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Words and phrases whose definition contains space:   (482 results)

'tween decks, ., 2d, 2nd, absolute space, adjacent, aeromedicine, aeronautics, aerospace, aerospace engineer, aerospace medicine, aether, afspc, agate line, airlock, airspace, air force space command, air lock, air space, angle, annual, apollo program, appointment book, appointment calendar, areola, asteroid belt, astrobiology, astrodynamics, astrogate, astronautics, asunderp, attic, attracter, attractor, at handp, audacious, aviation medicine, avionics, away, awayp, backspace character, back out, ballistic capsule, beach waggon, beach wagon, bedside, between decks, beyond, biomedicine, black hole, blaze, braun, bring out, broken, bryales, bulwark, cabin, cache, capsule, cardiac tamponade, cargo area, cargo deck, cargo hold, cartesian coordinate, cavern, cavity, cavity wall, cellar, chamber, change of location, chaos, chaotic attractor, circulate, claustrophobia, clear, clearance, cleft foot, close, closely, closet, close at handp, clutter, clutter up, cogitable, coincidence, column inch, command module, compactly, compartment, compressibility, conquest, contiguous, continue, continuous, convector, cosmic, cosmic dust, cosmologic, cosmological, cosmologist, cosy, countdown, counterglow, cover, cozy, craft, cram, crawlspace, crawl space, crenel, crenelle, crowd out, cupboard, cut in, deep, deep space, depress, depression, dimension, dimensioning, directional, discontinuous, disc space, disk overhead, disk space, dislodge, distance, distant, door, doorway, double-space, double glazing, dust, dynamical system, edge in, edge up, einstein's theory of relativity, elbow room, electric fire, electric heater, elliptic geometry, emptiness, enclosed space, enclosure, epidural, epidural anaesthesia, epidural anesthesia, epidural injection, ether, euclidean space, event, exobiology, expanse, extend, facility, far, far-off, faraway, farther, farthermost, farthest, field, field of force, fill, filler, filling, first, flies, flight, force, force field, formatted capacity, fornix, further, furthermost, furthest, gagarin, gap, garret, gegenschein, gemini program, get out, glottis, glottis vera, go, go forward, greater peritoneal sac, groupware, haemothorax, hair, hair's-breadth, hairsbreadth, hard, headroom, headway, hemothorax, hermann minkowski, hilbert space, historic, historical period, historic period, hold, hole, hollow, hollowness, horizontally, houseroom, houston, huntsville, hyaluronic acid, hydrothorax, immediate, in, inch, indent, indentation, indenture, infinite, intergalactic space, intermediate, interplanetary medium, interplanetary space, interstellar, interstellar medium, interstellar space, interstice, intervertebral, ion engine, isometry, jut, jut out, keep up, key, lander, last, launch, launching pad, launchpad, launch area, launch pad, law of proximity, lead, lebensraum, length, limitless, line, living space, locate, location, locule, loculus, loft, looseness, lumbar puncture, magnetic resonance, margin, matter, metric, metric function, minkowski, myelogram, myelography, national reconnaissance office, natural enclosure, near, nearer, nebula, next, nigh, no-go, no-parking zone, noncontinuous, nro, null space, occupy, off, open, opening, open order, order bryales, out, outer space, over, overhead, pad, paint, park, parking, parking meter, parking space, parking zone, pass, pelvic cavity, pericardial, pericardial cavity, pericardial space, perilymph, period, peritoneal cavity, phase space, pioneer, place, plasma, play, plenum, pleural space, pocket, point, poke out, polyhedral angle, position, pouch, precede, press, pressure suit, proceed, project, prolong, protrude, proximate, proximity, radiation field, radius vector, rampart, reach out, relativity, relativity theory, remote, removed, riemannian geometry, rima glottidis, rima vocalis, room, roomy, room access, run, sac, sack, salyut, scattered, screen, seat, sea room, second, sense of direction, separation, serosa, serous membrane, services, set of bookshelves, side by sidep, single-spaced, sky, skylab, snug, solid, solid geometry, space-time, space-time continuum, spacecraft, spaceship, spacesuit, spacewalker, spaceward, spacewards, space age, space biology, space capsule, space helmet, space medicine, space program, space rocket, space vehicle, spacial, spacing, spaciotemporal, spacious, spark gap, spatial, spatiality, spatially, spatial arrangement, spatial property, spatiotemporal, sphere, spinal puncture, spinal tap, splashdown, sponginess, spread, spreading, squeezability, squeeze, stacks, starship, state of the art, station waggon, station wagon, stick out, storage area, storage space, strange attractor, studio, studio apartment, subarachnoid space, subspace, substance, sudden, superstring, sustain, swap file, swap space, swath, take, take out, take up, tereshkova, terreplein, theory of relativity, three-point turn, threshold, thrill, topological space, touch, touching, trailer camp, trailer park, trajectory, translate, travel, treatment, true glottis, u. s. air force, ubiety, unbroken, uneventfully, unformatted capacity, uninterrupted, united states air force, unmeasurable, urban planning, usable, usaf, use up, us air force, uterine cavity, utmost, uttermost, vacancy, vacuum, valentina tereshkova, valentina vladmirovna tereshkova, van, vaporize, vector, vertically, vestibule of the vagina, virtual memory, virtual storage, visual space, void, volume, von braun, waggon, wagon, wall, wardrobe, wavefront, wave front, way, wedge, wernher magnus maximilian von braun, wernher von braun, whisker, whispering dome, whispering gallery, wide, widely, wine cellar, workspace, yuri alekseyevich gagarin, yuri gagarin

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