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Words and phrases whose definition contains heat:   (408 results)

., adiabatic, adiabatic process, adust, advection, alloy cast iron, alloy iron, anestrous, annealing, anthracite, anthracite coal, antimicrobial, antimicrobic, assimilate, atmosphere, a battery, bake, baked, baking, baron jean baptiste joseph fourier, basal metabolic rate, benjamin thompson, black, blowpipe, blowtube, blow tube, bmr, boiling, bolometer, bomb, bomb calorimeter, bos indicus, brahma, brahman, brahmin, bream, brilliant pebble, british thermal unit, broil, broiled, broiling, bryan donkin, btu, buckle, burn, burned, burned-out, burning, burnt, burnt-out, calcine, calefacient, calefactive, calefactory, caloric, calorie, calorifacient, calorific, calorimeter, calorimetric, calorimetry, candescent, canicular, carnot's ideal cycle, carnot cycle, caterwaul, check, chill, clinker, cold, coldness, coldwork, cold work, combustible, combustible material, combustion, comfort zone, condenser, conduct, conduction, conductive, conductivity, conductor, contract, convection, convector, cook, cooked, cookery, cooking, cool, coolant, coolant system, cool down, costume, count rumford, crack, dead, decompose, deflagrate, deflagration, deform, denature, detector, diabatic, diathermy, digest, digestion, disinfectant, donkin, double glazing, downed, earthenware, electric-arc furnace, electric burn, electric furnace, electric range, elfin, emit, emitting, encaustic, endothermal, endothermic, endothermic reaction, equatorial, estrous, exothermal, exothermic, exothermic reaction, exposure, external-combustion engine, felted, fervent, fervid, fieriness, fire, fireclay, firestone, fix, flame, flaming, floor, flowage, flush, fourier, fractional process, fractionation, freeze, freezing, free burning, furnace, fuse, gas heater, generation, genus mimosa, geothermal, geothermally, geothermal energy, geothermic, germicide, give off, give out, glow, gram calorie, greenhouse effect, grilled, grilling, hair, hardened, hard coal, heat-absorbing, heat-releasing, heated, heating, heating element, heatless, heatstroke, heat dissipation, heat engine, heat exchanger, heat flash, heat hyperpyrexia, heat of condensation, heat of dissociation, heat of formation, heat of fusion, heat of solidification, heat of solution, heat of sublimation, heat of transformation, heat of vaporisation, heat of vaporization, heat pump, heat rash, heat sink, heat up, heave, high-speed steel, high temperature, hornfels, hornstone, hot, hot-work steel, hotness, hotspot, hot flash, hot spot, hot up, ice, igneous, ignite, imbibe, incandesce, incandescence, infernal, inflammation, insolation, insulant, insulate, insulating material, insulation, intense, internal-combustion engine, ionisation, ionization, james prescott joule, jean baptiste joseph fourier, john tyndall, joseph black, joule, kilocalorie, kilogram calorie, lag, lagging, large calorie, latent heat, light, low temperature, luminescent, make, mary ludwig hays mccauley, mary mccauley, mccauley, meat thermometer, melt, melting, metal, metallic element, metamorphic rock, metamorphism, micro-cook, microwave, microwave diathermy machine, microwave oven, miliaria, molly pitcher, mull, naturopathy, nonconducting, nonconductive, nonthermal, nose cone, nuclear propulsion, nuclear rocket, nuke, nutritionist's calorie, ogive, ovenware, parch, parched, pasteurise, pasteurize, perm, permanent, permanent wave, phosphorescent, piping, pit viper, popcorn, preheat, preparation, prepare, prickly heat, pyrex, pyrogenic, pyrogenous, pyroligneous, pyrolignic, pyrolysis, radial, radiate, radiation pyrometer, radiator, raw, ready, red-hot, redness, red heat, reheat, retort, reverberate, roast, roasted, roasting, rubor, saute, scald, scorch, scorched, scorching, sear, seared, seeker, sensing element, sensor, shade, shaded, shiver, shortwave diathermy machine, silicon carbide, sintered, siriasis, skin perceptiveness, slack, slake, small calorie, smothering, soak, solar house, solar thermal system, source, specific heat, stassano furnace, steam-heat, steaming, steam engine, sterilisation, sterilization, stifling, still, stir fry, stoneware, suffocating, suffocative, sulfurous, sulphurous, sultry, sun, sunbaked, sunstroke, swelter, tactility, tactual sensation, temperature, tempered, tempering, thaw, thawing, therapy, therm, thermal, thermalgesia, thermally, thermal pollution, thermal printer, thermic, thermic fever, thermidor, thermocautery, thermocoagulation, thermoelectricity, thermography, thermolabile, thermopile, thermoreceptor, thermoregulator, thermostat, thermotherapy, thompson, toasted, tolerate, torridity, touch perception, toughened, treated, tungsten steel, tyndall, unpressed, untoasted, utility, vitrify, vulcanisation, vulcanization, warm, warming, warmness, warmth, warp, waste, weld, welding, wet suit, white, white-hot, withdraw, wolfram steel, zap, zea mays everta

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