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Words and phrases whose definition contains land:   (597 results)

., a. testudineus, abraham, accretion, admiralty range, adscript, adscripted, afforest, afforestation, agriculture, agronomy, airfield, aleppa grass, alluvion, amphibian, amphibious, amphibious aircraft, amphibious assault, amphibious landing, amphibious operation, amphibious vehicle, anabas testudineus, annwfn, annwn, apollo program, apparently, approach pattern, arability, arawn, army, arrester, arrester hook, athletic field, attorn, avulsion, badlands, baked, balloon, bangalore torpedo, bank, basin, battle of midway, battle of the bismarck sea, beach, beachfront, bearded darnel, belly-land, bench, berlin airlift, berm, bismarck sea, blessed, boatswain bird, bog plant, book of joshua, borough english, bottom, bottomland, bouncing betty, brobdingnag, buccaneer, burial ground, burial site, burn off, burying ground, cadaster, cadastre, canal zone, cape, cape of good hope, carnosaura, carry, cattle farm, cattle ranch, cemetery, champaign, cheat, chlorophyta, circus cyaneus, class reptilia, claymore, claymore mine, clear, clearance, cleared, clearing, climbing perch, coastland, cockaigne, columbiform bird, combined operation, common, commons, comprise, condemnation, condemned, connect, continuing trespass, contract of hazard, convoy, copyhold, course, crop, cropped, crown land, crusade, crusader, cultivate, cultivated, cultivated land, cultivation, curly-coated retriever, curtilage, darnel, dc, degrade, deluge, departure tax, deportation, desertification, develop, development, devote, dike, disk, dispossession, district of columbia, ditch, divide, division chlorophyta, domesday book, domesticate, dry, dry-shod, dump, dumpsite, dung, eared seal, earth, earth's surface, easement, economic rent, enderby land, enfeoff, enfeoffment, entail, erewhon, estate agent, eurasia, european tortoise, evergreen millet, eviction, exile, expanse, expatriation, exploitation, expropriated, fallow, falsely, family helicidae, family testudinidae, farm, farming, farmland, fat, fee, fen, fenland, feoff, fertile crescent, fief, field, flat, flat-coated retriever, flood, fly, flying field, foothills, foreign mission, foreland, forest, freehold, frontage, garbage dump, genus horneophyton, geomorphology, giveaway, glade, glebe, gopher, gopherus polypemus, gopher tortoise, gopher turtle, government-in-exile, grant, grassland, graveyard, great bustard, green, greenbelt, greenway, green line, ground, ground-effect machine, grounds, ground forces, ground rent, gulf, gulliver, harrow, heath, heathland, helicidae, helot, hen harrier, herbage, highland, hill, hills, holding pattern, homestead, homesteader, horizon, horneophyton, horst, house agent, houyhnhnms, hovercraft, husbandry, hydroplane, hyperborean, hypsography, hypsometer, hypsometry, ibrahim, icecap, ice cap, ice shelf, improved, inshore, inundation, irrigation, irrigation ditch, island, issue, isthmus, jericho, johnson grass, jonah, joshua, josue, knight's service, lake, lakefront, landa, landed, landed gentry, lander, landfall, landholder, landholding, landing, landing field, landing place, landless, landlocked, landlubber, landman, landmark, landmass, landowner, landscaped, landscape architecture, landsman, landward, landwards, land agent, land development, land grant, land line, land reform, land resources, land site, laputa, leasehold, legal ouster, lespedeza cuneata, lespedeza sericea, life-giving, lilliput, located, locater, locator, lolium temulentum, look, lot, lower carboniferous, lower carboniferous period, lungless salamander, mackenzie, mainland, mangrove, manure, marine, marsh, marshland, marsh hawk, marsh plant, means grass, memorial park, mesne lord, mesophyte, mesophytic plant, mesopotamia, messuage, midway, military service, mine field, mire, mission, missionary post, missionary station, missippian period, mississippian, moor, moorland, morass, morphology, mount, mountain, mudskipper, mudspringer, mud flat, muniments, national park, native, naturalise, naturalize, neck, necropolis, ness, nester, northern harrier, no man's land, oceanfront, offshore, old witchgrass, old witch grass, onshore, open, order psilophytales, order pulmonata, otis tarda, outcrop, outcropping, overcrop, overland, oxbow, panama canal zone, panhandle, panicum capillare, parcel, parcellation, parcel of land, park, parkland, pasturage, pattern, payoff, pelvic fin, peneplain, peneplane, peninsula, pennsylvanian, pennsylvanian period, perch, petrel, picnic area, picnic ground, piece of ground, piece of land, pirate, plain, playing area, playing field, plethodont, ploughing, ploughland, plowing, plowland, pocket borough, pole, poor, port, pragmatic sanction, pre-emptor, preemptor, premises, private nuisance, proceeds, propagate, propertied, property-owning, property owner, psilophytales, pulmonata, quag, quagmire, quarter section, queen maud land, raising, ranch, range, range animal, rastafarianism, real, reallot, realtor, realty, real estate, real estate agent, real estate broker, real property, reclamation, redevelop, regular army, rehabilitation, rejuvenate, relinquished, renewal, rent, renter, replant, reptilia, restock, return, rhizophora mangle, ribbon, rich, ridge, right of way, riparian, rock outcrop, rod, rubbish dump, runway, sale in gross, sam, sanguinary, sauropod, sauropod dinosaur, scientific agriculture, sea, seal, seaplane, seaward, sea level, sea robber, sea rover, section, seize, seljuk, semiaquatic, serf, sericea lespedeza, shelf ice, shore, shoreline, shore duty, shoulder, sight, silver, silvern, single tax, sir alexander mackenzie, site, ski-plane, slash, smallholding, socage, soil bank, sorghum halapense, sorghum halepense, spit, spread, squatter, squirearchy, strip cropping, subaquatic, subdivided, subdivider, subjugate, suborder carnosaura, surface, surface-to-air missile, surface mail, survey, surveyor, surveyor's level, swamp, swampland, swamp plant, take, takings, tame, tare, tellurian, telluric, tenant, tenant farmer, terrace, terrene, terrestrial, terrestrially, testudinidae, testudo graeca, thane, theater of war, theatre of war, thule, tidewater, till, tillage, tilled, tilled land, tiller, tilling, tilth, timber, timberland, tongue, topdress, tornado, tortoise, tract, tract house, tract housing, traffic pattern, transgress, transgression, transportation, trash dump, trespass, trespass quare clausum fregit, troop carrier, troop transport, tropicbird, tropic bird, tumble grass, turtle, twister, u. s. army, ultima thule, unbroken, uncleared, uncultivable, uncultivated, unimproved, united states army, untenanted, untilled, upheaval, upland, uplift, upper carboniferous, upper carboniferous period, upthrow, upthrust, usa, us army, vale, valley, ventral fin, victoria land, victoriously, village green, villein, villeinage, voyager, waste-yard, wasteyard, watershed, waterside, water parting, wetland, whereon, wildcat, wildcat well, witchgrass, witch grass, wooded, woodland, writ of right, yard, yeoman, yeomanry, yield

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