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Words and phrases whose definition contains same:   (749 results)

., above, above-mentioned, above-named, abreast, accompaniment, acrostic, affirmation, affricate, affricate consonant, affricative, age bracket, age class, age group, agreed, alignment, alikep, alizarin yellow, allele, allelomorph, alliteration, alliterative, alloantibody, allograft, allomorph, allophone, all at once, all the same, all together, anamnestic reaction, anamnestic response, and so forth, and so on, animal communication, antiparticle, apocrypha, apply, as, ascii control character, assonant, assortment, asynchronous, athanasianism, at the same time, autograft, autoicous, autoplasty, avogadro's hypothesis, avogadro's law, ballgame, basket rummy, batch, beginning rhyme, beta iron, better, bewildering, bigamy, biotic community, bishop, blood brother, blood group, blood type, boletus pallidus, bonito, brace, bridge partner, brightness constancy, brother, budge, bundle, bundling, bunkmate, busman's holiday, campmate, canasta, carelessness, carrier, case-by-case, case agreement, castle, catamenia, cataphasia, catasetum macrocarpum, catch crop, categorisation, categorization, cervical vein, chain store, change, changeless, chant, chiaroscuro, cipher, circumflex femoral vein, circumflex iliac vein, circumflex vein, civil union, civil war, class, classification, classified ad, classified advertisement, clockwise, closed, clothes, clutch, co-occurrence, coattails effect, coeducation, coefficient of concordance, coequal, coetaneous, coeval, coevals, coexistent, coexisting, cognate, cognate word, cohort, coincide, coincidence, coincident, coincidental, coincidentally, coincidently, coinciding, collared pika, collinear, colony, color constancy, colour constancy, combining weight, comfortably, common opossum, communion, community, commute, company, compartmentalisation, compartmentalization, compound lens, computer virus, comrade, concentricity, concomitant, concordant, concurrence, concurrent, concurrent operation, concurringa, condense, congenator, congener, congeneric, congenerical, congenerous, conjugal rights, conjugation, conjunction, connolly, conservation of parity, consistent, conspecific, constant-width font, consubstantial, contemporaneity, contemporaneous, contemporaneously, contemporaneousness, contemporaries, contemporary, contemporise, contemporize, contradictory, control character, convert, cooccurring, cookie-cutter, coordinate clause, coordinating conjunction, coordination, coplanar, coreligionist, corporate bond, corymb, cosignatory, cosigner, cotenant, countermarch, counterpart, couple, couplet, covariance, criminal negligence, cross-classification, cross-division, cross-fertilisation, cross-fertilization, cross-index, cross-reference, crowd, culpable negligence, cupressus abramsiana, cupressus goveniana abramsiana, cupressus goveniana pigmaea, cupressus pigmaea, cyanohydrin, cycle, cypher, daily double, dalton's law, dalton's law of partial pressures, day return, dead drop, declension, deep cervical vein, deer tick, diagonal, diametrically, didelphis marsupialis, didelphis virginiana, dimorphism, direct, distich, domestic flight, dominant, dominant gene, don budge, doublethink, double dipping, double stopping, dreadnaught, dreadnought, duad, duet, duo, duplicate, dyad, dynasty, ecliptic, edit, edition, elaidic acid, elder, emulation, endogamic, endogamous, enrollment, epidemic, epidemic hysertia, epimorphic, epitaxy, eq, equal, equality, equally, equidistant, equivalent, equivalent weight, etcetera, ethnic group, ethnos, euthynnus pelamis, even, even as, every bit, exchange, exclusion principle, exocentric, extension, extension phone, extra, fall, familial, fantan, fare-stage, femoral vein, fixation, fixed-width font, fixing, fleet, floater, flow, flush, flushp, following, full-size, galileo, galileo galilei, gay, gayness, gender agreement, generation, gmt, go for, grade crossing, grammatical category, greek cross, greenwich mean time, greenwich time, gregarious, gresham's law, groupware, habitual criminal, harmonic law, harp, head, head rhyme, head word, heat of fusion, heat of vaporisation, heat of vaporization, herd, herdinga, heterogeneous, heterogenous, heteroicous, heteronym, heterozygosity, homo, homocyclic, homoeroticism, homogeneous, homogenous, homograft, homograph, homologous, homonym, homophone, homophonic, homophonous, homophony, homosexual, homosexualism, homosexuality, homostylic, homostylous, homozygosity, honostyled, horizontal combination, horizontal integration, housing estate, hydrostatic head, ibidem, identical, identical twin, identify, in-fighting, included, incompatibility, inconsistency, incorporate, indeterminacy principle, individual, infect, inferior conjunction, infidel, initial rhyme, inland bill, inoic beam, interlingual rendition, intermarry, internal rhyme, intervening, intramolecular, in agreementp, in a similar way, in chorus, in kind, in the same breath, in unison, ion beam, ipsilateral, isarithm, isoagglutination, isoagglutinin, isoantibody, isochrone, isocyclic, isogamete, isogamy, isogonal line, isogone, isogonic line, isogram, isomer, isometry, isopleth, isosmotic, isosmotic solution, isotherm, isotonic, isotonic solution, isotope, isotropy, item-by-item, iteration, ixodes dammini, jacksonian epilepsy, jnr, john donald budge, jr, jumping orchid, junior, just as, jus sanguinis, katsuwonus pelamis, keep pace, keep step, kepler's third law, laver, law of constant proportion, law of definite proportions, law of partial pressures, leeward tide, lee tide, lending, level crossing, lidar, life-size, life-sized, lifesize, like, like-minded, liothyronine, little mo connolly, loaning, locum, locum tenens, logically, longitude, looping, loxodrome, magic square, magnitude, majorip, manifest, marlite, marlstone, maser, massive, mass hysteria, mate, maureen catherine connolly, meanwhile, mean sun, measured, meld, meridian, messmate, military machine, minorip, mirror symmetry, mitosis, mixed farming, mixed nuisance, monecious, monoclinal, monocline, monoclinous, monoecious, monoicous, monospaced font, monozygotic twin, monozygous twin, most-favored-nation, much, multiphase, multiple myeloma, multiple voting, mutually exclusive, mutual exclusiveness, namesake, neglect, negligence, neighbor, neighbour, network, new ballgame, nominalism, nonallele, nonperformance, nonsyllabic, nought, number agreement, occupational group, oceanic bonito, ochotona collaris, odd-leg caliper, older, onea, one and the samep, open, opposing, opposite number, order of magnitude, ordinary life insurance, other, over, pair, palindrome, pantheist, paradigm, paraphrase, parity, parliament, parsons table, particulara, pauli exclusion principle, peer group, periodic motion, periodic movement, phenotype, pheromone, pile, plane angle, pleomorphism, pleonastic, polygamist, polygamous, polymorphism, polyoicous, polyphase, polyptoton, polytonalism, polytonality, population, practice bundling, pre-emption, preemption, press corps, prismoid, protean, put out, pygmy cypress, quad, quadrature, quadruplet, quin, quint, quintuplet, race, race meeting, race problem, race riot, railroad siding, real-time, recidivist, recognise, recognize, redundant, red fox, registration, relative, rem, remain, rendering, repaint, repeater, repetition, rephrase, replay, repugnance, resonance, rest, retrial, return ticket, reversible process, reword, rhumb, rhumb line, rodney george laver, rod laver, roman pace, round, round-trip ticket, royal flush, running, same-sex marriage, santa cruz cypress, scene-stealer, schoolfriend, screen font, screen saver, section, self-fertilisation, self-fertilization, self-pollination, selfsamea, selsyn, series, set, sevens, sga infant, shingling, shipmate, shop talk, sidesaddle, sidetrack, siding, similar, simultaneity, simultaneous, simultaneously, simultaneousness, sis, sister, sister ship, sit tight, skipjack, skipjack tuna, small-for-gestational-age infant, small cap, small capital, snap, so, social, social class, socio-economic class, solfege, solfeggio, space-reflection symmetry, span, speakerphone, spot pass, spur gear, spur wheel, square matrix, stablemate, stable companion, stationary stochastic process, stay, sticky, still, straight flush, straight life insurance, street, stubbornly, subject, substitution class, suchlike, suit, suit of clothes, superfecundation, superfetation, swarminga, sweep-second, sweep hand, swine flu, swine influenza, syllabic, symmetry, sympatric, synchro, synchromesh, synchronal, synchroneity, synchronic, synchronicity, synchronisation, synchronise, synchronism, synchronization, synchronize, synchronizing, synchronous, synchrony, syndication, synoecious, synoicous, synonymity, synonymous, synonymousness, synonymy, synoptic, synoptical, syntactic category, tailwind, tautologic, tautological, telephone extension, thermal equilibrium, thing, three-point landing, tie, time zone, together, touch system, touch typing, townsman, transform, translate, translation, transposition, triiodothyronine, triplet, troll, turnout, twain, twin, two-time, twosome, type, typecast, typewriter font, umbel, unalterable, uncertainty principle, unchanging, uniform, unison, universal time, unsyllabic, unvarying, ut, ut1, variant, variation, variety, vena cervicalis profunda, vena circumflexa, vena circumflexa ilium, vena circumflexus femoris, vena femoralis, venus, verbatim, version, verya, view, virus, vis-a-vis, vocation, vote, vulpes fulva, ware, wavefront, wavelength, wave front, waxen, whole, whole life insurance, william hyde wollaston, wollaston, wonder woman, word for word, word square, yoke, younger, zero

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