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Words and phrases whose definition contains object:   (435 results)

., abience, abrade, abstractness, accommodation reflex, accretion, accusative, accusative case, adience, aim, alidad, alidade, alt, altitude, anagrams, antipathy, antique, apparent motion, apparent movement, apperception, approach, approaching, artefact, artifact, attraction, attractive force, autoeroticism, autoerotism, axial motion, axial rotation, backside, back end, ball, ballistics, ballistic trajectory, ballottement, barrier, basket rummy, beggar-my-neighbor, beggar-my-neighbour, begin, belay, benchmark, bench mark, bend, blackbody, blackjack, black body, blunt trauma, body, body english, bogart, bowling, bowling pin, brightness constancy, bring in, broadside, bugbear, butt, canasta, cannon, capture, carom, case, cast, casting, catch, cathexis, cat scanner, celestial latitude, center, center of attention, center of buoyancy, center of flotation, center of immersion, centre of buoyancy, centre of flotation, centre of immersion, centroid, character, charge, checkers, chess, chess game, chock, chosen, clog, coefficient of friction, cold, collision, collision course, come in for, compound pendulum, computerized axial tomography scanner, condenser, construction, consubstantiate, container, content, contested, continuing trespass, core, corona, cover, covering, dative, dative case, daybook, dec, declination, deconsecrate, deform, deformation, denotatum, depersonalise, depersonalize, depicted object, depression, desecrate, detrition, diary, dip, diplopia, direct object, discus, displacement, double vision, doubly transitive verb, doubly transitive verb form, draughts, draw a line, draw the line, drogue, drogue chute, drogue parachute, edge, el, electron microscope, elevation, emblem, end, end-to-end, estraterrestrial body, exclusive, execration, exhibit, extraterrestrial object, face, facet plane, facial, fathometer, figure, filing, fixture, flange, flex, flight, floater, flying saucer, fomite, footprint, friction, full radiator, gimbals, globe, globosity, globularness, go, god, golf, golf game, gore, go game, grab, gravitational collapse, gravity gradient, grip, guinea pig, half hitch, hallucination, hand, handgrip, handle, heartthrob, hobgoblin, hold, horizontal section, hot, icon, ikon, image, indirect object, infatuation, intransitive, intransitively, intransitive verb, intransitive verb form, intransitivize, introduce, irradiation, java, jaw, jaws, job, journal, klondike, knot, know, label, landmark, ledger, left, life belt, light microscope, lineation, line of flight, lorentz force, love, lug wrench, magazine, magnification, man, margin, marker, masse, masse shot, mat, material, mechanism, meld, mental synthesis, meteorite, moderation, moon, mooring, mooring line, motion, movement, naive realism, natural covering, natural object, neighbor, neighbour, newspaper, nim, nimby, noughts and crosses, noun, noun phrase, numen, object-oriented database management system, object-oriented programming language, objectify, objective, objective case, object glass, object of a preposition, object of the verb, one-way light time, optical condenser, optical pyrometer, orb, orbital motion, orbital rotation, outline, overbid, ovoid, owlt, paper, parallax, part, particularised, particularized, passage, passing, passion, pendulum, penetrating injury, penetrating trauma, percussion instrument, percussive instrument, petrifaction, physical pendulum, picture, piece, pin, pinball, pinball game, pin wrench, place, plastic explosive, plastique, plop, plot, plug, point, position, powderpuff, prehensile, prepositional object, profile, psychokinetic, puff, puncture, pyroscope, quadrate, quasar, quasi-stellar radio source, radar echo, radiator, radioactive dating, radio source, raise hell, rangefinder, range finder, realism, rear, reference, referent, remains, retained object, revenue stamp, ribbon, ride, right, rim, rocker, roll, rotundity, rubbing, safety belt, safety harness, sample, scene, scrape, section, segment, sentimentalise, sentimentalize, sex object, shape constancy, shear, shell, side, silhouette, singlea, singleton, size constancy, skin, slap, sleeve, slenderness, slice, slice into, slice through, smack, snap, snatch, solid, sonic depth finder, source code, spheric, spherical, sphericalness, sphericity, spike, spin the plate, spin the platter, stand back, starlike, start, sterilisation, sterilization, stopper, stopple, strip-jack-naked, strobe, strobe light, stroboscope, stub, stuff, subject, substance, superposition, supreme being, surface, target, temper, tendril, tenuity, tetherball, thickness, thing, thinness, third dimension, thread, throw, thwack, tic-tac-toe, tick-tack-toe, ticktacktoe, ticktacktoo, tit-tat-toe, tomograph, toroid, totem, totemic, toughness, trajectory, transitive, transitive verb, transitive verb form, tube, tubing, turn, twenty-one, twinkler, twist, ufo, uncontested, undercut, underneath, undivided, unidentified flying object, vehicle, venus, vertical section, vessel, vingt-et-un, visible, visual range, volume, warm, wedge, windage

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