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Words and phrases whose definition contains liquid:   (732 results)

., absorption, acetaldehyde, acetic acid, acetone, acetum, acetyl chloride, acrolein, acrylic acid, acrylonitrile, aerated, aeration, aerosol, aerosolised, aerosolized, aerosol bomb, aerosol can, aerosol container, aldehyde-alcohol, aldol, aminobenzine, aneroid, aniline, aniline oil, anointing, anointment, antifreeze, application, arroba, artificial blood, aspirator, atomic number 31, atomic number 35, atomic number 55, atomic number 80, atomiser, atomizer, autoinjector, azoimide, banana oil, baste, bath, bay rum, beaded, begild, benzene, benzine, benzol, besprinkle, beverage, birch oil, bladder, blastodermic vesicle, blastula, bleed, blood clotting, blood coagulation, bodily fluid, body fluid, boil, boiling, boiling point, boil down, bone oil, bottom fermentation, br, braise, bromine, bromoform, broth, brownian motion, brownian movement, bubbler, built, buoyant, bushel, butanone, butyl nitrite, cacodyl, caesium, calamine lotion, capillary, capillary tube, capillary tubing, carbon disulfide, carbon tet, carbon tetrachloride, cash equivalent, cast, cerebrospinal fluid, cesium, chaldron, chemical mace, chlorhexidine, chlorobenzene, chloroform, chloropicrin, chocolate liquor, churning, cinnamene, clarification, clearing, clot, clotting, cloud, cloudy, clyster, coagulate, coagulated, coagulation, coagulum, coal-tar creosote, coconut cream, coconut milk, cohesion, colloidal solution, colloidal suspension, cologne, cologne water, compactly, concentrate, condensation, condense, condenser, congius, convection, coolant, creosote, cruse, cryogen, cryosurgery, cs, culture medium, cup, curd, curdle, curdled, curdling, cyanic acid, cymene, dab, dabble, dash-pot, decoct, deliquesce, deliquescent, deltasone, deluge, demineralisation, demineralization, desorption, dethaw, dewar, dewar flask, dicey, dichloromethane, diethyl ether, dimethyl ketone, dip, dissolve, dissolved, dissolvent, dissolver, dissolving agent, distil, distill, distillate, distillation, distillment, diuresis, divinyl ether, douse, dowse, drachm, draft, drain, drained, drainpipe, draught, draw, drawing, drawing ink, drawing off, dregs, drench, dribble, driblet, drink, drinkable, drip, drippage, dripping, drip pan, drop, dropper, dry, dryness, dry cell, duck, dunk, dunked, dunker, eau de cologne, eau de toilette, ecf, effervescent, elixir, eluate, embrocation, emulsified, enema, enflurane, engild, ethanal, ethanal trimer, ethanediol, ethanoic acid, ethanoyl chloride, ether, ethoxyethane, ethrane, ethylene glycol, ethyl acetate, ethyl ether, evaporate, extracellular fluid, extravasation, exudate, exude, eye dropper, faucet, fehling's solution, fill, filtrate, flashpoint, flash point, float, floatation, floating, floaty, floc, floccule, flood, flotation, fluid, fluidounce, fluidram, fluid drachm, fluid dram, fluid ounce, flush, flux, foam, food, force pump, formic acid, formula, fractional distillation, freeze, freeze down, freeze out, freezing, freezing point, froth, frugally, funnel, furan, furane, furfural, furfuraldehyde, furfuran, fuse, ga, gal, gallium, gallon, gamma hydroxybutyrate, gargle, gas, gasoline bomb, gas turbine, ghb, gild, gill, glug, glyceryl trinitrate, glycol, goddard, gravimeter, green soap, grounds, grumose, grumous, guggle, h2o, halt, head, heat exchanger, heat of condensation, heat of fusion, heat of solidification, heat pump, heptane, hexane, hg, hin, hn, honey, hose, hosepipe, humor, humour, hydatid, hydrargyrum, hydrate, hydraulic, hydraulic system, hydrazine, hydrazoic acid, hydrobromic acid, hydrofluoric acid, hydrogen azide, hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen peroxide, hydrometer, hydrostatic head, imbibition, immersion heater, impenetrability, imperial gallon, impermeability, impermeableness, imperviousness, indene, india ink, infiltrate, infiltration, infuse, ingesta, injection, ink, instillation, instillator, instillment, instilment, interstitial fluid, intracellular fluid, inundate, irregular, irrigate, isobutyl nitrite, jell, jellify, jet, juice, karyolymph, kipp's apparatus, ladle, lcd, leach, lead tetraethyl, leaven, leavening, level, libation, lift pump, limonene, linalool, liniment, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, linolic acid, liquefaction, liquefied, liquefy, liquescent, liquidise, liquidize, liquid air, liquid body substance, liquid crystal, liquid crystal display, liquid detergent, liquid diet, liquid metal reactor, liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, liquid pred, liquid soap, liquified, liquify, liquor, lotion, lox, lubricate, lute, luting, mace, macerate, magnesium hydroxide, medium, melt, melted, melting, melting point, melt down, mercury, methanol, methylbenzene, methylene chloride, methyl alcohol, methyl bromide, methyl ethyl ketone, methyl salicylate, meticorten, milk, milk of magnesia, minim, mold, molotov cocktail, molten, mould, moving ridge, mutchkin, napalm, naphtha, nasogastric feeding, nebula, nectar, nitrobenzene, nitrochloroform, nitroglycerin, nitroglycerine, nitrospan, nitrostat, nonturbulent, oil, oil of turpentine, oka, oleic acid, ooze, ooze out, orasone, overflow, overspill, packed cells, paint, paraldehyde, particulate, particulate matter, peck, pedesis, pee, penetrability, pentanoic acid, perchloromethane, percolation, perfusion, permeability, permeableness, peroxide, pervaporate, perviousness, petrol bomb, phase, phase change, phase transition, phenylamine, phenylethylene, physical change, pickle, pickled, pickled herring, piddle, pigment, pint, pipet, pipette, piss, plash, plasma, plonk, plop, plunge, poach, poaching, pool, pore, potable, pot likker, pot liquor, pot roast, prednisone, pressurise, pressurize, prime, propanal, propanediol, propanoic acid, propanol, propanone, propenal, propenoic acid, propenonitrile, propionaldehyde, propionic acid, propylene glycol, propyl alcohol, puddle, purge, pyridine, pyroligneous acid, quart, quicksilver, radiator cap, reduce, reflux condenser, reservoir, resolvent, retention, retentiveness, retentivity, riffle, rinse, ripple, rippling, robert hutchings goddard, roiled, roiling, roily, roll-on, run, runoff, saliva, saturation, scald, scour, scum, seared, seek, semifluidity, semiliquid, semisolid, settle, settlings, sewage system, sewage works, sewer system, shaving foam, sheep dip, shot, simmering, sinking, siphon, sirup, skim, skimming, slop, soak, soakage, soaking, soaking up, soak through, soap dispenser, soft-boiled, soften, soft soap, soil pipe, sol, solid, solution, solvent, sop, sops, sorb, soup, souse, soused, sparge, spatter, spattering, spill, spinal fluid, spirit lamp, spirit level, spirit of turpentine, spirit stove, spirt, spit, spittle, splash, splashing, splatter, splattering, splosh, spray, sprayer, spraying, spray can, spray gun, sprinkle, spritz, spurt, squeeze out, squirt, squish, stain, stanch, stannic chloride, stasis, state change, staunch, steep, stem, stew, stewing, stirring, stock, stopcock, streamline flow, strip, styrene, sublimated, sublimation, sublimed, succussion, suffused, sump pump, sup, supercharge, supernatant, supping, surface-active, surface-active agent, surface tension, surfactant, swab, swallow, swamp, swash, sweet-birch oil, swill, swill down, swim, swob, synaeresis, syneresis, syphon, syrup, tabun, tacky, take out, take up, tap, tapped, tce, tensiometer, tetrachloromethane, tetraethyl lead, tetramethyldiarsine, thaw, thawing, toilet water, toluene, top fermentation, torrent, transfusion, transude, trap, tribromomethane, trichloroethane, trichloroethylene, trichloromethane, trickle, trinitroglycerin, tuberculin, turbulence, turbulency, turbulent, turncock, turpentine, turps, unfreeze, united states liquid unit, unthaw, urine, valeric acid, vaporise, vaporize, vapor pressure, vapour pressure, vegetable oil, venturi tube, vesica, vinegar, vinylbenzene, vinyl cyanide, vinyl ether, violent stream, viscosity, viscousness, volatile, volatility, vowelize, vx gas, wash, wash away, wash down, wash off, wash out, waste pipe, water, waterlessness, wave, wavelet, weewee, well, wet, wetness, wetter, wetting agent, wet cell, wick, wood alcohol, wood spirit, wood vinegar, wring, wring out, xerotes, xylene, xylol

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