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Words and phrases whose definition contains person:   (3464 results)

., abomination, abortionist, abseiler, absolute threshold, abstainer, abstinent, abstract, accept, acceptor, accessary, accessory, accessory after the fact, accessory before the fact, accessory during the fact, accommodation endorser, accompanist, accompanyist, accomplice, account, accumulator, accusal, accusation, achiever, acquaintance, acquirer, active, actor, acute brain disorder, acute organic brain syndrome, adder, addiction, addle-head, addlehead, address, adjudicator, adjunct, admirer, adopter, adoptive parent, adulator, adult, adulthood, adult female, adult male, adventurer, advocate, advocator, affiant, affiliate, affirmation, affluent, afford, agerasia, aggravator, aggregator, aggressor, agility, agitate, agitated depression, agnostic, agricultural laborer, agricultural labourer, agriculture secretary, aid, ain, air, airborne transmission, air marshal, alarmist, albino, alcoholic, alexic, algid, alibi, alien, alienation, alienator, aliterate, aliterate person, alky, all-rounder, allayer, alloantibody, allocator, allograph, allow, allurement, all arounder, almsgiver, alphabetiser, alphabetizer, alpha rhythm, alpha wave, alternate, alternative pleading, alum, alumna, alumnus, ambo, amnesiac, amnesic, amoral, ana, anachronism, anaclitic, analphabet, analphabetic, analysand, anathema, anecdotist, angel, angler, anglo-indian, anglo-saxon, anglophobe, animality, animal fancier, animal nature, annoyance, anointing of the sick, anomaly, anonym, anorectic, anorexic, antediluvian, anthropoid, anthropophagite, anthropophagus, antitype, ape, ape-man, apologist, apostate, apostrophe, apotheosis, appearance, applicant, applied scientist, applier, apply, appointee, appointment, appreciator, apprehender, approachable, appropriate, approval, aquaplane, aquarius, archer, archivist, ardor, ardour, aries, arm, armchair liberal, arranger, arrest warrant, arriviste, arrogator, article of clothing, artist, artist's model, aryan, ascendance, ascendancy, ascendence, ascendency, ascription, aspect, aspersion, aspirant, aspirer, assess, assessment, assign, assignment, assistant, assisted suicide, associate, assume, assumptive, asthenopia, astronaut, asylum, athlete, atmosphere, atopic allergy, atopy, attachment, attendant, attendee, attender, attending, attention, attestant, attestator, attestor, attorney, attorney general, attribution, audile, audiogram, aura, authoritarian, autocratic, autodidact, autograft, autograph, automatic face recognition, autoplasty, baby, baby-sitter, babysitter, baby buster, back, background, bad egg, bad guy, bad person, bag, bail, bailor, bail bond, balance, baldhead, baldpate, baldy, balker, ball of fire, banker, bankroll, bannister, barb, barbarian, bather, bathing, baulker, beadsman, bear, beard, bearer, beast, beatification, beatify, bedesman, bedfellow, bedside, beeper, beggary, begging, beginner, beguiler, behavior, behaviour, behemoth, beholder, belay, believer, bellyacher, bell founder, bell ringer, beloved, bel esprit, bench, bench warrant, benefactor, berk, best, bestiality, beta rhythm, beta wave, bete noire, betrayer, betrothed, better half, biased, bibliothec, bicycler, bicyclist, bigamist, bigamous, bigot, bigoted, bigwig, big cheese, big deal, big enchilada, big fish, big gun, big shot, big wheel, bilingual, billionaire, bill of attainder, bill of exchange, bill of indictment, binge-purge syndrome, binge-vomit syndrome, biofeedback, biographer, biography, birdbrain, birder, bird fancier, bird watcher, birthday, birthday gift, birthday present, birth certificate, bisexual, bisexual person, bite, black, blackamoor, black belt, black person, blanket, blasphemer, blemish, blepharism, blighter, blimp, blindside, blind man, blind person, blind trust, blond, blonde, blood, blood heat, blood money, blood pressure, blood typing, blot, blowhard, bluffer, blusterer, boaster, boatbuilder, boche, body, bodyguard, body hair, body temperature, body weight, bomber, bond, bondage, bone age, bon vivant, boob, booby, booker, booking, booking agent, bookworm, boor, boorishness, booster, bootblack, boozer, bore, bosom, boss, bottom dog, bouncer, bowman, boy, boy wonder, braggart, bragger, brawny, breaking point, breathalyser, breathalyzer, breeder, bribe, bring in, broncobuster, brother, broth of a boy, broth of a man, brunet, brunette, brute, bubonic plague, bucolic, buffoon, build, bulimarexia, bulima nervosa, bulimic, bull, bullying, bum, bunco, bunco game, bunko, bunko game, bushwhacker, businessman, business card, busker, bust, buster, busybody, busy bee, butcher, buyer, buyout bid, cab, cabinet minister, caitiff, caller, caller-out, caller-up, calumny, campaign, can-do, cancer, candlemaker, cannibal, canonisation, canonise, canonization, canonize, canvasser, capital, capitalist, capital punishment, capitation, capricorn, captive, captor, capture, capturer, card, cardiac resuscitation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, caregiver, carelessness, caretaker, caricature, carrier, carry, cart, cartographer, cartoonist, caryatid, case, casework, case history, case study, cashier, cashier's check, cashier's cheque, castaway, casteless, cat's-paw, cataleptic, catch, catcher, cathexis, cat burglar, cat fancier, celebrant, celebrater, celebrator, celebrity, celibate, censor, center, centerfielder, center fielder, centrist, certified check, certified cheque, chair, challenge, chameleon, champion, champollion, chancellor, changeling, changer, channel, channelise, channelize, chapter, character, character reference, character witness, charge, charge card, charge plate, charmer, chased, chaser, chauvinist, cheapskate, cheap shot, checkup, chemical mace, chicken, chiding, chief, chief executive, chief petty officer, child, childhood, chiliast, chinaman, chink, chiseler, chiseller, choice, chokehold, choker, choke hold, chooser, christian, christology, chucker-out, chump, churchgoer, churchman, church member, church of scientology, churl, chutzpanik, cipher, circumstances, citified, city-born, city-bred, cityfied, civil authority, civil death, civil right, civil rights, classicist, classifier, claustrophobe, clemency, cleric, clerihew, client, clock, clod, clodpate, clone, closer, clothes hanger, clothing, cloud seeder, clown, clumsy person, co-sign, coach, coat hanger, cobbler, cocaine addict, coder, code of behavior, code of conduct, coeval, cognitive state, cognomen, cold fish, colleague, collectivist, collector, colonel blimp, colonist, color, color-blind person, colored, colorless, colossus, colour, coloured, comforter, coming upon, commemorate, commerce secretary, commission, commit, commitment, committal, commoner, common carrier, common man, common person, communicable disease, communicant, communicative, communicator, commutation, companion, compatriot, compeer, compiler, complainant, complainer, complex, complexion, compulsive, computer programmer, computer user, comrade, con, condition, conduct, conductor, confederate, conferee, confidence game, confidence trick, confinement, confirm, confirmation, confrere, conjugate, connection, conscience, consecrate, conservative, conservativist, conservator, consignee, consigner, consignment, consignor, consumer, consumptive, contact, contagious, contemplative, contemporary, contempt, content, contestant, contractor, contriver, control, controller, controversialist, convalescent, conversational partner, conversion, convert, conveyance, conveyance of title, conveyancing, conveyer, conveying, conveyor, convict, con game, copywriter, coreligionist, corner, coronach, cortege, cosign, cosmonaut, cosmopolitan, cosmopolite, couch, countenance, counter, countercharge, counterpart, courier, court order, cover, covet, coward, cpr, crab, cracker, crackpot, cradle, crank, crawler, creative person, creator, creature, creditor, creditworthiness, credit card, creeper, creole, cretin, crier, criminal negligence, criminal record, crisis intervention, critic, crookback, crosspatch, crumb, crusade, crutch, crybaby, cryonics, cuddle, cull, culpable negligence, cult of personality, cumulative vote, cur, curate, curmudgeon, cuss, cybercrime, cyclist, cypher, czar, daemon, dais, dalesman, dancer, daredevil, darter, deadhead, dead body, dead person, dead ringer, deaf-and-dumb person, deaf-mute, deaf person, dealer, dear, dearest, deathbed, death duty, death mask, death penalty, death tax, debaser, debauchee, debt, debtor, decadent, decimation, deconsecrate, decorator, dedicate, defamation, defecator, defect, defector, defendant, defender, defense secretary, defiler, degenerate, degrader, deification, deist, delayer, delegate, deliverer, delta rhythm, delta wave, demander, demeanor, demeanour, demerit, demigod, demon, denigration, denizen, dental practitioner, dentist, dentition, dependant, dependent, depicted object, deponent, deportation, deportment, deposition, depositor, depressant, depute, deputy, derelict, descendant, descendent, descriptive linguistics, desecrate, deserter, designate, designation, designer, despatch, desperate, destroyer, dethronement, deviant, deviate, devil, deviser, devote, dewlap, dibbuk, dichromacy, dichromasy, dichromat, dichromatism, dichromatopsia, dichromia, dictator, diet, difference limen, difference threshold, differential limen, differential threshold, differentiator, dig, dignitary, dimensional, dimwit, din, diner, dingbat, diplomat, dipsomaniac, director, direct fire, direct tax, dirge, dirty dog, dirt ball, disagreeable person, disagreeable woman, disapproval, disassociation, disclaimer, discrimination, discriminator, disc jockey, diseased person, disentangler, disfavor, disfavour, disinheritance, disk jockey, dislike, dismiss, dispatch, dispenser, displaced person, disposition, disputant, dissembler, dissenter, dissident, dissociation, distinctive, distinguished, distributor, diverse, divider, divine, dj, dna fingerprint, do-nothing, doctor, doctrinaire, docudrama, document, documentary, documentary film, dodger, doer, dogmatist, doll, dolly, dolt, domestic partner, domicile, dominance, don't-know, donor, donor card, doofus, doormat, doorplate, dope, doppelganger, dork, dossier, double, double-crosser, double-dealer, double bind, double up, doubter, down-and-out, downer, dp, dracunculiasis, draft, draw, drawee, drawer, draw and quarter, dreamer, dresser, dress hanger, dribbler, drinker, drinking age, driveller, drooler, drug-free, drug baron, drug lord, drug user, dueler, duelist, dueller, duellist, due process, due process of law, duffer, dullard, dumbbell, dummy, dupe, dutch treat, dwarf, dweller, dybbuk, dynamiter, dynamitist, dyspeptic, eager beaver, early bird, earmark, earnest, ear trumpet, ebola, ebola fever, ebola hemorrhagic fever, eccentric, eccentric person, ecclesiastic, echolalia, economic aid, economiser, economizer, ectomorph, edger, editor, editor in chief, education secretary, effigy, effusiveness, egalitarian, egocentric, egoist, egomaniac, egotist, ego ideal, ejector, elan, elbow, elder, elder statesman, electrical engineer, electrician, electrification, electrocutioner, elizabethan, elizabeth seton, embrace, embracing, emcee, eminence grise, emotional person, emotional state, employer, emptor, encounter, encyclopaedist, encyclopedist, end, endomorph, endorser, endowment insurance, energy secretary, enfant terrible, enfeoffment, enfranchisement, engineer, enjoyer, enlisted man, enlisted woman, enmity, enrollee, ensign, entertainer, enthusiast, entourage, enzymologist, epicure, epicurean, epileptic, epitaph, eponym, equal, equalitarian, equivalent, eristic, escapist, escort, estate agent, estate for life, estate tax, estimate, estimation, estoppel, eurafrican, eurasian, evacuee, everyman, evildoer, ex-serviceman, ex-spouse, exaltation, exchange, exchange transfusion, excision, exclusive right, excommunication, excuser, executing, execution, executive, executive director, executor, exegete, exile, exogamy, exogenous depression, expansiveness, expatriation, expectorator, experimenter, expert, expert witness, exploiter, exponent, exposure, expression, expressive style, extradition, extravert, extra large, extreme unction, extremist, extrovert, eye-catcher, eyeglass wearer, eyes-only, eyestrain, fabulist, face, face recognition, facial expression, facial recognition, faddist, failure, fair-minded, fair game, fair hearing, faith, fake, faker, falconer, faller, fall guy, false witness, familiar, family, famous person, fanatic, fancier, fandom, farmer, farrier, farsi, fastener, fatalist, father, father-god, fatherhood, fat cat, favoritism, favouritism, feature, fecal impaction, feller, fellow, felo-de-se, female, female child, female person, female sibling, fence-sitter, fencesitter, feral man, feudatory, fictional character, fictitious character, fiddler, fiduciary, fiduciary relation, fiefdom, field general, fiend, fight, figure, figurehead, film director, financier, fingerprint, fingerprinting, finger scan, finger scanning, finite, fireball, fireman's carry, firm, first-year, first baseman, first sacker, fish, fitter, fixate, fixer, flagellant, flake, flatterer, flaw, fleshy, flimflam, flotation device, flunkey, flunky, follower, fomite, fond regard, foodie, food faddist, food manufacturer, fool, footer, footgear, footrest, footstool, footwear, forbear, force, forebear, forefather, foreigner, foreman, forerunner, forgetful person, forgiver, formal, fortuneteller, fortune hunter, fortune teller, forward, for each person, foster-parent, founder, founding father, four-flusher, fox, franchise, francophobe, fratricide, fraud, fraud in the inducement, freak, freedman, freedom fighter, freedwoman, freeman, freethinker, freewoman, frenchman, frenchwoman, french person, freshman, friend, friendliness, frogmarch, front, front man, frottage, frotteur, frowsy, frowzy, fruitcake, fruiterer, fry, fugue, function, functional illiterate, funeral, gadfly, gadgeteer, gaffer, gag, gagarin, gainer, gait, gallows bird, galvanisation, galvanization, gambler, gamekeeper, game warden, ganef, ganof, gantlet, gaolbird, gargoyle, garment-worker, garmentmaker, garment worker, garnishment, gasbag, gassing, gastronome, gatherer, gaul, gauntlet, gawk, geek, gem, gemini, genetic fingerprint, genetic fingerprinting, genetic profiling, genital phase, genital stage, gentile, german, get, get the best, ghost, giant, gibe, gideon algernon mantell, giggler, gingerbread man, girl, girl wonder, girth, git, give, giver, glutton, gnosticism, go-cart, goat, goatherd, goat herder, godiva, godlessness, godliness, godparent, goffer, goldbrick, golden ager, goner, gonif, goniff, good, good-for-naught, good-for-nothing, goody-goody, good egg, good guy, good person, good samaritan, good word, goof-off, goon, gopher, gossip, gossiper, gossipmonger, goth, gouger, gourmand, gourmet, government minister, grabber, grab bag, grad, graduate, grand dragon, granger, grant-in-aid, granter, grantor, grave, gravedigger, greaser, greeter, gregarious, griever, grifter, grinner, groaner, gross estate, grouch, grownup, grumbler, grump, grunter, guarantee, guaranty, guard, guardian, guesser, guestworker, guest of honor, guest worker, guinea, guinea pig, guinea worm, guinea worm disease, gull, gun, gunman, gyp, habitus, hack, hagiography, hairbrush, half-wit, hallucinosis, hand-down, hand-me-down, handcart, handclasp, handicapped person, handing over, handout, handshake, handshaking, handspring, hangman, harness, harum-scarum, hat, hater, have, have-not, have the best, hawker, haworth, head, headman, headshot, headsman, headstand, head honcho, healer, health care provider, health check, health professional, hearing aid, heart rate, heathen, heavy, heavyweight, heavy hitter, hebrew, heel, hefty, height, heir, heir-at-law, heir apparent, heir presumptive, heller, hellion, helmsman, helot, help, helper, hemiplegic, herald, heraldry, heretic, heritor, heterosexual, heterosexual person, hewer, hickey, high-five, high-muck-a-muck, high-up, highbrow, highflier, highflyer, highness, high muckamuck, hillbilly, hindoo, hindu, hireling, hirer, histoincompatibility, historian, historiographer, hitchhiker, hoarder, hobbit, hobbyist, hog, holder, holistic medicine, holy ghost, holy man, holy person, holy spirit, homebody, home help, homologize, homophobe, homunculus, honcho, honey, hopeful, hopeless, hoper, horseman, horseshoer, horse fancier, host, hostility, hothead, hotspur, housebreaker, house agent, house decorator, huckster, huddler, hugger, hulk, human, humanism, human dynamo, humpback, hun, hunchback, hunger marcher, hunted person, hunter, hurler, husbandman, hustle, hustler, hyperope, hypnotic trance, hypnotiser, hypnotist, hypnotizer, hypocrite, hypostasis, hysteric, icon, iconography, identification, identikit, identikit picture, identity, identity theft, idiot, idiot savant, idler, idolater, idoliser, idolizer, idol worshiper, ignoramus, ikon, ilk, illiterate, illiterate person, illusionist, ill will, image, imaginary being, imaginary creature, imbecile, imbiber, imitation, immediate allergy, immersion, immigrant, immortal, immortalise, immortalize, immune, immune carrier, impel, impersonate, impersonation, import, importance, important person, importee, imposing, imposter, impostor, imposture, impression, incarnation, incurable, independent, indicate, indictment, indigen, indigene, indirect transmission, individual, individuala, individualist, indorser, inductee, indweller, inexperienced person, infanticide, infielder, infinite, inflectional, influence, influence peddler, influential person, informant, infotainment, ingrate, inhabitant, inheritance tax, inheritor, initial, initiator, inmate, innocent, insane asylum, insect, insecure, insolvent, instigator, institution, instructor, instrument, instrument of execution, instrument of punishment, instrument of torture, insurable interest, insured, insured person, insurgent, insurrectionist, intellect, intellectual, intelligence agent, intelligence officer, intelligence quotient, intercession, interdict, interior decorator, interior designer, interior secretary, interlocutor, intermarriage, international wanted notice, internee, intervention, interview, interviewee, interviewer, intimidation, intra vires, intriguer, intro, introduce, introduction, introvert, investiture, investment, inviolable, in charge, in essence, in person, iq, ironworker, ishmael, isoantibody, israelite, issue, jack of all trades, jactation, jactitation, jailbird, jamais vu, jap, jean francois champollion, jerk, jerry, jew, jewel, jibe, jinrikisha, jinx, job, jock, john hancock, john tyndall, john walker, joiner, joker, jokester, jonah, judgement, judgment, judicial review, juicer, justifier, jus sanguinis, jus soli, juvenile, juvenile body, juvenile person, juvenility, karma, kid, kidnapping, killer, kilroy, kin, kingmaker, kingpin, kinsperson, kiss of life, kneeler, knight, knocker, know, knower, know nothing, kraut, krauthead, labile, labor secretary, lackey, ladino, lady godiva, lamb, lament, lamenter, laminator, lamplighter, landlubber, landman, landsman, land agent, languisher, lap, lap of honour, larcener, larcenist, large, large person, last, last mile, last rites, latin, latitudinarian, laugh, laugher, lawyer, layabout, laying on of hands, layman, layperson, lazar, lazarus, lazybones, leader, lease, left, left-hander, left-winger, leftist, lefty, left fielder, legal age, legal assistant, legal guardian, legal representation, legal residence, legerity, legitimation, leitmotif, leitmotiv, leo, leper, less, letter, levitation, liar, libel, liberal, libertine, libra, librarian, lie-abed, liege, liegeman, liege subject, life, life-style, lifestyle, life assurance, life estate, life history, life insurance, life mask, life preserver, life story, life style, life tenant, light, lightness, lightsomeness, likeness, lilliputian, line-shooter, lineament, lineman, linesman, linguist, lion, lipreading, liquidator, lissomeness, literary pirate, literate, literate person, litheness, litterbug, litterer, litter lout, little girl, liver, live body, live wire, loafer, lobsterman, locater, locator, lockstep, logician, logistician, logos, loner, lone hand, lone wolf, longer, look, look-alike, lookout, lookout man, loon, loose cannon, lord, lord of misrule, lose, loser, loudmouth, lounge, louse, lout, love, love-song, loved one, lover, love bite, love song, lowbrow, lowbrowed, lowlife, loyalist, lubber, lumberjack, lumberman, lummox, lump, lunatic, lunger, lush, lusus naturae, lycanthropy, lynching, lynch mob, lyricist, mace, machine, madcap, madman, magisterial, magnificio, mailer, mailing address, maimer, majority, makeover, maker, makings, malcontent, male, male child, male person, man, man-eater, maneuverer, mangler, manhole, manhunt, maniac, manic-depressive, manifestation, manikin, manipulator, mannikin, manoeuvrer, mantell, man of affairs, man of science, man of the world, map-reader, map maker, mar, marionette, mark, mark of cain, maroon, married person, martyrdom, mascot, mass murderer, master, master of ceremonies, masturbator, match, mate, material, mathematician, matricide, maverick, mayhem, mean, meanie, meany, measurer, mechanical engineer, meddler, medical, medical assistant, medical checkup, medical exam, medical examination, medicare check, medicare payment, mediocrity, meeter, memorialise, memorialize, memoriser, memorizer, mendicancy, mensch, mensh, mental case, mental home, mental hospital, mental institution, mercenary, mercifulness, mercy, merry andrew, mesalliance, mesmerist, mesomorph, messenger, mestizo, metamorphose, metropolitan, mexican-american, mexicano, mick, mickey, microcomputer, middleman, middle of the roader, midget, militarist, military officer, military volunteer, millenarian, millenarist, millionaire, mime, mimesis, mimic, mind reader, minister, minnesota multiphasic personality inventory, minor, miracle man, miracle worker, misapply, misbeliever, miscegenate, miscreant, misogamist, mission, missive, misuse, mitigating circumstance, mixed-blood, mmpi, moaner, model, modeler, modeller, moderate, moderationist, modern, modifier, modus vivendi, molluscum contagiosum, monastic order, moneyman, money dealer, money handler, moniker, monochromat, monologue, monomaniac, monster, monstrosity, monument, moralism, moral sense, more than, moron, mortgagee, mortgager, mortgage holder, mortgagor, mother's son, mother hen, mother seton, mourner, mourning ring, mouth, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, mouthpiece, mover and shaker, mufti, mug, mugger, muggins, mugwump, multiple voting, mumbler, muscular, music director, mute, mutilator, mutterer, mutual affection, mutual understanding, muzzle, mycophagist, myope, mystique, mythology, nailbrush, name, namer, namesake, name tag, naming, nanus, napkin ring, narcoleptic, natal day, natator, national, native, native language, nature, naturist, navigator, ne'er-do-well, nearly, needer, negative identification, neglect, neglecter, negligence, negro, negroid, neighbor, neighbour, nestling, neurasthenic, neurotic, neuter, newsman, newsmonger, newsperson, next friend, next of kin, niche, nickname, nigga, niggard, nightbird, nighthawk, night owl, night terror, nimbleness, nincompoop, ninja, ninny, nip, nipper, nitwit, nobody, noctambulation, noctambulism, nominal, nominal head, nominative, nom de guerre, non-catholic, non-finite, noncitizen, noncompliant, nondescript, nondrinker, nondriver, nonentity, nonmember, nonparticipant, nonperformance, nonperson, nonreader, nonreligious person, nonsmoker, nonstarter, nonworker, normaliser, normalizer, nosey-parker, nosy-parker, noun, nouveau-riche, nude, nude person, nudist, nuisance, nurser, nut, nutcase, nutter, nut case, nympholept, oaf, obedience, obeisance, objectionable, objector, objurgation, oblate, obscurantist, observer, occupation, octoroon, oculist, oddball, offender, office, office-bearer, officer, offspring, of each person, ogler, ogre, oilman, oil tycoon, old-age pensioner, old-timer, oldster, oldtimer, old hand, old maid, old person, old stager, omnivore, onanist, one, one-mana, one-persona, one-sided, one-womana, onomatomania, on the gop, opener, open letter, operative, operator, opportunist, opposite number, oppressor, optimist, optometrist, oracle, orator, ordeal, order, order of payment, ordinand, organiser, organist, organizer, orientation, orthopnea, ostrich, ottoman, ouster, outcast, outcaste, outdoorsman, outfielder, outlander, outlier, overcome, overlord, overseer, oversight, overweight, owna, owner, pack, packaging, paddy, pagan, pager, paging, pain, pain in the neck, palace, paleface, panderer, panjandrum, pansexual, paper tiger, parachuter, parachute jumper, parachutist, paralegal, paralytic, paramedic, paramedical, paranoiac, paranoid, paraplegic, parasail, pardoner, paretic, pariah, parliamentary agent, parole, parson, part, part-owner, participant, particulara, partisan, partizan, partner, party, parvenu, passage, passer, passer-by, passerby, passport, pass on, pasta, pastor, paternalism, patience, patient, patrial, patrician, patricide, patsy, pauper, pawer, pawn, pawnbroker, payee, payer, paymaster, paynim, payoff, pc, peaceable, peasant, peculiara, pedaler, pedaller, pedant, pedestrian, peer, pen-friend, penitent, penologist, pension, pensionary, pen pal, perceiver, percentage, percher, perfectionist, perfumer, peripatetic, perjurer, perquisite, person-to-person, personableness, personage, personal, personality, personality assessment, personality inventory, personalized, personally, personal computer, personal pronoun, personal representative, personation, persona non grata, personhood, personification, person agreement, person of color, person of colour, perspirer, pervert, per capita, pessimist, pest, pesterer, pettifogger, pharisee, philistine, philosopher, phoner, phoney, phony, photo, photograph, pianist, piano maker, piano player, pic, pick, picker, picket, picknicker, picnicker, picture, piece of work, pierce, pig, pill, pillar of strength, pillock, pillow, pilot, pinchgut, pinhead, pirate, pisces, pisser, pitcher, pivot, pivot man, placebo effect, placeholder, place setting, plagiariser, plagiarist, plagiarizer, plaintiff, planet, planner, plaster saint, player, pleading in the alternative, pleasant, pledge, pm, pneumonic plague, podium, point, poisoning, pol, polack, policyholder, political leader, politician, politico, polluter, poll tax, polydactyl, polydactylous, polyglot, polymath, pons asinorum, pooh-bah, poop, poor fish, poor man, poor person, popinjay, porter, portion, portrait, portraiture, portray, portrayal, poser, poseur, possessor, posthumous, posthypnotic suggestion, postmaster, potholer, potterer, pow, powerbroker, powerful, powerhouse, power broker, pr, practical, practical joke, pragmatist, precedinga, precursor, pregnancy test, prejudiced, premier, prerogative, presbyope, prescription, presence chamber, presentation, presenter, presentment, preserver, president, president of the united states, press, pretender, prevaricator, prey, priest-penitent privilege, prig, prima donna, prime minister, primitive, primitive person, prisoner, prisoner of war, private, privately, private instructor, privilege, proactive, probate, procurator, prodigy, professional, professionalism, professional person, professional relation, profiling, progeny, programmer, progressive, projectionist, promiscuous, promise, promisee, promiser, promisor, promotion, promotional material, propagandist, prophet, proponent, propositus, proprietary, proprietorship, prosopopoeia, protagonist, protector, protege, protester, provincial, proximity, proxy, prude, pseud, pseudo, pseudohermaphroditism, pseudonym, psyche, psychiatric hospital, psychic, psycho, psychogenic fugue, psycholinguist, psychoneurotic, psychopath, psychotic, psychotic depression, psychotic person, publicity, public figure, public relations, public relations person, public speaker, publisher, pudden-head, pudding head, pudge, puke, pulpit, pulse, pulse rate, punching bag, punter, pup, pupil, puppet, puppy, purchaser, puritan, pursued, pursuer, push, pushcart, pussycat, putterer, pyramid scheme, pyromaniac, python, quack, quadriplegic, quadroon, quaffer, qualification, quarry, quarter, quarterback, quitter, racialist, racist, raconteur, radical, radiographer, ragpicker, ram, rambler, rancher, ransom, ransom money, rara avis, rare bird, rat, ratepayer, rate of respiration, ratter, reaction, reaction formation, reactive depression, reader, realisation, realist, realization, realtor, real estate agent, real estate broker, reasonableness, rebel, rebirth, receiver, recipient, recognition, recommend, recommendation, record, recreant, rectifier, rector, redneck, red notice, reference, referral, reflect, registrant, registrar, regular, rehabilitation, reincarnation, reject, relation, relative, relegate, reliever, religionist, religious outcast, religious person, remand, remission, remitment, remittal, remittance, remunerator, renegade, rent collector, repatriate, repeater, replace, replacement, replacing, report, reporter, reporting weight, repose, repository, representative, reprobate, reputation, request, requiem, requiescat, rescuer, reservation, reserve, reserved, reservoir, residence, resisting arrest, respecter, respiratory rate, rester, restrainer, resuscitation, resuscitator, retainer, retard, retinue, retiringa, revenant, revenue enhancement, reversionary annuity, rh, rhesus factor, rhetorician, rheumatic, rh factor, rh incompatibility, ribald, rich person, ricksha, rickshaw, right, right-hander, righthander, right fielder, right hander, rigout, ringer, ringleader, ringmaster, rip van winkle, riser, ritual killing, road to damascus, roger bannister, role, role player, roll, rolling, romper, room decorator, rostrum, rotter, rounder, roundhead, rowing club, rubberneck, ruiner, ruler, rumormonger, rumourmonger, runner, rusher, rustic, sacred, sacred cow, sacrifice, sacrificer, sadomasochism, sagittarius, saint, saint elizabeth ann bayley seton, salesperson, saluter, samaritan, samoyed, sandwichman, sap, saphead, sartor, sassenach, satellite, savage, savior, saviour, savoyard, scammer, scandalmonger, scaremonger, scatterbrain, scent, schadenfreude, schlimazel, scholar, scholarly person, scholastic, school-age child, schoolchild, schoolmaster, scientist, scientology, scolding, scorn, scorner, scorpio, scorpion, scoundrel, scourge, scout, scratcher, screwball, scrooge, scruples, scum bag, seamster, second-rater, secondment, second baseman, second hand, second person, second sacker, secretary, secretary general, secretary of agriculture, secretary of commerce, secretary of defense, secretary of education, secretary of energy, secretary of health and human services, secretary of housing and urban development, secretary of labor, secretary of state, secretary of the interior, secretary of the treasury, secretary of transportation, secretary of veterans affairs, secret agent, secret ballot, secular humanism, security blanket, sedative, sedative drug, seducer, seeder, seek out, seer, seizure, selection, selective amnesia, selector, self, self-deceit, self-deception, self-report inventory, self-report personality inventory, self-seeker, self-starter, selfish person, semblance, semicoma, semitrance, senior, senior citizen, sense of right and wrong, sensualist, sentinel, sentry, separate, septicemic plague, serf, servant, server, service, seton, setting, settler, set aside, sex-change operation, sexual abuse, sexual assault, sex change, sex crime, sex object, sex offense, shadow, shaft, shake, shakedown, shaker, sham, shammer, shaper, share, shark, sharper, sharpie, sharpy, shaver, sheep, shielder, ship's officer, shipbuilder, shipwreck survivor, ship builder, shirker, shitter, shlimazel, shocker, shoeblack, shoemaker, shooter, shortstop, short list, shot, show, shower, show trial, shrine, shyster, sib, sibling, sickbed, sickroom, sick person, sigh, signal caller, signature recognition, significant other, silent person, simple, simpleton, simulacrum, sinewy, sinful, singer, singlea, singles, single supplement, singular, sinner, sirdar, sir roger gilbert bannister, sir walter norman haworth, sis, sister, sit-up, sitter, six-footer, skidder, skin, skinflint, skinhead, skinner, skinny, skin and bones, skin color, skin colour, skunk, skydiver, sky marshal, slacker, slam, slammer, slander, slanted, slapper, slasher, slaughterer, slave, slaver, slavery, slave dealer, slave trader, slayer, sleeping beauty, sleepwalking, sleepyhead, slenderness, slicker, slider, slightness, slight care, slimness, slinger, slip, slipper, slob, slobberer, slouch, sloucher, sloven, slovenly, slovenly person, slug, slugabed, sluggard, slyboots, small, smallholder, small fry, small person, smasher, smear, smiler, smirch, smoker, smooch, smotherer, snake, snake in the grass, snapper, snatch, sneerer, sneezer, sniffer, sniffler, sniveler, sniveller, snob, snog, snot, snowman, snuffer, snuffler, snuff user, so-and-so, soaker, soapbox, sobriquet, socialiser, socialite, socializer, social dancer, sociopath, sodbuster, sofa, softie, software engineer, softy, soft touch, soldier of fortune, solicitation, solitaire, somnambulation, somnambulism, son, songster, sophisticate, sorrower, sort, soubriquet, soul, sounding board, source, souse, southpaw, spaceman, spade, spanker, spastic, speaker identification, speaking trumpet, special, speciala, special act, speechifier, speechmaker, spelaeologist, speleologist, spelunker, spewer, sphinx, spindlelegs, spindleshanks, spinmeister, spin doctor, spin the bottle, spirit, spiritual rebirth, spitfire, spitter, spiv, sponsor, spoon, spoor, spot, spotter, spousal equivalent, spouse, spouse equivalent, sprawler, spread, spring chicken, spurner, square, square shooter, square toes, squawker, squeeze, squint-eye, squinter, stabber, stablemate, stable companion, stager, stage fright, stain, stakeout, stalwart, stand, standardiser, standardizer, stander, stand back, stateless person, state of mind, stationmaster, station agent, stature, stay-at-home, stayer, steady, steerer, steersman, steps, stifler, stigmatic, stigmatist, sting, stinker, stinkpot, stirrer, stock, stock breeder, stooge, stooper, stout, stowaway, straight, straightjacket, straight arrow, straight person, straight shooter, straitjacket, stranglehold, strappado, strawman, straw man, street address, street name, stretcher party, strider, strip-search, struggler, student, stumblebum, stump, stupid, stupid person, style, subacute, subject, subjectivist, sublease, sublet, submissiveness, submit, submitter, subnormal, subrogate, substance abuser, substitute, substitution, subtracter, succeeder, success, successor, succussion, sucker, sufferer, sugar daddy, suicide, suit, suite, sulky, summons, sun, superintendence, superintendent, superman, supersedure, supersession, supervising, supervision, suppleness, support, supporter, support payment, supremacist, supremo, surrenderer, surrogate, surveillance, surveillance system, survivorship annuity, suspect, svengali, swashbuckler, swayer, sweater, sweetheart, sweetie, swellhead, swimmer, swindler, swinger, switch-hitter, switchboard operator, switcher, sybarite, sycophant, synchronic linguistics, syphilitic, systems analyst, system administrator, tackle, taco, tactician, tail, tailback, tailor, take, take away, take over, talent, talipes calcaneus, talker identification, tapper, target, taurus, tax, taxation, taxi, taxicab, teacher, tearaway, technologist, technophile, technophobe, teeth, telepathist, telephoner, telephone operator, telephonist, tempter, tenability, tenableness, tenderfoot, termer, term of a contract, terror, testament, testate, testator, testifier, testimonial, tetanus immune globulin, tetanus immunoglobulin, tete a tete, thankless wretch, theophany, therapist, theta rhythm, theta wave, thin person, third baseman, third sacker, thirster, thoroughbred, thought-reader, thraldom, thrall, thralldom, threat, threnody, throttlehold, thrower, throwster, tiddler, tidy, tiger, tightwad, tike, time, time of life, timpanist, tinker, tinkerer, tipper, titan, title deed, titterer, toady, toast, toastmaster, tobacco user, toller, tomfool, tom thumb, tone, tone of voice, tongue-lashing, tool, tooth doctor, toper, topper, top banana, top dog, toucher, tower of strength, townsman, trace, tracking, trailing, trail boss, traitor, tramp, transcriber, transexual, transfer, transference, transfiguration, transfiguration of jesus, transient global amnesia, translator, transmit, transmitter, transport, transportation, transportation secretary, transsexual, transsexualism, transsexual surgery, trapshooter, traveler, traveller, treadmill, treasurer's check, treasurer's cheque, treasury secretary, trencherman, trespass de bonis asportatis, trespass on the case, trespass viet armis, trial, trial by ordeal, trouper, truelove, trumpeter, trust, trustee, turkey, turncoat, tutor, twilight sleep, twin, twirler, two-timer, tyke, tympanist, tyndall, type, type i allergic reaction, typical, tyrant, ubermensch, ugly duckling, ultra vires, unassertive, unbecoming, uncaring, uncheerful, unconscious, unconscious mind, uncultivated, undoer, uneducated person, unfastener, unfortunate, unfortunate person, ungodliness, ungrateful person, ungregarious, unicyclist, uniocular dichromat, united states attorney general, united states president, universal donor, unkind person, unpaid worker, unperson, unpleasant person, unpleasant woman, unraveler, unraveller, unskilled person, unsuccessful person, untier, untrustworthy, unusual person, unwelcome person, upbringing, uprooter, upstart, urinator, user, usher out, us attorney general, vagary, valetudinarian, values, value judgement, value judgment, vanisher, variolation, variolization, varmint, vassal, vaticinator, vaunter, vector, vector-borne transmission, vehicle, vehicle-borne transmission, vendee, venturer, vermin, very important person, vest, vesture, vet, veteran, vicarious, victim, victimiser, victimizer, victorian, victory lap, villain, villein, vindicator, vintager, violence, vip, virgin, virgo, vis-a-vis, visage, visionary, visit, visual aspect, vital sign, vocaliser, vocalist, vocalizer, voice, voiceprint, voider, voluntary, volunteer, voluptuary, vomiter, votary, voting age, voting booth, voting right, vouchee, voyeurism, vulgar, vulgarian, wacko, wag, waiter, waker, walk-in, walk-ina, walker, wallah, wally, wannabe, wannabee, wanted notice, wanted poster, wanter, ward, wardrobe, warhorse, warmonger, washup, wasp, waster, watch, watcher, water bearer, water dog, water rat, water wings, waxwork, wax figure, weakling, wealthy person, wear, wearing, weeper, weight gainer, welcomer, well-wishing, , whacko, whale, wheeler, wheeler dealer, whiner, whipper, whited sepulcher, whited sepulchre, whitewash, white anglo-saxon protestant, white slaver, white supremacist, wildcat, wild card, wild man, will, wimp, windbag, wingback, winker, winner, wishful thinker, wisp, wit, withholder, witness, wolf, wolf boy, woman, woolsorter, wool stapler, word, work, workaholic, worker, workload, worm, worshiper, worshipper, wrap, wrapper, writer, wrongdoer, wrongful death, wuss, yawner, yearner, yes-man, yielder, yielding, yoke, youngster, young person, younker, youth, youthfulness, yuppie, yuri alekseyevich gagarin, yuri gagarin, zeal, zooerastia, zooerasty, zoo keeper

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