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Words and phrases whose definition contains made:   (2561 results)

., 401-k, 401-k plan, 4to, 8vo, aba, ablated, abrading stone, absorbent cotton, abuse, accommodating, accordion, account, accrual basis, acellular, acetate, acetate rayon, acidulated, acknowledged, acrolein, acrylonitrile, activated, ad-lib, adaptable, adapted, aden, adjusting entry, administratively, adobe, adsuki bean, adzuki bean, affidavit, afghan, afterthought, aggravated, air-dried, air cushion, air gas, akmola, alan shepard, alcohol, ale, alimentary paste, alleviated, alligator, allograph, almond extract, aloes, alpaca, altar, altered, aluminium foil, aluminum foil, alundum, amati, ambrosia, american standard code for information interchange, aminoplast, amino plastic, amino resin, amphoric, anadama bread, anaximenes, anchovy paste, anchovy sauce, andres segovia, androgyne, angel cake, angel food cake, angiogram, anil, aniline dye, animal product, animated, animated cartoon, anisette, anisette de bordeaux, anise cookie, annealed, anne robert jacques turgot, announced, announcement, anonymous file transfer protocol, anonymous ftp, answer, anthill, antique, antiseptic, aperture, apishamore, appearance, apple jelly, applique, aquatint, armor, armour, arrangement, artaxerxes, artaxerxes ii, artefact, arthropod, arthur marx, arthur stanley jefferson laurel, articulation, artifact, artificial satellite, ascii, ashen, aspartame, assay, assertion, asseveration, astana, astor, attempt, auction, auction bridge, audit, augmented, averment, award, awarding, awning, baa, backfire, backhand, backhanda, backhanded, backhand drive, backhand shot, backhand stroke, backstitch, backup, back channel, baklava, ballistocardiogram, ballot, balloting, balsa raft, bank loan, bank vault, bannock, bargain, barium hydroxide, bark, barley-sugar, barley candy, barn spider, basket, bathtub gin, batten, batter bread, batting, battlefield, bawling, beaker, bean curd, bean dip, bearnaise, beaten, beaujolais, beautifully, beaver, beaver board, bedimmed, beechen, beefed-up, beef broth, beef stew, beef stock, beehive, beeline, beer, beet sugar, beforehand, befouled, behavior, behaviour, belittled, bell, belling, belting, bend, benedictine, benjamin disraeli, beret, berth, besom, bessel, betsy griscom ross, betsy ross, bid, bifurcated, billy wilder, bill gates, bimetal, bipedalism, birch, birchbark, birchbark canoe, birchen, birch bark, bird, birken, bisque, bister, bistre, bitok, bitter aloes, black, blackened, black bread, bladder sphincter, blank, blasted, bleriot, bloody mary, bloody shame, blot, blown-up, blue mountain tea, blunt, blunted, board, boardwalk, bob, bobber, bobbin lace, bobfloat, bologram, bolograph, bomber, bond, bond paper, bone, bone-ash cup, bonemeal, bones, boo, book, booking, bootlegging, bore, bore-hole, boston brown bread, bota, bother, bouillabaisse, box pleat, brand, brass, brazen, bread, breadstuff, bread sauce, break, breeze block, brew, brewage, briar, briar pipe, bribe, brickfield, brickyard, bright, briquet, briquette, bristle brush, bronx cheer, bronze, bronze medal, brown bread, bubble, buckskins, buckwheat cake, building complex, bulgur pilaf, bull, bull's eye, bullet hole, bullshot, buna rubber, bundle, burgoo, burgundy, burgundy wine, burlap bag, burnished, burrow, business establishment, butt, butter, butterfat, buttermilk pancake, butterscotch, butt joint, butyl rubber, by-product, bye law, bylaw, byproduct, byzantium, cable, cackle, cadaster, cadastre, caesar salad, cage, cake, calabash, calabash pipe, calcium lactate, calendered, calf's-foot jelly, calico, call, callathump, callithump, calloused, calpac, calpack, calvados, camel's hair, camelhair, camlet, camo, camomile tea, camouflage, camouflaged, camp-made, camphor ice, canal, candy, candyfloss, caning, canola oil, canvas, canvass, canvas tent, capital of kazakhstan, caproic acid, caramel, carbon, carbon copy, carob bar, carpetbag, carrier bag, carrot pudding, carry-forward, carry-over, carrying charge, carton, cartoon, cartwheel, carved, carven, casein, casein glue, casein paint, cashmere, cash basis, cassareep, cassava, cassava starch, cassiri, cast, castanets, castile soap, castor, catalysis, catch, caterwaul, catgut, catsup, cautious statement, caw, cecil j. rhodes, cecil john rhodes, cecil rhodes, cedarn, cedar chest, celluloid, cellulosic, cellulosid, cement, center, ceramic, ceramic ware, cerate, cereal, cetchup, chain, chain armor, chain armour, chain mail, chalcopyrite, changed, charcoal, chardonnay, charivari, charles a. lindbergh, charles augustus lindbergh, charles franklin kettering, charles kettering, charles lindbergh, chartreuse, chatter, chattering, chatter mark, check, cheerfulness, cheesecake, cheese dip, cheese fondue, cheese spread, chemical, chenin blanc, chevre, chewing gum, chiaroscuro, chicken broth, chicken mousse, chicken purloo, chicken sandwich, chicken soup, chicken stew, chicken stock, chico, chili powder, china, chinaware, chinos, chipboard, chippendale, chirp, chivaree, chlorobenzene, chocolate, chocolate candy, chocolate fondue, chocolate fudge, chocolate mousse, chocolate sauce, chocolate syrup, chop, chop shot, chowder, chrome-tungsten steel, chug, cider, cider vinegar, cinder block, cis, clam dip, clappers, claret cup, clarified butter, claro, clayware, clay pipe, cleaned, cleansed, clench, click, clinch, clingfilm, cling film, clinical test, clinical trial, clinker block, clip art, closed, closed-heart surgery, cloth, cloth covering, clotted cream, clouded, clover-leaf roll, clovis culture, club sandwich, cluck, clump, clunk, coarsened, coast, cobbler, cock-a-leekie, cocky-leeky, cocoa, codfish ball, codfish cake, coffee urn, cold, coldness, cold chisel, cold rubber, collage, cologne, cologne water, color, combed, combined, come out, comforted, comforter, commiserative, commonwealth of independent states, common st john's wort, complex, component, composed, composite, compressible, concentrated, concoction, confirmed, conflict, conglomerate, conscience money, consecrated, consequence, consequently, considerably, constantinople, constituent, contact, contact print, contested, contraceptive diaphragm, contribution, coo, cooking utensil, cookware, coop, copperplate, copperware, copper pyrites, copper sulfate, copper sulphate, copy, cora, coracle, cord, cordovan, cords, corduroy, corduroys, coriaceous, coriolis force, cork, cornbread, corned beef hash, corneous, cornpone, corn flake, corn pudding, corn sugar, cosmetic surgery, cottage cheese, cotton, cotton candy, counteroffer, couscous, cover, cover song, cover version, cowhide, cowskin, crabapple jelly, cracked-wheat bread, cracker, craft fair, cranberry sauce, crate, cream cheese, cream sauce, crease, create, crier, crimp, crinoline, critical point, crochet stitch, crock, cross-sectiona, cross-sectional, crossroads, crotal, crottal, crottle, crown lens, crown of thorns, crucible, crucible steel, crude, crystal, cuban sandwich, cultivated parsnip, cupel, cupric sulfate, cupric sulphate, curd, curious, curtsey, curtsy, custom, custom-made, customised, customized, cut, cutting, cyder, daguerreotype, daiquiri, damask, darkened, dark bread, dart, dash, daub, david rittenhouse, deadened, deadlock, dead end, deal, dean, deckle, deckle edge, declared, decreased, deedbox, deed poll, deep-dish pie, defiled, deletion, deliberate defence, deliberate defense, deliriously, demand deposit, demoralised, demoralized, dent, deposit, deposit account, desensitised, desensitized, design, designed, desolate, desolated, desperate, despoina, determined, devastated, developed, devonshire cream, de forest, diamond point, diaphragm, diatomic, dietrich, differentiated, dilated, diluted, dim, diminished, dimmed, ding-dong, dip, dirty laundry, dirty linen, disability check, disability payment, disclosed, discouraged, disheartened, display, displeasingly, disposedp, disraeli, distemper, distillery, divinity, divinity fudge, dog's breakfast, dom pedro, donated, donation, dotted line, double knit, dover's powder, downed, downstroke, down payment, drawer, drawn butter, drill hole, drinking chocolate, dripstone, drip coffee, driven well, drop biscuit, drop scone, drowsy, drugget, drumbeat, dry-stone wall, dry wall, duck pate, duffel coat, duffle coat, dugout, dugout canoe, dull, dulled, dumpling, duplicate, eames chair, earthen, earthenware, earthenware jar, eased, eau de cologne, edam, edmund i, edward the elder, effort, egbert, eggdrop soup, eggnog, egg cream, egg noodle, eiffel tower, eightvo, elastic, elasticised, elasticized, electrical energy, electricity, electromagnet, element, elfin, elihu yale, elongated, embarrassed, embarrassment, emboldened, embroidery frame, embroidery hoop, emergency landing, eminent domain, emptied, encephalogram, engraving, enlarged, enlivened, entrance, entree, enured, ephedrine, epicine, epicine person, epochal, erasure, esau, escape, espadrille, etching, ethyl acetate, evensong, excavation, excellent, excision, excited, exhilarated, expansive, extended, extra point, ex gratia, fabric, facelift, face lift, face lifting, facilitation, fain, fake, farina, farmer's cheese, farm cheese, fashioned, fattened, featured, fell, felled, felled seam, felt, felt-tipped pen, felt-tip pen, felted, felt tip, fencer's mask, fencing mask, fertilised, fertilized, fetish, fiber, fiberglass, fiber optic cable, fibre, fibreglass, fibre optic cable, field, fielder's choice, field goal, figure, filmed, fingermark, fingerprint, finger cymbals, finger wave, firebrick, first earl of beaconsfield, fish house punch, fish mousse, fish stew, five spice powder, fixable, fixed up, flakey, flaky, flap, flapping, flat, flatbread, flax, flexure, floral, florist, flowered, fluffy omelet, fluorocarbon plastic, flutter, fluttering, flyspeck, foam, foam rubber, foie gras, fold, folded-up, following, folsom culture, fondant, food bank, food color, footprint, forced, forced landing, forecasting, forehand, forehanda, forehanded, forehand drive, forehand shot, forehand stroke, foreign bill, foreign draft, foretelling, formaldehyde, formalised, formalized, formicary, formic acid, fortunate, fouled, foundry proof, four-ply, french dressing for fruit salad, french knot, french pastry, freshness, fretwork, friedrich wilhelm bessel, frightened, frost-bound, fruition, fruit punch, frumenty, funny, fur, fur-piece, furfural, furfuraldehyde, furrow, fur coat, fur hat, gap, gash, gasoline bomb, gates, gather, gathering, gauffer, gazpacho, gelatin, gelatin dessert, generalised, generalized, geneva, genus xenopus, gesticulating, getaway, gilded, gimlet, gin and it, gin rickey, gin sling, girder, giving, glad, gladdened, gladstone, gladstone bag, glassware, glasswork, glassworks, glassy, glass eye, glass fiber, glass fibre, glenn, glogg, glossy, gluten bread, glycerinated gelatin, glycerite, glycerogel, glycerogelatin, glycerole, gnocchi, goat cheese, gobble, goffer, gold, golden, golden calf, goldmark, gold foil, gold medal, good, gopher hole, gouge, gourd, grab, graham, graham bread, graham flour, granola, granola bar, granulated, grape jelly, grappa, grasshopper, grass skirt, grate, green pea soup, green soap, green turtle soup, grenadine, griddlecake, grillwork, grimace, grinder, grip, grope, gross, groucho, ground glass, ground loop, ground stroke, growl, growling, grunt, guacamole, guarnerius, guinea gold, gulp, gulping, gum, gum boot, gunnysack, gunny sack, gustavus, gustavus adolphus, gustavus ii, gut, gynandromorph, habitual, haggis, hair shirt, half volley, ham sandwich, hand-crafted, hand-loomed, handmade, handstamp, handwoven, hand over fist, hardbake, hardboard, hardened, hardware, hardwood, hardy, harlean carpenter, harlow, harmonizable, harpo, harris tweed, harvey wallbanger, hasty, hasty pudding, hawala, hayfield, head, headcheese, headway, hearth money, heated, heated up, heavy, helmet, herbal medicine, herbal tea, herbert marx, herb tea, hermaphrodite, hero, hero sandwich, hershey bar, het, het up, hexanoic acid, highball, hipbone, hipparchus, hiss, hit, hive, hoagie, hoagy, hodgepodge, hoecake, hole, hole in the ground, hollands, holland gin, hollowed, holotype, home, homebrew, homemade, homespun, homespun fabric, home brew, home movie, hommos, homogenised, homogenized, hone, honest woman, honey crisp, hoodmold, hoodmould, hoof-mark, hoofprint, hoof mark, hook, hook shot, hoot, horizontal section, horn, horn-rimmed, hornlike, hornpipe, horny, horsehair, horsehair wig, hot, hot-water bag, hot-water bottle, hotchpotch, hot chocolate, hot toddy, hoummos, household linen, howl, huff, humiliated, hummus, humous, humulin, humus, hutch, hydraulic cement, hydrogen fluoride, hypericum androsaemum, icarus, ice milk, imitation leather, impasse, impeded, impregnated, impression, impromptu, improved, improvised, inarguable, inclinedp, include, inconsistent, inconvertibility, increased, indigo, indigotin, individualised, individualized, indrawn, industrialised, industrialized, infernal, inflatable cushion, inkblot, inland bill, inlay, innominate bone, inroad, inseminated, insider trading, instrument landing, insurance, intensified, intentional, intermixture, international logistic support, interoperability, interpreted, intersex, intestate, intimidated, intimidation, inured, inviolable, in passing, in reality, in time, irish, irish soda bread, irish whiskey, irish whisky, ironware, ironwork, ironworks, iron putty, irreducible, irritated, istanbul, italian bread, italian sandwich, ivory black, jabat al-tahrir al-filistiniyyah, jaggary, jaggery, jagghery, jalousie, james byron dean, james dean, jean harlow, jefferson, jell-o, jello, jelly, jerkin, jewellery, jewelry, jewish rye, jewish rye bread, john d. rockefeller, john davison rockefeller, john glenn, john jacob astor, john william strutt, join, joint, josef von sternberg, joseph, judicial admission, juke, julius marx, jumble, jumping jack, junction, juncture, junket, jury-rigged, kahlua, kaiser roll, kalashnikov, kalpac, kava, kavakava, kayak, kenya, ketchup, kettering, khaddar, khadi, kick turn, kid glove, kieslowski, kiss, knit, knitted, knitted fabric, kon tiki, kore, koumiss, kraft, kraft paper, krzysztof kieslowski, kumis, kvass, labored, lacelike, lacquerware, lacy, lager, lager beer, lamb curry, laminate, laminated glass, land, landing, lap joint, latke, lattice, latticework, laurel, laurel and hardy, lay-up, layup, leaden, leather, leathered, leatherette, leatherlike, leatherwork, leathery, leavened, lechatelierite, lee de forest, lekvar, lemon cheese, lemon curd, lemon extract, lengthened, lentil soup, leonard marx, lessened, lethe, library paste, lift, light bread, lignified, limpa, lindbergh, linen, linen paper, linocut, liposome, liquid, lisle, loan office, localised, localized, local call, logic, long-distance, long-distance call, lord rayleigh, lorenz oken, lorenz okenfuss, lots, louis bleriot, low-budget, lubrication, lucky lindy, lustrous, lymphangiogram, mac, mace, machine-made, machine stitch, macintosh, mack, mackinaw, mackinaw coat, mackintosh, macrame, madame tussaud, made-up, magic marker, mail, maintained, make, makeshift, malacca, malacca cane, malt, malted, malted milk, malt whiskey, malt whisky, man-made, maneuver, manhattan, manhattan clam chowder, manila, manila paper, manilla, manilla paper, manioc, manioca, manoeuvre, maple sugar, maple syrup, maraca, marasca, marasca cherry, maraschino cherry, marbles, marble cake, marc, marcel, margarin, margarine, margarita, marge, marginalisation, marginalization, maria magdalene von losch, marie grosholtz, marie tussaud, mark, marlene dietrich, marmalade, marshmallow, martini, marx, masse, masse shot, master, mastering, master copy, match, mate, matelote, material, matzah ball, matzah meal, matzoh ball, matzoh meal, matzo ball, matzo meal, may wine, mead, meadow, measure, meat pie, meerschaum, mehemet ali, meliorism, melting pot, membranous, memorial tablet, mental note, mention, meow, meringue, meringue kiss, merlot, metala, metallic, metalware, metal screw, methanal, mew, miaou, miaow, milk chocolate, milk punch, minestrone, mine pig, mingling, mink, mink coat, mint, misch metal, mistake, miter, mitigated, mitre, mix, mixed drink, mixture, mocha, mock, mock turtle soup, moderated, modified, mohair, mohammed ali, molasses taffy, mold, molehill, molotov cocktail, moluccas, montage, moo, moon, moorage, mooring, moreen, morocco, mortice, mortified, mortise, mortise-and-tenon joint, mortise joint, mosaic, moselle, motherliness, motion, motley, mousse, muddle, muffled, mugshot, mug shot, muhammad ali, multiracial, musculus sphincter vesicae, muted, mutual aid, nabob, nada daiquiri, naive art, nammad, naphthalene, narrowed, natural object, natural shape, neat's-foot oil, needle, neigh, nesselrode, nesselrode pudding, nest, net, neutral, neutralised, neutralized, new, new-made, newspaper, newsprint, new england clam chowder, nick, nicker, ninon, nipa, nip and tuck, noncellular, nonintegrated, nonstop, nonstop flight, note, notification, numdah, numdah rug, nut and bolt, nux vomica, nylons, nylon stocking, oaken, oatmeal, obligatory, obviatinga, octavo, octoberfest, off-the-peg, off-the-rack, off-the-shelf, offhanded, offhandedly, off the cuff, oilpaper, oilskin, oil of vitriol, oken, okenfuss, oktoberfest, old-age pension, old fashioned, oleo, oleomargarine, olive-drab uniform, oliver hardy, olive drab, one, one-and-one, on the side, ooze leather, opened, opening, open society, optical fiber, optical fibre, optical prism, orange marmalade, orbiter, organza, original, orlon, osseous tissue, otc market, out, outsider art, over-the-counter market, oxtail soup, oxygen debt, oyster dressing, oyster stuffing, pachouli, paella, painting, palestine liberation front, paling, palisade, pallet, pan, panocha, panoche, pant, paper, paper bag, paper chain, paper plate, paper towel, papier-mache, paprika, papyrus, parade, paramagnet, parker house roll, parquet, parquet floor, pasta, paste, pasteboard, pastry, pat, patchouli, patchouly, patchwork, patchwork quilt, pate de foie gras, patriotically, pawnbroker's shop, pawnshop, payoff, peag, peanut butter, pease pudding, pea flour, pea soup, pecan pie, peg top, pencil eraser, penoche, penuche, pepper pot, pepper spray, perfectible, perforation, perfumery, perked up, perm, permanent, permanent wave, perry, persephone, personalised, personalized, pessary, peter's pence, peter carl goldmark, peter goldmark, petite marmite, petrol bomb, phaseolus angularis, philadelphia pepper pot, phonation, phonograph needle, photolithography, photostat, piano accordion, pibgorn, picket fence, pickup, picture, pillow lace, pina cloth, pina colada, pinhole, pink lady, pinot blanc, pinot chardonnay, pinot noir, pinprick, pin curl, pipage, pipe, piping, pipturus albidus, pirogue, pivot shot, pizza, pizza parlor, pizza pie, pizza shop, pizzeria, place of business, plain, plain-woven, plaint, plank, planter's punch, plant product, plaque, plastered, plaster bandage, plaster cast, plastic bag, plastic bomb, plastic laminate, play, pledgee, plf, pliable, plication, ployurethan, plyboard, plywood, pneumatic tire, pneumatic tyre, pneumoencephalogram, pocket, poilu, point after, poke, polenta, polished, political contribution, political donation, polyatomic, polyfoam, polymer, polyurethane, polyurethane foam, pone, poorness, poor boy, popover, porcelain, pork-and-veal goulash, porkholt, pork butcher, porridge, portland cement, portmanteau, portmanteau word, portrait, post, post-obit bond, posthypnotic suggestion, posting, postum, posture, potage st. germain, potato pancake, potshot, pottery, pot cheese, pound cake, powderpuff, powder flask, powder horn, powder keg, praline, preclusive, prediction, predisposed, preparation, prepared, preparedness, presentation, presentment, president jefferson, pressing, presupposition, primitive art, print, printer's ink, printing ink, prism, pro-choice faction, processed cheese, process cheese, proclaimed, produce, producer gas, prognostication, projection, prolonged, promisee, promulgated, proof, propenal, propenonitrile, proprietary, protection, prune cake, prune whip, pruno, prunus cerasus marasca, publicised, publicized, published, pudding stone, puff, pull, pumpernickel, pumpkin pie, puncture, purified, purloo, purse, push, putout, pyrethrum, qcd, quaker gun, qualified, quantum chromodynamics, quark, quark cheese, quarto, quartz, quartzose, quartz glass, quercitron, question, quiche lorraine, quick bread, quill, quill pen, quilt, quilted, rabbet, rabbit burrow, rabbit hole, radio observation, raft, rag paper, rail fence, rain stick, raised doughnut, ramekin, ramequin, rap, rappee, raspberry, rat, rat-a-tat, rat-a-tat-tat, rat-tat, ratafee, ratafia, ratan, rataplan, rathole, rattan, ravaged, raw sienna, rayleigh, rayons, rayon stocking, razzing, readiness, ready-made, ready-to-wear, realisation, realization, rebate, rebuilt, receipt, receipts, reception, recission, recombinant deoxyribonucleic acid, recombinant dna, recombinant human insulin, reconciled, reconsideration, recorded, recount, red-lead putty, reduced, reference, refined, refractory pot, refrigerated, registered, regularisation, regularised, regularization, regularized, regular payment, rejoinder, relaxed, relieved, remain, remodeled, rent, repairable, repaired, replication, reply, reported, representation, republic of kenya, republish, requisition, requisition form, rescission, residual, response, rethink, reticule, retirement benefit, retirement check, retirement fund, retirement pension, retroflection, retroflexion, revenue, reversible process, reward, rhinestone, rhinotomy, rhodes, rhytidectomy, rhytidoplasty, rice beer, rice paper, rickey, rifle ball, ring armor, ring armour, ring mail, rip, rittenhouse, river lethe, roar, rob roy, rockefeller, rod, roentgenogram, rolled biscuit, rolled into onep, rolled oats, roll of tobacco, roly-poly, roly-poly pudding, root beer float, ropewalk, rope yard, rope yarn, ross, rotation, rough, round, routine, rub-a-dub, rubber, rubberised, rubberized, rubber boot, rubber bullet, rubber cement, rubber eraser, rubber stamp, rubbing, ruefully, rugelach, ruggelach, rugulah, ruined, rule book, rum cocktail, rum sling, run, running suit, rya, rya rug, rye bread, sable, sable's hair pencil, sable brush, sable coat, sack, sackcloth, sacred, sacrifice fly, safety glass, sake, saki, sale, salmon loaf, salver, sambuca, samian ware, samuel wilder, sanctification, sanctified, sand painting, sanitised, sanitized, sapphirine, sapsago, saran wrap, satellite, save, savings bond, sawdust, sazerac, scan, scared, scarf, scarf joint, scene, scoop, scoop shot, score, scotch, scotch broth, scotch pancake, scotch whiskey, scotch whisky, scrape, scraping, scratch, scratching, screaky, screechy, screwdriver, scrubbed, scrumpy, sealskin, seasonal adjustment, second thought, secret, secularised, secularized, segovia, selection, self-made, self-taught art, semiconductor, semiconductor device, semiconductor unit, semisynthetic, sensible, serigraph, serviced, service call, set chisel, sewing-machine stitch, sgraffito, shandy, shandygaff, sharp, sharpened, shatterproof glass, sheepskin coat, sheeting, shellac, shellac varnish, shepard, shillalah, shillelagh, shining, shiny, shivaree, shoestring catch, shofar, shoji, shophar, shopping bag, short, short shrift, shot, shtik, shunt, sicilian pizza, sidearm, sidecar, sigh, silent, silicone rubber, silk, silkscreen, silk screen print, silk stocking, silver, silverpoint, silverware, silverwork, silver dollar, silver medal, simplified, simulated, skep, skidpan, skid road, skim, skin, slam, slapshot, slash, slate, sleeved, slice, slick, slicked, slicked up, slicker, slip, slipknot, slop-seller, slopseller, slopseller's shop, slopshop, slow match, slur, small, small fortune, smear, smirch, smocking, smoke, smoothed, smoothened, smudge, snag, snap, snapshot, snort, snowman, soap, sob, sobbing, social, soft-nosed, softened, softwood, soft money, soft pretzel, soft soap, solar energy, solidago odora, sorghum, sorghum molasses, sour, sourdough bread, sour bread, souvlaki, souvlakia, soviet socialist republic, soy, soybean flour, soybean meal, soy flour, soy sauce, space probe, spam, spanish paprika, spasmodic, speculum, speech day, spice islands, spider, spin-off, spinning top, spirited, spirit gum, spirogram, spitball, splice, split, split-pea soup, sponge cake, spoon bread, spot, spot-weld, spot check, spot weld, spritzer, spruce beer, spun sugar, spun yarn, sputnik, squared, square knot, squash pie, squeaking, squeaky, squealing, squeeze box, stabilised, stabilized, stacked heel, staff of life, stained-glass window, stalemate, stamboul, stambul, stamp, stand, stands, standstill, stannic chloride, stan laurel, steadied, steelworks, steel band, steel drum, steel factory, steel mill, steel plant, stem, stem turn, step, sterilised, sterilized, stiffened, still, stinger, stipulation, stitch, stock, stockade, stockhorn, stone, stop, stopover, stout, strad, stradavarius, straight poker, strand, strawberry jam, strawberry preserves, strawboard, streamlined, stretch pants, stride, stridulation, string, stroke, strong, strongbox, stucco, studious, sturdy, stylus printer, sub, sublimate, submarine, submarine sandwich, substantially, suction stop, suddenly, suede, suede cloth, suede glove, suet pudding, sugar candy, sugar shell, sugar spoon, suit, sulfanilic acid, sulfuric acid, sulphanilic acid, sulphuric acid, sunblind, sunshade, superannuation, superfine, supplejack, support payment, surgical dressing, suspiration, swedish iron, swedish rye, swedish rye bread, sweet goldenrod, swizzle, sword-cut, synecdochic, synecdochical, synthetic, system, tabasco, tabasco sauce, tactical maneuver, tactical manoeuvre, tag, tahini, tahiti, takeaway, taken, talcum, talcum powder, tally, tambour, tap, tapa, tape, tapenade, tape recording, taping, tappa, tatting, tattoo, tea, tear, teetotum, teleconference, teleconferencing, telemark, telephoto, telephotograph, tempered, tenderised, tenderized, tensile, tequila, terrain intelligence, terra sigillata, testate, testimony, test copy, text, textile, thank offering, thatch, thatched roof, thermal resistor, thermistor, the father of radio, thiazine, thickened, thinking, third baron rayleigh, thomas jefferson, thorough, three-decker, three-piece, three-ply, throw, thrust, thrusting, thud, thumbhole, thumbprint, thump, thumping, thunk, thyroprotein, ticktock, tictac, tightened, tile roof, timber, timbered, time-fuse, time deposit, time deposit account, tinfoil, tinware, tin foil, tip in, tire, tocktact, toddy, toehold, tofu, toggle joint, toilet, tokay, token payment, tomato ketchup, tomato sauce, toned downp, tongue and groove joint, top, topography, torpedo, tortilla, tough, toughened, tout ensemble, town crier, to order, trade protection, treated, trial impression, trichloracetic acid, trichloroacetic acid, trimmed, triple, triple-decker, trunk call, tube well, tunaburger, tune-up, tunnel, turgot, turkey stew, turkish coffee, turn, turnery, turnover, turn around, turtle soup, tussaud, tutsan, two-handed backhand, two-piece, two-ply, type, type specimen, tyrian purple, ultramarine, ultramarine blue, unappealing, unarguable, unavowed, unbeknown, unbeknownst, unburnished, unchanged, unclouded, uncontested, uncouthly, undecided, undemocratically, undercut, undesigned, undimmed, undisclosed, undismayed, unemployable, unenlivened, unexcited, unexpected, unexplained, unexpressed, unfavorable, unimproved, unintegrated, unintentional, unleavened, unmoderated, unpolished, unpurified, unraised, unreconciled, unrecorded, unreleased, unrepaired, unrevealed, unsaid, unseamed, unsmoothed, unsounded, unspoken, unstated, unsweetened, untanned, untoward, untrained, unuttered, unverbalised, unverbalized, unvoiced, unwillingness, unwoven, upstroke, urbanised, urbanized, urea-formaldehyde resin, utilization, validated, vault, vegetable soup, veloute, venetian blind, venetian glass, verdicchio, vernacular art, vertical section, vespers, victimization, vicuna, videotape, vigna angularis, vinyl cyanide, virgin mary, visa, viscose, viscose rayon, visitation, vitreous, vitreous silica, vitrified, vitriol, viyella, vocalisation, vocalization, vodka martini, voice, volley, von sternberg, vote, voting, vouch in, vouvray, vowel, vowel sound, vox, vulcanized fiber, wailing, wake-up call, waldorf salad, walkabout, wampum, wampumpeag, warm, war room, wash, wash drawing, wassail, wasted, water bed, water biscuit, water gas, waxen, waxwork, waxy, wax figure, weakened, wedge, wedgwood, weighted, weissbier, western, western sandwich, wet suit, whack, wheatflake, wheat beer, whereupon, whicker, whinny, whip, whirligig, whiskey, whiskey sour, whisky, whisky sour, whistle, whistling, white beer, white bread, white cake, white goods, white wine, whole meal bread, whole meal flour, whole wheat bread, whole wheat flour, wicker, wickerwork, wicker basket, wig, wilder, wiley post, william henry gates, winery, wine maker, wine vinegar, wire, wirework, wire matrix printer, wire printer, withe, woebegone, wood, woodcut, wooden, woodenware, wooden spoon, woodwork, woody, wood engraving, wool, woolen, woollen, word, wormhole, worsened, woven, wrinkled, writing paper, writ large, x-ray photograph, x-ray picture, xenopus, xerox, xerox copy, x ray, yak butter, yale, yoghourt, yoghurt, yogurt, yorkshire pudding, zep, zeppo

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