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Words and phrases whose definition contains set:   (818 results)

., abroach, accession, activated, agitated, al-ma'unah, algorithm, algorithmic program, algorithmic rule, allocate, allocation, allotment, alphabet, alphanumerics, alveolar arch, ambidextrous, amend, amerciable, amphidiploid, analysis, aneuploidy, angled, annuity, apart, appealingly, apportion, appropriation, armstrong, arrange, arrangement, ascii character set, aside, assess, assessment, as a formality, attack, average, back, backfire, bail, bain-marie, bait, band, barricade, base rate, bavarian cream, bayes' theorem, beat, becker muscular dystrophy, begin, begrudge, bell ringing, bernoulli distribution, better, big, bimetallism, binomial distribution, bligh, board, boom, booth, boundary condition, bounty, bowling pin, boxed, brace, brainwashing, break, break up, breeding, bring, broken, brow, brush, buffet, building code, burster, bursting charge, butt, cache, calvary cross, camp, camp down, capriciously, captain bligh, carbuncled, card, cardinal, cardinal number, carillon, carillon playing, carpenter's kit, cartesian coordinate system, cartesian product, case, cataloged procedure, catboat, catty-corner, cd player, centile, change, charge, charity, cheerlessly, chess set, chinese checkers, chinese chequers, circumstance, clock radio, close-seta, closed, close setp, clubbish, cocoon, code, code of behavior, code of conduct, codification, coefficient of concordance, cold cash, collective, commence, complex, computer code, condition, configure, confused, conjugation, consecrate, consecrated, constitute, constituted, context, conversion factor, coordinated, corporate, correspondence, corrigible, counterclaim, cross of calvary, cruise control, cubicle, cull, culture shock, cursive, cursive script, customs union, cutter, cyberpunk, dainty, daisy print wheel, daisy wheel, daringly, data file, data hierarchy, date, daylight-savings time, daylight-saving time, daylight saving, daylight savings, day of rest, deceitful, dedicate, dedicated, delimit, delimitate, demarcate, depth bomb, depth charge, depth psychology, desk phone, detached, devote, diagonal, dial, dig, dip switch, discharged, disclose, discount rate, disc harrow, dish, disk harrow, distinguished, domain, double-dealing, double-faced, double-tongued, drag, draw a line, draw the line, dress code, drift, drum printer, dual inline package switch, duplicitous, duplicity, dvd, emancipative, embark, embed, ember day, engraft, enkindled, ensemble, enter, envy, establish, established, evasive answer, event, exam, examination, exclusion principle, expertly, explosive charge, expositive, expository, extension, extension phone, face value, facultative, federal, federal district, fencing, fervid, festival, field, field coil, field winding, fifthly, figure, file, fin, fine-tootha, fine-tootheda, fine-toothed comb, fine-tooth comb, fire code, fire ship, firm omelet, first, first-aid kit, fix, fixed, flight, flight of stairs, flight of steps, flip, float, floor, flump, flush, focused, food bank, footlight, footlights, fore-and-aft sail, format, fossilised, fossilized, found, four hundred, francis scott key, french telephone, frittata, fumimaro konoe, fumimaro konoye, function, functional, fund, gaffer, gamete, gaming card, gear, gearing, gears, gearset, geartrain, gem, genome, getup, get going, get off the ground, glockenspiel, go, goalpost, graph, graphical record, gray market, greatest common divisor, greatest common factor, group, h.m.s. bounty, handset, haploid, haploidic, harmonica, harp, headsail, health code, henry hudson, heuristic, heuristic program, heuristic rule, high-pitched, highest common factor, horsey set, horsy set, html, hudson, hypertext mark-up language, hypertext markup language, icc, identikit, identikit picture, ignited, imbed, implant, imposed, inaugural, include, indefinite integral, indent, indian reservation, inferior, infernal machine, initiative, initiatory, inset, instal, install, institute, insulate, insurability, intensional, intersection, interstate commerce commission, interval, isolate, isolated, iteration, janus-faced, jet set, jeweler's loupe, jewellery, jewelry, jib, join, jump off, keep apart, key, keyboard, keyed, keynote, kindled, kiosk, kit, kit out, kit up, konoe, konoye, laic, laid, launch, lcm, lead off, least common multiple, lego, lego set, letter, level, librettist, lighted, line, lit, live, locus, logic bomb, longhand, lookup, loop, looping, lose, loupe, lour, louver, louvre, low-pitched, low-set, lower, lower bound, lowest common multiple, lustrous, machine code, machine language, made, maiden, main-topsail, mainsheet, mall, mandelbrot set, manhattan project, manicure set, manifold, map, mapping, mark, marketplace, market cross, markup, markup language, mark off, mark of cain, mark out, mart, masted, match, mathematical function, mathematical group, mathematical space, matrix, mattock, mazdaism, measure, meccano, meccano set, mediana, member, memberless, memory cache, meteorological balloon, meticulously, metric space, microphone boom, militant tendency, mizen, mizzen, mobile, modillion, monetary fund, monoploid, mousse, mouth harp, mouth organ, musical arrangement, napier's bones, napier's rods, narration, national debt ceiling, national monument, neil armstrong, nephthys, niche, nominal value, norm, null set, object-oriented programing language, object-oriented programming language, observation station, octet, octette, official, omelet, omelette, one-to-one, on paper, open, opera, operation code, oppose, orchestral bells, order code, order thecodontia, organ stop, orientation, orphan, orthogonal, ossified, ossify, outfit, pace, pacemaker, pacer, pacesetter, pack, pair, pannier, par, par value, paseo, patch, pauli exclusion principle, pave, pavis, pavise, pencil, percentile, perfunctorily, petrify, phoneme, picnic area, picnic ground, pier table, pin, pit, pitch, pitched, place, placeholder, plank, plant, planted, playbook, play off, plonk, plop, plump, plump down, plunk, plunk down, pop tent, portable, positional notation, positional representation system, post, power train, predetermined, premise, prescribed, preset, press gallery, prester, prince fumimaro konoe, prince fumimaro konoye, procedure, product, promenade, prop, property, proteomics, pro forma, psychoanalysis, punishing, purse seine, put down, put in, pyromania, quadruplet, quantise, quantize, quartet, quartette, questionnaire, quickset, quintet, quintette, ragged, rain date, randomised, randomized, raster, reading room, receiver, receiving system, recess, record, recorded, rectangular, rectify, reduced instruction set computer, reduced instruction set computing, reducible, refloat, regression curve, regression line, reject, released, remediate, remedy, render-set, reorient, reorientation, repair, reserve, reserved, reset, rest day, return, reversal, riddle, rig, rigamarole, right of election, rigidify, rigmarole, ring, risc, roadblock, roguish, root, round, routine, royal, run, running hand, sally forth, sally out, sampler, sampling station, sanitary code, save-all, scale, scene, scenery, score, search, secretase, seed money, sender, separated, septet, septette, sequester, sequestrate, serial, series, service, sestet, set-apart, setting, set ablaze, set afire, set aflame, set apart, set decoration, set down, set forth, set gun, set in, set in motion, set in stone, set off, set on fire, set point, set up, sever, sewing room, sextet, sextette, sgml, sheet, shirr, shock, showjumping, shroud, signal fire, signal light, simultaneous equations, singleton, slag code, sloop, smoking room, solution, spanker, spread, spread out, spring gun, square sail, stadium jumping, staircase, stairs, stairway, stake, stall, standard generalized markup language, start, start up, staysail, steep, steps, stirred, stockade, stoep, stoop, storage ring, storey, story, straight, straightforward, strawman, straw man, strike out, string, string out, studious, study hall, sublime, subprogram, subroutine, subscript, subset, suffer, suit, suite, suit of clothes, sum, sunken garden, superior, superscript, swap file, swap space, switch, synset, table, table service, tabular array, tabular matter, tabulation, tack, tactics, take off, taleban, taliban, target, tarot, tarot card, tax, tax assessment, tazir crime, tcp/ip, tea service, tea set, telephone extension, television room, telly, test, thecodontia, theory, the star-spangled banner, three-cornered, threescore, throw, thus, tight, time, time-switch, timer, time bomb, tinker, tool kit, topgallant, topgallant sail, topological space, torpedo, tra-la, tra-la-la, train, trammel, transmission control protocol/internet protocol, transmitter, trench, triad, trilogy, trio, triplet, trust, try square, tune in, turnout, turnpike, turnstile, tv, tv room, tv set, two-faced, typeset, type family, under way, unfixed, uninsurability, union, unkindled, unlighted, unlit, unlock, unmade, unoriented, unwieldy, upend, upper bound, valuation, variable, variable quantity, venn's diagram, venn diagram, videodisc, videodisk, volume, wage setter, walk, walkway, wander, washday, washing day, water back, water butt, wave, weather sheet, well-defined, well-set, wicket, william bligh, written, yaw, zero, zero hour, zoroastrianism

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