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Words and phrases whose definition contains rather:   (444 results)

., abstractionism, abstract art, accentual, acceptive, accordion door, acting out, action, active, activity, acyclic, adscititious, ad hominem, affirmative pleading, african scented mahogany, amateurism, american mastodon, american mastodont, analytic, anaximander, antipersonnel, antique, apathetic, appanage, applied, arpeggio, artificial, arts, ascetic, aspergillales, at-largeip, audile, a priori, barrage, barrage fire, battery, battle of wits, behalf, belletristic, big brown bat, bitter pecan, boar thistle, bombardment, booze, breach of trust with fraudulent intent, brew, brewage, broad-leafed, broad-leaved, broadleaf, broadsword, bryophyta, bryopsida, bufo calamita, bull thistle, bumptiously, bunchgrass, bunch grass, by mouth, by word of mouth, capitalise, capitalize, capricious, carpet knight, cartilage bone, carvel-built, carya aquatica, case law, cd-rom, cedar mahogany, celandine, cephalochordate, cerastium tomentosum, cerebral, chance, chinook, chintzily, chocolate pudding, chukaku-ha, circumlocutious, circumlocutory, cirsium lanceolatum, cirsium vulgare, citellus citellus, civil marriage, class bryopsida, class musci, clubby, commercial law, common-law marriage, common law, common pea, communal, communalism, communally, compact disc read-only memory, company man, compulsorily, conjectural, conventionally, corrective, cosmetic, country doctor, crack, create by mental act, create mentally, cross-country, cross-country skiing, cross-grained, declivitous, decorative, degage, desk-bound, deskbound, dianoetic, digital, direct, discipline, discursive, disrespectfully, divinatory, division bryophyta, docetism, dominating, downhill, downward-sloping, dutch hoe, dynamic, einstein's theory of relativity, emotional, empiric, empirical, empirical formula, enfilade, enfilade fire, enhanced, entandrophragma cylindricum, eptesicus fuscus, essential thrombocytopenia, ethereal, eurotiales, expansively, express, fatigue fracture, feebly, fibrous-rooted begonia, fielder, fieldsman, field event, field work, flamboyantly, flying boat, folding door, forest tent caterpillar, formalism, formally, fortune, free-range, frijol, frijole, functional, garden pea, garden pea plant, genus moehringia, glorify, gracelessly, gravitation, grebe, hack, handsewn, handstitched, hard-nosed, hardheaded, hard drink, hard liquor, hazard, hearsay, heart, heartlessly, hipped, hit-or-miss, home study, humanistic discipline, humanities, humorlessly, ice, idealism, illation, impatiens capensis, impracticality, impressionistic, impulsive, inaccurately, incompetently, indecently, indirect tax, industrialism, ineffectively, infelicitously, inference, inherited wealth, insecurely, insensitively, instead, integrated circuit, intellectual, internal-combustion engine, intuitive, involve, in her own right, jewelweed, jirga, jobber, john barleycorn, kidney bean, knitted, lady's earrings, laic, law merchant, legalism, liberal arts, lift pump, ling, ling ko, liquor, listlessly, literary, local, love-in-a-mist, luck, luther, luxury, machine politician, magnolia virginiana, malacosoma disstria, mammut americanum, mannish, marriage of convenience, martin luther, material, mercantile law, microcircuit, middleman, moehringia, moral, morala, multiculturalism, musci, nationalism, natterjack, natural action, natural process, nominal, nonappointive, nonelective, nonrational, nonverbal, offensive, oleophilic, opportunely, oral, orally, orange balsam, order aspergillales, order eurotiales, organicism, ornamental, otc market, outsource, outward, over-the-counter market, pacific, palmatifid, palpitant, paracelsus, peculiarly, peltate, perceived, permissive, perturb, pessimistically, phenomenon, philippus aureolus paracelsus, pisum sativum, pitched, pitch accent, play, pleurocarp, pleurocarpous moss, political hack, practical, practicality, practical politics, pragmatic, precedent, precipitate, primary, primitively, proactive, prunus cerasus, psychogenic, public charity, punctuated equilibrium, pure, pure mathematics, radiophone, radiotelegraph, radiotelegraphy, radiotelephone, radiotelephony, raffle, raised doughnut, rationalism, reactance, reality, realpolitik, recreate, relativity, relativity theory, rhetorical, ridiculous, riot gun, romanticism, rounded, sanctionative, sanely, sapele mahogany, scuffle, scuffle hoe, secondary modern school, self-educated, self-insurance, selloff, sensed, serious, service industry, shakily, sheep, shelling, shell bean, shell bean plant, shield-shaped, short-handed, shrilly, sight gag, signally, sketch map, sloppily, smallish, snow-in-summer, somatogenetic, somatogenic, sour cherry, sour cherry tree, souslik, spear thistle, specificity, spirits, squeamishly, stand-up, state bank, stative, stiff, stock dividend, street fighter, stress fracture, strong drink, subjectiveness, subjectivity, subtropic, subtropical, superficies, supposed, suppositional, suppositious, supposititious, suslik, swamp bay, swamp laurel, sweet bay, syllabic, technical, temporal, tendentiously, thalassic, theophrastus philippus aureolus bombastus von hohenheim, theoretic, theoretical, theory-based, theory of punctuated equilibrium, theory of relativity, think piece, thrash, thriftily, tolerantly, tonic accent, tornado, touch-me-not, touch football, tough, touristy, toy, trabeate, trabeated, trapa bicornis, trial-and-error, truea, tyrannosaur, tyrannosaurus, tyrannosaurus rex, unappealable, unconventionally, unenclosed, ungainly, unimaginatively, uninflected, uninformatively, unintelligently, unmelodiously, unmusically, unreal, unstable, unwritten, vacationer, vacationist, vanilla pudding, verbalize, violent, visceral, visual joke, vodka martini, wage-earning, ward-heeler, water bitternut, water hickory, whimsical, wholesaler, wireless telegraphy, wireless telephone, working-class, worldly, xeroradiography, zen, zen buddhism

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