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Words and phrases whose definition contains new:   (1952 results)

., abel janszoon tasman, abel tasman, abstract expressionism, acanthisittidae, acceptive, accession, acclimation, acclimatisation, acclimatization, accommodate, acculturation, acquaint, acquire, actinidia chinensis, actinidia deliciosa, action painting, acts, acts of the apostles, adapt, adaptation, addition, adirondacks, adirondack mountains, adjust, admit, adventuresome, adventurous, adversely, affect, affirm, afield, afresh, agathis australis, agathis lanceolata, agent, airbrush, airt, aizoaceae, ajaia ajaja, albany, albuquerque, alectura lathami, alert, alfred damon runyon, alibi, all, allegheny, allegheny river, alluvion, alpine besseya, alpine celery pine, alpine totara, amazing, ambystomatidae, ambystomid, ambystomid salamander, american bog asphodel, american falls, american flying squirrel, american harvest mouse, american labor party, american stock exchange, amex, ananias, anasazi, anastylosis, anas acuta, andrew, andrew jackson, anew, angiogenesis, anguilla sucklandii, anhinga anhinga, animate, anolis, answer, anteater, antichrist, antipathetic, antitype, apocalypse, apostle, apostle of the gentiles, apostle paul, appeal, appealable, apperceptive, apteryx, arafura sea, araucaria columnaris, araucaria cunninghamii, arctic char, ardea, aristotelia, arizona white oak, armageddon, arundo richardii, ascension, ascension of christ, assign, assimilation, assume, atlantic city, attack, attainment, attorn, at present, auckland, aurally, auspiciously, australasia, austrotaxus, austrotaxus spicata, authorship, auto-changer, avant-garde, avatar, average, ayatollah khomeini, ayatollah ruholla khomeini, back and forth, bairdiella chrysoura, balconied, ballgame, balloon flower, balthasar, balthazar, bank account, bannock, bar, barrelfish, bartholdi, bar exam, bar examination, basic training, basil balm, batis maritima, battle of monmouth, battle of monmouth court house, bawler, bayonne, bayonne bridge, bay of fundy, bay state, bear away, bear off, beaver rat, becoming, bed, bedloe's island, begin, beginner, bell ringer, belmont stakes, berberis, berzelius, besseya alpina, bet, biblical aramaic, big board, billy buttons, binghamton, bird of paradise, bismarck archipelago, black, black-crowned night heron, black-legged tick, black beech, black pine, black rudderfish, black tree fern, black widow, blend, bluebell, board of selectmen, bon voyage, book of revelation, borscht belt, borscht circuit, borsht belt, borsht circuit, boss, bougainville, bougainville trench, bradford, brahman, brahmin, brainwashed, brainwashing, bran-new, brand, brand-new, brand-newness, brave, break, breathe, breath of fresh air, bring in, broadnosed, bronx, bronx-whitestone bridge, brooklyn, brooklyn bridge, broom tree, brush turkey, buffalo, build, bullrush, bulrush, burbank, burrawong, bush lawyer, butterfly pea, button fern, cabbage tree, cactus, callinectes, calochortus nuttallii, camden, canadian, canadian maritime provinces, canadian river, canonic, canonical, cape colony, cape may, cape of good hope province, cape province, capital of new hampshire, capital of new jersey, capital of new mexico, capital of new york, capital of new zealand, capital of papua new guinea, capital of peru, capital of syria, capture, cardinal, caretaker, carlsbad, carlsbad caverns, carlsbad caverns national park, carpetweed family, carry away, carry off, car carrier, caspar, cassowary, castanopsis, catechumen, catskills, catskill mountains, cayuga, cayuga lake, cdc, cebidae, center, center for disease control and prevention, central bank, centrosema virginianum, chaim azriel weizmann, chaim weizmann, champlain, changer, change over, chapter, chatterer, chat up, chinese gooseberry, chiococca, chordospartium, choreographer, christ's resurrection, christianity, christian dior, christian religion, christmas, christopher columbus, church of scientology, cimarron, cimarron river, cinnamon fern, clamor, clash, clianthus puniceus, clinical test, clinical trial, clinton, close-minded, closed, closed-minded, club, clubhouse, co-optation, co-option, coiner, cold, colinus, college of cardinals, colonist, colossians, columbia, columbia university, columbus, combination, combining, come, come out, common rush, communize, compelling, complex, complicate, compounding, comprise, conceiver, concern, concord, configure, confirm, conform, confuse, conglomerate, connecticut, connecticut river, constitution state, conversion, convert, cook strait, cooper, cooperstown, corallorhiza trifida, coral snake, cordyline australis, cornell university, corokia, coronation, correct, corrections, corroborate, cortaderia, cortaderia richardii, cotinga, county, cover, coville, crack of doom, crape fern, crash program, crash programme, craspedia, create, creation, creosote bush, crepe fern, crescent-shaped, crescenta, crested penguin, cricetidae, crispness, cristobal colon, cristoforo colombo, criticize, crop, cross-examination, crossover, crotalidae, cruise, cryonics, cryptic, ct, curb, curb market, curl, cuscus, cut, cuterebridae, cutting, cyanocitta, cyathea medullaris, cycle of rebirth, cycliophora, cygnus columbianus, cypress pine, dacridium laxifolius, dacrycarpus, dacrycarpus dacrydioides, dacrydium bidwilli, dacrydium colensoi, dacrydium cupressinum, damascus, dame kiri janette te kanawa, dame kiri te kanawa, damon runyon, daring, darpa, dartmouth, dartmouth college, darwinism, data mining, david low, daybook, day of judgement, day of judgment, day of reckoning, dazedly, dead metaphor, debut, decide, deer mouse, defense advanced research projects agency, deflate, deja vu, delaware, delaware river, delight, demo, densely, department of corrections, deracinate, derivation, design, destined, develop, dewitt clinton, de jure, de valera, diaphragm, dicey, differentiate, dinornithiformes, dior, direction, discover, dislodge, disparaging, displace, dissertation, dissolve, distance, diversify, dmitri ivanovich mendeleev, dmitri ivanovich mendeleyev, dmitri mendeleev, dmitri mendeleyev, do, dodge, doo-wop, doomsday, double decomposition, double decomposition reaction, dour, dow-jones industrial average, dow jones, dreamily, driftfish, drink, drive, drymoglossum, dubbing, duchamp, dud, eamon de valera, early coral root, earn, east-sider, east india company, ecesis, echidna, edentata, edmund hillary, egretta, egretta thula, elanus, elector, ellis island, elmont, embark, emberizidae, embodiment, embrace, emerge, emergent evolution, emigrate, emplace, endorse, endure, end of the world, enlistee, entelea, enterprise, enterprising, enterprisingness, enthronement, enthronisation, enthronization, entrant, entry, environmentally, ephesians, epistle of james, epistle of jude, epistle of paul the apostle to philemon, epistle of paul the apostle to the colossians, epistle of paul the apostle to the ephesians, epistle of paul the apostle to the galatians, epistle of paul the apostle to the philippians, epistle of paul the apostle to the romans, epistle of paul the apostle to titus, epistle to philemon, epistle to the colossians, epistle to the ephesians, epistle to the galatians, epistle to the hebrews, epistle to the philippians, epistle to the romans, epistle to titus, epoch-making, epochal, eprom, erasable programmable read-only memory, erethizontidae, erie, erie canal, ernest rutherford, eskimo curlew, establish, establishment, eucalyptus camphora, eucalypt grandis, eucalypt tereticornis, eumeces, euonymus americanus, eustoma grandiflorum, evangel, evangelical, evangelist, excitingly, expatriate, experiment, experimenter, exploit, express, extension, f. d. roosevelt, facial profiling, falcatifolium, falcatifolium taxoides, false chamomile, false vampire, false vampire bat, familiarize, family acanthisittidae, family aizoaceae, family ambystomatidae, family cebidae, family cricetidae, family crotalidae, family cuterebridae, family erethizontidae, family heteromyidae, family iguania, family iguanidae, family leiopelmatidae, family leptodactylidae, family liopelmidae, family loxomataceae, family myrmecophagidae, family parulidae, family phyllostomatidae, family phyllostomidae, family plethodontidae, family sapindaceae, family tetragoniaceae, family verbenaceae, family xenicidae, farmington, fashion arbiter, faubourg, fayetteville, fda, fdr, fellowship, fenestration, ferdinand joseph la menthe morton, ferment, fetching, fiddlehead, fiddlehead fern, field, field test, field trial, find, finder's fee, first appearance, first baron rutherford, first baron rutherford of nelson, first epistle of john, first epistle of paul the apostle to the corinthians, first epistle of paul the apostle to the thessalonians, first epistle of paul the apostle to timothy, first epistle of peter, first epistle to the corinthians, first epistle to the thessalonians, first epistle to timothy, flare, flat-footed, fledgeling, fledgling, florida pompano, flux, follow-up, food and drug administration, forest red gum, formative, forwarding, foundation, foundation stone, founding, four horsemen, framer, franklin delano roosevelt, franklin roosevelt, frederick law olmsted, fredericton, frederic auguste bartholdi, freshman, freshness, fringed grass of parnassus, frisch, frontward, frost, frozen metaphor, frugally, fuchsia, fuchsia excorticata, fugue, fulgurant, gaga, galatians, gallirallus, gallup, galvanic, gaspar, gastronomy, gemma, gen, generate, generative, genista anglica, genus anolis, genus ardea, genus aristotelia, genus austrotaxus, genus berberis, genus bufo, genus caladenia, genus callinectes, genus canna, genus castanopsis, genus chiococca, genus chordospartium, genus colinus, genus corokia, genus cortaderia, genus craspedia, genus cyanocitta, genus dacrycarpus, genus drymoglossum, genus egretta, genus elanus, genus entelea, genus eumeces, genus falcatifolium, genus gallirallus, genus glaucomys, genus gleichenia, genus griselinia, genus haastia, genus halocarpus, genus hoheria, genus hymenanthera, genus icteria, genus impatiens, genus knightia, genus lagarostrobus, genus lecanopteris, genus leucogenes, genus logania, genus loxoma, genus melanoplus, genus melicytus, genus myrsine, genus nageia, genus passerina, genus peripatus, genus peromyscus, genus plagianthus, genus pleurosorus, genus polioptila, genus pseudowintera, genus pterostylis, genus raoulia, genus reithrodontomys, genus ruptiliocarpon, genus scaphiopus, genus spinus, genus sterculia, genus sticherus, genus tetragonia, genus vanilla, genus vernonia, genus wintera, genus xerobates, genus zoisia, genus zonotrichia, genus zoysia, george washington bridge, germ, germy, gig, gila, gila river, glamorize, glaucomys, gleichenia, glow, go, go-ahead, goodenia, gopher, gospel, gospels, gospel according to john, gospel according to luke, gospel according to mark, gospel according to matthew, gospel of luke, granite state, granulation, granulation tissue, grass tree, greater new orleans bridge, greater new york, great duckweed, green mountain state, griselinia, griselinia littoralis, groundbreaker, ground squirrel, grubby, guadalupe mountains, haastia, haastia pulvinaris, hail, halocarpus, halocarpus bidwilli, hand-pick, hang, hard beech, harlequin-snake, harold kroto, harold w. kroto, harvest mouse, headquarters, heartbeat, hebrews, hediondilla, heel, heinrich engelhard steinway, help, henry engelhard steinway, henry steinway, heraldic, herod, herod the great, heterodyne, heteromyidae, hillary, himantopus himantopus leucocephalus, himantopus novae-zelandiae, hindu calendar, hire, hogmanay, hoheria, hoheria populnea, holotype, hood, hoop pine, hospitable, hospitably, hot stuff, houhere, house, housewarming, housing development, hudson, hudsonian godwit, hudson river, hudson river school, hurt, hydra, hydromyinae, hymenanthera, hyperglyphe perciformis, hypericum crux andrae, icteria, icterus galbula, iguania, iguanid, iguanidae, iguanid lizard, iii john, ii corinthians, ii john, ii peter, ii thessalonians, ii timothy, ill, imagine, immigrate, imou pine, implement, improved, improvement, inauguration, inauspiciously, inc, incarnation, incense cedar, incognizant, independent state of papua new guinea, inescapably, inexperienced, infatuate, infusion, inherit, inhospitably, initiate, initiation, initiative, inject, innovate, innovation, innovativeness, innovator, insignificantly, install, instauration, institution, intelligence, intent, introduce, introduction, intussusception, invade, invasion, invention, investiture, investment banker, iraqi national congress, irene joliot-curie, iroquois, issue, item, ithaca, ivory gull, ixodes scapularis, i corinthians, i john, i peter, i thessalonians, i timothy, jackson, jacob, james, jazz, jealously, jean-frederic joliot, jean-frederic joliot-curie, jelly roll morton, jersey city, john, johnnycake, johnny cake, john greenleaf whittier, john the baptist, john the divine, john the evangelist, john walker, joliot, joliot-curie, jons jakob berzelius, joseph, journey cake, judas, judas iscariot, jude, judgement day, judgment day, jump, juncus effusus, kahikatea, kaki, kangaroo, kapuka, katherine mansfield, kathleen mansfield beauchamp, kauri, kauri copal, kauri gum, kauri resin, kaury, kawaka, kea, kennedy, kennedy international airport, kennedy interrnational, key, khomeini, kidney fern, kill, kina, kingfish, kingston, king fern, kiwi, kiwi vine, klaproth, knightia, konini, kosteletzya virginica, kowhai, krasner, kroto, kwanza, kwanzaa, label, lacebark, ladrone islands, lagarostrobus, lagarostrobus colensoi, lake cayuga, lake champlain, lake erie, lake salmon, landlocked salmon, laptev sea, larrea tridentata, last day, last judgement, last judgment, las cruces, latrodectus mactans, laughing jackass, laughing owl, launching, lawyerbush, lawyer bush, layette, leatherjack, leatherjacket, lee krasner, leiopelmatidae, leiophyllum buxifolium, lepidothamnus laxifolius, leptodactylidae, leptopteris superba, lesser spearwort, leucogenes, leucogenes leontopodium, levi, lexicalise, lexicalize, le chatelier's law, le chatelier's principle, le chatelier-braun principle, le chatelier principle, liberty island, libocedrus bidwillii, libocedrus plumosa, life, lift, light-handed, lima, limosa haemastica, liopelma hamiltoni, liopelmidae, little rhody, live, lobipes lobatus, local, logania, long-eared bat, long-head coneflower, long haul, long island, los alamos, lots, low, lowell jackson thomas, lowell thomas, loxoma, loxomataceae, ludi saeculares, luke, lunar month, lunate, lunation, luther burbank, lutyens, ma, macroevolution, macrozamia communis, macrozamia spiralis, mademoiselle, magi, maine, make, make over, malecite, mammon, manchester, mandate, manhattan, manhattan island, mansfield, maori, maori hen, marcel duchamp, marianas, mariana islands, maritimes, maritime provinces, mark, market, marsh, martin heinrich klaproth, massachusetts, mastermind, master plan, matai, matthew, me, meanly, mecca, mediate, megabucks, melanoplus, melchior, melicytus, mendeleev, mendeleyev, meristem, merrimack, merrimack river, meryta sinclairii, mesasamkranti, metamorphism, metamorphosis, metathesis, metempsychosis, mexican war, microevolution, mid-atlantic, mid-atlantic states, middle atlantic, millennium, minta, miro, misocainea, missouri compromise, moa, mock, mohawk, mohawk river, moluccas, monarda clinopodia, monmouth court house, moon, moreton bay pine, morristown, mortgagee, mortgagor, morton, moth-eaten, mountain lily, mountain pine, mountain rimu, mountain swamp gum, mount cook lily, mouth, move in, mown, mug, mycostatin, mycteria americana, myrmecophagidae, myrsine, mysterious, myxocephalus aenaeus, n. y. stock exchange, nageia, narrow-leaf penstemon, narthecium americanum, national baseball hall of fame, native fuchsia, navaho, navajo, needle furze, neo, neo-darwinism, neoclassicism, neologist, neophyte, neoplasm, nestor notabilis, network army, new-made, newark, newbie, newburgh, newcomer, newfangled, news, new amsterdam, new ballgame, new britain, new brunswick, new caledonia, new caledonian, new caledonian pine, new caledonian yew, new dealer, new england, new englander, new hampshire, new hampshirite, new ireland, new jerseyan, new jerseyite, new netherland, new river gorge bridge, new wave, new waver, new world, new world coral snake, new york, new yorker, new york city, new york state barge canal, new york stock exchange, new zealander, new zealand beech, new zealand cotton, new zealand dacryberry, new zealand daisybush, new zealand dollar, new zealand honeysuckle, new zealand mountain pine, new zealand white pine, new zealand wren, ngaio marsh, nh, niagara, niagara falls, niagara river, nonstop, northeastern, northern oriole, northern phalarope, north island, north island edelweiss, noruz, nothofagus menziesii, nothofagus solanderi, nothofagus truncata, notornis, notornis mantelli, nouveau-riche, novate, novelty, novice, nowrooz, nowruz, nrti, nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, numenius borealis, nutmeg state, nutritionally, nycticorax nycticorax, nyse, nystan, nystatin, ocean state, offer, offering, office, offset, old, old colony, old guard, old hickory, olearia haastii, olea lanceolata, olmsted, on occasion, open, open-minded, opportunely, order, order dinornithiformes, order edentata, organization, organization expense, orientation, orientation course, originality, originate, origination, originator, oscillate, osmunda cinnamonea, otto frisch, otto robert frisch, outmaneuver, outsell, outspokenly, overpopulate, overwrite, owe, pacesetter, packaging, paddymelon, pademelon, pagophila eburnea, pahautea, pale coral root, papuan, papuan language, papuan monetary unit, papua new guinea, parable, parade, paragraph, parasitaxus ustus, parasite yew, park avenue, parnassia fimbriata, parrot's beak, parrot's bill, parthenogenesis, parthenogeny, parulidae, parvenu, parvenue, pass, passamaquody, passerina, patent and trademark office database, patent office, paternity, paterson, paul, paul the apostle, pecos, pecos river, peep, pellaea rotundifolia, penetration, penstemon linarioides, penstemon palmeri, penstemon whippleanus, perception, perennially, peromyscus, peromyscus maniculatus, pertinaciously, peter cooper, peter stuyvesant, petrus stuyvesant, petty whin, phase i, phase i clinical trial, philemon, philippians, phoenix, phosgene, phyllocladus alpinus, phyllocladus trichomanoides, phyllostomatidae, phyllostomidae, phylum cycliophora, piece, pilgrim, pilgrim father, pin-tailed duck, pine grosbeak, pine tree state, pinicola enucleator, pintail, pioneer, pit viper, pixie, pixy, plagianthus, plagianthus betulinus, plagianthus regius, plan, planned, platyrhine, platyrhinian, platyrrhine, platyrrhini, platyrrhinian, platyrrhinic, play, plead, plethodontidae, pleurosorus, plumed tussock, podocarpus dacrydioides, podocarpus ferruginea, podocarpus nivalis, podocarpus spicata, podocarpus totara, polioptila, polymerase, pom, pommy, pontificate, poorness, pop, popular, portmanteau, portmanteau word, portsmouth, port moresby, prairie coneflower, prairie gentian, preclinical phase, preclinical test, preclinical trial, preemptive right, pregnant, presentation, president franklin roosevelt, president roosevelt, prince-of-wales feather, prince-of-wales fern, prince-of-wales plume, princeton, princeton university, prissily, procreative, production, product development, product introduction, program, prominent, prominently, promulgation, propagation, proselyte, prosperous, prototherian, proving ground, prumnopitys ferruginea, prumnopitys taxifolia, pseudowintera, psychogenic fugue, pterostylis, puka, pump action, purchase, pure, push, put in, pyramid scheme, pyrola rotundifolia, pyxidanthera barbulata, pyxie, qualification, quality of life, queens, quercus arizonica, quercus falcata, quicken, quick study, radiate, radiation, radical, ragsorter, raider, ranunculus flammula, ranunculus lyalii, raoulia, ratibida columnifera, rave, re-address, reading, reallocation, reallotment, reanimate, reapportionment, reappraisal, rearrange, reassessment, rebind, rebirth, recap, receive, recent, reclassification, reclassify, recognize, reconsider, reconstitute, recording label, record changer, recreate, recruit, recusant, recycling, rededication, redefine, redefinition, redesign, redirect, redo, red fox, red kauri, red pine, reed, reenforcement, reface, refashion, refinish, refurnish, regenerate, regroup, reheel, rehouse, reincarnate, reincarnation, reinforcement, reinterpret, reinterpretation, reissue, reithrodontomys, rejuvenate, relation, relax, release, reline, reload, relocate, relocated, relocation, relyric, remake, remodeled, remold, remould, rename, renew, renewed, renewing, renovate, reorder, reorganisation, reorganization, reorient, repair, replacement cost, repositioning, repot, reproductive, rescale, reschedule, reseat, resettle, resettled, resettlement, reshape, reshuffle, resole, resolution, resource, restorative, restore, restructure, resurface, resurgent, resurrection, resurrection of christ, resurvey, retool, retrain, retraining, retread, retrial, retrofit, revaluation, revamp, revelation, revelation of saint john the divine, reversed, review, revitalise, revitalised, revitalising, revitalize, revitalized, revitalizing, revive, revivify, reviving, revolutionary, rewa-rewa, rewire, rewrite, rhode island, ri, ribbonwood, ribbon tree, richard e. smalley, richard errett smalley, richard smalley, ridicule, riding, rimu, rise to power, risk capital, robert curl, robert f. curl, robert frost, robert lee frost, rochester, rockies, rocky mountains, rock hopper, romans, romantic realism, roosevelt, roseate spoonbill, rose gum, roswell, rubus australis, rubus cissoides, ruholla khomeini, runner, runyon, ruptiliocarpon, rusher, rustbelt, rutherford, sabaoth, saber-toothed tiger, sabertooth, sacramento mountains, sacred college, sago fern, saint andrew, saint andrew the apostle, saint james, saint james the apostle, saint john, saint john river, saint john the apostle, saint jude, saint luke, saint matthew, saint matthew the apostle, saint paul, saltbox, saltwort, salt marsh mallow, salvelinus alpinus, sand myrtle, santa fe, santa fe trail, sapindaceae, saratoga springs, saul, saul of tarsus, savage, scaphiopus, scar tissue, sceloglaux albifacies, scented penstemon, schema, scheme, schenectady, scientology, sclerotium, second epistel of john, second epistle of paul the apostle to the corinthians, second epistle of paul the apostle to the thessalonians, second epistle of paul the apostle to timothy, second epistle of peter, second epistle to the corinthians, second epistle to the thessalonians, second epistle to timothy, second world war, secular games, seedtime, seed money, sego lily, segregate, selectman, selectwoman, semilunar, send-off, seneca, seriola grandis, settler, shade, shake-up, shakedown, shakeup, sharply, sharpshooter, sheep plant, shiftily, shock, shoot, sign, significantly, silver beech, silver city, silver grass, silver perch, silver pine, silver tree fern, sir david alexander cecil low, sir david low, sir edmund hillary, sir edmund percival hillary, sir edwin landseer luytens, sir edwin lutyens, sir harold walter kroto, skinny, skin over, slavishly, slide action, slip, sloganeer, slot, smalley, smart, smash, smasher, smokescreen, snipe, snowy egret, snowy heron, soapberry family, sociably, soda, soft-shelled crab, soft-shell crab, soft rush, sole, solomons, solomon islands, sophora tetraptera, sound out, sourly, sour mash, southern red oak, southwestern, south island, sparrow unit, spearnose bat, specialise, specialize, special pleading, speciate, spermophile, sphenodon punctatum, spic-and-span, spice islands, spick-and-span, spin, spinus, spiny anteater, spiritual rebirth, spirodela polyrrhiza, splice, splurge, sponge, spore, sport, springtide, sprog, sprout, st. andrew, st. james, st. james the apostle, st. john, st. john river, st. john the apostle, st. john the baptist, st. jude, st. luke, st. matthew, st. matthew the apostle, st. paul, stale, start, starter, startling, startup, state, staten island, state of flux, statue of liberty, steamroll, steamroller, steinway, step, sticherus, stolon, stone, strain, strawberry bush, stripped, stuyvesant, style, st andrews's cross, subfamily emberizidae, subfamily emberizinae, subfamily hydromyinae, suborder tyranni, subscription right, substantiate, subsume, sunrisea, sunrise industry, superfamily platyrrhini, superfamily tyrannidae, support, surcharge, survey, susquehanna, susquehanna river, sustain, swamp red oak, sydney, synodic month, synoptic, synoptical, syracuse, system, takahe, take away, take effect, take office, take up, tammany, tammany hall, tammany society, tanager, tanekaha, taos, tar-wood, tarwood, tasman, tasman sea, taste-maker, taxcut, team, tease, technophile, technophilia, technophobe, technophobia, teiid, teiid lizard, terms, test, testing ground, test drive, tet, tetragonia, tetragoniaceae, te kanawa, thaddaeus, theatrical season, thesis, the bronx, third epistel of john, thomas, threshold, through, thyme-leaved speedwell, tidings, times square, time slot, timidity, timorousness, tin pan alley, tiro, titus, todea barbara, todea superba, toetoe, toe toe, toll, tonic, tool, torres strait, totally, totara, totipotence, totipotency, to a t, trachinotus carolinus, tracked, trade, trade-in, trade in, trailblazer, transfiguration, transfiguration of jesus, translocate, transplant, transplantation, transplanter, transplanting, transposition, treasure trove, treat, tree fern, tree fuchsia, tree kangaroo, tree wallaby, trend-setter, trenton, trichomanes reniforme, trogon, troop movement, trot out, troubling, truculent, try, try out, tuatara, tulip gentian, tumor, tumour, tuna, tundra swan, turkey oak, turn, turning, tuscarora, twin towers, type specimen, tyranni, tyrannidae, tyro, uakari, unadapted, unadjusted, underwriter, unsociably, unsuccessfully, unveiled, unveiling, upgrade, upmarket, uproot, upstarta, upstate, ushering in, ute, utica, vamp, vamp up, van, vanguard, vegetable sheep, venturesome, venture capital, verbenaceae, verbena family, vermont, veronica serpyllifolia, version, vervain family, veteran, vivify, vt, vulpes fulva, wagga wagga, wahoo, walk-through, walker, wall street, watcher, watch night, watertown, water flaxseed, water turkey, waxing, weeping tree broom, weizmann, weka, welcome wagon, welcoming committee, wellington, west-sider, westland pine, west point, wheeler peak, whiff, whipple's penstemon, whiptail, whiptail lizard, white-headed stilt, white maire, whitlowwort, whittier, whole, wild lily of the valley, william bradford, wintera, wise men, withstand, wood hen, wood ibis, wood mouse, wood stork, word, world trade center, world war 2, world war ii, wrinkle, wtc, xenicidae, xerobates, yank, yankee, yellow-leaf sickle pine, zestfully, zinger, zoisia, zonotrichia, zuni

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