep, awareness, awayness, az, babyhood, bachelorhood, background, backsliding, badger state, bad luck, balance, balanced, ballot, banishment, bankruptcy, bank commissioner, bank examination, bareness, barish, barrenness, basal metabolic rate, basal metabolism, battle born state, bavaria, bay state, beantown, bean town, bearer of the sword, bear away, bear off, beatification, beatitude, beaver state, become, bedlam, beehive state, befoulment, beggary, being, beingness, bereavement, beveridge, be active, bihar, bismarck, bismuthic, bitterroot, black, black-eyed susan, blackness, blamelessness, blameworthiness, blankness, blazon, blazonry, blessedness, blessing, blight, bliss, blissfulness, blockage, block grant, bloodguilt, bluegrass state, blues, blue devils, blue funk, blue sky law, bmr, bodo-garo, boer war, bohr theory, boil, boisterousness, bondage, boom, boon, boston, botheration, breach of the peace, break, breeziness, bring, bring out, brisbane, bristle, broken, brown study, brush up, buckeye state, buddha, buffer country, buffer state, buganda, bugginess, build, bullfinch, bureau of diplomatic security, bureau of intelligence and research, burst, busyness, byblos, byzantinism, ca, cabinet, caesaropapism, calcification, calif, california, caliph, calm, calm down, camellia state, capital of alabama, capital of alaska, capital of arizona, capital of arkansas, capital of colorado, capital of connecticut, capital of delaware, capital of florida, capital of georgia, capital of illinois, capital of ireland, capital of israel, capital of kansas, capital of maine, capital of maryland, capital of massachusetts, capital of michigan, capital of minnesota, capital of mississippi, capital of missouri, capital of montana, capital of nebraska, capital of nevada, capital of new hampshire, capital of new jersey, capital of new mexico, capital of new york, capital of north carolina, capital of north dakota, capital of ohio, capital of oregon, capital of pennsylvania, capital of south dakota, capital of tennessee, capital of texas, capital of vermont, capital of virginia, capital of washington, capital of west virginia, capital of wisconsin, capital of wyoming, captivation, captivity, carry away, carry off, carry over, carson city, carthage, case, castro, catafalque, catalepsy, catastrophe, catatonia, catatonic schizophrenia, catatonic type schizophrenia, catch, cayuga, cease, cease-fire, celebrity, cellularity, censure, centennial state, certainty, certificate of incorporation, certified public accountant, chaim azriel weizmann, chaim weizmann, chancellor, change, chaos, charleston, charles bullfinch, check, cheyenne, chief executive, chihuahua, childbed, childhood, chill out, church-state, churning, circuit, circumstances, citizen, citizenry, citta del vaticano, city, city of brotherly love, city state, civil, civilisation, civilise, civilised, civilization, civilize, civilized, civil law, claim, clash, cleanness, clear, cleavage, clement attlee, clement richard attlee, climate, clinical depression, clot, cloudiness, cloud cover, cloud nine, co, coagulate, coalition, coat of arms, cognitive state, coherence, coherency, cohesion, cohesiveness, cold storage, cold war, colin luther powell, colin powell, collectivised, collectivized, colligation, colony, colorado, columbus, coma, comatose, comatoseness, combustion, come, come out, come out of the closet, comfort, comfortableness, comity, commensal, commission, commonness, common mood, commune, communisation, communise, communist economy, communist party, communization, communize, compactly, companionship, company, compartmentalisation, compartmentalization, completeness, compromise, concatenation, conceivability, conceivableness, conciliation, concord, concordance, concurrence, condemn, condensation, condense, condition, conditionality, confederation, confidence, confidentiality, confinement, conflict, conformational entropy, confused, confusedness, confusion, congressional district, conjugation, conjunction, connectedness, connecticut, connection, connote, consciousness, conspicuousness, constitution state, constraint, contact, contagion, contamination, content, contentedness, contiguous, contingency, continue, control, convenience, converter, convertor, cool it, cool off, cornhusker state, corp, corporation, corrosion, corruption, corruptness, cosiness, cotton, cotton wool, county, court, coventry, coyote state, coziness, cpa, craze, credit crunch, criminalism, criminality, criminalness, critical, criticality, criticalness, crowned head, crown jewels, cruciality, crudeness, crudity, cry, cryptobiosis, cryptobiotic, ct, cuba, culpability, culpableness, cultivated, cultivation, culture, curiosity, curiousness, currency, custody, dail, dail eireann, damnation, damocles, dark, darkness, dazed, de, dead letter, death, debarment, debasement, debility, debt, decadence, decadency, decadent, decay, declarative, declarative mood, declare, declension, declination, decline, decline in quality, decomposition, decrepitude, defection, defectiveness, defend, deferral, deficiency, defilement, deforestation, degeneracy, degeneration, degradation, degree of freedom, dejection, delaware, delegacy, delirium, democratic people's republic of korea, demoralisation, demoralization, demoralize, denationalisation, denationalization, denver, department of state, depletion, deplorable, depression, depressive disorder, deprivation, depth, derangement, derive, deshabille, desire, desolation, desorption, despair, desperate straits, desperation, destitution, destruction, desuetude, detachment, detection, detention, deterioration, devastation, development, deviance, de valera, diamond state, diestrum, diestrus, difficulty, dilapidation, dilatation, dilemma, dimness, dire straits, dirt, dirtiness, disambiguate, disarray, disassociation, disaster, discomfort, disconnectedness, disconnection, discontinue, discredit, discreteness, disentangler, disestablishment, disesteem, disfavor, disfavour, disgrace, disgruntled, dishabille, dishonor, dishonour, disintegration, disjunction, disjuncture, disordered, disorderly behavior, disorderly conduct, dispersed particles, dispersed phase, disrepute, dissatisfied, dissociation, distension, distention, distil, distill, distinctness, distress, disturbance, disturbance of the peace, disuse, dither, divan, diwan, dogmatise, dogmatize, doldrums, dole, dominance, dope off, dormancy, dormant account, doubt, doubtfulness, dover, down, downhill, doze off, dprk, dream, dred scott, drift off, drive, drop off, drowse off, drowsiness, drunkenness, ds, dubiety, dubiousness, dublin, dulles, dumps, duskiness, dust contamination, dynamic, dynamic balance, dyscrasia, dystopia, eamon de valera, ease, easiness, economic crisis, ecstasy, edgy, educe, egyptian islamic jihad, elation, elephantiasis, elicited, eligibility, embarrassment, embitterment, embrace, emergency, eminent domain, emotional state, empire, empire state, empire state of the south, employ, employment, emptiness, enchantment, end, endogenous depression, endurance, energy level, energy state, engrossment, enmity, ennoblement, enslavement, ensue, entireness, entirety, entropy, enunciate, environmental condition, epidemic hysertia, equality, equality state, equation, equivalence, erastianism, ergodic, erie, erie canal, eroticism, erotism, esaki, escheat, estrous, estrus, eternal damnation, eternity, eudaemonia, eudaimonia, eunuchoidism, everglade state, evergreen state, evoked, exact, exaltation, excess, excitation, excited, excitement, exclaim, exclusion, excommunication, excruciation, existence, exogenous depression, expectedness, exposit, exposure, expound, externality, extradition, extremity, fact mood, fall, fall asleep, falseness, false pregnancy, falsity, fame, family relationship, famishment, fantods, fare-thee-well, fascination, fatah, fatigue, faultiness, favorite son, favourite son, fecundity, fed, federalisation, federalization, federal reserve, federal reserve system, feebleness, felicity, fellowship, ferdinand the catholic, ferdinand v, ferment, fermentation, fertility, fervor, fervour, fettle, fever pitch, fidel castro, fidel castro ruz, fiji, filth, filthiness, finance minister, finish, finished, finnbogadottir, first baron beveridge, first state, fisc, fishbowl, fish bowl, fixation, fl, flake out, flap, flatulence, flatulency, flawlessness, flection, flexion, flexure, florida, flustered, flux, fly, foam at the mouth, fool's paradise, force, foreign legion, foreign service, form, forthcomingness, foulness, frailness, frailty, frame of mind, franchise tax, frazzle, fred hoyle, free-soil, freedom party, free agency, free state, frenzy, freshness, friction, friendly relationship, friendship, frightened, froth at the mouth, frs, fugue, funk, funky, fury, fusion, fuss, ga, garboil, garden state, garibaldi, gas, gaseous, gem state, general anaesthesia, general anesthesia, general election, gentleman-at-arms, genuineness, geopolitics, george catlett marshall, george marshall, georgia, georgian, gestapo, gestation, get, gia, giuseppe garibaldi, give up, gloom, glorification, glory, glossolalia, glow, gnarl, go, goa, goal, golden state, goldfish bowl, good fortune, good health, good luck, gopher state, governing, governmental, governor, go along, go on, grace, grand canyon state, granite state, gratification, grease, greater new york, great lakes state, great power, greek church, greek orthodox church, greenness, green mountain state, gregory, gregory vii, grenada, grimace, grime, griminess, grogginess, ground forces, ground state, growing, grubbiness, grunge, guadalcanal, guild socialism, guilt, guiltiness, guiltlessness, gujarat, gujerat, gustavus, gustavus adolphus, gustavus i, gustavus ii, haleness, hallucinosis, halt, hamas, happiness, harakat al-jihad al-islami al-filastini, hardship, hard knocks, haredi, harmony, harrisburg, hartford, hawaii, hawaiian, hawkeye state, hazardousness, health, healthiness, health problem, hearing, heart of dixie, heat, heat of sublimation, heavy, hegemony, helena, helm, helplessness, hereafter, hereness, heterozygosity, hezbollah, hi, hibernate, hibernation, hiccough, hiccup, high, high-strung, highly strung, hildebrand, historicalness, hit, hitch, hizballah, hizbollah, hizbullah, hizb ut-tahrir, hobart, hold, holding pattern, hold over, hollowness, holy see, home, homelessness, homozygosity, honor, honour, hoosier state, horniness, hostility, hotness, hot and botheredp, hot pants, hoyle, hub of the universe, huff, huffiness, hugger-mugger, hum, humbleness, humiliation, humor, humour, hunt, hyalinisation, hyalinization, hypercellularity, hypertonia, hypertonic, hypertonicity, hypertonus, hypnoid, hypnosis, hypocapnia, hypocellularity, hypotonia, hypotonicity, hypotonus, hysteria, ia, ice, id, idaho, igneous, ignominy, il, illinois, ill fame, ill health, ill luck, imbalance, immaculateness, immanence, immanency, imminence, imminency, imminentness, immortality, immunity, immurement, impeachability, impecuniousness, impendence, impendency, imperativeness, imperceptibly, imperfection, imperfectness, imply, impoverishment, imprisonment, impulse, imu, in, inaction, inactiveness, inactivity, incarceration, incertitude, inclusion, incompleteness, inconceivability, inconceivableness, incorporative, inculpability, inculpableness, indiana, indicate, indication, indicative, indicative mood, indictability, indigence, indiscreetly, indispensable, induction, inebriation, inebriety, ineligibility, inertia, infamy, infancy, infantile fixation, infection, inferiority, infertility, infestation, infirmity, inflammation, inform, ingeminate, inherence, inkblot test, innocence, inquisitiveness, inr, insecureness, insecurity, insistence, insistency, instability, insularism, insularity, insulation, intactness, interconnectedness, interconnection, interestedness, intoxicant, intoxication, intrastate, inwardness, in order, in suspensep, iosif vissarionovich dzhugashvili, iowa, irak, iran, iraq, irish capital, iroquois, irrationality, irreality, irritation, isabella i, isabella the catholic, islamic group of uzbekistan, islamic jihad, islamic jihad for the liberation of palestine, islamic law, islamic party of turkestan, islamic republic of iran, islamic resistance movement, isolation, isomerism, iterate, ivory tower, jackson, jefferson city, jerusalem, jinnah, jittery, job, john foster dulles, john scopes, john thomas scopes, joseph stalin, josip broz, jump, jumpstart, jumpy, junction, juneau, jurisdictional, kach, kahane chai, kalif, kalinin, kaliph, kansas, karnataka, kashmiri, keep, kemal ataturk, kemal pasha, kentucky, kerensky, keystone state, khalif, khalifah, kick in, kinetosis, kingdom, kinship, kokka, kokka shinto, kolkhoz, ks, kurd, kurdistan labor pary, kurdistan workers party, ky, la, labor, labour, lack, lake erie, land, landholding, land of enchantment, land of lincoln, land of opportunity, lansing, laos, lao people's democratic republic, lapse, lapsing, lassitude, last frontier, latency, lateran treaty, laurels, lawlessness, lay off, leap, leave, lebanese hizballah, legal code, leo esaki, lepidopteran, lepidopteron, lepidopterous insect, lethargy, let out, lewisia rediviva, liability, liberation tigers of tamil eelam, libya, license, licensed practical nurse, lie, lieutenant governor, life, limbo, lincoln, line item, link, liquefied, liquid, liquidity, liquidity crisis, liquidness, liquid air, liquid nitrogen, liquified, little rhody, little rock, lividity, living, livinga, living death, locative, locative role, lock, lodgement, lodging, lodgment, logginess, loginess, lone-star state, loneliness, louisiana, low-water mark, lower rank, lower saxony, lower status, low spirits, lpn, ltte, lucidity, lull, lying-in, lysogeny, ma, madison, madras, magnolia state, mahratti, maine, maintain, major depressive episode, major power, make a face, malacia, male hypogonadism, malignance, malignancy, malnutrition, manhood, manipur, marathi, marital, markoff process, markov process, marriage, married, marshall, marshal tito, maryland, massachusetts, mass hysteria, maternity, matrimonial, matrimony, matureness, maturity, mauritius, md, me, mealy-mouthed, mealymouthed, medicaid, medium, meeting of minds, megalomania, megrims, mehemet ali, melbourne, melt, melted, melt down, member, membership, mental attitude, mental balance, mental confusion, mental disease, mental health, mental illness, mental soundness, mental state, mental unsoundness, merchantability, merida, mess, messiness, metastable, meter reading, mi, michigan, miff, mikhail ivanovich kalinin, mikhail kalinin, mile-high city, minister of finance, minnesota, misery, misfortune, mississippi, missouri, misstate, mixed economy, mn, mo, mobile, modality, mode, modification, mohammed ali, mohawk, mollification, monarch, montana, montgomery, montpelier, mood, mopes, morale, morbid, more, mormon state, moro islamic liberation front, mortality, motion, motionlessness, motion sickness, mountain state, mount rushmore state, mournfulness, mourning, move, ms, msb, mt, mugginess, muhammad ali, muhammad ali jinnah, muliebrity, multivalence, multivalency, mumbo jumbo, municipal bond, muss, mussiness, mustafa kemal, mutinous, mutual savings bank, mycostatin, mysore, nadir, nakedness, namelessness, naming, narco-state, narcotized, nashville, nash equilibrium, nastiness, nationalisation, nationalise, nationalization, nationalize, natural gas, natural state, nausea, nc, nd, ne, neatness, nebraska, need, neglect, nepali, nerves, nervousness, nervy, net estate, neurotic depression, nevada, newspeak, new hampshire, new jersey, new mexico, new south wales, new york, new york city, new york state, new york state barge canal, ne plus ultra, ngo, nh, niagara falls, nitrogen narcosis, nj, nm, nobility, noblesse, nod off, non-issue, nonbeing, noncivilised, noncivilized, noncritical, noncrucial, nonentity, nonexistence, nongovernmental organization, nonrapid eye movement, nonrapid eye movement sleep, normalise, normalize, northernmost, north carolina, north dakota, north korea, north star state, nothingness, notoriety, nrem, nrem sleep, nudeness, nudibranchia, nudity, nullification, nullifier, nullity, nutmeg state, nv, ny, nystan, nystatin, oahu, oahu island, obligation, oblivion, obloquy, obscureness, obscurity, obstruction, ocean state, odium, oestrus, off, official, oh, ohio, oireachtas, ok, oklahoma, old colony, old dominion, old dominion state, old line state, old north state, olympia, omnipotence, omnipresence, omniscience, on, open, operation, oppression, opprobrium, or, orange free state, order, order nudibranchia, oregon, organismic, organization of the oppressed on earth, orissa, oriya, ornamentation, orthodox sleep, orwellian, ostracism, out, outwardness, overabundance, overcast, overdrive, overstrung, owned, ownership, pa, palestine islamic jihad, palestine liberation organization, palestinian islamic jihad, palmetto state, pandemonium, panic-stricken, panic-struck, panicked, panicky, par, paradoxical sleep, paramountcy, parentage, parenthood, park, parkland, partialness, partiya karkeran kurdistan, parturiency, party of god, pass, passage, paternity, pauperism, pauperization, peace, peaceableness, peacefulness, peace garden state, peach state, peasanthood, pelican state, pennilessness, pennsylvania, pentothal, penuriousness, penury, people, people's party, peptise, peptising, peptize, peptizing, perfection, peril, perilousness, persia, perth, perturbation, perturbed, peshmerga, pflp, phase, phase change, phase transition, phenomenon, philadelphia, phoenix, phylogenetic relation, physical change, physiological condition, physiological state, picture, pierre, pij, pine tree state, pius xi, plainness, plasma, play, plo, plurality, pm, pogey, pogy, poignance, poignancy, poise, poisoning, polish, polish up, pollution, polyvalence, polyvalency, poorness, popularize, popular front for the liberation of palestine, population, population growth, populist party, portland, position, positivism, positivity, possession, posthypnotic amnesia, posttraumatic epilepsy, potency, pother, poverty, poverty level, poverty line, powder keg, powell, power, ppk, practical nurse, prairie state, pre-eclampsia, pre-emption, predominance, predomination, preeclampsia, preemption, preexistence, pregnancy, prematureness, prematurity, premier, preoccupancy, preoccupation, preparation, preparedness, presence, president, president of the united states, press, pressure, pretend, prevent, primacy, primaeval, primal, primeval, prime minister, primitiveness, primitivism, primordial, privation, problem, proceed, processed, proclaim, profess, prominence, promulgate, prosecute, prosecuting attorney, prosecuting officer, prosecution, prosecutor, proselytism, prosperity, protectorate, protocol, pseudocyesis, psychedelic, psychogenic fugue, psychological state, psychopathy, psychotic depression, public debt, public prosecutor, puerility, puget sound, pull a face, pulsation, pulse, pulsing, purdah, pure, purgatory, purity, put, putrefied, putrescence, putrid, putridity, putridness, putrified, pycnosis, pyknosis, qibla, qualm, quandary, quantum jump, queasiness, queensland, quiescence, quiescency, quiescent, quiet, quietness, quietude, quit, rage, raleigh, ram, ramp, ranger, rapid eye movement, rapid eye movement sleep, rapture, raptus, ratability, rateability, rationality, rattled, re-establishment, reach, reactive depression, readiness, reading, realism, reality, realness, reason, reasonableness, recast, receivership, recess, recession, reclaim, recognition, recovery, rectify, red, redness, reduce, red alert, red hand defenders, refine, refinement, reflation, refurbishment, regress, regression, regular army, regulation, rehabilitate, reich, reinstate, reiterate, rejection, relapse, relapsing, relationship, relaxation, reliance, rem, remain, rem sleep, renegade state, renovation, renown, renunciation, repeat, repletion, representation, repression, reprobation, republic, republican, republic of cuba, republic of fiji, republic of iraq, republic of mauritius, republic of the sudan, reputation, repute, requisiteness, resile, resonance, rest, restate, restitution, restive, restoration, restraint, result, resurrect, retarded depression, retell, reticular formation, retirement, retrogression, retroversion, retrovert, return, returning, reunification, reverie, reversal, reversion, revert, reverting, revery, revive, revocation, revolutionary justice organization, rf, rhd, rhode island, ri, richmond, riot, rioting, ripeness, riskiness, rogue nation, rogue state, roiled, roiling, roily, roman republic, rorschach, rorschach test, rottenness, round, round off, royal court, rudbeckia hirta, rudbeckia serotina, rudeness, ruin, ruination, rule of law, run, running, rupture, rus, russia, russian federation, rut, ruthfulness, sadness, safety, sagebrush state, saint paul, sale, salem, salience, saliency, salvation, sanitariness, sanitary condition, sanitation, santa fe, saratoga springs, satiation, satiety, satisfaction, satori, saving grace, say, sc, scope, scopes, scopes trial, scott, sd, seanad, seanad eireann, secretary of state, secureness, security, sedation, seductive, seeing red, seethe, semicoma, semicomatose, semitrance, seneca, senility, sensation, sensing, sensitisation, sensitization, sentience, separateness, separation, serfdom, serfhood, servant, servitude, set, setting, settlement, settle down, set forth, set in, seventh heaven, severalty, seward, seward's folly, shake, shakedown, shame, shape, show me state, sickness, silence, silver state, simmer down, single, singultus, sink, sinlessness, sir fred hoyle, sir thomas more, situation, size, size of it, skillfulness, ski conditions, slavery, sleep, sleepiness, sleeping, sleeplessness, sluggishness, slumber, slump, smuttiness, snafu, snit, snugness, soberness, sobriety, socialism, socialist economy, socialist people's libyan arab jamahiriya, socialist republic of vietnam, society, soil, solid, solid-state physics, solidity, solidness, solitariness, solitude, solomons, solomon islands, solute, solvent, somberness, sombreness, somnolence, sooner state, sootiness, sorrow, sorrowfulness, sorry, soudan, soundness, sour, south australia, south carolina, south dakota, sovereign, spell, spinsterhood, spirit, spotlessness, spousal relationship, spread, spread out, springfield, spruceness, spuriousness, spy, squeamishness, squeeze, st. paul, stabilizer, stagnancy, stagnation, stain, stalin, stand, stand-down, standdown, starvation, stasis, state's attorney, state-of-the-art, state-supported, statehouse, stater, statewide, state attorney, state bank, state change, state government, state of affairs, state of flux, state of grace, state of mind, state of nature, state of the art, state of the vatican city, state of war, state prison, state senator, state treasurer, state trooper, stative, status, status quo, stay, steamroll, steamroller, steed, sterileness, sterility, stewing, stick lac, stillness, stockholding, stop, stoppage, storm, storminess, straddle, strait, straits, stress, strikingness, stringency, strip alert, study, stunned, stupefied, stupidp, sturm und drang, subconsciousness, subjunctive, subjunctive mood, sublimated, sublimation, sublimed, subnormality, subordination, subservience, subservientness, subsistence, success, succinctly, sudan, suffering, sunflower state, sunshine state, superiority, superpower, supply, support, surfeit, survival, susceptibility, susceptibleness, suspense, suspicion, suzerain, swing, sydney, synthetic resin, syria, syrian arab republic, taint, take, take away, tallahassee, tame, tamed, tamil nadu, tamil tigers, tanganyika, tangency, tar heel state, tasmania, tax, taxation, temper, tempestuousness, temporal, temporal role, temporary state, tennessee, tense, tenseness, tension, terrified, territory, texas, texas ranger, theocratic, thereness, therewith, thermal equilibrium, the holy see, think, thinking cap, thiopental, thiopental sodium, thiopentobarbital sodium, thomas more, thraldom, thrall, thralldom, threshold, throne, throw, tigers, tightness, tilth, timelessness, timeless existence, time of life, tinderbox, tipsiness, tito, tizzy, tn, topeka, topsy-turvydom, topsy-turvyness, torpidity, torpor, totalistic, totalitarian, totality, total depravity, tough luck, tower of london, toxic condition, tramp, trance, tranquility, tranquillity, transcendence, transcendency, transition, translate, transmontane, transport, traumatic epilepsy, travail, treasure state, trenton, tribalism, trim, trimness, trooper, truce, tumult, tumultuousness, turbulence, turbulent, turgor, turkish hizballah, turned, turn back, tuscarora, twentieth amendment, twilight sleep, tx, typicality, ubiety, ubiquitousness, ubiquity, ukraine, ukrayina, ultimacy, ultimateness, unaltered, unattainableness, unbalance, uncertainty, unchanged, uncleanness, uncomfortableness, unconsciousness, undecomposable, under, undercover agent, underdevelopment, undone, undress, unemployment, unfinished, unfold, unfurl, unhappiness, unhealthiness, unification, unimportance, unimproved, uninterruptedly, union, united states president, unmarried, unprepared, unprocessed, unraveler, unraveller, unready, unreality, unreason, unrest, unroll, unsanitariness, unstuck, unsusceptibility, untamed, untypicality, upbeat, update, upheaval, uproar, upset, upstate, uptight, urgency, ut, utah, utilization, utopia, uttar pradesh, va, vacuolation, vacuolisation, vacuolization, vagrancy, vanguards of conquest, vapors, vapours, vassalage, vatican city, veracruz, verb, vermont, vestal, vexation, victoria, vietnam, viet nam, vigdis finnbogadottir, violence, virgin, virginal, virginia, virtuous, vitalisation, vitalization, vocalise, vocalize, vogue, void, volunteer state, vt, vulnerability, wa, wakefulness, waking, walking on air, want, war, washington, washingtonian, water ice, wealth, wealthiness, wedlock, weizmann, welcome, welfare, welfare-statist, welfarist, well-balanced, well-being, wellbeing, wellness, western australia, west bengal, west virginia, wherein, white, whiteness, wholeness, wi, widowhood, wild, wild-eyed, wildness, william henry beveridge, william henry seward, windiness, wisconsin, wolverine state, womanhood, wonder, world power, world tamil association, world tamil movement, worsening, worthiness, wound up, wretchedness, wv, wy, wyoming, x-linked recessive inheritance, yankee, yellow, yellowness, yoga, youth, zionism, zionist movement

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