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Words and phrases whose definition contains line:   (861 results)

., abatis, abattis, abductor, abductor muscle, abney level, accentual, aclinic line, acoustic delay line, acrostic, adductor, adductor muscle, adjust, adonic, adonic line, african-american music, agate line, agnation, agonic line, airdrop, al-muhajiroun, alexandrine, align, aligned, aligning, alignment, aline, alliteration, along, alpine, alto clef, american football, american football game, anadiplosis, andre maginot, angle, angler, angle of incidence, angle of inclination, angle of reflection, angle of refraction, angling, antarctic circle, apparent horizon, arctic circle, array, aside, asymptote, athwart, auroral, author's name, auxiliary operation, avalanche lily, avenue, axis, babbitt, back, backfield, balance, balkline, bar line, baseline, basic, bass clef, battlefront, battle line, baulk-line, beachlike, beachy, becket, beginning rhyme, bend, bend dexter, bias, bilateral descent, bin liner, bisect, bitt, bitter end, biz, blackwall hitch, black music, blitz, block, blog, blue, bob, bobber, bobfloat, boom, border, borderline, bottom line, bound, boundary, boundary line, bounds, bourbon, bourbon dynasty, bow, branch line, breached, bummer, business, busy, by-line, caesura, cancan, capillary fracture, carriage return, carry, cast, casting, cata-cornered, catacorner, cater-cornered, catercorner, catty-corner, catty-cornered, center, centerline, center line, centre, chafing gear, chalk line, change, charge account credit, charity shot, charity throw, charity toss, chip, chord, chorine, chorus girl, circumscribe, cleat, cleavage, clove hitch, coax, coaxial cable, coax cable, cognation, collimate, collimation, collimator, collinear, coloring book, column, command, compare, compensating balance, concave polygon, conform, conga line, consumer credit, continuation, contour, contour line, contradance, contra danse, contredanse, convex polygon, cookie, cord, cork, corner kick, corner man, correspondence, cosmetic surgery, countersign, country-dance, country dancing, course, credit application, credit line, crest, crib, cross, cue, curb, curbing, curlicue, curvature, curve, curvilineal, curvilinear, cut, cycloid, cylinder, danger line, dash, dateline, date line, dead, dead center, dead centre, debut, decasyllable, deflect, delimitation, depart, derivation, deviate, deviationism, deviationist, diagonal, diam, diameter, dipole, dipole antenna, direct, direction, discovered check, diverge, divestiture, divisional, dotted, dotted line, double-spaced, draw, draw play, draw the line, drip loop, dropline, drop line, drum printer, echelon, edge, electrical line of force, electromagnetic delay line, element, elementary geometry, element of a cone, element of a cylinder, elliptic geometry, el nino, enation, end, end-stopped, end man, end run, engaged, enjambement, enjambment, epicycloid, equator, erythronium montanum, euclidean geometry, expletive, extension, extension phone, face, facelift, face lift, face lifting, fall, fall in, fathom, fault line, feeder line, fee tail, fence line, field artillery, field gun, field line, file, fill out, finishing line, finish line, firestone, firing line, fisherman's bend, fishing pole, fishing rod, flanker, flanker back, flat knot, flying, flying start, follow-through, foul line, foul shot, free throw, free throw lane, front, front line, fuel filter, funny story, furnace lining, f clef, game, gas line, gather, gathering, gen, generation, geodesic, geodesic line, gnetales, goal-kick, goal line, golden mean, golden section, good continuation, good story, gradient, graduation, grazed, great circle, ground, groundbreaker, guard, guideline, g clef, hairline, hairline fracture, hair stroke, hamate, hamate bone, handline, hand line, hang on, hard-line, hard line, harpoon, head, header, headfast, heading, headword, head rhyme, heaviness, hemline, hexameter, high-water mark, hipline, hold on, hold the line, homestretch, homophonic, hook up, hopeful, horizon, horizontal, horizontal surface, hot line, house, house of york, hyperbolic geometry, hyperfine, hyphen, hyphenation, hypocycloid, iambic, in-line skate, in-your-face, incidence angle, inclination, indent, indentation, indenture, indian file, indirect, infiltrate, initial rhyme, innovator, inside clinch, instruction, intercept, interdict, interlocutor, internal rhyme, international date line, interpreter, interpretive program, in line, in usep, isarithm, isogonal line, isogone, isogonic line, isogram, isometric, isometric line, isopleth, itinerary, kepler's second law, kerb, key, kink, kitty-corner, kitty-cornered, landline, land line, laniard, lanyard, latitude, law of areas, law of continuation, law of equal areas, lay out, lead-in, lead line, leaf-cutter, leaf-cutter bee, leaf-cutting bee, lean, leaning, ledger line, leger line, length, level, levirate, lifeline, lift, lightning arrester, line-at-a-time printer, line-drive double, line-drive single, line-drive triple, lineal, lineally, linear, lineation, linebacker, linebacker blitzing, linecut, lined, linelike, lineman, linemen, lineup, line backer, line double, line engraving, line feed, line item, line management, line of battle, line of control, line of defense, line of force, line of latitude, line of march, line of poetry, line of reasoning, line of scrimmage, line of sight, line of verse, line of vision, line printer, line roulette, line single, line squall, line triple, line up, line worker, linotype, linotype machine, list, log, loop-line, low-water mark, loxodrome, lubber's line, lubber's mark, lubber's point, lubber line, lunar latitude, maginot, magnetic equator, magnetic line of force, magnetic meridian, mainsheet, margin, market, marline, mason-dixon line, mason and dixon's line, mason and dixon line, mass-produced, mass production, matriarchate, matriarchic, matriarchy, matrilineage, matrilineal, matrilineally, matrilinear, mcburney's point, menacingly, metacenter, metacentre, mete, middle, middleman, middle c, midpoint, milline, modem, monophonic, mooring, mooring line, mousetrap, murmansk, neckline, neck and neck, new line, next, night-line, nip and tuck, north, northern, objection, octameter, octosyllabic, octosyllable, off-line, off-line operation, offsetting balance, offside, offsides, on-line, one-dimensional, one-liner, opel, open-end credit, opening line, optic axis, order gnetales, orphan, os hamatum, outline, outside clinch, out of bounds, pad, paint, painter, panfish, pant, parabolic geometry, paragraph, parallax, parallel, parallel of latitude, parget, pargeting, pargetting, part, party line, party liner, party man, party wall, pass through, path, patriarchate, patriarchic, patriarchy, patrilineage, patrilineal, patrilineally, patrilinear, pedigree, penalty free throw, pentameter, people, perforation, perimeter, perpendicular, perpendicularity, perpendicularly, phrasing, picket line, pioneer, pitchman, plantagenet, plantagenet line, play, plumb, plumbed, plumb bob, plumb level, plumb rule, plummet, point of no return, polar circle, polar coordinate, policy, positioning, possession, precede, primogenitor, principal axis, private line, product introduction, progenitor, program line, prolonged, prompt, prompting, property line, puddle, purse seine, queue, queue up, radial velocity, radius, radius vector, rail, railroad, railroad flat, railroad line, railroad siding, railroad track, railroad train, railway, railway line, railway system, range, rank, ray, reception, reception line, rectification, rectilineal, rectilinear, red-hot, reduplication, red line, reef knot, refractory, regression coefficient, regression curve, regression line, return, return key, revolving credit, rhumb, rhumb line, rhytidectomy, rhytidoplasty, ribbon, riemannian geometry, rightmost, rivet line, rocket, roller blade, rolling hitch, romanoff, romanov, rope, roulette, roundelay, roundness, route, row, row of bricks, rubicon, run, running back, running start, run along, rush, rushing, safety, safety blitz, salient, satin weave, scribe, scrimmage line, seam, secant, secondary, securely, seize, seleucus, seleucus i, seleucus i nicator, sensible horizon, serif, seriph, service line, setline, set out, shaft, sheepshank, sheet, shoreline, shove, showgirl, shroud, side, sideline, sidetrack, siding, siegfried line, simplex, single file, skitter, skyline, skyrocket, slope, slur, smash, smut, snapline, snapper, snap line, snow line, solid, sonic delay line, soprano clef, sound, sounded, sounding, sounding lead, sounding line, south, southern, specialisation, specialism, speciality, specialization, specialty, spike arrester, spike suppressor, spiller, spread eagle, spread out, spur, spur track, squiggle, staggered head, stagger head, standing wave, start, starting gate, starting line, starting stalls, statement, stationary wave, steamship company, steamship line, stephead, stepped line, still-fish, stockade, straight, straight line, strand, streak, stretch, string line, string out, stymie, suit, superficial middle cerebral vein, surge protector, surge suppressor, surpass, sweep, symmetricalness, symmetry, syzygy, tack, tackle, tailback, tailored, take back, tangency, tangent, tap, tape, telephone extension, tenor clef, tetrameter, texture, thalweg, thecodont, thecodont reptile, thickness, thin, thread, tidemark, tilt, timberline, timber line, toll line, top of the line, touchdown, track, trailblazer, train, transfer, transit line, trap line, trap play, trawl, trawl line, treble clef, tree line, trend, trend line, trice, trice up, trim, trip wire, trisect, troll, troller, trolley line, trolling, tropic of cancer, tropic of capricorn, trotline, trunk line, trunk route, tug-of-war, tundra, turnout, turn away, twirl, twist, unciform bone, underline, underscore, unilateral, unilateralist, unilateral descent, vacillate, vapor lock, vapour lock, vary, vector, verse, verse line, vertical, viola clef, visible horizon, wainscot, wainscoting, wainscotting, wait, waiting line, waterline, watermark, water level, water line, wats, wats line, way, weather sheet, web log, wilhelm von opel, winch, wire, wiretap, word division, writer's name, yard line, york

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