Words and phrases whose definition contains primitive:   (236 results)

abrading stone, alga, algae, amia calva, amphioxus, anapsid, anapsid reptile, angiopteris, angiopteris evecta, animism, anne mary robertson moses, aplodontia rufa, archaeopteryx, archaeopteryx lithographica, archaeornis, archaeornithes, archeopteryx, archespore, archesporium, archiannelid, atavist, barbarisation, barbarization, barbarous, bartle frere, billfish, bowfin, branchiopoda, cardinal vein, cataplasia, ceratosaur, ceratosaurus, chiton, class dicotyledonae, class dicotyledones, class magnoliopsida, class placodermi, club-moss, club moss, coat-of-mail shell, collembolan, conodont, conodonta, conodontophorida, cow shark, crinoid, cryptoprocta, cycadales, cyclopean masonry, cyclostomata, cyclostome, dart thrower, dawn horse, dicotyledonae, dicotyledones, dinocerata, diver, dogfish, duckbill, edentate, egg-laying mammal, eohippus, eucaryote, eukaryote, family hexanchidae, family kalotermitidae, family leiopelmatidae, family liopelmidae, family mastotermitidae, family pristidae, family rhinobatidae, family rhyniaceae, frazer, ganoid, ganoidei, ganoid fish, gar, garfish, garpike, generalized, genus bartle-frere, genus ceratosaurus, genus cryptoprocta, genus eoraptor, genus herrerasaurus, genus javanthropus, genus mastotermes, genus pisanosaurus, genus pithecanthropus, genus proconsul, genus protoavis, genus psittacosaurus, genus staurikosaurus, geophagia, geophagy, giant fern, grandma moses, green dinosaur, grindle, guitarfish, hamamelidae, hamamelid dicot genus, heidelberg man, henri rousseau, hexanchidae, hexanchus griseus, homo erectus, homo heidelbergensis, homo rhodesiensis, homo soloensis, ibero-mesornis, ictodosaur, id, isospondyli, james george frazer, javanthropus, java man, jumping mouse, kalotermitidae, kingdom monera, lamper eel, lamprey, lamprey eel, lancelet, leiopelmatidae, lepisosteus osseus, le douanier rousseau, liopelma hamiltoni, liopelmidae, loon, lower carboniferous, lower carboniferous period, lycopod, magnoliidae, magnoliid dicot family, magnoliid dicot genus, magnoliopsida, mastotermes, mastotermitidae, metatherian, missionary position, missippian period, mississippian, monera, monotreme, moses, mountain beaver, natural state, odonate, ordeal, order conodonta, order conodontophorida, order cycadales, order cyclostomata, order dinocerata, order ganoidei, order isospondyli, paddlefish, palaeencephalon, paleencephalon, paleoencephalon, pandean pipe, panpipe, parazoan, peking man, pelycosaur, phylogenetically, pica, piltdown hoax, piltdown man, pisanosaur, pisanosaurus, pithecanthropus, pithecanthropus erectus, placodermi, plecopteran, polyodon spathula, polyplacophore, poriferan, primitively, primitivism, pristidae, prosimian, proterozoic, proterozoic aeon, proterozoic eon, protoavis, prototherian, proturan, psittacosaur, psittacosaurus, quern, ranalian complex, retinoblastoma, rhinobatidae, rhodesian man, rhyniaceae, rousseau, sawfish, sciuromorpha, sea cradle, sewellel, sinornis, sir james george frazer, six-gilled shark, spear thrower, sponge, springtail, state of nature, staurikosaur, staurikosaurus, stonefly, stone fly, sturgeon, subclass archaeornithes, subclass branchiopoda, subclass hamamelidae, subclass magnoliidae, suborder ceratosaura, suborder sciuromorpha, syrinx, telsontail, throwback, throwing board, throwing stick, thysanuran insect, thysanuron, trial by ordeal, trickster, trinil man, tunicate, unifacial, unwebbed, urochord, urochordate, wild

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