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Words and phrases whose definition contains natural:   (516 results)

., absorbent cotton, accidental, accretion, accumulation, action, act of god, adoption, affinity, alberta, alkaloid, alpha particle, alternative birth, alternative birthing, alternative energy, anastomosis, animatism, animism, anoplophora glabripennis, anthracite, anthracite coal, antrum, apatetic coloration, aperture, aphakia, aphakic, apophysis, appendage, apply, aristotelianism, artificial, artificially, artificial heart, artificial joint, artificial pacemaker, artless, art nouveau, asian longhorned beetle, asphalt, astrodynamics, atomic number 11, atomic number 2, atomic number 77, au jus, bake, bald, bank gravel, bare, basal body temperature method, basal body temperature method of family planning, basin, beehive, benign prostatic hyperplasia, biodegradable pollution, biomedical science, bioscience, bird, birder, birdwatch, bird watcher, bleached, bodily cavity, bombay, bph, bradley method, bradley method of childbirth, branch, branch water, break off, break short, bright, bristle, broil, brook, building block, butane, by artificial means, calendar method, calendar method of birth control, camouflage, candid, capital of iceland, casual, cataract, cave, cavity, cavum, celestial body, chamber, channel, charles darwin, charles robert darwin, chemical phenomenon, chemical science, chemistry, clairvoyant, class cycadopsida, cloth, colored, coloured, computational linguist, conservation, constrained, conventionalised, conventionalized, coroner, cover, covering, creek, crepe rubber, crush, cultivar, cultivated, current, cutis, cut short, cycadophyta, cycadophytina, cycadopsida, daoism, darwin, darwinism, death toll, dehiscence, dehydrated, denaturalise, denaturalize, denatured, denaturised, denaturized, dental implant, denudate, denuded, department of the interior, deposit, deposition, deracination, desiccated, develop, dimple, disambiguator, discoloration, discolouration, disjunct, displacement, disposition, dissipation, ditch, dodecanoic acid, doi, dried, dry, dyed, ebonite, echoic, employ, enation, endowment, envelope, equitable, essence, estraterrestrial body, ethene, ethologist, ethology, ethylene, etiolate, extraterrestrial object, fabric, facility, factitious, fauvism, fibril, field guide, filament, flair, flash-freeze, flavin, follow-through, follow through, foramen, forced, force majeure, foreland, formation, foster-parent, fountain, free-and-easy, freemasonry, gaius plinius secundus, gasfield, gas engine, gas heat, gas line, gas system, gas well, genitor, genius, geological phenomenon, geological process, geologic process, gift, gifted, glean, groove, grow, gusher, hairline, hammock, hard coal, hard rubber, harness, harvest, he, headland, healing, health food, heart valve, heavenly body, height, helium, herbert spencer, hiatus, hillock, hive, hot spring, human language technology, hummock, hypothesis, idiom, imitative, impulsive, incapacity, inclination, incurious, inevitable accident, innate immunity, inosculation, integer, interior, interior department, intraocular lens, intuitive, in place, in situ, ir, iridium, iridosmine, jean-jacques rousseau, just, jus sanguinis, kingdom, knoll, labored, laboured, lacquer, lamaze method, lamaze method of childbirth, landscape, landscape painting, land resources, language unit, lauric acid, lawful, leaning, lens implant, lifelike, life science, linguistic unit, livinga, logic programing, logic programming, make grow, man-made, man-made fiber, mash, material, matter-of-course, mature, meatus, mechanism, medical examiner, metamorphism, methanogen, mimicry, mineral pitch, mineral resources, miscarriage, moon, motion, mound, movement, mumbai, na, nankeen, national monument, national oceanic and atmospheric administration, national trust, naturalise, naturalist, naturalize, naturally, naturalness, natural childbirth, natural covering, natural endowment, natural history, natural immunity, natural language processing, natural language processing application, natural language processor, natural order, natural scientist, natural selection, natural shape, natural spring, nature, nature study, nature worship, naturopathy, nlp, noaa, nose, nouvelle cuisine, nt, odoriferous, odorous, offset, offshoot, onomatopoeic, onomatopoeical, onomatopoetic, orderly, order perciformes, order percomorphi, organic phenomenon, osmiridium, outflow, outgrowth, outpouring, overexploit, ovulation method, ovulation method of family planning, pacemaker, park, parkland, parlance, part, perciformes, percomorphi, perfumed, petrochemical, physical, physical phenomenon, piece, pit-run gravel, pit run, plant process, pliny, pliny the elder, pollution, portland, possibility, preservationist, principle, process, processed, proclivity, prolog, promontory, propane, propensity, proration, protective covering, psychic, psychical, quick-freeze, racial immunity, rationalise away, rationalize away, rawa, raw wool, readiness, read method, read method of childbirth, real, reap, recitative, renewable resource, resonance, resourceless, reykjavik, rhythm, rhythm method, rhythm method of birth control, rich, ridge, rind, river, rousseau, rudea, rule, rule-governed, sample, scend, scene-stealer, scenic, scented, season, sediment, selection, self-preservation, self-seeded, self-sowed, self-sown, semisynthetic, sense, showplace, siberian, skin, sleep, slenderly, slumber, sodium, sophisticate, speak, spelunk, spencer, spin, spontaneity, spontaneousness, spontaneous abortion, sprachgefuhl, spring, squash, squeeze, squelch, stature, stem, steroid alcohol, sterol, stick lac, stillbirth, strained, strand, stream, stylised, stylized, subdivision cycadophyta, subdivision cycadophytina, sublimation, supernatural, supernaturalism, supernaturalness, supernatural virtue, support, surge, survival, survival of the fittest, sweet, sweet-scented, sweet-smelling, syntax checker, synthetic, synthetic fiber, talent, talented, taoism, tar pit, taxon, taxonomic category, taxonomic group, taxonomy, tegument, tendency, tenor, terrain intelligence, textile, theological virtue, theory, thermal spring, time of year, tonsured, topography, true, umber, unavoidable casualty, uncanny, uncapped, unco, underivative, undeveloped, unexploited, unimproved, unit, unmannered, unnaturally, unnaturalness, unpretentiousness, unprocessed, unprompted, unseen, unstratified language, untamed, use, utilise, utilize, violent, vis major, vivarium, volcanic glass, vulcanite, watercourse, water hole, whole number, wild

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